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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Zoraida Walker Supports Dr Andrew Fagelman Delita Hooks 1-800-NYPD Fix it?

Zoraida Walker supports violence lies blaming victim like Dr Fagelman? Dr Vine’s patient violated MD office Dr. Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Hooks Punches Patient it was arranged file False Cross complaint https://youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE 1800- NYPD Fix it Harvey Weinstein land

Zoraida Walker and Andrew Fagelman live near Ray Kelly, the First Precinct  what a call Harvey Weinstein land we’re rich people pick up the phone and get fixing in favors from the NYPD.  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

de Blasio and NYPD O’Neill too busy covering up crimes West Village 3 People Shot City Going to Hell?

Was it a night of shootings  in the West Village a chase across the bridge with an app called Citizen with people reporting even the license plate…?   Shootings else where NYC not news as well?

News flash noon - after email press one news outlet reports news “Three men were shot early Sunday on a Greenwich Village street, police said. 
One of the victims was shot outside a hookah lounge on Bleecker Street near Sullivan Street, the NYPD said. The two others were found down the block”
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Mayor de Blasio, NYPD O’Neill covering up crimes selling false NYPD crime stats #Citizen app West Village 3People Shot?NYPD lie crime down NYPD IA DA fix crimes cover up crimes including their crimes! My case “fixed” NYC violent Google Dr Fagelman assault
suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/06/de-bla… pic.twitter.com/sCsMtN583A

 Look at tweet above has a photo 2 photos from Citizen App

 Someone shot would have to go to the trauma level one hospital but guess what in the West Village there isn’t one there’s rude and oops voice dictating....Rudin luxury condos and pay to play the dirty DA Cy Vance refused to prosecute St  Vincent‘s  hospital crooks  because it wouldn’t be good for the route and family acquisition pending on the dollars.   Ironic  when the first new stories of someone who died because there was no trauma level one hospital was Rudy deputy mayor.

please excuse terrible typos sent from my iPhone

The City is for sale the cops Cy Vance and other DAs and media often killing news stories guess why...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Dad World Word 2 Veteran died knowing I was treated like a Jew early stages Nazi Germany savage assault google Dr Fagelman assault Dad was shocked to learn NYPD Ray Kelly his role protecting coercion threatening to false arrest me unless I dropped charges suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/06/de-bla…
 Last night and chronic nightly  — were there even more shootings not reported is this a chronic happening not news just cover ups killing news and pushing the lie crime is down.  Cy Vance and the NYPD Would rather spend money on false advertising than answering questions under oath in front of a grand jury.
 It’s time for some indictments of top cops and dirty DAs including Charles Hymes and Hynes didn’t act in a vacuum.    Everyone is Teflon until finally someone comes along I don’t know how many years it’s going to take but I know in my case there’s no statute of limitation for serious crimes committed from a doctors office to the police department so I’m just going to be patient.

 Surprised it’s not on websites picked up the shooting mg yet  but we know if the media doesn’t report it doesn’t exist right? And who controls press passes? NYPD control press passes.

Mayor de Blasio and Cy Vance have not been arrested for pay to play and Zachary Carter and NYPD  IA he protects obstruction justice because look who they take $ from and who is also on the take?  City for sale Teflon get out of jail free cards at least for now.    Bill de Blasio can't pay his legal bills  - Cy had to do a fund raiser when he went bust and may have even broken campaign laws with his special buddy Mark Guma first run for DA  --- are more legal problems the future for NYC gov officials and NYPD if radical steps are taken in the future to hold them accountable?  In my case no statue of limitations in certain crimes committed at the MD's office and by the NYPD and Internal Affairs.  Can Zachary Carter and the lawyers that lied in my case from Corp Counsel face future problems if victims of the City protecting NYPD IA crimes can unite and hold the City accountable for years of covering up crimes?

Back to the shooting....not news.

What happened to me not news....   It’s pretty amazing SHOCKING I am still shocked  what happen to me is not news and I know two news reporters at the post wanted to do the story and editors killed it just like they killed a story a reporter wrote on CityTime years ago for mayor Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani— it would have embarrassed them and SAIC.   The new story New York Post to Editor’s killed that the reporter Road based on my tip was that Gerard Denault sues SAIC and won.   I emailed that news tips to Graham Rayman then of the Village Voice.   Rudy  and his guys were piling raking in the dough post City Hall on anything SAIC as lobbyists.   What a coincidence that Michael Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn  protected criminals SAIC until they no longer could.    Is that what’s going to happen in my case all these criminals up and protected for all these years like SAIC.    Am I finally going to get justice when de Blasio, Cy Vance and top NYPD forced out  or like the Prospect Park Rape Victim it will take 23 years? John Miller should’ve been fired by Bill Bratton and now James O’Neill but he hasn’t been and you should be arrested for obstructing justice like how many cops my case?

 It’s amazing to me the New York Times it into a powerful piece on the prospect park rape victim case and John Miller’s Role and the fact he should  have to take responsibility and the consequences of obstructing justice and lying about a rape victim.  Bratton should have fired him 23 years ago instead they grew richer.    NYPD top brass are like Mafia milking every $ forgot the oath they took.

Grayham Rayman wrote at least one story that I gave him a tip on and he never credited me except when the whistleblowers lawyer called him then he said I was the source.
 He was openly horrified when I saw the video my attack but he never did the story.

http://nypdconfidential.com/columns/2016/160905.html   Larry  Bryne goal cover up as much NYPD and Internal Affairs crimes as he can along with Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, Bratton, John Miller, Jimmy O'Neill, Chief Pulaski, Chief Boyce, Banks, Esposito, Lt Gannon etc. ???????

NYPD PC O’Neill Actively obstructing justice in my case and I have video proof he knows about my case and I also confront Larry Byrne about perjury and judge Jack Weinstein the New York daily news article so it’s not like they don’t know me and clearly they are treating me like the prospect park rape victim but how many other cases are they obstructing justice covering up crimes from Ray Kelly to Bill Bratton current before after you tell me,

I want to question them under oath.....O'Neill can't hide his disdain -- he is not Sherlock holmes wanting to get to the bottom of this.  He and Byrne are misogynists protecting NYPD Internal Affairs acting on the cunt threat to turn the tables -- Byrne has obstructed Justice in how many cases?

It’s an incredible violent city including NYPD (NYPD kill people say oops an accident or self defense when most of the City does not agree) who under Ray Kelly NYPD participated in committing crimes at their desk my case and joined in violently threatening me...   under Ray Kelly, Eric garner clearly wrote in a hand written lawsuit from Rikers that NYPD broke laws sexually violated him and planted drugs on him.
 The lawsuit was thrown out only because he didn’t know update his address.  Google it!  You’ll find my blog New York City I love you big time but ass doctor Andrew Fagelman a corrupt evil creep and his NYPD fixers why I am not loving NY so much....

Joe Tacopina That’s never denied that he used a sock puppet account and broke laws in my case and he really should be arrested and disbarred there’s more to the story besides the fact the NYPD protected him and a false narrative but I thought about Joe’s for start of just like he went on I believe it was NBC and said that Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account was hacked. He’s an overly aggressive idiot and is false narrative’s are laughable and sick and offensive.    I don’t want the crimes I believe he committed along with Chad Seigel  threatening me during an open investigation warning me not to come forward and I believe Joe drafted my attackers response to Ron Kuby very serious crime -  she too wants me not to come back or else she’ll retaliate with the second pass cross complaint this time would be a fabricated mutual second-degree assault very serious crimes zero rest because cops broke laws and so did internal affairs just like in sex crime unit Lt  Lamboy’s case

The lawless First Precinct chronic  fxing and favors for the rich —  Drive by the Mercer hotel and look at their loading in unloading zone as one example ....   what are the NYPD and which retired cops are getting one from that hotel it’s just one example.

The NYPD are too busy breaking laws they’re doing it because they enjoy abusng  in their power and Larry Byrne  mr. obstructing justice in anyway possible enjoys protecting any and all crimes he and they have their rationalizations and often judges will protect cops crimes which is really shocking but not judge jack Weinstein he gave Larry Byrne hell for trying to cover up perjury.  That’s right NYPD kidnap people breaking laws and I agreed to be kidnapped twice for running punched my head by the dirty 1st Precinct I want to know what fixing in favors they’ve done for Harvey Weinstein and all the rich people in the neighborhood and what they get in return unless in my case  pleasure of retaliation but perhaps the Doctor Fagelman used to advertise Viagra has done his share to grease NYPD palms via barter?  Dr Fagelman  advertises he cures STDs let’s see I wonder if he’s ever helped any NYPD with STDs Viagra pain killers and human growth or any rapists and famous alleged rapists in the news  or anyone in nyc gov accused of sexual assault or rape?

Google DNA Cy Vance Intern.

First precinct corrupt for sale precinct if your rich call 1 PP or First Precinct  or retired cop on your payroll who will make the phone calls to do you’re fixing in favors follow through.

The same detectives squad to put on a fake show to rest Harvey Weinstein I want to find out how many favors they did for him. Have you noticed how dirty the city is? How can the city do any policing when you’re too busy breaking laws doing fixing in favors running or providing  all kinds of illegal scams as they skim their kick backs?

 Photos from this amazing app or below in the Twitter posts ...

 You get a very different story about how much crime there is but I get it every day when I discuss and tell everyone what the NYPD did to me  joining in breaking laws I’ve no doubt the doctor picked up the phone made a phone call or two and he got fixing in favors assurances that I would be threatened me to drop charges against my will...  The detective at the 1st Precinct detective  squad yelled at me over the phone you were going to drop charges or I’m going to arrest you. That’s a crime and he’s retired to Staten Island to a big house I want to know the story about that house how he got it I believe it’s in a trust so who put it in trust to him and why ?

Mayor de Blasio Bratton o’neill Ray Kelly 
And top key cops chiefs my cause involved in fixing covering up crimes I am guessing Larry Byrne guilty my case like Zachary Carter - They enjoy using Ron Kuby to pretend no crimes but my attackers response to his letter is a very serious crime the cops have no shame they don’t understand right from wrong they’re too busy either directly breaking laws or we’re talking top brass including inside internal fares protecting crimes including committed by cops in my case is just in one example their family members of love ones killed by the cops who feel they have no justice the city is out of control even of the problem started under Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly we voted for this mayor the tale of two cities and both cities spiraling downward too many levels 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Mayor de Blasio, NYPD O’Neill covering up crimes selling false NYPD crime stats #Citizen app West Village 3People Shot?NYPD lie crime down NYPD IA DA fix crimes cover up crimes including their crimes! My case “fixed” NYC violent Google Dr Fagelman assault
suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/06/de-bla… pic.twitter.com/sCsMtN583A

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@jdavidgoodman‬⁩ NYPD ex Chief of Dept Banks could be named as unindicted co-conspirator NYPD bribery trial Jeremy Reichberg former donor to Bill de Blasio, NYPost reports. My case Teflon NYPD IA broke the law, Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Teflon + bosses signed off stealing time w/CityTime pad pensions?
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Suzannah B. Troy artist: NYPD Internal Affairs Capt Aaron Wright protected for yrs his violence like my attacker protected by NYPD until he beat Domestic Abuse Sgt shocker cop same name horrifically MURDERED gf his violence ignored for yrs until can’t be ignored?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

NYPD Internal Affairs Capt Aaron Wright protected for yrs his violence like my attacker protected by NYPD until he beat Domestic Abuse Sgt shocker cop same name horrifically MURDERED gf his violence ignored for yrs until can’t be ignored?

NYPD Internal Affairs Capt Aaron Wright Violence Protected by NYPD until he beat NYPD Sgt Girlfriend v Aaron Wright Horrifically Murdered Girlfriend similiar like my attacker violent patterns threats protected all these years?

Philly cop with same name as horrifically violent NYPD IA Capt Aaron Wright tops his violence actually murdering his girlfriend gruesome and fellow cop party to the horrific crime!

Are the two Aaron Wright related...?  Can’t be sane guy but both got away with everything but murder like my case a pile-up of crimes my case no arrests yet  but certain crimes have no statute of limitations my case.  

Aaron Wright NYPD IA Capt Aaron Wright Temple University cop —- Just bizarre and haunting....haunting because like my attacker a woman not the first time -- and in each case they were protected for years until it can't be ignored although my case James O'Neill NYPD police commissioner doing his best to ignore all aspects including the misogynist cunt threat I allege by Joe Tacopina as Bob Dobalina a sock puppet and when I asked lawyer  (Joe Tacopina as) lawyer Bob Doblina  is this witness tampering threatening a victim during an open investigation the coward deleted his account as in I was correct he broke the law.  I forward to the First Precinct Det Squad and they acted on the misogynist hate crime.  What NYPD James O'Neill when I tell him -- watch his lip curl in to disdain - he can' hide his misogyny.     https://youtu.be/U8ceedQjSD4  Watch NYPD Mr Ted Talks James (Jimmy) O'Neill..... I also confronted Larry Bryne on trying to justify NYPD perjury also no YouTube --- they like Cy Vance -- if they don't like you they will protect horrific crimes against you?  I believe yes!   Larry Bryne suffered a horrific tragedy and that is beyond sad but he acts like legalized mafia empowering NYPD crimes -- protecting crimes...SHOCKING all the way around....

Like John Miller protected by Bratton all these years Prospect Park Rape - O'Neill joined in protecting Miller and all cops my case -- why? Answer obvious.   https://nypost.com/2018/01/09/cops-crack-infamous-prospect-park-rape-case-with-dna/  Misogynist, racist, retaliation against activists?

 Anyone visiting my blog knows I have problems with spelling grammar syntax which is 100 times worse since I became a victim of violence and lies at a wealthy doctors in Soho what I call Harvey Weinstein land ...

The cops at the 1st Precinct and One Police Plaza and their protectors inside internal affairs and inside One Police Plaza are for sale sometimes it’s money sometimes it’s donations sometimes it’s parties invites and sometimes it’s for free it’s retaliation but when it comes to violence towards women it’s OK if they don’t like you and that includes the Manhattan DA

  They chronically cover up crimes  (including their own) and are complicit untill they cannot cover it up anymore Like Cy Vance Harvey Weinstein...  like Internal Affairs NYPD IA Capt Aaron Wright -- how many years did they and others cover up for Wright like they covered up for Lt Lamboy of the Sex Crimes Unit including Manhattan DA Cy Vance!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NY Police Chiefs Foundation relentlessly cold-calls for cash but gives only a pittance to law enforcement, NY State Crime Stoppers lies about having celebrities on its board NYS Crime Stoppers website quoted Julia Louis-Dreyfus as an “advisory board member nypost.com/2018/06/16/pol…
  Harvey donated money to Gloria Steinem? Gloria got an award funded by Harvey Weinstein and money I’m sure and she’s not offering to return it do you know for the Manhattan DA ditto for top NYPD organizations!  I believe 100% that Harvey got  fixing in favors many times including from the 1st Precinct.

Don't forget Bill Bratton did not fire John Miller 23 years ago and NYPD PC O'Neill not firing him now.

It’s haunting  I remember when I heard the story of the  NYPD Internal Affairs captain Aaron Wright I was haunted it was like he was the male version of the woman that attacked me (Google Dr Fagelman assault) except I was a patient.  Because I’m an activist because of this blog and my YouTube channel the NYPD Internal Affairs top brass decided they would protect very serious crimes in a sense they are there for complicit so shocking to see that someone searching NYPD Aaron Wright.   Bizzarre a man with the same name similar ages both cop backgrounds both violent but the non-NYPD Aaron Wright takes the violence horrifically kills his girlfriend...

 If there’s anybody from the media that wants use my work you need to credit me and direct people to google Dr Fagelman assault — online — post link to assault.    Only domestic abusers and corrupt cops very sick misogynist could justify violence when there’s no justification.   I also have one of NYPD chief Osgood Sex Crimrs Unit Detectives also protected by Chief Boyce like he protected Lt Lamboy - offer advice as she violated protocols and celebrated me being coerced as in it felt like Det John Vergona put a gun to my head.

 I’d like to look at even high school records of those involved  and see if there’s violence there and for NYPD how many other victims? Aaron Wright  i’m guessing plenty of victims that were not NYPD!!!!   I have audio evidence of NYPD wrong doing several different divisions from the 1st Precinct, to internal affairs to the sex crimes —  I don’t have Justice this morning I had a bad dream about the doctor that he openly committed perjury this all started with the rich wealthy doctor in Soho  that I believe lives downtown and what I call Harvey Weinstein land!

I’d always try to find out what happened to that NYPD internal affairs captain aaron Wright - he was part of a group that was supposed to investigate fixing in favors throughout the city beyond NYPD Ramos in the bronx and it City wide investigation was shut down under Ray Kelly so how ironic I’m a victim of fixing favors retaliation similar to what went on in Williamsburg and again under Bill Bratton and James O’Neill it shut down there’s no further investigation into fixing in favors anywhere else -

 Also what’s been shut down citywide CityTime cops like Chief Osgood very best Lt Lamboy stealing time CityTime.

The cops from the 1st Precinct and One Police Plaza and internal fares wanted to teach me a lesson breaking laws a misogynist take crime acting on a cunt threat but all they’ve done is help me focused on even broadwr bigger crimes

 To date or mayor is in sharing what Eric garner meant by it stops today — Eric Garner In his own writing felt a hand written lawsuit from Rikers which will be in a museum...
 I believe like my case and so many others top brass protected this monster Aaron Wright until they could not protect NYPD captain Captain of internal affairs Aaron Wright anymore
Two  Aaron Wright cops both horrifically violent one a cop not employed by NYPD kills his girlfriend in a monstrous way.  Top brass have never disclosed update on Aaron Wright internal affairs captain’s punishment was — Ray Kelly careful — he blocked everything NYPD control press passes — so we don’t know if he’s unemployed or if he’s a security guard somewhere all we know is he’s violent and I don’t believe it was his first violent attack  and he act  like my attacker — my attacker is a woman very violent threatened with bodily harm first than in writing to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer (the Corrupt First Precinct det squad Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on threat w/ Dwyer and Det Vergona complicit and their facebook friends Det Tommy Moran and PO Eugene Schatz privy to all crimes— all under ray Kelly, Chief Pulaski and Boyce and Ed Winski  all protected by Bill Bratton and NYPD PC Jimmy O’Neill— although the 1st Precinct is still doing fixing in favors for the rich — look at Mercer hotel which you can just see by driving by looking at their valet service in the loading and unloading zone warning me not to come back and file assault charges or else she would file a second false cross-complaint against me

“...Wednesday, CPR members were in Albany to stand with legislators at a press conference to call for the repeal of the police secrecy law, 50-a.  New York is one of only three states with a law that restricts public access to information on police officers’ records, and it has increasingly been used by the administration of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and others across the state to shield police from accountability and transparency surrounding their misconduct. In order to ensure police are held accountable and the public has the information they need about police misconduct and abusive officers, the state legislature must repeal 50-a. Read our press release for more information....”

Not de Bladio’s Son....But his administration is the most on trans parent and is protecting crimes from the Rae Kelly Bratton era

 My point is in the misogynist cop culture they protect violence towards women until they can’t and in NYPD Aaron Wright’s case — I believe a neighbor witnessed the violence even though his girlfriend a sergeant in domestic abuse lied  for him — I have audio of women cops lying protecting me from reporting crimes violating protocol using my Tucker’s first cross complaint the fact that I was coerced to keep the case closed  they love it that Ron Kuby  and pretend they did not commit crimes bates switch downgrade crimes to zero and that my attacker’s response to Ron Kuby is actually get another crime 

If you search on the Buzz feed database of misconduct his name comes up but it seems like an NYPD clerk Aaron Wright but link leads to a different cops name! 


Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Ray Kelly, Bratton, king of misogyny PC Jimmy O’Neill won’t screen out misogynist all 3 protected a cunt threat to turn the tables. No surprise yet Off-duty NYPD cop punches Brooklyn girlfriend as she climbs into a cab. Google NYPD rapist NYPD pedophiles  nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-c…

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

NYPD Police Commissioners, Internal Affairs top Cops, Chief Osgood Sex Crimes Protected Monster Lt Lamboy like Dirty cop’s my case, countless other cases? Feel free to break laws at your desks Cy Vance protected Lamboy how many police Commishs and chiefs?

“Where are all these other high-ranking NYPD officials of far-greater culpability?” Weinstein asked before a courtroom filled with cops.

While a cop, Harrington was an ally of former Chief of Department Philip Banks, who has been identified in court papers as an “unindicted co-conspirator.””

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Mr. Harrington was entrusted to protect the public without fear or favor. He misused that trust,” Woods said. Judge Woods Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill top brass on down do fixing favors break laws or complicit including my case Google Dr Fagelman assault nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-me…

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Chief Boyce, Cy Vance, top brass Internal Affairs Protected Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy and NYPD my case and countless other bad cops. 

Sex Crime AKA Special Victims Unit Chief Osgood a Trump grap em by the pussy supporter protected Lt Lamboy as well as other corrupt cops as well?  
Here is the latest on Lamboy!

“ ...disgraced lieutenant from the NYPD's Special Victims Division cost taxpayers $325,000 after a colleague accused him of sexually harassing and assaulting her for years – even preying on her in a patrol car shortly after the twin towers fell on 9/11.
The city made the payout after a detective filed a lawsuit accusing Lt. Adam Lamboy of forcing her to perform oral sex on him on at least three occasions between 2011 and March 2014.”

City paid $325,000 to NYPD detective who said disgraced SVU lieutenant sexually abused her for years, including on 9/11

City Settles Case of NYPD Officer Accused of Groping Rape Victim - Civic Center - New York - DNAinfo

City of NY “screwed” Lt Lamboy victim see link research story.
In my case Zachary Carter and his Predecessor protected all crimes and then went   I sued 4 courts without a law degree because I was coerced didn’t go thru process of false arrest and the judges protected wrongdoing but they didn’t make me pay the legal bills because they knew I was telling the truth and the cops broke laws and the city was responsible and is responsible failure to supervise failure to train failure to screen these bad apples out they actually protect them promote them give them raises let then paid pensions... there countless victims across the board even if NYPD kill someone they get promoted.. 

 Scott Stringer is complicit in my case how about Lieutenant Lamboys he didn’t notice all the lawsuits - Don’t corporate counsel investigators and comptroller investigators along with other agencies like internal affairs take note no they are!!!! 

NYC paid nearly $13 million to settle claims of sex harassment or discrimination in the past four years - NY Daily News

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD #TedTalks PC James O’Neill Commissioner #misogyny exposed practically at the gate to Princeton University his wrongdoing 3 PV acted on cunt threat and more Eric Garner what it stops today MEANS! pic.twitter.com/wHDIPnSlDl
Chief Boyce  Blocked me on Twitter with the NYPD detective Twitter account and technically that’s another sue-able offense he’s a government official and I’m telling him the truth supporting it with evidence as I’ve done with the police commissioner who just ignores it and thinks I’ll go away since NYPD IA obstruct justice chronically. 

City doesn’t screen candidates properly...NYDN: NYPD officer busted for dropping in on ex after allegedly choking her as another cop gets DWI charg


There are so many Michael Harrington’s that aren’t prosecuted aren’t forced to resign we even have Bill Bratton and O’Neill protecting John Miller and his role in the prospect park rape case which actually is obstruction of justice among other things not fired not arrested not 23 years ago and not now the misogyny the corruption you have cops breaking laws at their desk or worse....
Michael Harrington sentenced in NYPD corruption probe

NYPD Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy Stole Overtime CityTime Dept of Investigation Whistleblower Law Link Broken DOI Betrays Whistleblowers?

Read NYDN on Lamboy stealing overtime and his Team Cy Vance  protected the bad Lieutenant lying about working on rape case is stealing overtime with the help of the Manhattan DA who refused to prosecute him along with top brass at One Police Plaza and internal affairs or reported any consequences know because like my case and how many other cases too many cops are breaking laws they don’t want to prosecute any of them Plus they don’t like us they don’t like me like the prospect park Rape  victim so the NYPD break laws Teflon.

Ironic because Cy Vance has chronically protected NYPD and internal affairs crimes were talking crimes when you protect them your complicit

NYPD sex crimes chief Osgood donated thousands to Trump after video scandal on grabbing women ‘by the p---y' - NY Daily News

Detective Andrew Dwyer, Sgt Chen, Ed Winski, Det Vergona 3 PC Acted on Cunt Threat to me City Zachary Carter Protects All Crimes but City Paid 13 Million Sexual Harrassment

NYC paid nearly $13 million to settle claims of sex harassment or discrimination in the past four years - NY Daily News

NYPD Chief Boyce, Melissa Mark Viverito And if you others blocked me on Twitter and technically I hear that’s also a sue-able  because their government officials

NYDN: NYPD officer busted for dropping in on ex after allegedly choking her as another cop gets DWI charge


Michael Harrington sentenced in NYPD corruption probe

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD #TedTalks PC James O’Neill Commissioner #misogyny exposed practically at the gate to Princeton University his wrongdoing 3 PV acted on cunt threat and more Eric Garner what it stops today MEANS! pic.twitter.com/wHDIPnSlDl

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NYPD Spies abuse of power and our rights future more Class Action Lawsuits

* The New York City Police Department has quietly expanded its gang database under de Blasio, targeting tens of thousands of young people of color for increased surveillance, even in the absence of criminal conduct, The Intercept reports.

I’m hoping that Investigations will Show spying and illegal use of data bases — I know I am a victim of a pile up of crimes from MD’s to First Precinct Internal Affairs Corp Counsel even comptroller Scoot Stringer could have take action all guilty of treating me like the Prospect Park Rape Victim.

How many laws did they break in my case and others.

We already know what Judge Allison Nathan let off a retired NYPD cop who bribed NYPD Sgt to legally use the database to spy!!!!

 We know that an NYPD detective for the Manhattan DA he does wiretapping was caught stealing would never was investigated weather was he was taking money to spy for the Manhattan DA and other individuals wealthy individuals!!!!


Mayor de Blasio Pay To Play NYPD Corruption NYCHA Slums Resign

Mayor de Blasio is a liar and an awful mayor who has failed us on housing, NYPD accountability including 0 jail for cops that committed crimes including my case but I’m one of the lucky victims that still alive, homelessness, pay to play real estate deals, the city hasn’t been this dirty in decades and most of all while New Yorkers living in NYCHA don’t have heat, do have lead paint and slum conditions -  he’s being chauffeured to the gym including by helicopter, taking naps on city time — tale of 2 Cities and 1 mayor who can truly help the People by resigning.

Suzannah Troy

 If you do use my work please credit me.

 The violence the crimes a pile up from a rich doctors office and SoHo aka  Harvey Weinstein land Harvey Weinstein’s precinct did fixing in favors broke laws this started under Bloomberg, Ray Kelly it’s continued on through Bratton and O’Neill like city time corruption in your face crimes on going ....
like ECTP aka 911  top cops were taking lavish gifts just not news there’s no accountability

Bill de Blasio hired Bratton and O’Neill who like Ray Kelly Completely corrupt do fixing in favors for the rich retaliate against activists willing to break laws by protect  NYPD and internal affairs  top brass who break laws or are also complicit they taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD!

* The jaw-dropping settlement between the federal government and New York City over conditions at NYCHA makes the housing authority’s Bloomberg-era managers look terrible and de Blasio’s team look even worse, the New York Post writes.

Ditto  Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg CityTime...Bloomberg should’ve thrown up Rudy’s disaster and he didn’t then came de Blasio and he didn’t.

 Now NYPD including  and infamous lieutenant in the sex crimes unit  use the payroll system of  flawed payroll system to steal overtime and pad pensions ... tip of the ice berg.

911 tech  corruption, 311, CityTime Are among the many tech titanic’s that are disaster many started under Bloomberg or had Rudy roots and there’s not any news reported on these disasters corruption...

The New York Post editors point out mayor Mike Bloomberg as well as de Blasio NYCHA miss management but they don’t recognize Rudy Giuliani rip off corruption CityTime spanning Bloomberg, mayor de Blasio how NYPD sex crimes Lt etc stole stealing OT etc

Friday, June 8, 2018

Sex Crimes Unit New Subway Ad a Lie! NYPD Break Laws at their desk fix all kinds of crimes make crimes up break laws! NYPD Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill I understand Kalief Browder Suicide I Won’t Kill Myself instead I will tell what happens to me every day from a doctors office SoHo to the First Precinct to internal affairs to One Police Plaza top brass and I’m one of how many victims ?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ I understand why Kalief Browder killed himself; I won’t. Everyday I will tell what happened to me from Dr Fagelman office to #NYPD crimes First Precinct IA 1 Police Plaza! If I killed myself media black out like Eric Garner handwritten lawsuit? G-d sees all #Justice No statute!

 Weekend update tweet and a reminder mayor de Blasio used his son to win his first term  and then he made it abundantly clear that everyone killed by the NYPD was not his son.  He and Al Sharpton have not shared Eric Garner handwritten lawsuit from Rikers under Ray Kelly and mayor Bloomberg ... I Sherritt just Google it and you’ll find my blog New York City I love you big time you can read what Eric meant when he said it stops today which included by the way sexual assault by NYPD and NYPD planting drugs on him And based on the fact the NYPD falsified police reports for instance my attacker says quite loudly and threatening me with hand Jestor she’s going to slap the crap out of my ass and that’s omitted from the NYPD detective squad 1st Precinct Harvey Weinstein’s precinct with fixers at the time Ed Winski who got promoted for fixing crimes like a Las Vegas casino like how many....?

Gee I wonder how many times  1st Precinct and fixing in favors for Harvey Weinstein and how many other wealthy people and SoHo and Tribeca and by the way Ray Kelly where does he live in the doctor in my case where does he live?  Guess.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Tale of 2 Cities in both tales Bill de Blasio betrayed the People of New York! No surprises from “pay my Bills de Blasio”! If he can’t treat tax payer $ as his personal ATM, he & Cy Vance (just 2 ex. hardee har har) very creative “bartering” w/ donor money aka their personal ATM?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD sex crimes unit aka special victims unit advertisement subway MTA is a lie and victims should be very careful and even audio tape conversations because detectives break laws at their desks w/ Chief of Detectives, Internal Affairs, PC O’Neill complicit misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2018/06/nypd-s…

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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD sex Crimes new advertisement on the MTA subways is a lie chief Osgood Corrupt NYPD don’t like you - you’re not going to get Justice and I have audio proof that Sex Crimes Corrupt violate protocols protect NYPD crimes!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDnews‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDSVU‬⁩ NYPD sex crimes MTA ad a lie victim should audio tape conversations because the NYPD cannot be trusted they break laws obstruct justice top brass on down proof youtube.com/watch?v=RGRZkQ… NYPD IA Sex Crimes have my attacker signed letter to Det Andrew Dwyer threatening me yet again! pic.twitter.com/ODWHZls20a

I can prove NYPD chief Osgood
is  a liar and a fraud on long with his division.  He knows about this audio listen to it!  He donated money to Donald Trump after he knew that Donald Trump was bragging he could grab women  by the pussy  and police commissioner James O’Neill appointed by Bill Deblasio protects him, protects John Miller was lied about the prospect park rate victim because he’s racist homophobic and misogynist and he protected Captain Pete rose anc promoted him.

 I have a YouTube that proves that the police commissioner James O’Neill knows about my case he didn’t stop to talk to me and investigate he sneered at me a look of disdain because he is a misogynist and he is acting on a cunt threat to turn the tables on me!

 The NYPD Internal Affairs and sex crimes top brass on down tree victims like they have to be Miss America like it’s a pageant you have to behave and act a certain way and they are so prejudiced discriminatory it’s chronic and we have zero accountability for people who are supposed to police the police aren’t the agencies more than fail victims protect wrongdoing including Corporation counsel Zachary Carter and the city owes me money and let’s ask Scott Stringer who brokered  the dirtiest deal 911 tech corruption with Hewlett-Packard Why the city didn’t own up in my case and apologize not that the city ever apologizes but was asked Scott Stringer and his benefactor George  why the city didn’t own up in my case and apologize not that the city ever apologizes but was asked Scott stringer and his benefactor George Artz  comes up in the Charles Hynes transcripts - George  Artz  already threatened a blogger like me stating he would not work in this town so do you think Scott Stringer would really own up when he depends on people like George for his goal to become mayor?

 It’s one big misogynist corrupt cesspool M!

Ask the NYPD about their suicide rate?

Ask the media why they didn’t report an alleged suicide a few days ago L train Bedford Avenue?

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Brother of Kalief Browder says state has failed on criminal justice reform

Brother of Kalief Browder says state has failed on criminal justice reform 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Kalief Browder His brother says the state has failed us on reform and my question is how about the city and it looks like class action lawsuits on the only way to go to get a permanent new commission into corruption NYPD internal affairs DA etc corruption suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/06/brothe…

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Suzannah B. Troy artist: I Demand an Apology When We Get Replacements w/ Integrity for de Blasio/Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill, Zachary Carter etc I am One of how many victims Owed Apology and $! Class Action Only Way to Stop NYPD Legal, Top Brass NYPD IA, Corp Counsel and City to Stop Covering up Chronic Crimes? Permanent New Commission in to NYPD Internal Affairs DA Corruption including Charles Hynes, Corrupt Misogynist Cy Vance

EXCLUSIVE: Cop fired over fake shooting sued to get job back; now wants NYPD to return his gun - NY Daily News

“O’Byrne, who in court documents accused O’Neill of “bad faith and retaliatory actions,” referred the Daily News to his lawyer, who did not respond to requests for comment.”

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Rudy Giuliani is to Trump what Joe Tacopina is to Kerik Jail Time Rudy SAIC CityTime Guess Who’s Stealing Time CityTime let’s ask NYPD if they have any answers? City of NY dirty DA Cy Vance NYPD get out of jail free cards beyond Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Unit

Myth of Giuliani! Reality Rudy pulling “CityTime” on Trump? Rudy hired SAIC (of Trailblazer infamy) improve payroll system to stop stealing CityTime stealing on going? Rudy/ Bloomberg deB CityTime scandal on going not news. Rudy going do for Trump what Joe Tacopina did for Kerik?


from NY Post: “If he shot James Comey, he’d be impeached the next day,” Giuliani told HuffPost. “Impeach him, and then you can do whatever you want to do to him.”

Melania, all Trumps want out of the White House? Trump hiring Giuliani like saying impeach me? Rudy Giuliani CityTime payroll system still major scandal NYPD like Lt  Lamboy sex crime unit used a pencil to steal overtime CityTime?  CityTime major news not news lucky for Rudy, Bloomberg and de Blasio and any nyc gov stealing “time” padding their pensions....  Bloomberg should have thrown it out —  The story of this payroll system is a shocker and SAIC and Rudy’s role including deputy mayors as lobbyists (as SAIC stole tax payer $ Rudy profited?) the tech titanic‘s under Rudy and Michael Bloomberg are huge stories and it’s ongoing not news...  Rudy didn’t notice SAIC’s bad resume including SAIC Trailblazer allegedly one major reason Sept 11 was not prevented — Rudy didn’t know about SAIC? Rudy  had 11 years to move emergency command center out of the World Trade Center between the two terrorist attacks and he didn’t...   don’t worry we have John Miller who wasn’t qualified to work in the police department and lied about a rape victim 23 years ago and now he practically is daring smart terror wrist to attack New York City by having a press conference he should never of been having John Miller should’ve been fired 23 years ago.  Well if John Miller is taunting terrorists what location do you think might be there number one location in New York City?  You think a Trump building? 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
#NYPD John Miller should’ve been fired 23 yrs ago for a job he wasn’t qualified for when he lied about the Prospect Park #Rape victim! Now he’s practically challenged “smart” terrorists press conference he shouldn’t had? NYC #1 one target would be? suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/06/rudy-g…

NYDN article  on NYPD sex crimes Lieutenant Lamboy  mentions he was lying about overtime working on reps at the Manhattan DA and One Police Plaza and the top brass including chief of detectives chief of internal affairs internal fares steering committee all refused to prosecute him but when he was stealing overtime and petting his pension he had to be using what ...?  The high technology of a pencil and CityTime.  

For a very short time?
 At the rate Rudy Giuliani is going Pence will be president...? No...or a very short time?

 If the president hires Rudy Giuliani to be his lawyer he really must not want to be president anymore


 My blog is on New York City news I don’t know does Donald Trump want to quit his job or be impeached or fired or arrested courtesy of his lawyer and then run for mayor next?

 Anytime I hear the name Rudy Giuliani I just can’t believe  Rudy Giuliani scandal CityTime is on going and it is....

The New York daily news reported cops are stealing overtime they just didn’t mention that they’re using a payroll system thanks to Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn, her pals Cy Vance, Preet Bharara and even mayor de Blasio and Mark Peters!

Yes Mark Peters protecting all?   Because of his political ambitions everyone so ambitious they’re going to just let the city taxpayer money be sucked into a Rudy Giuliani black hole a lot of black holes by corrupt players all Teflon including my case,...

 Getting back to New York City my focus....

NYPD Corruption 50-a O’Neill Larry Byrne John Miller must resign Why Class Action Lawsuits Needed Against the City read on

There’s an irony here that Trump hires Rudy Giuliani to protect him and  Rudy can’t stop opening his mouth and he might be instrumental in Trump’s exit at the same time nyc gov employees are  stealing using Rudy’s payroll system because Cy Vance  completely refused to prosecute CityTime (as well as ECTP aka 911 tech corruption that was solely a Bloomberg disaster  only $1 billion over budget hunk of junk ) and Preet Bharara refused to prosecute any nyc gov officials associated w/ CityTime. 

Both Cy Vance and Preet Bharara protected Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn Despite a fleet of taxpayer Tech  Titanic’s and to date CityTime is a hunk of junk and so are 311 and 911. 

 Do you realize New Jersey you can text 911 and the city of New York to spend billions and you can’t 

  There’s another irony about 911 is very disturbing one Rudy Giuliani have 11 years between terrorist attacks to move the emergency command center out of the WTC and he didn’t —  so there are 2 Emergency Command Center is the back up one is a massive story of a scandal that is being covered up by saying that the building is so important that it must be kept secret  —  but the biggest non-secret that they’re covering up is that it’s years behind schedule cost Waymore money and it’s a rip off like everything else Rudy, Bloomberg, BloomdeBlasio. Mayor de Blasio Has allowed all the tech disasters to continue on his pushed community crushing real estate dirty dealings like Bloomberg and puppet Christine Quinn —  The only major differences are the city looks the dirtiest and filthiest it’s looked in a long time and de Blasio has set a record for working out at the gym and being late?

“... If Trump pardons himself, he is admitting that he is guilty. A pardon would only spare Trump from federal prosecution, but with a self-admission of guilt, there would be nothing stopping Congress from impeaching him. A pardon does not stop the impeachment process, so that is what Bharara meant by calling a presidential pardon of himself self-impeachment.
A presidential lawyer shouldn’t be talking about pardons if his client is innocent. The Trump legal team keeps admitting that Trump is guilty, but what Giuliani floated could lead to the first ever, virtual self-impeachment by a president....”
mayor bloomberg king of new york: Mayor Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, SAIC sold Lie CityTime Works Corrupt NYPD protected from arrest after caught stealing Time Using Flawed CityTime!

Melanie Trump isn’t the only Trump who wants out of The White House? Maybe they all do Giuliani paving (un) reality tv Trump exit? So many Giuliani scandals NYCgov CityTime on going thanks to Cy Vance and Preet Bharara! NYDN reported NYPD stealing overtime translation CityTime.  

Wow.  It’s going to be really interesting who runs for mayor of New York City I’m just blown away by everything it’s like everything is a bad reality TV show but in New York City nyc gov  laws that are being broken by city employees including NYPD sex crimes unit and  1st Precinct detective squad how many detective squads  and their supervisors and commanders the city is just out of control and one terrible terrorist attack with distract everyone although it doesn’t seem like anyone with any clout is doing anything about corruption NYC? 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I Demand an Apology When We Get Replacements w/ Integrity for de Blasio/Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill, Zachary Carter etc I am One of how many victims Owed Apology and $! Class Action Only Way to Stop NYPD Legal, Top Brass NYPD IA, Corp Counsel and City to Stop Covering up Chronic Crimes? Permanent New Commission in to NYPD Internal Affairs DA Corruption including Charles Hynes, Corrupt Misogynist Cy Vance

Saturday am update:Cop acquitted in Bronx woman’s shooting now up for promotion.  He isn’t good enough not talented or skilled enough to go out and police without killing that qualifies him to get promoted? 

The cops in my case broke laws and got promoted or allowed to retire.   This is a common practice by the NYPD. This is common practice  promote cops that break the law to wrongdoing fixing in favors because that’s with the NYPD are about fixing in favors and being run like the blue mafia that they are.   They clearly don’t have integrity and decency I mean my case is proof enough for me but there’s so many people that feel the way I do and are victims.  

I Demand an Apology When We Get Replacements w/ Integrity for de Blasio/Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill, Zachary Carter etc I am  One of how many victims Owed Apology and money!  Class Action Lawsuits the Only Way to Stop NYPD Legal, Top Brass NYPD IA, Dirty DA like Cy Vance, Charles Hynes, etc (etc ex Dan Donovan Eric Garner case - I am alleging  he never shared Eric Garner  hand written lawsuit to the grand jury -  his goal was to make this go away and he succeeded I’m alleging Richard Brown in queens as guilty in the Adrian Schoolcraft case making sure top cops never faced a grand jury because in this case a grand jury would’ve found them guilty enough to move forward  ) Corp Counsel and City to Stop Covering up Chronic Crimes?

Permanent New Commission in to NYPD Internal Affairs DA Corruption including Charles Hynes, Corrupt Misogynist  Cy Vance

 I went to court like Eric Garner attempted under Michael Bloomberg, Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi —  I have sued in 4 courts  and no judge said pay the city for their legal fees because every judge knew the cops broke the law but not one judge had the integrity and decency to see something and say something —  move my case forward so I could question them under oath and also get discovery.

Pro se litigants are set-up to fail.   I’m suffering extreme exhaustion almost 6 years of insomnia from violence and lies and a doctors office damage to my eyes my neck my mind my brain even hurts from exhaustion from a doctors office where was supposed to be safe to precinct the first precinct one of the most corrupt precincts that caters to their wealthy  doing  fixing in favors and I want to know how many they did for Harvey Weinstein until they couldn’t anymore?

 I’m looking for lawyers to help me to file a notice of claim and to tell judges I did the best I could without a lot agree but we want to revisit the claims plus add new claims.  Suebe1art@aol.com
 I also want to be included in any lawsuits against city class action involving NYPD, also involving anything to do with internal affairs, FOIL, etc.

I can’t remember Zachary Carter’s predecessor but Zachary Carter takes lying and obstructing justice to all new levels but I do remember the lawyer he assigned to the case told me that the cops had sealed what I asked for.  It was stunning to me the cops broke laws and they sealed their crimes with my attacker employee for rich MD (google dr fagelman assault) works and lives in Harvey Weinstein land the first precinct I believe that the doctor lives right by Ray Kelly.

 The level of corruption MISOGYNY  all kinds of prejudice anti-Semitism/racism also stunning and there so many casualties we need a series of  class action lawsuits including for the NYPD foil division they are obstructing justice along w/ Larry Byrne NYPD legal —  it’s a miracle I have what I have but they don’t want to give it up because it proves even more so how guilty the NYPD, IA, Zachary Carter and his lawyers and  investigators are along with the comptroller and his investigator.

 A series of class action lawsuits were not only compensate us for damages hopefully fair compensation for years of our lives stolen by City and NYPD that hire violent lying employees without integrity they protected they lie even more lies on top allies I’m struggling just us for years but in my case many of the homes do not have statutes of limitations ...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Former NYPD CO Confirms Ray Kelly. Pulaski, Boyce Corruption! My Case Fit’s Profile all detectives and supervisors broke laws protected including by Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill, etc suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Please read my blog post on Misogynist NYPD Internal Affairs top brass on down on women victims must behave like Miss America. I’m suffering from extreme exhaustion my typos get worse and worse plus the voice dictation is downright scary but you always understand the gist? twitter.com/suzannahbtroy/…