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Friday, July 25, 2008

a little venting on Tompkins, the quality of life in NYC, and predication more falls to come

One:  I am sick of the film crews and the poor and middle class are just getting poorer as the cost of living is going up so they should treat the neighborhood like they do when they visit poor countries and make sure there is a trickle down that can be felt!  Hire poor people.  There are huge amounts of them -- far more visible than the oppressive film crew.

Our historic area is being destroyed and if they don't actively help they will have to go back to Canada and recreate NYC and guess what -- the people of the East Village will feel as much trickle down if they film in Canada.   The filming falsely "glamourize" the area and every college kids wants to live here.   

Two:  Wow the dogs of the East Village have a new improved dog run and everyone knows I LOVE DOGS, really all kinds of dogs but how about humans?   When are we going to get tamper proof soap dispensers in the mens and womens bathrooms.

I asked for "smart doors" and I got them...small modesty doors that give us the basic human right to some privacy but discourage the problems that go on whether there are doors or not because people that are going to go in there to do drugs, have sex, or pass out on the floor will do so whether there are doors or no doors.  Having doors allows the good citizens the basic human rights of a little privacy and when I see elderly women, handicapped women and Mom's with their kids in there using the doors I am happy.

The men's bathroom  has a nick name with the word play on "little shop of horrors'.   I can't remember the actually "name" for the men's bathroom at Tompkins but yes all of the above goes on in there but the men's room has no doors. (I think I remember the word play but it is way to vulgar to share and I also remember a request for toilet paper that is user friendly.) The time has come for them to have a door -- some kind of  very minimal door that discourages sitting down and shooting up which they are going to do anyway with out a door but allows a guy to do what he has to do if you get the drift.  I have seen men go in to the women's room to go to the bathroom because they need a door.  Don't make me spell it out.   Give them one small door, smaller than what we have but give them something so they don't feel compelled to walk in to the women's bathroom.

I AM TIRED OF ASKING FOR TAMPER PROOF SOAP DISPENSERS, contrast that with the parks dept. unnecessary improvements in Washington Square Park which in my opinion is obscene when there are POOR PARKS ALL OVER THIS CITY THAT REALLY NEED THAT money and the people would benefit.  Washington Square Park "improvements" are to benefit NYC's largest real estate owner (and not for profit----calculate the taxes they would owe the city if they didn't have the status aka tax shelter, that is right it is...) NYU!!!!   NYU owns most of the property around  Washington Square Park and destroyed all of the beauty with their hideous architecture.  The mayor pushed this wasteful unwanted improvements for his good friend "NYU" (the purple reign of terror, the evil empire of the East and West Village, Stuy Town, the Seaport, Chelsea) and for tourism and we can't even get soap to wash our hands.   Hey mayor Mike, please if you are in the East Village and you need to use the facilities, please stop by Tompkins Square Park!   Some how I don't think we will ever see the mayor here in Tompkins ever.  Adrian Benepe has made some brief visits to Tompkins for publicity I think but I bet he has never set foot in the mens room and I wish he had to.

I am so sick of asking for soap dispensers that make an appearance for a day and than are gone.
I was so embarrassed I told a Mom to take her daughter through the gates to the children's bathroom so the little girl could wash her hands with soap.  Can we have better treatment than the dogs of Tompkins?

We have a huge population of people hanging in the park and in NYC and guess what -- they have to use the bathrooms...it is a basic fact of life so we need them open and with basics like soap and some kind of modesty doors have ever small to discourage abuse. 

Nice that the dogs of the East Village have a new improved dog run,  how about the men's and women's bathrooms?

ps  I really appreciate the 9th Precinct and I don't take for granted I can walk in the park and down the street and feel some what safe because of their work so thank you 9th Precinct.  I have compassion for the police having to deal with drunks, drug addicts, and many complicated aspects of society that most of us are clueless of, avoid, etc.   

pps  The name for the mens room at Tompkins, //// house of horrors,  
old english  a noun or verb
Adrian Benepe, do you give a "care" or substitute with old english. ???????

(Under the mayor it is all big business butting in and the people of this city's quality of life has gone down the toilet and that includes walking down the street and not getting electrocuted like Jodi Lane, or sitting at a bar and getting crushed by a crane falling, etc. etc. etc.
It is about quality of life or the lack of life vs greed in this new economy that is part of this tsunami of community crushing development.  It is like the fall of Rome...prepare for more scandals and arrogant people who really think their time will never come.  

Quality of life is going down...


Anonymous said...

Babe relax, I 'm here for you. I have been reading your blog for a while. I am geting worried about you. You say that you don't want us to know where you live, but your hints are getting more explicit. I know where you live but I am worried that everyone else will find out. I want you all to myself. I don't want anything to happen to you. Relax, less words and more pictures, especially more pictures of you in your new shirt from the Salvation Army. You don't have to shop there I would love to buy you anything that you need or want. I would love to see much more of you, maybe we can meet in person. I have looked for you at Tompkins Square Park, and I know that I will run into you one day. Maybe then you can show me all your loveliness in person. I would love to see all of you. I hope that you are for real, and that you are not just a tease. Don't worry I would never hurt you. Whatever you need I am here for you. I know that I will find you one day and I will not be dissapointed.

Big Bad Tom

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Yo Big Bad Tom: Thanks for your concern but first of all I love talking, grrrrr, and 2nd of all I am not sure where I am living because I may sell my place, hotel room what ever and move again. I may just move to Tompkins Square Park and live there!!!!!!!!!!!

Unless you are 10 years younger and have viagra naturally ocurring in your veins forget about me and already you can't stand how much I talk but
THANKS for following my blog, my thoughts and caring.

I like my salvation army photo too.