NYPD PC O'Neill/Dermot Shea Blocked me on Twitter Attempting to Erase Evidence Complicity!

The NYPD 01 Precinct and City of NY lawyers withheld Delita Hooks' letter to Det Andrew Dwyer threatening me w/ a 2nd false cross complaint CHEATING/LYING IN COURT to win. WHY NOT? IT's NY so they can? Dr Andrew Fagelman lied under oath the attack did not happen on his property. Dr fagelman admitted he did not investigate and yet he discussed me Dr. Vine's patient with his patients without investigating ! He bragged and smirked stating he 'trusted' the NYPD to investigate ! Every judge so far has looked away in my case as the guilty parties involved lied in legal proceedings cheat to win! It took me over 5 yrs of never giving up to get a copy of Dr Andrew Fagelman's employee Delita Hooks' letter THREATENING me to Det Dwyer! I was VIOLENTLY COERCED by Det Vergona w/ Delita Hooks false cross complaint. Det Vergona admitted in Federal Appeallate he threatened me w/ arrest unless I dropped charges! He would only FALSE arrest me Saturday at 4 PM and the Friday , the day before, I had emergency surgery on my eye my retina from the violent running punch to my head by Delita Hooks who hit me over and over as I held my bags my arm numb from a cyst removed by Dr Vine! Eric Garner and I started out pro se litigants under Bloomberg Ray Kelly, then came de Blasio Bill Bratton "COLLABORATIVE POLICING"...Read Eric Garner's handwritten lawsuit - is that what the NYPD would have done to me since the detectives in my case falsified police reports? Delita Hooks also pressed her bare foot against my vaginal area but the Det Squad + Sex Crimes erased all crimes w/ DA like MD office as teflon as Jeffrey Epstein who was never actually arrested in NY by NYPD DA or Feds! http://misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-detective-andrew-dwyer-lt-burgos.html?m=1
Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it and he is in watered down database for threatening vic w/arrest like I was THREATENED OVER THE PHONE BY HIS Subordinate Det John Vergona!Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! "Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou! As a Jewish women a Victim of a pile-up of Crimes from Dr Andrew Fagelman's office starting w/ Delita Hooks and others including perjury and party to perjury to the NYPD w/ IA DA City of NY, + I allege: Joe TACOPINA who has not denied he too broke laws party to threats to me during an open investigate, and "others... including I allege my and my opinion lawyers w/ Travelers party to the fact their client lied under oath... I think of Maya. They have to live with their evil, their crimes, etc their terrible sins. Still I Rise! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justice, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee. It's impossible to report crime if it involves the rich and connected in New York. Over 8 yrs later online gaslights on going. Gaslighter Chris Keuling attempts to blame me when Delita Hooks repeatedly violated my patient rights before I started filming she repeatedly provoked me and we were never alone. She provoked me first to try and get help and then when I couldn't get help, I started to film. She could've apologized and closed the door! I'd like to know who's involved behind the scenes and hold them all accountable including Gaslighter's who have harassed me for years trying to convince me that it's my fault when it's not! Howard Rubenstein was hired by Jeffrey Epstein to trash his victims. In NY that's ok and in my case to repeatedly harass me and be party to threatening me during an open investigation (which is a crime)!!! I reported the harassment and THREATS TO NYPD AND DA! NYPD det Vergona joined in threatening me! I allege that Travelers conspired to cheat to win arranging for Dr Andrew Fagelman to walk in and Commit perjury that the attack did not happen on his property and James Toomey and the lawyer Rajika he appointed made a mockery of my patient rights my body violated and the fact that I care about mother earth and Styrofoam harming the planet with his appointed lawyer RAJIKA handed my attacker Delita Hooks a Styrofoam cup and then they both VISCOUSLY waved styrofoam cups at me as close to giving me the finger in legal procedure. How ironic styrofoam is now BANNED in NYC. Unethical Travelers lawyer behavior so abusive along w/ Dr Fagelman that I believe the judge was notified and agreed the behavior was abusive...however I still don't have Justice and Travelers did have one concern - was I going to re-appeal my lawsuit against the NYPD... sure feels to me like the fix is in my human rights my civil rights my patient rights/body repeatedly violated and there's a wall around the justice system with how many people involved in the abuse the wrongdoing and the goal to make sure the people that should be held accountable or not that there are no arrests that there is no justice?
I watched Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks OPENLY COMMIT PERJURY, smirk at me, mocked me reminding me of unethical NYPD defendants protected by tax payer funded Corp Counsel LYING in legal filings (+ withholding Delita Hooks ltr to Det Dwyer CHEAT TO WIN) and oral arguments because in NY judges don't mind lying cheating to win in their courts? In every court room doesn't it say IN GOD WE TRUST? Dr Andrew fagelman doesn't even understand the HIPPOCRATIC oath but when he was asked a simple question about what were the grounds for his divorce he shook with anger, got on his phone and ran out! Det Vergona, Delita Hooks Dr F has anger management problems? Dr F was shaking with anger!
The city of New York has no one in a position of power with integrity to apologize and I will get an apology one day I just may not be alive to see the justice to know I finally have justice and accountability it may take decades for people to say it's not OK to violate someone's civil rights their patient rights their human rights and break the law I was targeted discriminated against and continue to be treated like a Jew in the early stages Nazi Germany and people were either enlisted or volunteered to join in obstructing justice to be party to attempting to bury the many crimes and wrong doing...
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefofDept‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDFIRSTDEP‬⁩⁦‪@TheIACP‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDnews‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDDetectives‬⁩⁦‪@MjrCitiesChiefs‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDChiefPatrol‬⁩⁦‪@NYCPBA‬⁩⁦‪@MarcSantia4NY‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDCT‬⁩youtu.be/syrc3ncHFTI ask PC O’Neill, Bratton, Ray Kelly, Pulaski, Boyce, Esposito, Banks, Lt Gannon about audio Sgt Chen PO Magori prevent me from reporting Delita Hooks false cross complaint lying I am not from DA or a det. so I am not allowed to report the crime! #NYPD Lies!

"NYC is My Community" CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! Peace to the Streets! Permanent New Commission NYPD IAB DA Corruption! I sued
Pro Se like Eric Garner I have new evidence! NYPD IA DA Cy Vance top brass guilty like they protected Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Unit including CUNT threat to turn tables on me NYPD IA acted on ! After 4yrs pro se 4/22/2018 I need lawyer to sue + class actions victims unite! Suebe1art@aol.com NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday false arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely VIOLENT LYING receptionist Delita Hooks running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest 10/16/12 immediate than CORRUPT LIAR Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Sat 10/20, 2012 4PM IAB let him +his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dh9TedhfthE !http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/Mike Might Not Win - look at date!When the Community Board Does NOTHING,You Can Do Something see photo of Alfredo & I on Speed Bump I got for Anna Silver School https://m.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist follow my channel! Recogntion: The NYTimes !!! I ask for 1 billion $ x 3 RICO from SAIC look at date CityTimeURGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

About Suzannah Troy, suebe1art@aol.com

My photo
Passionate letters published in The Financial Times re: Lucien Freud, my art and women's issues, The Wall St. Journal"Betrayal at Ground Zero", The Chief, The New York Times (9),Crains "NYU's Logo should be a dorm with a dollar", The New York Sun, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, Metro, AMNY, The Village Voice "Carbon Copy" letter of the week, Newsday, Jerusalem Post, my blog mentioned New York Mag Intelligencer neighborhood watch. Got speed bumps for Anna Silver School & doors for women's bathroom Tompkins. Donated my white blood cells twice to help a little girl fight Non-Hodgkins & man w/Lymphoma. Two hour process & you can only do it 12 x in your life. Too worn out to donate now. Way back Liz Smith mentioned me & my favorite zen quote "Live each moment as if your hair is on fire." which means live in the moment like it is your last aka live life passionately! I am really proud to say I have run 2 New York City Marathons!!! Also to have done volunteer work with pre-school handicap children at Rusk. NYTimes My YouTube work 1) Giuseppi Logan’s Second Chance 2)Mysterious Mr. Rechnitz

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy Janis Joplin Brooklyn Museum w/ fellow Bloomberg resister

I saw some of the photographers' work I have collected including the nicest gentleman in person Baron Wolman when I purchased his Janis photo. He and I had a marvelous chat about Janis and I made him tell me a Janis story. This is by another photographer...drawing a blank. Freezing cold day but a great turn out of enthusiastic people taking in the art.
Frank Zappa, ahhh the appropriate moment to ask him to have my baby! This gentleman beside me is part of the Bloomberg resistance and he held every door for me and helped me carry my packages. He is ten years younger than I am. He was so respectful and intelligent. We had fun. We stopped at the Botanical Gardens next door and I bought plenty of soil and pots to re-pot my plants and also beautiful pussy willow tree that is a little unusual but of course why I love it!

Neo-Assyrian Period859 B.C. Powerfully art work of bearded warrior with wings, a personal favorite.

Theatre 80 Buy Tickets on line for Movies Theater Opera and Historic Tours



anna bolena 1

NYPost page 8 Mike mystery money went to key aide by David Seifman

Friday, January 29, 2010

My friend has a magical moment with Ozzy Osbourne

There was a huge turn out and Ozzy had his head down signing vigorously book after book ....just his name and the handlers made sure the line kept moving. My friend is very heavy metal when not at his corporate job with wild tattoos to prove it. He thanks Ozzy for his contribution...I can't do justice to what he said but Ozzy stopped and looked up and Ozzy thanked my friend. My friend has been hell and back even losing one of his brothers and more but unlike most people he doesn't drown in self pity. I truly admire and love him.

Ozzy is a winner. Just more proof....

His new book is terrific. I wrote a review and posted on Amazon.

trying to stay warm

Off and Running, a powerful documentary playing W. Village IFC for different reasons it touched a deep place in me


The film is deeply moving and I cried. First I want to say you don't have to be adopted to wonder and long for answers regarding your roots and also fear the answers. Only after getting my 1st letter published in The New York Times re: Bruno Schulz's art and the Holocaust in context to my own feelings as a Jew and an artist was I finally given just one name and that was on my paternal side of someone we lost in the Holocaust. While I flew to Israel my Dad flew to Europe. The borders changed but he attempted to visit the last location where his Uncle went to visit our relatives and was murdered. His guide said he could not find the address but we had our doubts. I was finally given just one small clue but I really have gotten very little info pre the Holocaust what brought our families on both sides here, only tears. Their generation is the opposite of the technology generation. They simply do not talk of those times.

I also had to tell my family and friends because I spoke up for a 56 year old African American woman who was homeless, now in jail, poor people's rehab fighting the exploitation by a local white man that took photo of her topless when she was drunk and than he stalked and hunted with his camera so set up a comment section of hate. That he took a picture in true stalking style without my knowledge and if it was a gun -- it couldn't get more cowardly -- shot in the back from a distance although he blew it up like a target with me in the center. He approves comments and he only approved comments, all anonymous and I believe related to an aggravated harassment complaint I have file and another page which has no photo of me but shows an obsession and hatred. The comments by his gang of hate mongers are anti-Semitic, misogynist and gay bashing. I was filming a young woman singing and this hate monger made posted comments homophobic anti-Semitic and racist. The funny thing is I am not gay but why all the hate and lies about me from this stalker who goes out of his way to secretly grab of photo. He tells people I am obsessed with him but than why is he shooting me and I have no pictures of him nor do I want any. He tells anyone stupid enough to listen that I am obsessed with him but he doesn't tell them that asked me to have his baby after giving me a photo of a hawk from Tompkins. He is way too old and not stable but who knew just below the surface was anti-Semite? He told me I take a lot for granted and I pointed out so did he. He proposed I have two babies including a big old fat one. He tells people I am childish without telling them the demands and responsibilities he want to put on me and not contributed much of anything. I never kissed this man although once on the street he leaned off and kissed me on the cheek. He was drunk. It was gross and Karl who was homeless was leaning against a building. I thought the difference between Karl and him was a home. How can you ask someone to take on the responsibility of a baby which is awesome and not be willing to take some responsibility? That was what was so powerful about the lesbian Moms in the film and their dedication to their children. The dedication is powerful.

Right now I am deeply repulsed by cowardly men that blame women for what they are guilty of aka know as cowards.

I would rather be gay and have an unconventional family as pictured in this moving documentary than have ever gotten involved with a man that posts comments of hate and takes photos of women approving comments that are hateful as were comments disparaging an African American woman who has been mostly homeless and living at poverty level except right now while she endures an extended stay in prison. Note: I also had a man in his twenties off to give me a baby. He already had one living in Europe but he was honest enough to let me know he would contribute nothing but he does fly to Europe to see his daughter. I continue to wait and wonder if I will have a child or donating my white bloods cells to two people in need are as close as I am going to get. To know I participated in a two hour donations with others to vigorously fight for their lives, one a young girls with Non-Hodgkin's and one I was told was a Hispanic male with lymphoma maybe the closest I will come. I know Gays are fighting for equal rights and I support them but I have never been married or lived a main stream coupled existence. Being a single woman one endures immense prejudice often. I guess being different and also gay bashed makes me very simpatico with the Gay community.

This film moved me deeply. I experienced "petite--mort" -- I call it a little death but it was much bigger as a teen for myself and clearly for Avery, the African American teenager who is the center of this film. I have a complex analysis that hits on one piece that is not discussed but I felt hinted in the silent expression of her Jewish Mom Tova who usually always has something to say. Let us say "the complicated facets" of Avery's world come together in a quiet cataclysm. Avery does self destruct but finally finds some kind of equilibrium and some sort of self acceptance.

Deeply, deeply moving and I loved her family including her brothers. The eldest also brought me to tears. I have done volunteer work with pre-school handicap children and sometimes I knew the children were born addicted to drugs and sadly had all kinds of complex challenging issues. One child I felt a connection with resembled a thalidomide baby but he was truly loved by his mom and by her family. There was even a battle over who would raise him. It was along time ago but I can still seem him in mind and although he could not speak, he said so much with his eyes and he found ways to communicate. Love is love is love....even when faced with the reality of the flaws and disappointments.

This young man in the film was able to recover from the birth challenges but the birth brother he tracked down did have complications. He is stunning with green eyes and light black skin. He responds to the difference between he and his birth brother's development by turning his energies to Science where he is now studying at Princeton.

This movie is powerful and I won't tell you anymore. See the film. It is about an unconventional American family although I have never met a real conventional one.

I have never been married. My maternal grandfather was born in a tenement house here on the Lower East Side on Ludlow Street. I never thought I would be the victim of cyber stalking gay bashing anti-semitism - racism here in NYC but the more things change the more they stay the same.

If you have a heart this film will touch yours. You don't have to be gay or Jewish but love must be essentially to you.

Dominick R. DeRubbio Public Safety Advocate Unready New York-Statement Against Proposed Fire Company Closings

unreadyny@gmail.com www.unreadyny.blogspot.com   Unready New York-Statement Against Proposed Fire Company Closings   Unready New York is taking a proactive stance against proposed fire company closings for the fiscal year 2011. At the present time, it is unclear as to whether fire companies will be closed on Staten Island. During this time of uncertainty, Unready New York will begin to collect contact information from residents located within communities where a fire company may be disbanded. Over the next few months Unready New York plans to amass a database of volunteers and educate the public on the effects of fire company closings. Anyone interested in volunteering should email Dominick R. DeRubbio at unreadyny@gmail.com.  Unready New York was created in May of 2009 to address public safety issues in New York City when a first attempt was made to close a fire company (Engine 161) on Staten Island. The primary role of Unready New York is to educate the public in regards to public safety.  --  Dominick R. DeRubbio Public Safety Advocate   The day of accountability starts today.

Karen from Love Saves the Day gets a lesson on "love" from plainclothes NYPD 9th Precinct

Karen served in the military during Viet Nam and that entitles her to her vendor's license. Two very polite and professional plain clothes NYPD officers paid Karen a visit. They told her that they were being nice that she had several violations including a Playboy displayed which the NYPD officers informed her is pornography. Karen ended up getting a ticket for having her flea market items on the sidewalk... You would think the 9th Precinct had other priorities like protecting the community from rapists, drugs, etc. Most of all you would think the 9th Precinct would be trying to reach out to the community. The woman victim of the rape cops actually moved and left. When women are leaving because of the NYPD in the 9th Precinct because they don't feel safe that is not good.

Karen thought the officers were very nice. I asked her to describe them. She said one was collegiate.

The 9th Precinct is now called "The Rape Cop Precinct" and the rape cop's officer's locker was searched and they found heroin and aprox 20 women's telephone numbers of women that all live in the 9th Precinct's zone. The City of New York is being sued by the victim and I believe both officers are also being sued.

The 9th Precinct I believe has another potential law suit and that is one that borders on sexual McCarthyism. To see an actual clip and learn more click on the YouTube below.

YouTube "Behind Christine Quinn smile" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXoANkQh93I features plain clothes NYPD officers from the 9th Precinct raiding the porn store around the corner form the "new" 9th to arrest a gay man who activists believe was entrapped by a very handsome young NYPD officer who offered to give him oral sex for $50. Something like that..... I was told by an activist friend who spoke with the innocent man arrested that he is innocent and by the way this young guy was so handsome it was startling. I said I would pay 50 dollars! I was just joking of course. I have crazy stalkers that can't distinguish humor from reality as in loco so let me clarify just joking.

It does seem like certain people are above the law and others are being harassed by the NYPD.
Karen is going to court to fight the ticket. She is a positive person who loves the neighborhood and she wanted me to know the officers themselves told her they were being nice to her and they were professional. I would be awful to feel they singled her out for some reason.

Karen says she walks the line.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Note to myself, Norman Siegel is my lawyer but research Steve Wagner

Steven Wagner

Karen in her Love Saves the Day van deciding not to unpack due to heavy rain the other day

The intersection that won't heal infrastructure nightmare and Cooper Union says it is not their fault!

This is just one small section of what was a medium size water main break almost 4 years ago looked like the East River came to 2nd Avenue by Love Saves the Day. http://www.ny1.com/1-all-boroughs-news-content/69978/east-village-water-main-break-leaves-thousands-without-water Here I am being interviewed with diverse community members and some small businesses are now gone. Water main breaks tend to have the effect which futher delights greedy developers.

Cooper Union is adamant that all their heavy duty construction had nothing to do with this one which I called in to the press and another one a community member reported to me that was in closer to the build.

Around the corner on St. Marks between 2nd Avenue and 1st Avenue the street also continues to break own.

Gee, do you think you can supersize and weigh heavy on old New York's infrastructure and it not continue to bust at the themes and all for developers to bust through zoning and exploit the communities and not pick up the bill.

By Trump's zone buster at Spring and Varrick there have been significant water main breaks and all over main hole covers exploding, gas leaks, water main breaks, sink holes, steam pipe explosions, streets that keep cracking open but that has not stopped "Mike Bloomberg's progress" aka getting your moving vans for middle, low income and homeless...

Just a miracle more people have not been killed and this is a city wide problem and below ground in subway stations that are rotted and leaking, even on sunny days.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NYU stupid idiot harasses me. I thank this nameless drone and sent to press + perfect timing too another gas leak in the E. Village, see my response

NYU greed Madoff "mad-off" 94 mill yet NYU made-off with our neighborhoods:
Wow. You are the most ignorant person I have ever seen. Your clever little nicknames throughout this video are simply immature and annoying. Oh, and why the hell should a SCHOOL be responsible for taking care of NYC's public infrastructure and you and the freaking senior citizens of the East Village??? That is the CITY'S JOB, if not your OWN job to take care of YOURSELVES. I fully understand why this video has less than a thousand views after a year: it's pointless.

You can reply to this comment by visiting the comments page.

© 2009 YouTube, LLC

East Village tonight "gas leak" another infrastructure related problem Lower East Side

Ozzy Osbourne's new book is terrific

Ozzy is courageous and honest enough to admit he is an alcoholic and drug addict. He, his wife Sharon, his kids and the animal kingdom are glad he is sober. Some of this stories he tells you are awful and really not funny but when he takes out the chicken population on his property, his next door neighbor, a Brit has a sane response that some how makes you laugh although the story is horrific . There are other stories that make you want to be a vegetarian if you are not already.

He has been through hell and back. He has also inflicted hell but he is proof in the healing power of love and also humor.

Ozzy got it right late in his life and sobered up. He knows how much he loves his family and he is just a funny, winning person. I listened to the audio of this and it was a terrific listen as well. A dear friend who has lost his brother loves Ozzy and was happy to tell me he was going to his book signing. He said if he had to make a wish for the make a wish foundation it would be to meet Ozzy.

stalker that wanted me to have his baby...Wait till u hear about female stalker she approached talked about my body. Weird!

That sicko told me he had gotten a woman pregnant and she got an abortion.

based on his stalking and sicko behavior could you blame her?

I never got to first base with this guy but he did plant a very drunk kiss on my face that was just gross.....

he likes to use his fantasy of me to feed that grandiose ego...

Clearly that woman made the right decision.

Sicko told me plenty of other info to but the grossest stuff about him came directly from him...including a story about visiting the doctor that was arousing....

icky...major turn-off and plain gross...explains a lot

Save St. Vincent's Hospital and more on corrupt Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn his mini-me kickbacks from developers Quinn


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy speaks to Norman Siegel her lawyer her being upset re: his new client

I consider Norman Siegel, my lawyer and my hero. I have had to deal with the lowest life forms harassing, stalking me and cyber stalking me, one even professing love for me so in contrast Norman is a super hero mench who truly was a front line hero of mine when YouTube Google took down all 334 YouTubes of mine. Norman Siegel responded with lightening speed.

28 hours later I had all my work restored and a written apology from Google.

I told him my feelings and we agreed to disagree. He sounds like a history professor and I admire him greatly.

I have only a long list of cowards that have stabbed me in the back. I showed the NYPD a photo taken by such a coward stalking me from so far away I did not see him. If that was a gun instead of a camera -- it would have been a big obese stalker like out of a horror movie shooting me in the back. I have been published in The Wall Street Journal speaking up for the Sept. 11 rescue workers that died in the line of duty and they were and are great heroes now in Heaven. The first sentence of my letter in the WSJ talks about how betrayal is a daily staple.

I do believe when people do evil they pay here on Earth and energetically after death. I do believe in Heaven.

I don't agree with Norman on this move although I learned so much from our conversation but he has been a hero to me and helped me to get YouTube to restore all my work and a big part of my work was and is about Mike Bloomberg so that was 28 hours of my work down in an election to close to call.

Norman Siegel has been amazing to me. I am honored to have had this time with him today to talk on the phone. I know he was going to meet with the 9-11 families.

When I think of the cowards I have had to deal with that attempted to use me and still do in contrast to Norman who was really there when I needed him, fought for me and won than I have to say I love Norman Siegel. I will have to agree to disagree on Monserrate but Norman Siegel ranks on my 10 ten list of people I admire.

I don't want a funeral. I do not want people that did not fight for me or worse were obsessed, in love and sicko stalkers showing up at my funeral or my hospital bed.

Norman Siegel is part of a small group of people that would be invited to my greatest joyous celebration or the saddest because he was there for me when I have only known mostly people that used me and were really just terrible cowards.

Shame on Mike Bloomberg he honors NYPD FDNY for Haiti but denies them their rank on 9-11 memorial & he hires lackees at taxpayers expense city bust

Mike Bloomberg stands with NYPD and FDNY honoring their heroism for work in Haiti but to date this mayor refuses to honor the NYPD, FDNY and all uniformed officers that made the ultimate sacrifice Sept. 11 by giving them the simple respect due on the memorial = their rank!

He makes promises to Unions giving them big raises to get their vote knowing the city was and is bust and lay-offs were inevitable.

Bloomberg is burdening tax payers even more making us pay for his sycophants like Wolfson and he must fire them and or pay them out of pocket. The city is bust and lay-offs are eminent but he hires campaign staffers? Drug test Mike Bloomberg, impeach him.

emailed Mike Bloomberg

Shame on you Mike Bloomberg. You honor the NYPD and FDNY for their work in
Haiti but to date you deny them their rank for the ultimate sacrifice in the
line of duty Sept. 11.

Shame on you for hiring Wolfson and other campaign people when the citys budget
is bust. You have to pay for sycophants out of pocket rather than rob tax
payers by burdening us and again shame on you for give Unions raises you knew
the City could not afford = layoffs. You put developers first =more mass
evictions push out of NYers.

wrote the mayor:

Suzannah B. Troy's new YouTube on Bloomberg hiring Wolfson $200,065 in midst of huge budget crisis


Bloomberg new there was a huge budget crisis but that did not stop him

Upset Norman Siegel my lawyer is representing Monserrate


Monday, January 25, 2010

NYPD officers with really big guns, machine guns make a visit,personally I am glad one perk of being mayor would be NYPD bodyguards, big bodyguards

This photo doesn't do justice and the machine guns where very large..... I did not want to distract them by running up and photographing them but they were impressive. I did not capture them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Service_Unit

One perk of being mayor of NYC is really big bodyguards and the tax payers have to pay...as usual.

Mayor Bloomberg has the biggest bodyguards and he even uses them as a wall when he wants to hide...nice.

This had nothing to do with the mayor at all but just appreciated the big response....feel very safe here...:)
West Village

Caught this on my way out and if you look to the left is an NYPD dog. I thought of Haiti and how the dogs were key in helping find survivors and I associated dogs 9-11. As usual tired and rushing...

Bloomberg talks cuts after creating new positions for campaign staff City Hall



Here are some video reviews The Hangover, The Big Fan, Moon and I may take part of the week off and talk to lawyers to learn more about suing


NYC is such an odd city that there are people living here that live off of suing the City of New York aka the tax payers.

I want to go after individuals and possible the the companies that employ them since I have proof some of the cyber stalking harassment was happening from company email and or they jumped off their email at work to return harassing email to send to me and the person from that company, etc.

In the meantime the NYPD has the emails and comments and lawyers etc and the longer I wait the bigger the hole so to speak.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dennis Smith piece now up on NY Daily News website


posted this comment
Thanks for this piece on honoring our heroes. This was the largest loss of rescue workers in our Nation, State, City and with in each dept. FDNY, NYPD, PAPD, EMS and all uniformed rescued workers that ran down Sept. 11 and made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and they must be honored with their rank. Like the Viet Nam War memorial downtown I want an online memorial with photos, letters, memories honoring everyone that died and in as many languages as possible. Thank you, Suzannah B. Troy

Read more:http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2010/01/24/2010-01-24_give_911s_heroes_the_memorial_they_deserve.html#ixzz0dZ0jA9Ml

Side note: Total YouTube hits 127,782 as of today

Bing search engine carries links to Suzannah B. Troy asking President Obama for help w/ community outreach resource centers NYU, Cooper Union, NY Law

Twitter / Suzannah B. Troy: Suzannah B. Troy writes Pr ...
Suzannah B. Troy writes President Obama asking for help w/ NYU, Cooper U... http://bit.ly/U71PQ
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YouTube - Suzannahartist's Channel
Suzannah B. Troy writes President Obama asking for help w/ NYU, Cooper Union & Columbia U
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Yes, Bing, Google's competitor highlights me asking President Obama for help here in the East Village Lower East Side where the neighborhood has been mega dormed to death and they cunning real estate magnates aka NYU, Cooper Union, NY Law and even SVA on a smaller scale have used and abused the term "community facility" to supersize and exclude the community.

Note: Seperate but related The Christa Dora also owes the community a community facility all these years because it was originally a welfare building.

Suzannah B. Troy calls The New York Daily News and they will try and post Dennis Smith's article on 9-11 heroes

I called The NY Daily News and I said my "peace". I was transferred to the guy that handles the web. I told him your website is way better than The NY Post which is the worst but I was really upset to not be able to find Dennis Smith's piece.

He double checked and he said I was correct, "Give 9/11 heroes the memorial they deserve" was not up.

He said they have so much content they can't get every article up but he would try and email me a link.

I told him how passionately I feel and he understood.

I told him about my letter in The Wall Street Journal and my last letter in The NY Daily News on the memorial I was not happy with the letter editors "edit" so I hoped he would include the comment section.

The NY Daily News website is far superior and you can comment from your IPhone which you cannot do on The NY Post and mostly you can't find direct links to articles on The NY Post but are redirected to their front page.

Thumbs up for The New York Daily News and thanks. Below a link to my letter "Betrayal at Ground Zero" and folks the betrayal has grown exponentially.


The New York Daily News article by Dennis Smith echoes my letter in The Wall Street Journal "Betrayal at Ground Zero"

My letter "Betrayal at Ground Zero" published years ago would be retitled "Betrayal at Ground Zero Grows Exponentially".

Smith gets 2 full pages and he honors such courage souls as NYPD Officer Moira Smith who represents the best of the NYPD as far as I am concerned. She was photograhed escorting a man to safety only to run back in to the building.

I can't find the link which is very disappointed.

Good news, I telephoned The New York Daily News and.....http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2010/01/suzannah-b-troy-calls-new-york-daily.html

Law Suits Google re: Cyber Bullies


There is a big different between cyber bully, stalking and freedom of speech and with regard to the legal system harassing someone including slander, hate, etc. via the computer and or telephone lines is aggravated harassment.

Besides suing Google obviously the bullies get sued as well.

By the way, besides commentors who think they are posting anonymously who actually are not, I have been lucky to actually hand in real names as well. One "person" actually has approached me and even emailed me and maybe did not realize their full name is in their email even though it was from Yahoo. Oops and I can show this all is tied in to the aggravated harassment complaint I filed and it all started way back when when I emailed The Villager alerting the corrupt little rag and I let them know I felt that way about them that Jim Mosaic Man had fallen and broken his wrist and shoulder and I got an unusual response back from evblogger69 emailing both me and Lincoln Anderson back and gee the same theme keeps appearing with the same intent.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bloomberg closed our firehouses after 9-11 and now Fire Patrol 2 and the plaque honoring a 9-11 hero removed

here is an old posting on Fire Patrol 2 from this blog although I have done several

Bloomberg makes the ghost of Fire Patrol 2 homeless

My letter in The New York eminent domain Times demanding the mayor not close our firehouses. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/04/17/opinion/l-a-city-budget-and-the-cries-of-pain-303380.html?scp=18&sq=Suzannah%20B.%20Troy&st=cse

Saturday and NYU as usually confuses Broadway with the parking lot for their fleet of Trolleys

Temple in the Village closed? It sure looks that way and the telephone no. is disconnected--note the dunkin donuts welcome to Mike Bloomberg's new NY

Bloomberg's new NY is like a slow motion Titanic and we never know who will be gone next, a long term community member, a small business....

When Mike Bloomberg says "progress" we know he means get your moving van.

The City has lost it's soul and resembles a soulless shopping mall.

Feb. 16th 7-11PM Benefit for Jim Mosaic Man Power Theatre 80 St. Marks Place

The notice is scrawled on various East Village side walks, one with a George Bush, jr. like warning but he does need support and his art tells history and does deserve support.

Lorcan Otway is providing Theatre 80 and security, he chuckled but I think Jay Wilson, a public school and activist is running the show. Good luck Jay.

Good luck and I hope Jim doesn't have one of his temper tantrums and raises some cash.

The hateful untrue things he said about me after I rescued him when he called me for help even arranging and paying for transport from the hospital in Brooklyn to the VA etc are so horrible that I have kept his most recent lovely dovey voice mail but the bottom line is I continue to make it clear, I want no contact what so ever. He burned a bridge and there is no rebuilding although I wish him and most of all Jesse Jane well. She is a true hero Angel dog that deserves a special place in Heaven for all the good she has done on this earth and for all she has and does endure.

Glad to hear they have shelter for now.

Community members asks me to look at Bob Arihood's blog to see the harm he is doing to Ray, I say No thanks, I am aware of his destructive behaviors

Outraged community members have reached out to me before and again last night including to point out the racist predatory photo of Bob Arihood's topless image of Marlene. Lincoln Anderson sent me a flurry of emails harassing me after I continually demanded he leave me alone and he made it clear he supported the topless photo I felt was preying on a drunk poor woman of poverty level who has no home or a door to close. They are two white fat guys who have homes to go to when drunk so thankfully we will never seem them topless. Marlene is African American, 56 years old and in jail now, the poor people's rehab and how many are African America in jail? I had told Lincoln Anderson to leave me alone. To have no contact with me. To not even say hello to me if he saw me on the street and he like Bob likes to have this fantasy that I am enraptured of him. The reality is so many emails that I was able to hand them in to the NYPD and file an aggravated harassment complaint. Note: Their gang has continued to harass me on the computer and the connection to this is easily pointed out.

Community members are not fans of Anderson's willfully obtuse reporting or idiocy; often a bone of contention for many just like Airhood's and in this case the email I received expressed concern he could land Ray in big trouble. I am told Arihood brings up the violation and why would he do so harming Ray that way? It is not the first time and it is nothing knew. This is sheer stupidity perhaps? At his worst as I know first hand, the motive is "hate" which takes on many names. Talk about losing one's way.

Look to The New York Times article if you want reporting and a powerful photo.

Anyway Airhood was my big admirer, fan and gave me 2 large photos, one of the hawk and when he gave me the large blown up photo of the hawk, I said thank you and let me take you to dinner. He asked me over dinner to have his baby. I said no. He told me how much I presume and I pointed out his fantasy presumed quite a lot, me talking care of two babies, a little one and big old fat one. Airhood likes to tell people I am obsessed with him but I have no photos of him and I have no interest in his destructive behavior to himself and to others. I do have an interest when community members reach out to me because they are upset.

We never dated but he did tell me about the lawsuit. My understanding is he lives off of suing the NYPD and warning to the 9th Precinct he may need to sue you again pretty soon so you better behave yourselves.

Ironic that if Clayton Patterson had not filmed Bob during the Tompkins Riot there would be no case. Where would Bob be? Not here, that is for sure.

Did Bob Arihood do a lot of good documenting Ben Shaoul's misdeeds? Yes? Has he done good work in the past. Yes. Has he done very sick and cruel things that don't rival Mike Red Square Rosen living atop of luxury building that was a welfare building that owes the community a community facility and is THE SYMBOL of gentrification. Mike Red Square's rich man toy is a Lenin sculpture that roosts atop The Red Square and it is clear it is a toy of a rich man that won't even honor a community facility owed to the community all these years despite Mike a mini-Mike Bloomberg wannabe demanding we call him a community activist. In the Bloomberg bio by Purnick he is lauded as community organizer but if only people could see the photos of Arihood's of people protesting outside the Christa Dora and yelling at Mike Red Square Rosen.

Funny Lincoln Anderson's reporter cuts me out of an article where I demand community facilities in every mega dorm because they use the term "community facility" to supersize yet exclude the community but my demand and I are erased from the protest to save Whole Earth Bakery but who has a photo on his blog Bob Arihood.

I speak out against too many deaths of construction workers at a City Council Task force meeting which Christine Quinn is too busy to attend and more construction workers and civilians were to die and yet more meeting on how to stop the reckless death toll were to come but I was at the forefront with other New Yorkers demanding "SAFETY FIRST".

The Villager's sister paper removes the link to the photos and reporting of this meeting and I believe it is because they endorsed Christine Quinn who did not show up to the meeting on DOB and perhaps she did not because there was an over whelming presence of protestors fighting Trump and Bloomberg and Quinn backed Trumps reckless zone busting mega build at Spring and Varrick where a construction worker died as well. I had Norman Siegel by my side as I captured footage of The Villager and NYU turning away a senior citizen in a wheel chair, long term activist-- repeatedly denying him access and causing him great upset. Here he is in the YouTube link below and so many of you recognize him. Do to an Olympic effort by a group of us we did FINALLY gain him access. Anderson and gang find a platform thanks to Bob to attempt to retaliate but again they just come off looking like hate mongers. Here is one of a series that showed The Villager in league with NYU to aide Christine Quinn and her supporters while turning away NY1 and so many valued members of the community who happen to not be Quinn fans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x1Ig-yhN1k

I can only guess that Arihood is aging as badly as Marlene except he has the luxury of a home while many of his subjects he once appeared to show compassion for do not. He has lost his compassion and he may be gaining legal woes including a law suit but not to worry -- he is not alone.

There are clearly declines of all kinds and it is not just developers destroying the East Village and many blame Mike Red Square Rosen with his building that looks like a protype for the mega dorms that would cause mass displacement and high rents but it is not having a newspaper reporting the news but beholden to developers including the No. 1, NYU. Maybe it doesn't matter because most people don't read the rag and more and more people will be leaving. NYU and Mike Red Square Rosen will get their dreams to run the community they preside over mainly college students and people on their pay roll or in their debt.

Unless Bob can sue the NYPD again I don't know how long he can remain here but I truly don't care except I am tired of outraged community members reaching out to me about his destructive ways. I am convinced he is dedicated to hate, *racism, anti-semitism and misogyny and the high flurry of emails I received from Anderson go on about Arihood so they seem bound at the hip which is again funny because Arihood quit the paper because of Anderson but hatefully behavior has always been uniting.

The photo of Marlene topless was racist and misogynist but I consider anti-semitism racism as well. Welcome to the East Village. Bob's blog is dedicated to Jim Mosaic Man Power but I was the only updating him on Jim's travails and the villager The NYPD have a very interesting email that came in response to me contacting Lincoln Anderson and news@thevillager.com when Jim feel and called me for help. I sent them a photo and updated them because they too follow Jim although they have not opened their doors to him or fed him and Jesse Jane as so many have. The email directly ties in to one of Arihood's dear friends and underscores a toxic waste on going harassment of me directly connected to his blog. I don't need any community member to ask me to look at what is going down in a destructive way on Arihood's blog.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I do my stand up routine at the MOMA

I had a short visit to the MOMA -- actually the Modern and I had so much fun chatting with this guy. I did my "schitck"....my stand up. There is a local east villager that asks me to accompany him to the comedy club to do my thing but for now I just do it as if it is performance art -- not stage needed...just the big one.....I did it -- on Mike Bloomberg, Mel Gibson....showed him Richard Cohen's photo of me holding my Bloomberg portrait lampooning Mike surrounded by NYPD...it was a blast.... He told me -- "I am going to google you".

If I ever do official stand up my first joke is going to be about sex and than I am getting in to Mike Bloomberg and the city of New York right away....I have something hilarious courtesy of NYC that I want to hand out -- or toss out to audience members.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg gets a mouthful editorial The Wall Street Journal


I posted this...
"King Mike Bloomberg, the little emperor of NYC spent the most money in NYC history to win the most humiliating win in history as well. Welcome to the "new" hideous New York and just think of the "new" Yankee Stadium built with tax payer money and most can't afford seats, a soda, and popcorn. Under Bloomberg the new slogan is "I love NY, I just can't afford NY"."

If you read Helprin's article -- toward the bottom he says cops, firemen, schoolteachers won't be able to leave here in NY....
I am tired read it -- I got the heads up -- read the piece -- he sounds like you....

The New York Times spreading the Hollywoo-woo wood Serpico on Serpico

Was Serpico brave? Yes. Was he all alone and the only honest cop as portrayed in the Hollywood-z-ation of Serpico where David Durk was falsely portrayed as a desk jockey cop?

There were good and honest cops back than as well and read the bio on David Durk to learn about them and the corruption in politics that Durk wanted investigated and it never happened. There is a criticism of Morgy way back when, in my opinion, still held true to the day he retired. That being said it was so tacky that Bloomberg could not pick up the phone and congratulate him for his service even though I believe it was flawed. We are all flawed but I am so sick of the Holly-woo-woood and the tv versions of "thangs".

Unlike Serpico, Durk loved, loves the NYPD and would have continued working for the NYPD for as long as possible. He did stay on quite a long time but he got screwed when it came to the pension. He got a pension but it was not what it should have been.

Originally there had been talk of a buddy movie with Robert Redford and Paul Newman but it became all about Serpico.

I am not giving you the link to the ny times article but the title gives it away "Serpico on Serpico" and my mind returns to an NYPD officer and his wife described towards the end of Durk's bio. They have a lot of kids and they foster even more children. They happen to foster a child so handicapped that if they did not adopt her, she was going to be institutionalized. They could not allow that to happen. They not only adopted her but through devotion and hard work on her part as well she achieved more than they could have hoped.

In contrast Serpico is portrayed to be like John Edwards, fighting a paternity case and any parental responsibility.

Serpico is no hero of mine. I don't respect him. I do respect what he did way back when but he was not alone. David Durk did amazing acts of courage to fight corruption and he took his work home with him so much so his home became his office but there was no doubt he was devoted to his kids and his wife although the stress had to be out of this world. There were gutsy senior NYPD that stood up as well.....there were gutsy good cops but yes there was way too many cops on the take and they fought it, not just one man but when it comes to Serpico it always seems to be Serpico on Serpico and it is only about Serpico.

Giuseppie Logan's phone is working and I get to tell him Jay send his love

Giuseppie I have now found out has many children and Jay is the one that has inherited and cultivated his Dad's musical gifts.

Below are two YouTubes and both were filmed in Tompkins Square Park. Mine a year ago and the one with Giuseppie and his son Jay, 1966.

In a few months I hope to film them reunited for the first time in over 28 years.

Jay is now on his way to France but he did put cel phone minutes on GL's TMobile. I had put some one but I needed others to help out. I was so touched yet again by the people that look after the house where Giuseppie lives in a small room filmed with his musical instruments minus the flute that was stolen in Tompkins.

Giuseppie called me on the phone tonight and I made a promise to him. No, it wasn't to have a child...I know I get lots of requests from fans but when it comes true you will see it on YouTube. It is somethings sweet and touching, magical, Lower East Side as is the Giuseppie Logan Suzannah B. Troy meeeting... Thanks to Tim Logan who found my YouTube shortly after I posted it and made me understand the depth and meaning and encouraged me to continue on.

If Google had not restored my YouTubes what I was able to achieve today might not have happened because Giuseppie's son starting hearing all about these YouTubes....very moving.

One sad note: I did have to tell Matt about the racism directed at an African American woman and me as well in various forms of hate and tomorrow I will explain to Giuseppie Logan in person. Other wise it was a beautiful what we accomplished today. Waking up to Jay's beautiful message and tonight knowing we got Giuseppie's phone up and working and GL know he has a gig and a celebration of his new CD with music he composed while playing in Tompkins all these years later. How amazing he has the passion and drive to play and to compose after all these years, after going through so much...he endures....As Raggedy wrote on my first YouTube "He lives!".

Jay Giuseppie Logan's son calls beautiful message

Jay is on his way to France. He did put money on GL's phone as I asked and he thanked me again for helping his Dad. His words are beautiful and music to me.

GL's phone is not on. Now I know he has plenty of minutes but there is something wrong with his phone. I am going to stop by where he lives to see if I can help me to get his phone working and give him info that Matt Lavelle has a gig for him.

A group of supporters work together so I will be able to relay this message. A small local record company made a CD of Giuseppie's new music...

On Jan 21, 2010, at 4:06 PM, Matt Lavelle wrote:

Hi everybody..
Giuseppe has been offered 3/16 at the bowery poetry club,.if anybody talks to him,.can you ask him to call me?
This would be his nyc cd release concert,.huge!
Thanks as always,.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

NYPD must do tougher screening for male and female officers -- if they lack empathy they do not deserve a badge or a gun


Do not rule out women NYPD officers as abusive and if they lack empathy they should not have a badge or a gun.

According to the report the guy said something awful, truly monstrous but he was on the ground and handcuffed so the video proves they were out of line.

The NYPD has had so much bad press on stories that are so disturbing it is clear they really have to more screening and the Union must stop protecting bad apples.

The NYPD in Haiti are true heroes and their are good NYPD officers that make a difference every day to make this city safer and I don't take that for granted but the ruthless activities some actually criminal must be stopped and the first step in better screening as well as zero tolerance.

I have a letter published in The New York Times at some point after 9-11 asking for a sizable raise but I can't condone destructive behavior that is not about "protect and serve" but "fear and intimidation".

mayor Mike Bloomberg booed at Jets Rally Times Square

Wasn't me but yes, the boos could be heard loud and clear on ABC local news.

Here I am booing Mike Bloomberg and corrupt city council by inauguration City Hall.

USPS 14 Billion $ loser in the last 3 years continues to abuse their federal status and their service is so lousy 10 days Amazon gives me a $10 gift

A postal worker parked illegally to run in to a small diner and just another reminder the USPS is a 13 billion dollar loser (13 or 14 billion dollars in the last 3 years) and the tax payers are paying in way too many ways from higher prices for stamps to even lousier service.

The USPS customer service makes the Mafia look warm and friendly. The place I bought gifts for my Mom sent her gifts through the USPS. They were stolen. The postal police leave on a reputation they don't deserve. They are slackers so I just had to go out, buy another gift and send it Federal Express.

The up side is the USPS got a book to me I bought from Amazon in 10 days so Amazon gave me a 10 dollar certificate.

The USPS does not deserve Federal Status which they shamelessly abuse from threatening, retaliating and intimidating customers to illegally selling air space -- look to 120 East 12th Street -- the USPS never notified the State of NY to notify the State that the USPS was selling air space over St. Ann's from 1847 which being historical required the State to be notified. The State would have come in and decided yes or no -- is this in the best interest of the community. NYU and the USPS did not want this to happen. They wanted the newest mega dorm built asap.

From customer service that makes the Mafia look cuddly to blocking fire hydrants even to run in to a diner to illegally selling air space that may be endangering the community and aiding the tear down of a historical church that was mysteriously not landmark protected to lousy customer service the USPS is awful, outdated and they must be stripped of their federal status.

Question -- How many BILLIONS will the USPS lose this year?

Around NYC a chance to help Haiti every where you go

I already made two donations to Haiti through the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.

Every where you go is an opportunity to donate so I did at Whole Foods and I am sure else where.

This young man helped me and he would not take a tip so I told him the next donation I made to Haiti will be in honor of him.

Helped photographer down South to connect with Patrick Barr

Just the greatest feeling to help Patrick.

Subject: Patrick Barr

Suzannah, I did a google search for Patrick Barr and your name came up, do you know how I can contact him? We did some photography together in Daytona Beach Florida and I was interested in putting some of his work into a scrapbook that I was working on from my first few years in Photography, any help would be greatly appreciated!
John Ryan Flaherty

Mike Bloomberg given an overwhelming "F" on The New York Daily News poll


Adiós is Mike Bloomberg's aid for middle class, lower income and homeless New Yorkers.

The only way king Mike Bloomberg aids "the little guy" is with a one way ticket out of here. When Mike Bloomberg say's progress he means getting a moving van. The only person worse is Amanda socialite mega millionaire the people's Burden. Amanda Burden is the most ruthless and most awful city planner in NYC's history aiding and abetting the mass evictions and displacement of record numbers of New Yorkers. Adiós is Mike Bloomberg's aid for middle class, lower income and homeless New Yorkers. Check out my YouTubes on king Mike and his mini-me Christine Quinn and gang.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bloomy_we_ll_aid_little_guy_0SVn3RY5mmCXgXdD81OBwJ#ixzz0dHFaHAcP

small blonde woman 2 black eyes

did she go to the 9th Precinct to report violence?
I doubt it

King Mike Bloomberg says he will aid "little guy" The NY Post yeah with a moving van!

David Seifman and Sally Goldenberg reported on bloomberg's State of the City speech but because The NY Post has the very website I could not find it.

Yesterday Tompkins, plain clothes police. Briefly talked with Giuseppie Logan

I went to Giuseppie Logan's home and as usual the woman with the beautiful good soul was at the front desk. Since GL wasn't home I asked her to tell GL to turn on his cel phone. That I had put money on his cel. I knew he had run out of minutes and as usual so far no one else had put minutes on his phone.

I did this for Jim Mosaic Man Powers and I lived to regret my 50 dollar donation because unlike the warm and loving message on my cel phone that I recently received, made sure to keep and did not respond to I went from his savior to the anti-Christ and he used the money to talk to someone that I would have to go file an aggravated harassment complaint against. (Someone that goes around asking is so and so crazy but in actuality the community mostly thinks he is nuts.)

I did find GL in the park. He had no money on him. I made him promise the money would go to food. He told me his phone is not working. I explained that was because he ran out of minutes. I do not know what he does and doesn't understand but I continued to urge him to tell friends he talks to on the phone to put money on his T-mobile account.

I also texted Jay, his son who is constantly touring with his own music hoping he can help.

While we were talking an unmarked car pulled up and I have to say I was happy they stopped to visit a group of men sitting on the bench I did not recognize and their area reeked of boozed.

Although the park still has it share of drug pushers, Tompkins has more Mom and Dads that are pushers of strollers so it is just plain gross although I have sympathy for the very old long term homeless drunks that have lived so much of their lives here but not drunks that have the luxury of a home. They need to go home rather than inflict the public gross behavior.

The city is over whelmed with alcohol and drug addiction including legal drugs but most drunks here have the luxury of a home. The rich have all their "addictions' delivered to their homes but in the park and in the streets it is easy to see the people caught in addictions that imprison than and are slowly killing them. Actually obesity is another addiction that is a killer. America has the most obese people on the planet and of course they are over weight and malnourished. Go figure but alcohol and drug abuse seems to be pretty common all over the globe....just very big business here in America. Prescription drugs are legalized drug dealings and pharmaceutical companies want kids on drugs early on because it makes them very rich. Too many kids have been prescribed Prozac, Ritalin, and it goes on in so many ways to that is really legalized drug dealings for greed and no drug busts are coming anytime soon. No Drug Enforcement Agency or NYPD are going to be making busts here in NYC although I am sure we will see some more celebrities dying from a cocktail of drugs and booze.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suzannah and Patrick. I had to tell him my newest NYPD stories since I have purchased his NYPD photos & he has a great story of romance!

Damon hired an artist to paint this wall and it says "Marry Me Hope". She said YES!!!! Damon thank you for uplifting the spirits of so many women with your story. There are a few sane and romanitic men out there!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Patrick for sharing this story and his photo.
I had to update Patrick on my life and my newest NYPD stories since I have purchased so many of his NYPD photos from an officer climbing up a Coney Island landmark to catch a protestor, to arresting a clown in Times Square to the Mermaid Parade as well as some other very sexy fun parades all policed by the NYPD and captured by Patrick. Patrick has compassion for the NYPD.

Patrick is a gentleman and a very kind compassionate soul. He just got some new photos of David Blaine and he told me how once David gave him a back stage pass when he was done using it which Pat appreciated. He has photos of the bad boy James Brown and so many other celebrities and NYC characters. He has housing now that he is grateful for and thankful for. I have met his father who is also a gentleman also and a good guy. Patrick is extremely popular and loved by the community who knows him and cares about him. Here is his blog

Here is a YouTube Playlist of Street photographers and a few others I have collected

Patrick will be moving to a location by Lt. Joesph Giuseppie Petrosino's Park so I had to give him the in depth history of the first NYPD officer to die in the line of duty abroad. Lt. Petrosino is one my favorite NYPD Angels and I have an NYPD pin with his badge number from The NY Police Museum.

NYPD FDNY at their best miracle saves Haiti small girl and boy


Over and over in the news is the overwhelming smell of death, estimated 200,000 dead and just dealing with finding ways to bury the dead while attending to the living but in the midst are miracles.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Push to nix City Council pay perks - what a joke - they get a base salary 6 figures and perks that make them beholden to Christine Quinn mini - mike

  • Suzannah B. Troy

    01/19/2010 2:11 PM

    Excellent reporting. Sally wrote a piece exposing the fact tax payers are paying forced to pay an outrageous sum of money for Christine Quinn and staff's high priced defense attorney's that specialize in White Collar crime. The lawyers hail from top law firms with hefty hourly fees. Will The New York Post do a follow up article on this and tell us to date how much we are being robbed or should I say forced to pay? Would The NY Post consider putting a running price tag on what tax payers are being forced to pay and who in Albany and City Hall is costing us the most...?

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/push_to_nix_pay_perks_in_council_bxTSbrPi1phEG2GjF9aLsM#comments#ixzz0d5Sj0RAv

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Suzannah B. Troy's most favorite letter on the Viet Nam War Memorial downtown George T. Olsen

    I would do these very long runs downtown and I would stop in front of this letter and read his words and feel deeply, deeply moved...every time.

    17 Sep 69


    …Anyone over here who walks through elephant grass should get a Purple Heart. Imagine grass eight to fifteen feet high so thick as to cut visibility to one yard, razor-sharp edges...Imagine walking through it while all around you are men who want to kill you. You’d be amazed at how much a man can age on one patrol…
    Sp/4 George T. Olsen, a son of New York City and a graduate of St. John’s University (then in Brooklyn, New York), arrived in Vietnam in August 1969 and served as a Ranger with Company G, 75th Infantry, operating in the area around Chu Lai in I Corps. He was killed in action on 3 March 1970. He was 23 years old.

    Suzannah and David attending "Safe Home" by Sean Cullen difficult family dynamics and letters from Korea...I think of our American Soldiers

    Sean Cullen's play was difficult to sit through. I told David many years ago (I have lost track of time) I got a letter from someone in the Parks Dept. in response to mine that I and Korean Vets had contacted her and the trees they had just planted around the Korean War Memorial would be removed. And they did remove the trees and here is why.

    The Korean War Memorial in Battery Park is an art work designed to be a sun dial that commemorates the exact moment they signed the peace treaty. The trees would obscure the sun shining through which is key to the art work but for me the "empty space" (art term: negative space) forming the soldier's body symbolizes eternity, who is not with us, the magnitude of the loss, who is missing in our lives yet honored always, forever. The trees they had planted around the Korean War Memorial would grow to obscure the memorial and take away the very significance of the art.

    Being today honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. not to far away is also the Viet Nam Memorial-- the wall of glass with letters and the play I say tonight underscores how important soldier's letters and their need to hear from family and friends was and I am sure is and the memorial has quotes by leaders including Dr. King. http://www.nyvietnamveteransmemorial.org/vvm/memorial_olsen2.html My favorite letter I would visit on all my long runs downtown.

    I thought of Haiti of course and I thought of our soldiers sent out all over the world and wished for their "Safe Home" --- safe return.

    The play was difficult to watch so the playwright, director and actors got their message across.

    Sean Cullen writes in his notes in the playbill... "his sister Colleen found a letter from their Uncle Jimmy written from a cold and lonely outpost in Korea, Sept. 1952".

    Sad play.

    homeless person East Village tells me You are right

    This person has no money or internet access....doesn't follow my blog but did listen to a conversation of mine a while back...

    The homeless are often seen "as invisible" meaning not seen and the NYPD are known to turn to them to try and find information.

    I was told I am right.

    Told -- not going to gossip but I am sure the reference was to a conversation heard about someone who is twisted and sick.

    I said here are a couple of bucks.

    I was told I did not ask you for anything.

    Yes, I said but here and it was only a couple of bucks.

    Even if it takes years -- I hear this a lot.

    ABC local news reports on Haiti including NYC Medical Doctors working around the clock

    One MD said the first thing you notice when you get off the plane is the smell, the smell is death.

    Very moving the people that are working around the clock and very heart breaking the description of mass death or slow deaths in the hospital awaiting medical care before volunteer doctors arrived.

    I had an interview in honor of Martin Luther King Day but had to delay...

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech "I have a dream" 8,338,072 views on YouTube


    NYPD FDNY incredible rescues Haiti, well done, you represent the best of NY



    Money donated is much needed but front line efforts are the most inspiring to me.

    That includes the amazing effort by doctors and all kinds of volunteers pre this tragedy and those that rush to Haiti after...

    Jeff Bridges wins Golden Globe for Crazy Heart and the young man with the old haunting voice & T-Bone Burnett wins for "The Weary Kind"

    Here is my YouTube and the text portion has a lot of links about Crazy Heart so check it out.

    I also found this article on the film which people interested in Country Music will enjoy as well as those interested in cinema.



    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    60 Minutes Haiti beyond heartbreaking, mass graves

    60 Minutes started with one doctor that has been there 25 years helping the people of Haiti and a family of doctors including orthopedic surgeons and nurses accompany them.

    They cut to a street by the hospital where one doctor states what you are seeing is like a Holacaust and they showed bodies being scooped up to be buried in a mass grave. The smell of all the dead bodies is over whelming and the mass graves are needed and burial asap because of disease etc.

    The rest is a few doctors treating hundreds and hundreds of people. One woman doctor is about to saw off a child's leg.

    I switched to the Golden Globe to actors like Nicole Kidman who has done something to her face that makes her unrecognizable. I am glad celebrities are organizing a fund raiser to help Haiti but again the front line that was there before and are rushing there now are truly Angels.

    The MD said I am showing you this so people just don't go about their lives and instead do something.

    The 60 minutes piece on the American Samoans also heart breaking. They are a beautiful people and how football is a possible meal ticket out of poverty as well as enduring a tsunami and losing part of the only income they have through tuna fish cannery is heart breaking but the piece celebrated how much heart they have.

    Jets Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I only started watching football after getting in to the book "The Blind Side" about Michael Oher, an African American that went from poverty and a lack of education to opportunities and success now I am tuned in.. to tonights game is fabulous.

    JETS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The very young handsome Mark Sanchez and a very determined team actually picked up their game in the fourth quarter.

    Kenny and Suzannah, Kenny jokingly asks me to marry him, the best proposal yet today!

    Kenny and I met at the movie theatre where he works years ago and he alway advises me on films to see and we talk about life. We are both animal lovers as well as film buffs. When I first met him he was in a relationship but now he is single and he asked me if I was married. I said no. He proposed. I was most flattered. He may be handicapped but he is such an upbeat and fun person. I told my Dad because so many mentally crippled men have harassed me and in contrast how Kenny made my day with his proposal.

    Suzannah 2nd Avenue Deli, new out of this world bread pudding by Ari, Moe squeezes in for a photo w/me and a posting for Abe's murderer $100,000

    I am not a fan of deli food but my Dad is. We were treated so kindly and something about today was extra magical...bread pudding.
    Suzannah and Moe, one of the managers and he must have liked my Yoga shirt that says "Yoga is my bailout".

    Dad and I agree this is just mind blowingly (not Dad's word choice) delicious bread pudding so out was brought Ari, the creator (as well as one of the managers) for us to meet. He is happily married but I may or may not have been asked out on a date by a single man there. My Dad loves Jewish food and he and we reminisced about one such place where one of the owners let my Dad know he was taken with me. (It may or may not have been in NYC.) It was funny and sweet very short non-romance. I let my Dad know he was just too old for me. Dad was disappointed because he really likes their food. I can't explain it because I am tired and thinking about the Jets since the Baltimore Ravens (and Michael Oher/The Blind Side) were knocked out last night but today, tired me got a lot of attention from a diverse group of guys this morning.

    Dad served in WW2 and put himself through college on the GI bill including getting a PhD from Columbia University in economics. People really gravitated to me big time today and also came up to me at the 2nd Avenue Deli and told me how lucky I am to have my Dad here with me. Dad loves my economic term I made up "sub-zero trickle down". I was also handed a card with a telephone number by a dude I assume is single. Never a dull moment folks.

    Ari. the amazing creator of 2nd Avenue Deli's new out of this world bread pudding. He was so kind and taken with our great admiration of his delicious recipe that we were sent home with more!

    This senseless murder is still open and lives in the East Village, Lower East Side in the 9th Precinct but the poster with Abe's face and the reward up to $100,000 is in the front window of 2nd Avenue Deli now located in Murray Hill. Do I think the NYPD will ever catch Abe's murderer. Yes. One way or another one day the truth will come out.

    I remember Abe. He was always exceptionally kind and nice to us.

    I remember after one of my Uncles died going to 2nd Avenue to get a big tin of rugelah and I couldn't reach so a very tall NYPD officer reached up and handed me a tin to bring to for the family who loved the ruglelah so much.

    Many things have changed and now where this deli is oops "was" , is a bank, one of so many banks all catering to the mega dorms. NYU mega dormed the East Village to death.

    Red Cross sends me photos from Haiti

    I donated so now I get photos and updates as well as a request to share with friends. Prayers go out to all in Haiti including the amazing people that were there in the first place to help and the rescue crews not there as well as those planning on going.

    accidental gov Patterson nuzzling and partying with mystery woman


    hate in the East Village and Monday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    As you all know one night Lincoln Anderson completely lost his mind and sent me way too many emails that were crazy and harassing. I filed an aggravated harassment complaint. After doing so late one night he posted comments under his name on my YouTubes yet again. One focus of this angry, abusive flurry was his support of Bob Airhood's topless photo of Marlene who is African American, mostly homeless, poverty level and now in jail. Anderson felt her street name "Hotdog" was as valid as "Jim Mosaic Man" or "Biker Bill" but their names add cache while hers does not. Lincoln Anderson and Bob Airhood are white men and they can get drunk and take off their shirts in their home confident no one will photograph them but Marlene has no such luxury. There are no photos of Anderson or Airhood topless and Marlene looks better than these over weight obese white men that come across as racists and misogynists. Because I spoke up I was been systematically harassed as well as stalked by Arihood from some where behind me photographing me without my knowledge with an intent to be hateful and some think because they posted under anonymous names they are anonymous and gee do you think there is a connection here and the theme hate. Community members agreed the photo post was plain wrong. There have also been comments approved by Arihood putting her down for her lack of her intelligence. She speaks two languages fluently. She has alcohol problems and she herself has told me she needs rehab. In the book The Blind Side, Michael Oher as a child was written off as stupid and worthless but clearly that wasn't the case. His mother had addictions and he had no parenting so he checked out. The story is how he was able to check back in with support and love he is now a starter in the NFL and a multi-millionaire.

    Marlene is poor, black and in jail. I said to a community member if she wasn't, she would be in rehab. The response is jail is a poor person's rehab.

    Anderson was also harassing me re: exposing NYU's and that pathetic little rags alliance with NYU, the ultimate community crusher of the East Village. When I first demanded NYU and all the mega dorms give us community outreach resource centers at a rally in Tompkins it was interesting The Villager completely erased me and Anderson sent me an email from the reporter. Who does she think she is? Is she running for office? Yes, the East Village is run by a few. The East Village is run by developers that demand to be call activists and are painted as saints and is mostly dorm fodder. The East Village is run by a bar czar who was community board chair and now I am told attempts to run the board from the audience. Bars are a big business and he owns perhaps the most bars. The East Village is run. The horrible tsunami of community crushing development under Bloomberg has robbed the city of it's soul. Developers like Mike Red Square Rosen opened the door to this kind of development with The Red Square with Lenin on it and Rosen lives a top the symbol of gentrification that once was a welfare building. Who thought that Bob Arihood would join Anderson in hate crimes posted on his blog.

    Please watch this playlist but start with the YouTube at the bottom of the list about The Villager turned away the press. The Villager ended up endorsing Christine Quinn who is a mini-Mike Bloomberg that supporters community crushing development and has been exposed by Benjamin Lesser of The New York Daily News for even taking what appears to be campaign donations from developers she has sponsored. The Villager turned away NY1 and the theory is they did not want anyone in their video taping the debate except The Villager. The Villager and NYU wanted as much control as possible over who got in to make sure Quinn who is in bed with real estate magnates--developers got as much advantage as possible. . http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=41EB928960389EE7

    I am proud I stood up for one of the poorest African American members of the East Village who has been mostly homeless and made her home mostly in the vicinity of Tompkins Square Park and I will think of her tomorrow. She is in jail. If she was white and middle class she would not be in jail but in rehab.

    I am suppose to interview a victim and survivior of mass eviction who greatly admires Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tomorrow. Look at what Cooper Union is currently up to by the Black Cube which is another grand zone busting evil real estate deal that will further rob the East Village of it's soul and cause even more displacement but hey these college kids, not anti-establishment support this for their free education. Peter Cooper wanted to help the poor and empower them, not displace them and further oppress them. NYU, Cooper Union, The New School, SVA and NY Law which has no campus here unless you consider Wall Street the East Village which Mike Bloomberg and mega millionaire socialite city planner do. These institutions of higher ed are about higher greed with real estate busting through zoning on old NY's infrastructure. What happens when the student population no longer booms? They will claim hardship and get the city of New York to allow even more real estate to be rented and leased as Cooper Union already has done with other prime real estate. The president of Cooper Union admits Cooper Union is a real estate magnate and already they have convinced the city and their students they endure hardship that forces them to become even great and more crushing real estate magnates. Only in NYC do you get such twisted thinking of a Lincoln Anderson supporting topless photos of a poverty level 56 year old African American woman to Cooper Union convincing the City and college kids they are suffering such great hardship they have supersize yet again. The sky piercing mirrored building that looks have empty by the black cube was not enough and who wants to by a condo on land leased property? Now Cooper Union has to tear down their little yellow science building by Cooper Union can only continue to pay for college kids free education by zone busting and increasing their real estate investments. Even Giuliani's city planner I am told said, "No, this is a shell game."

    Well, Monday is about celebrating a man that spoke up and he radically changed this country. We clearly have a long way to go and need more people speaking up and out but for now it seems greed and stupidity rule. Greed and stupidity brought down Wall Street and next is NYC.

    From The New York Post

    24th Annual Brooklyn Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • When :

      01/18/2010 10:30am - 01/18/2010

    • Where :

      BAM Howard Gilman Opera House
      30 Lafayette Ave. Fort Greene, NY