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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Rudy Giuliani Massive Scandals ex. SAIC + NYPD, Muslim Extremist Ginger Hair. #NYPD broke laws in my case 0 arrests

 I cannot do all the work for you look up the lobbyist for SAIC  specially during the CityTime  contracting ditto for 91 one to corruption the biggest crime ever New York City government not want to rest only $60.5 million back.

 Rudy had 11 years to move the emergency command center out of the World Trade Center and he didn't do that did he but he waved a $30 million fortune into the myth that he was a hero and it's just heinous that he could be in charge of tech for anything ...

 Rudy Giuliani profited massively all kinds of dirty deals my guess SAIC  example and I guess he and then later Mike Bloomberg had no idea about SAIC  and they're very bad resume including Trailblazer.

 We really need a full audit and disclosure of technology contracts including NYPD would like to know how NYPD's Domain  awareness tech on track is going and the same with the MTA and the cameras when are we having the cameras in the subway anytime soon...?

FBI Investigating Rudy Giuliani Ignoring SAIC Dirty Deals NYC or Rudy Tech Sandals?

When we have a new ginger haired Muslim extremist murderer but the most famous one was killed quite a while ago and he was far more established in the terrorist  community
Suspect to cops: I killed two roommates for disrespecting my Muslim faith | New York Post

Do you believe me NYPD poorly educated  and ignorant and it would never occur to them that I'm Muslim terrorist could have ginger red hair...?   NYPD fix the violent crime I was a victim of they broke laws they're too busy breaking laws to protect us doing fixing in favors for rich people their friends are simply because they hate us they break laws and retaliate?

Ginger Caucasian Islamic Terrorist pre TV Show Homeland


Omar Mateen and Chelsea Bomber watched Awlaki? NJ Cops more effective than NYPD despite NYPD's Domain Awareness and Spying Why?

I'm still waiting for an apology from the mayor, police  commissioner when we get mayors and police commissioners  when we get them with integrity and I do believe films and books will include what happened to me the violence and lies that  at the doctors office running punched in my head and the  NYPD committed crimes with their supervisors because they didn't like me can you imagine how childish that is but they're adults adults government employees that openly broke laws and they been protected now for years... as is everyone from the medical office involved in violence lies threatening me and were told by the police not to worry because the NYPD detectives with threaten me the victim with a hole in my retina and cervical damage everyone party to the fact the cops were going to commit the crime of coercion lie in police reports and fabricate also guilty. 

Union Sq MTA R N Q not moving like health care Rip Off and Rush Hour

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Union square #MTA subway stopped r train q not moving rush-hour it's like Communist Russia same with the health care except you pay fortune

Derrick Richard (@Derrick_NYC)
@suzannahbtroy There is a R train that went our of service at 49 St which causing delays/service changes in N, Q, R and W trains.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tom Hanks Twitter Hearts/Likes My Tweet Calling For Justice Attacked at MD's

10:00am realize fan page they look exactly a like  still until I figured it out with the help of a friend it was such a glorious feeling and a warm-up at what I believe is going to come however long it takes to get Justice  I do believe films and books are going to include my case as well as other victims!

I saw this article on Tom Hanks in the NYDN how he used Tweeter to shame a person with a load of parking tickets on their windshield like a bird poop -- just to big to ignore and by Tom Hanks tweeting about it the NYPD quickly responded!  I guess they monitor celebrities as well as activists like me?  


I saw the article in the New York Daily News the Tom Hanks tweeted about a car with all these parking tickets so I really believe this is really him it's his account and he hearted my call for help to arrest my attacker and NYPD  threaten me.

I tweeted:  Tom can u get NYPD top  brass to arrest my attacker and corrupt nypd that threatened me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE

I took a photo of Tom Hanks "heart" liking my tweet because I am wowed.  
Tom Hanks did a mitzvah CPR on my soul....

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Tears Tom Hanks ❤️ my tweet on me wanting my attacker and corrupt NYPD threatened me arrested. Thanked him told him AVP advocated for me pic.twitter.com/upCJek9nhh

 I have such chronic severe insomnia since  attack that when I woke up this morning with four hours of sleep and looked at my Twitter account I couldn't believe it!

I called my Mom and told her.    I'm so happy while she still with us she's hanging in there I get to tell her something this positive and sweet and beautiful!

 I tweeted Tom Hanks a thank you or used a Hebrew word for righteous person I really believe he is such a good person he's a Menche...

(My head hearts -- I worry I will pass out from so many years of insomnia fighting for Justice in my case -- my head hurts from insomnia and exhaustion but after writing this I stood up and said "Thank you God!".

Celebrity can amplify one's weaknesses but in Tom Hanks case celebrity his amplified his goodness.

I tweeted him how the MD's violent lying attack receptionist/office manager did a running punch to my head and punched a hole in my retina and was not fired or arrested.  That my patient rights and body were violated and than the NYPD decided to threaten me fix this make it go away no crimes including their own and how this inspired my concept the NYPD App Tracker....

I tweeted him how my Dad was a decorated WW2 Vet and a Scholar and my Mom is in Hospice and I want an apology.  I can't forgive People that aren't apologizing.   I told him about my friend 95 Auschwitz survivor (still alive) and my Dad died knowing I was treated like a Jew in the Early Stages of Nazi Germany.

I feel dizzy tired right now -- it is 7am and I wish I could go back to sleep. I can't but thanks to Tom Hanks "hearting my tweet" click the link and see the top tweet in the photo it is him the sun seems brighter, the birds singing more beautiful...   My friend 95 who survived Auschwitz would always tell me the sun will come out tomorrow -- meaning have faith....

I can't find  my tweets -- I know somewhere there is a tab to see your tweets to others...  I tweeted him thank you.

I told him that Anti-Violence Project took me in I'm not gay but I've always been an outsider  and AVP (Anti-Violence Project) advocated for the arrest of my attacker and wanted the NYPD held accountable in my case but the DA is just like the corrupt cops. 

I have tears in my eyes that I'm in shock and there's an irony there are so many I think of him as Jimmy Stewart of our era it's sad that people younger people of our country don't even know who Jimmy Stewart is in his films that were so outstanding like Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

Feel like Mr Smith re: 911 Tech Corruption and my case a victim of savage violence and NYPD City protecting wrong doing...it has been that for years now trying to get more than $60.5 million back on 911 tech corruption response to Sept 11, the new tech system  to command centers but greed and stupidity became the priority and it was zero accountability no arrests bigger than CityTime. 

 My mind is just too exhausted it's been such serious severe insomnia I was supposed to go away on a real vacation and I couldn't go because the post traumatic stress and so insomnia PTS extra bad....when I realized I was going to have to cancel the PTS Insomnia got worse like the first 2 years after the attack.

I was tweeting to Tom Hanks and so got up in PTS Mode I forgot I was boiling water for tea.  

I was at home when I saw the NYDN article on  Tom Hanks getting results because NYPD read his tweet about the car with parking tickets so I tweeted him and tweeted him and tweeted him the story and beings photos police reports were the NYPD detective lied in his DD5s aka police reports.

Tweeted him about what  happened to me and I tweeted him Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from Rikers.

I will believe there will be in films.

I am just overcome deeply deeply moved I feel almost in shock his "heart" of my tweet means so much to me...

I watched Sully  but the very beginning the buildings it stressed me it upset me because it made me think of September 11...  as always I thought Tom Hanks was excellent and I just loved him in the film Bridge of Spies...I bought the film when it came out.

Way back Dr Amen the famous brain MD that is on public television favorited my tweet taking about me seeking Justice and how the MD didn't even fire her!  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2014/01/dr-amen-gives-suzannah-troy-favorite-on.html

Anthony Weiner Twitter Tech Lost Mayor Remember Plenty More Don't Use Twitter

if there was no Internet no Twitter he would've been mayor already,  Michael Bloomberg not of had his illegal 3rd term and there would be no bill de Blasio.

But you may not realize is there's a lot of really sick twisted people criminal corrupt people and have way too much power which they abuse including NYPD retired NYPD but they don't have a Twitter account

HBO Bernie Madoff De Niro Miscasted Daniel Day-Louis My Choice

HBO Bernie Madoff De Niro Miscasted Daniel Day-Louis My Choice

 Robert De Niro must be in desperate need of money because he's made off with how much money for making such terrible movies...

The HBO "Wizard of Lies" De Niro Performance reminds me a little of Marlon Brando  when is elderly obese years except De Niro  isn't obese,  he's just lost his acting chops completely...

 This production somehow just doesn't work ---  falses flat but it is a very difficult topic.
 Do you notice the camera has to pan in on profiles to show off the prosthetic  Jewish nose?  Just creepy and anti-Semitic...?

 Made me think of the Frankenstein film De Niro played the monster...?   You don't remember yeah because it was that forgettable...

Daniel Day-Lewis is some mind blowingly talented actor who could've just taken this TV Docu drama and really made it into something spectacular that being said it's still above average and I can't stand Michelle Pfeiffer either she looks like she's had so much surgery I don't think she started out with the nose that thin --  she sounds like cat woman but she looks like Bernie's wife Ruth.  

De Niro just stay in TriBeCa  be the police commissioner of that neighborhood or The Godfather, where he basically has cops retired cops on call..?  More and more he appears to me to be like one of the characters he played which more and more makes me question was he ever really great actor...

Raging Bull De Niro  was outstanding but I just question whether he was acting?

Give me Daniel Day Lewis any day...  even playing Frankenstein De Niro  is always playing De Niro.

I can say in the prosthetics  for Frankenstein and Maddoff over shadow... De Niro  deserves no award for this role 

Woman Bank Robber Related to NYPD Caught in Sept 11 Disability Indictments?

 In theory in the United States of America I should be able to have an opinion even a strong one and not be retaliated against.   Hitting me should not be OK.   My dad was a scholar and he was a World War II veteran decorated and he died doing I was treated like a Jew in the early stages Nazi Germany here in NYC.    I am going to guess that Robert De Niro is in the pro hitting group that blames the victim.

HBO Bernie Madoff De Niro Miscasted Daniel Day-Louis My Choice! De Niro is like Trump Retired NYPD $ girls?

The sex scandal that wouldn't lie down Robert De Niro Sex Workers Sex Scandal France he is questioned 

Like Jeffrey Epstein, Woody Allen, Weinstein all Teflon in NYC.  

Note: I was a victim of savage violent attack and then NYPD did fixing favors they threaten me they act like mafia and I'm guessing if it was Robert De Niro any of his rich buddies that live in Tribeca they probably would've gotten fixing in favors just like the rich doctor did in my case.

De Niro  doesn't like Donald Trump and either do I but to me De Niro here's more characteristics with him then he realizes including bartering in favors and I bet he's got a lot of NYPD fixing in favors thrown his way he has retired NYPD on the payroll, and I've heard plenty about him and women young women as well maybe they're just rumors but I have lost my respect for him and I don't perceive them to be ethical  and I don't think he understands right from wrong.

 Maybe that's why he thought he could pull off the Bernie Madoff role.

 I think they dressed him up like it's Halloween and they put on pretty good costume but he just doesn't have what it takes to play Bernie Madoff.

Daniel Day Lewis does.

 Anyone surprised that when whistleblower came forward everyone chose not to listen to him starting with the security exchange commission government constantly turns a death year to whistleblowers or worse retaliates against them for telling the truth 
How they failed to catch Madoff

Future talent...

What You Don't Know About Laura From Logan - YouTube

Dafne Keen  is going to become famous very famous when she grows up well she's a little girl and she's already well on her way...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Woman Bank Robber Related to NYPD Caught in Sept 11 Disability Indictments?

I'm waiting for the NYPD Commissioner to apologize to my mother before she dies  the NYPD crimes in my case and Internal Affairs covering up the  crimes in the doctors office to the police department (google Dr Fagelman assault) and I'd like the mayor to apologize  so while I'm waiting I decided to look up the name of the woman bank robber at 42nd St. near Bryant Park Bank of America I got this amazing photo actually couple of amazing photos ...

 I found a story in the New York Daily News from way back when of someone with the woman bank robber's last name being an auxiliary cop accused of arson!!!!!!!!

 Then there was a massive indictment of NYPD and FDNY Brooklyn's ability for September 11 and again is this possible relative and I can't determine whether it's a cop or a firefighter...

 Why is it that information readily available?   I had to guess I guess NYPD...

 You can let me know   

ninfa brunetto-kavanagh  NYPD or FDNY  and what was the outcome of the indictment.

I showed my mom the photo credit which is almost impossible to see see the link below and then this morning I looked up the last name of the woman wondering if she was related to the NYPD and a possible relation of hers was indicted for September 11 related fraud  and even way further back in auxiliary NYPD was accused of arson ....
Woman dressed in Rangers gear arrested in failed bank heist | New York Post

A relative? 


Woman who was arrested for the bank robbery is she related to NYPD?
Ninfa Brunetto  A relative of the bank robber..?
ninfa brunetto aka ninfa brunetto-kavanagh

NY District Attorney's office cracks $400 Million 9/11 disability fraud - 80 NYPD and FDNY busted - Montclair

My Jacket is in the September 11 Museum by the exit but Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill, Vergona and his Facebook friends Schatz and Moran taught me atheir pal Winski  about NYPD committing crimes fixing crimes that the stats are like a Las Vegas casino the fix is in 
Vergona would not meet with me to see the injuries he lied in police reports
 Acted like Mafiosa screaming and yelling at me that I was going to drop those charges or he was going to arrest me!   Told me he didn't care by two black eyes and he refused to answer if he was anti-Semitic  he alerted me he would false arrest  the rest me on Saturday and only Saturday 4 PM I couldn't come in Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or Friday...

Yes NYPD John Vergona detective he acted  like a mafia he acted like a criminal confident he was about the law and my Dad  decorated World War II veteran and scholar died knowing how I was treated and about the crimes committed from the doctors office to the police department.

I can't express the level of fear that I felt being threatened by a crazy violent detective who won't meet me in person and who knows what he would've done in person what they would a fabricated if I turn myself in for false arrest on Saturday at 4 PM and how long they would hold help me or sent me to Rikers for another fabricator crime because they don't like me!!!

Public member Marks wrote that I was scared for my safety but Det Vergona  A criminal corrupt detective who didn't act in a vacuum it was a group crime remove that and he made me more frightened with his verbal violence is threats such a sick violent liar like the woman who attacked me they have no morals no decency he took an oath and he violated that oath along  everyone in the city of New York Police Department and Zachary Carter's lawyers that lie they took oaths didn't they?

NYPD detectives my case committed crimes. I allege  also guilty my case Joe Tacopina cunt threat to me the victim Det Vergona his partner and detective Andy Dwyer and his partner Active on the Hate Crimes and were protected every step of the way committing
crimes Sgt Chen and LT Burgos guilty and CO Ed Winski fix it fix his crimes that's so there was no assault and there was 2nd  degree assault,  false cross complaint,  menacing, lying to the police threatening the victim and then the police joined in a pile up of crimes and there is zero arrests talk about fixing!

Constitutional rights were violated from the doctors office to the police department people broke the law  and I was discriminated against because they don't like me so it's OK to break the laws!

Delita Hooks filed a false cross-complaint two days after me which the cops used and she signed a letter I'm guessing Joe Tacopina drafted which openly threatens me and warns me threatens me not to come back and file second-degree assault charges since the cops did a bait and switch and made into a fabricated mutual 3rd assault corrupt nypd detectives  dr. the police reports for the corrupt doctor it's called fixing in favors -- it appears that Joe Tacopina The corrupt NYPD detectives that committed the crime so afraid I would come back and file 2nd° of salt charges so they were letting me know if I dare to try that that they would protect Delita Hooks she would file a second pass cross complaint this time stating that it was second-degree assault mutual and the cops would fix it I'm alleging Joe Tacopina also guilty the fake sock puppet account six days after I was attacked on Sunday calling me a confrontative can't threatening to bury me their goal was to say it was my fault blame me like a rape victim was blamed but it's not my fault you don't get to hit me you don't get to violate my patient rights in my body their crimes you don't get to threaten a victim during an open investigation and you don't get to lie to the police during an open investigation that's a crime even if the cops are dirty and committing crimes it's

Delita Hooks signed letter openly threatens me to her NYPD fix her she signed threatens me to her NYPD fixer she signed that letter threatening me openly that's a crime and it signed to her NYPD she signed that letter threatening me openly that's a crime and it signed by Delita Hooks -- The threatening tone matches the Joe Tacopina sock puppet account threatening tone also warning me to not come forward these are crimes to warn a victim to threaten a victim to not come forward where are the arrests ????

Three police commissioners don't like me so it's OK to protect NYPD crimes and the corrupt detectives are Facebook friends with the first cop I ever reported to internal affairs PO Eugene Schatz on my blocks when you see a red I love giving the finger that's from nypd PO Eugene Schatz's facebook page.


NYPD Detective John Vergona's big house on Staten Island is in a mysterious trust to protect him from lawsuits and the couple that did this legal action has an Italian last name similar but shorter than Vergona so not his last name....??????

Do you know anyone living in a house that is in a protected trust....??????

Severe Insomnia PTS Attack Dr Fagelman Office NYPD Crimes Food Binge Last night

I feel so ill just gross I want to throw up but I can't and I'm not a bulimic
-- my stomach hurts from eating way too much food and just over eating it was the heat impacting a huge commute to see my mom -- at some point my mom fell in love which is a miracle considering her conditions and I have her as close to the man she loves visits her every single day and keeps her as  happy as possible considering that she is extremely unhappy with the fact she's almost paralyzed except for some use of her right hand and she has Parkinson's brain deterioration except for the part of the brain it recognizes people and also that understands the news and what's going on that's why I wanted the city of New York and the police commissioner to apologize for the crimes involved in my case mixing papers in retaliation.

Did show my Mom the photo of mine in New York Post  we joke that they don't say photo credit they put my name right under the woman bank robber and super light gray almost hard to see...

Mom in Hospice We Cheer Her Up

I showed my mom the photo credit which is almost impossible to see see the link below and then this morning I looked up the last name of the woman wondering if she was related to the NYPD and a possible relation of hers was indicted for September 11 related fraud  and even way further back in auxiliary NYPD was accused of arson ....
Woman dressed in Rangers gear arrested in failed bank heist | New York Post

ninfa brunetto-kavanagh
NY District Attorney's office cracks $400 Million 9/11 disability fraud - 80 NYPD and FDNY busted - Montclair

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Severe insomnia ptsd from assault extra bad last 4 days cancelled vacation ptsd tonight exhaustion etc binged, finale binge vegan ice cream

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Dr. Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Hooks Punches Patient  False Cross Complaint NYPD Committed Crimes
Sent from my iPhone

‘My heart died in New York’: Times Square victim’s dad speaks out

‘My heart died in New York’: Times Square victim’s dad speaks out | New York Post
Very heartbreaking-- video he is clearly in shock very very heartbreaking.  Condolences unbelievably horror and loss. 

Time Sq terrorism or an accident

My case there was an intent to do bodily harm and Detective John for going to remove that Dr. T's police reports committed crimes along with everyone involved supervisors Internal Affairs Drugs where is the justice in my case and how many other cases where the NYPD to fixing papers in retaliation?

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault

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Friday, May 19, 2017

FBI Use Hillary Clinton Avoid Trump Hug Video To Prevent Unwanted Contact Comey Endured?

FBI Use Hillary Clinton Avoid Trump Hug Video To Prevent Unwanted Contact Comey Endured?

Hillary was going to make Bratton head of Homeland Security. Are u kidding?

I'm a Critic of Hillary Clinton's but this is NYDN article/video funny.  

If only Jim Comey prepared....

FBI will ofnow have special training at Quantico

Unwanted contact at Dr Fagelman's than NYPD crimes IA protected like Michael Dowd Internal Affairs protected Dowd  ~Long island police force believe it was Long Island caught Dowd in the act....

Sue Yelp Include Me Newest Yale Dean Yelp Elite Term White Trash

Yelp Elite

Screenshots surface of insensitive Yelp reviews by Pierson College dean

I had to hire a lawyer to get my review back after the doctors Violet lying attack receptionist office manager came out from behind a desk after violating my patient rights and my body I cut some of the abuse on video and my review lived there for about two years and then was removed

My YouTube is proof  inappropriate behavior violence lies ...

 yelp is corrupt  and many of us still believe it's all about money if you spend money with them you get special treatment   

 So wonder if the doctor has a patient that works at Yelp 

Mom in Hospice We Cheer Her Up

Mom has faced near death several times and this morning she was very depressed but we were able to cheer her up and her dear friend brought her all these magazines and candy so we left her in very good spirits uplifted
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Mom Hospice Friend Gave her Town and Country Mike Bloomberg on the cover pic.twitter.com/YluVEiya3C

We oh know I'm big critic of king Mike  but there is one photo of him that is unbelievable it's really pretty good I have to admit - he did some good things but he pushed a tsunami of community crushing development on old NY's  infrastructure, allowed St V Hospital to be  it over into Rudin luxury condos, and Ray Kelly Cook the books on crime stats, illegal stops and frisks... the most corrupt fleet of taxpayer Titanic's

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mayor bloomberg king of new york: Mayor Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, de Blasio, Bratton, now NYPD James O'Neill Fixing Surveys like he does NYPD Crime Stats?

Mom Hospice Cries as Zachary Carter, Bill de Blasio, NYPD O'Neill Cover-up Crimes MyCase

Anthony Weiner to Join Jeffrey Epstein Find Them on Free Registered Sex Offender App?

Anthony Weiner to Join Jeffrey Epstein Find Them on Free Registered Sex Offender App - Weiner maybe joining Jeffrey on the app very soon I think he belongs there especially when I saw that photo of his little baby son in bed... you know the photo

Top-Selling iPhone App: Sex Offender Locator - ABC News

Anthony Weiner will plead guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl

Woody Allen to Jeffrey Epstein Maybe You Can Legalize Preying on Girls Marry Victim...?

Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton the 2nd F Word

Sent from my iPhone

Dream with James Comey

FYI a friend of mine knows Joe Lieberman there is even a facebook photo of them.

I would be very happy if he was FBI director.

 I got photo credit I can't believe it check it out look carefully under the photo you'll see my name !!!!!  (retired NYPD told me if she the bank robber  was a Yankees fan she had a Yankees cap she went to been arrested.)

Day 4 of extra bad insomnia like the extra bad after assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman's and than corrupt evil nypd detectives also committed crimes....

 Comey is a controversial character it but I hoped he would take action here nyc gov massive corruption since Preet Bharara wasn't and Cy Vance the dirtiest DA shortest amount of time.

Example NYC fake news Cuomo de Blasio winners!!!!

* Was anyone a bigger winner this week than Gov. Andrew Cuomo or New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio? Did anyone have a worse week than Rep. Chris Collins, Joseph Ponte or IDC Leader Jeff Klein and state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan?"

Hint too many  reason they're losers and you know who this is because the people the taxpayers !!!!   Hint Ponte Rikers makes de Blasio a loser covering up yet again  Long doing like his pals Zachary redactor Carter doctoring/redacting  for the nursing home scandals etc

Zachary Carter should have resigned and he obstructed justice lied under oath and protects NYPD crimes including my case.

From The NY Times:
James Comey, the F.B.I. director who was fired last week, has described being dismayed by President Trump’s attempts to build a personal relationship with him amid the Russia investigation. 
The president said on Thursday that he was “very close” to naming a new director, and that the former senator Joseph Lieberman was a finalist.

Heard on bus:

Bus, affordable housing People pushed out.   Damaged neighborhood. Eminent domain legal battles like Yankee stadium no right 

Planet Hollywood Bouncer Hero Took Down Times Square Maniac


My photos videos at Time Squares some on twitter didn't post on blog.

The NYPD shut off massive parts of the area which is a good strategy in case of a terrorist attack.



Thursday, May 18, 2017

A-Rod A Sexual Moron Tweet Insight Hired Joe Tacopina Idiot

kat (@bgardnerfanclub)
You have to look at the photo!!!!
A-Rod A Sexual Moron Tweet Insight Hired Joe Tacopina Idiot

 Wow A-Rod seems like he's incredibly shockingly stupid, a sexual Moran...????   He got exposed on how low his sexual IQ is...?

 Maybe that's why he was stupid enough to hire Joe Tacopina who  with his partner Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel compared the NYPD rate cops victim's vagina  Venus fly trap!!!!

 You all know that I believe Joe Tacopina broke the law in my case he did a misogynist hate crime witness tampering threatening me and corrupt NYPD detectives at the 1st Precinct protected him all the way and joined in also violently threatening me shocking!!!!

Joe Tacopina Loses Super Liar Sued NYDN twice LOST Not a Super Lawyer: Fox You the Jury Hires Joe Tacopina of NYPD Rape Cop and Abner Louima Infamy

Mayor de Blasio Donor NYCHA Pay to Play?

Bill de Blasio Progressively Worse?: Developer who won NYCHA building bid is de Blasio donor: records

NY Post Editors Slam Preet Bharara and Cy Vance Letting de Blasio Pay to Play w/ Donors Go Unprosecuted

Times Square car incident: 1 dead, 22 injured drunk driver arrested

Michigan teen killed in Times Square crash was visiting with mom - NY Daily News

Times Square car crash kills 1, injures 22; Navy veteran cuffed - NY Daily News.  Horrifying heartbreaking 
Times Square car incident: 1 dead, 22 injured; driver in custody
An 18-year-old woman was killed and at least 22 people injured Thursday when a speeding car plowed into pedestrians in Manhattan's bustling Times Square, city officials said. Read the full story

NYDN has incredible photos

Car fatally plows into pedestrians in Times Square

Very powerful photos they're incredible from apprehending the maniac to the people holding hands with severely injured people's heartbreaking but to see the goodness prevail always moves me

Time Sq terrorism or an accident

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Time Square they don't know yet was it a terrorist attack or just someone who lost control pic.twitter.com/w23LIGh60R

FROM: Notify NYC

Road Closures near Times Square, MN: West 42-49th Streets from 6th-8th Ave. FDR Drive 23 St & 42 St exits. Use alt routes.
Update 1:47 someone just told me they think it's just a drunk driver what a relief because it felt like a terrorist attack so many streets blocked off so many ambulances and a fire truck and police etc.

 Before I got to my physical therapist I had heard 14 it's now 19 pedestrians and I heard one may have died rest in peace very very sad the crowds are getting bigger and more areas are blocked off I don't know what's going on is it an accident or is it a terrorist act

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I'm at my excellent physical therapist getting work on my neck and I can't see

I'm really having a problem I didn't wear my glasses I tried wearing my contacts it's been really hard to see I'm just having a hard time I'm at physical therapy I just want to getvery well but I took a bunch of photos and posting on Twitter and I took some short YouTube's on my channel Suzannahartist

Several Injured as Car Hits Pedestrians in Times Square - NYTimes.com

Woman dressed in Rangers gear arrested in failed bank heist | New York Post


 I got photo credit I can't believe it check it out look carefully under the photo you'll see my name !!!!!

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Time Sq Car Hits Pedestrian Last Week NY Post Exclusive Woman Bank Robber!

Several Injured as Car Hits Pedestrians in Times Square - NYTimes.com

Woman dressed in Rangers gear arrested in failed bank heist | New York Post


 I got photo credit I can't believe it check it out look carefully under the photo you'll see my name !!!!!

I’m Nobody! Who are you? The Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson | The Morgan Library & Museum Free Admission Today!

I’m Nobody! Who are you? The Life and Poetry of Emily Dickinson | The Morgan Library and Museum free admission today.  

Suzannah B. Troy artist: #NYPD PC O'Neill, Mayor de Blasio Selling Lies Truth Many Do Not Trust NYPD New ex. MTA Employee?

#NYPD PC O'Neill, Mayor de Blasio Selling Lies Truth Many Do Not Trust NYPD New ex. MTA Employee?

MTA clerk refuses to help cops in pursuit of shoplifter - NY Daily News
  1. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mta-clerk-refuses-cops-pursuit-shoplifter-article-1.3174084
"NYPD officers get MetroCards so they can swipe themselves in if needed, Echevarria added.
“(Goodwin’s) a hard-working guy who does his job and does it properly,” he said. “He has other parts of the job than opening the gate for people who have a card to swipe themselves in.” "
My case NYPD criminal cops  broke the laws hid their badges, they hid as they broke the law committed crimes,  and they've been protected for years now I'm waiting for Justice how ever long it takes in the NYPD Bloomberg-de Blasio Kelly/Bratton/O'Neill kid themselves.

The NYPD racism, misogyny, retaliation openly breaking laws, corruption wrongdoing abuse of power can go on and nobody's going to know or notice in my case and how many other cases  but they're going to be consequences and blow back and then the NYPD ask surprised.

They divide is growing in New York City...

Are Zachary Carter, Mark Peters, Cy Vance  latest racist false arrest prosecution the high profile NBA star Thabo Sefolosha, Bill de Blasio and Ray Kelly, Bratton and now Jimmy O'Neill's policies hurling the city towards major riots?

Bill de Blasio and Bratton/O'Neill did not apologize to NBA star Thabo Sefolosha!!!!!!!

Every NBAfan noticed that!

Cy Vance racist, misogynist, corrupt DA his false prosecution of Joe Jazz Hayden not forgotten,  along with a record number of protesters the largest amount in the history of New York City and a lot more -- he and Zachary Carter should  have resigned before Bratton.

James O'Neill keeps covering up NYPD crimes from his predecessors but let's face it he was high ranking and he wants to spend all this money on fuel good ad campaigns and recruiting and they're just a lie and this newest arrest of an MTA worker is an indication of what may be coming on a large scale around the city...?

Corrupt NYPD and their supervisors head badge  numbers, refused to meet me lied about me and police reports lied about the salt the downgraded second-degree assault menacing to mutual assault threaten me with the rest using my Violent lying attacker's false  cross-complaint and protected and incredibly stupid threatening letter that could only be written by Joe Tacopina know that she signed openly threatening me telling me not to come back and file second-degree assault charges or she would file a second false cross complaint - incredible stupid threat match the misogynist threat corrupt NYPD acted on that I forwarded to them and I believe is Joe Tacopina using a sock puppet Acct. 

The NYPD retaliated against me and way too many other people they weigh us and judge us and are willing to break the laws commit crimes like in my case and they think that there is no blowback for what they do but there is -- every day the city and the police  it's three police commissioners 2 heads of Internal affairs and awful chief Boyce protect crimes in my case is the day I'm going to get out there and share my concept of the NYPD app tracker report crimes see NYPD won't let you including their own and share what was done to me that the NYPD broke the law and Zachary Carter the city of New York are covering up the crimes in lying.

 Every time the NYPD break laws people see and know every time we retaliated the NYPD think that the people of the victims are going to do nothing ?

Eric Garner  states in his hand written lawsuit the NYPD retaliated against him !!!  In his hand written lawsuit and my lawsuit where we represent ourselves we make it clear that the NYPD broke laws to send us a message to retaliate against us!!!!!

NYC I Love You Big Time: Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago

I received a tweet: u defend Black People poetic justice assaulted by Black #dumbcuntlivesmatter?

Tweet: de Blasio Eric Garner Homicide, MTA employee arrested is NYPD James O'Neill ala Ray Kelly, Bratton provoking riots?

 Every victim of the NYPD is going to come forward and vote for someone other than Bill de Blasio or just not vote.  

NYPD Knapp Mollen Time for a New Commission John Vergona FBFriends Gene Schatz, Moran, Andy Dwyer: NYPD Det John Vergona First Precinct Det Squad Lied vs Public Member Marks and Det Squad Supervisors and CO DI Ed Winski protected lies and threats

How is de Blasio and Melissa Mark Viverito a complete fraud with her massive raise she doesn't deservehow is there Riker plan working?

Bill de Blasio Progressively Worse?: Bill de Blasio Protected Spying on Inmates talking to dept of investigation like he protects Zachary Carter Redacting covering up

Murder suspect indicted in brutal beatdown of Rikers guard - NY Daily News

I think the mayor is going to be shocked at Low VOTER return out and how few people are actually going to vote for him. I have asked my friends to not vote for him I'm not telling them who to vote for but I'm asking that they do not vote for Bill de Blasio because he is not settled my case and Zachary Carter sends an lawyers and lies on behalf of corrupt cops that broke the law and they remain on punished!!!!

Tulsa cop Betty Jo Shelby not guilty in death of Terence Crutcher - NY Daily News

Bill de Blasio Progressively Worse?: Eric Garner Case Proof Enough Vote Against de Blasio

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Donald Trump Endangered Species? The Tao of Dow

Donald Trump Endangered Species?

The Tao of Dow

Did You Feel the Dow Drop

The Circus May be Over?

Trump Fire Crazy

Could Trump be Fired?

Did you feel the Dow Drop?

(Note sicken me to see the photos of his son killing elephants cutting off their tails hunting wild life is so wrong and from far a away cowardly sickening...
Trump used a live Elephant very wrong...used women?

His wife looks as unhappy as critics...

Trump made some folks very happy as the Dow soared so it may or may not be over...

Dow drops 300 points....

Is this am Omen?)

Putin Enters US Politics Like No Soviet Has Ever Before Newest Offers Transcript!!!

Never before in the history of the United States and Russia has there ever been a politician from from Russia Who has ever entered the US played it cool stage and penetrated so deeply and so openly than Putin.

It's really almost frightening and I thought of the photo of the banner the Putin banner on a bridge in NYC!!!

 Can you think of the Russians and the USSR you think of the shadow government whatever they did or were doing was in the shadows so this is pretty startling and has never been seen before ever...

Putin offers transcript to prove Trump did not pass Russia secrets

Need fixing and favors call 1800 NYPD IA Fixit
 And if that line is busy you can call 1800 NYPD Retaliate
legalized Mafia nypd corrupt Internal affairs corrupt

Manhattan Synagogue Set on Fire by Teens FYI Chief Boyce and Reznick Protecting False Arrest Jew on Sabbath Detectives Crimes My Case!

Boy, 14, cuffed for sparking fierce Manhattan synagogue blaze - NY Daily News

NYPD Biggest Hate Crimes Subway Anti-Semitic but Top Brass NYPD Protect Anti-Semitism My Case and Jewish Cop 2 examples

NYPD Chief Boyce Can't Protect all NYPD Detectives Commiting Crimes plus Pot Farm in Bronx need Chief Banks?

Jimmy Kimmel Trump Press Conference Must Watch

Hilarious Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live: Possible Sean Spicer Replacement on @hulu  https://www.hulu.com/watch/1080023?utm_source=twitter

Saturday night live has just fallen apart it's just so bad this skit is so beyond anything Saturday night live was trying to achieve...

NY Post Editors Slam Preet Bharara and Cy Vance Letting de Blasio Pay to Play w/ Donors Go Unprosecuted

Cy Vance Protected de Blasio, Cy's special IOU Pal Guma, Bloomberg who broke campaign laws etc


The editorial is long-winded and not worth posting but what's almost starkly hilarious is that they say Cy Vance  isn't as bad as Preet Bharara because Preet Bharara is  sanctimonious --

They think that the Manhattan DA is better cause he keeps his mouth shut he knows to be quiet when he breaks the law does something wrong and Cy does both a lot.

Google DNA Cy Vance Intern

Google NYDN Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein

 New York Daily News article on Jeffrey Epstein is a shocker the judge was deeply offended and shocked she had never in her history of service ever had a Manhattan DA asked to lower the sex predator status of anybody!  Cy Vance a misogynistic supreme  really gets off women doing his misogynist crimes!!!

Cy Vance  as many people believing that Mr  Hernandez did not kill Etan Patz working at that deli certainly came in contact with the actual murderer.

Cy Vance is such a corrupt misogynist he's like corrupt NYPD and then corrupt Internal Affairs --  if he doesn't like you he's going to help fix crimes he's really into retaliation and who knows what else that sick twisted corrupt DA is into ?


Also Cy Vance, Joan Illuzzi protected NYPD detectives First Precinct Crimes my case how about Etan Patz case?

NY Post Attacks FBI Comey over LGBT Terrorist Omar Mateen Pretending Ray Kelly NYPD Omar Mateen Trip Saudi Arabia Never Happened?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Dirty DA pay to play Cy Vance fixed it for de Blasio Hint Cy Vance, Guma. Cy Vance did Guma a favor? A big one? suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/05/ny-pos…

Cy Vance, ADA Tiana Walton and Joan Illuzzi  protected NYPD detectives a gang of them breaking laws from the first Precinct  in my case so I believe there are hundred percent guilty and corrupt protecting anyone doing in the Etan Patz case they were looking for a high profile case because how many powerful men have allegedly raped women and Cy Vance let them walk, how about Goldman Sachs picking up the phone and having him go for the false prosecution of the Goldman Sachs programmer whose only crime was quitting Goldman Sachs!

A topic of Goldman Sachs he never prosecuted one banker from Goldman Sachs for the mortgage meltdown or the Wall Street and pleasure but they pick up the phone like a guest to try and get Jeffrey Epstein off because he's a corrupt dirty DA run just like the first precinct if you're rich you pick up the phone you call the 1st Precinct and you get fixing in favors  for the mortgage meltdown or the Wall Street and pleasure but they pick up the phone like a guest to try and get Jeffrey Epstein off because he's a corrupt dirty DA run just like the first precinct if you're rich you pick up the phone you call the 1st Precinct and you get fixing in favors and Cy Vance and Joan Illuzzi protected call a cop in my case.

The Biggest Crime NYC that Cy Vance refused to prosecute and Preet Bharara  look the other way as a favor to Rose Gill Hearn  Who covered up as much as possible to try and protect Michael Bloomberg fake  legacy is a great mayor is ECTP aka 911--  and of course they were top NYPD brass under Ray Kelly as contractors delivered late and delivered crap and  60.5 million taxpayer dollars were returned with no prosecution thanks to Cy Vance!!!!

Ask him about  no prosecution of St. Vincent's Hospital crooks because he was helping out Bill Rudin texting his acquisition pennies on the dollar so we have no trauma level one hospital in the West Village no rape crisis center AIDS care just  luxury condos that don't belong there even Scott Stringer make sure we didn't have protective zoning for a hospital do the math!!!!  Bill de Blasio  i'm doing any protest for any hospitals these days he's in bed with the lobbyists profiting turning them into luxury living like Zachary Redacto Carter who  testified under oath that he was acting within the scope redacting documents!!!! Carter has yet to be arrested or forced to resign  and he and his lawyers who I'm assuming is took an oath lied  in my case at the NYPD acted within their scope!

I agree  editors of New York Post that Preet Bharara's new title  and NYU was a joke but for me Preet Bharara  looks like a fool but he prosecuted NYPD cops doing fixing in favors and Brooklyn when they do it right under his nose they did it at his doorstep starting with the first precinct in my case it's just one example.

3am tweeting to Preet Bharara about corruption NYPD call a cop at his doorstep my internet went down using mobile feature from phone instead

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Aaron Swartz RIP Pacers Sued Gov Charging Too Much! I'm Included I Allege Judge Nathan Fixed For Corrupt NYPD Gov but I was automatically Included in Pacer Lawsuit!

If you paid fees to access federal court records on PACER at any time between April 21, 2010 and April 21, 2016, a class action lawsuit may affect your rights.
Nonprofit groups filed this lawsuit against the United States government, claiming that the government has unlawfully charged PACER users more than necessary to cover the cost of providing public access to federal court records. The lawsuit, National Veterans Legal Services Program, et al. v. United States, Case No. 1:16-cv-00745-ESH, is pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The Court decided this lawsuit should be a class action on behalf of a “Class,” or group of people that could include you. There is no money available now and no guarantee that there will be.

Aaron Swartz's battle to free the PACER legal document database | The Verge

I allege Judge Nathan is corrupt it's totally about her career and not Justice... be so ironic if  what was done to me happened to her if she was traveling in another country and she was treated the way I was treated that would be really shocking Karma  about something like that happening with everyone involved somehow they get their karma they think it could never happen to them well I learned it can happen.

Always wondered if Allison Nathan and her wife in bed with Christine Quinn and her wife meaning fixing favors?

 I'm just thrilled that I was automatically included in this lawsuit it was like a little gift I got today.

 I'm hoping to do a protest tomorrow I'll let you know if I do it and where I am...


Judge Allison Nathan Does Fixing and Favors My Case and another Case Involving NYPD Corruption?