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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NYC Terrorism Target, NYPD Fixing Corruption, New Dr Andrew Fagelman Review Patient Called Liar Excioriates MD and Rude Staff

With terrorism occurring around the world it's pretty obvious New York City is once again possibly a terrorist target and a news  story when the biggest stories  New York City government's largest crime the 911 Tech system is still buried like a serial killer's dead bodies.    It's the biggest crime in New York City government and the biggest story never told it's bigger than CityTime.  Media killed the story over and over just like Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit  never been made public except by me so you can read Eric see his hand writing read his words.

You'll learn more about that when I post the oral argument from New York State Supreme Court where Zachary Carter's thug Catherine Papandrew lies  lies to the judge including lies that I wasn't coerced when I was coerced  wait until you read it I'm going to post it soon includes 911 big time, NYPD Saudi Arabia trip and Omar Mateen  ( still want a full accounting and ordered up that trip as well as 911)  and top NYPD taking graft. (The latest on Omar Mateen Pulse nightclub victims’ families sue Facebook, Google, Twitter - NY Daily News
I'm going to be filing ethics complaints including Zachary Carter who should've resigned a ready considering there are two grand jury's  involving de Blasio and Carter redacted  documents which he should not have done.

 I have excruciating pains in my body one is my neck which was harmed in the attack at the doctors but I'm having strange pains in my right wrist and I had a credible pain in my right shoulder last night so I'm going to take it easy I have to go see my mom who is very very weak and very sad as she gets closer and closer to death but clearly she is hanging on  life.

My mom and native New Yorker born in the Bronx and a superstar student in New York City that skipped grades went to the special art school went to city college got a full scholarship and economics for the university of Minnesota graduate school full scholarship and the famous film directors brothers the Coen  - their was my mom is Professor

 Before my Mom dies I wanted to tell her  City of New York apologizes and I got a settlement the NYPD admits they did wrong.   My mother secretary cried once she saw my jacket in the 911 museum and I had to tell her what the NYPD did to me course and lies threatening me making me drop charges against my will.

- every steps of the way lies and I allege Joe Tacopina also broke laws and I'm going to be taking action as well involving him stay tuned on that and I had a talk for the first time ever with an internal affairs officer about Tacopina I allege was him that use the fake sock puppet account and broke a series of laws witness tampering threatening a victim aggravated harassment and I'm alleging it was him the contacted my attacker and ghost wrote her letter to the NYPD also threatening me another crime on Delita Hooks part.

 I want to say I'm proud that I donated my white blood cells twice I donated until my doctor told me I was too weak to donate -- stopped all donations whole blood platelets and white blood cells one of the white blood cell donations was for a little girl fighting cancer I'm very proud of that getting bathroom doors for Tompkins Square Park for women including the handicap toilet and getting to see a handicapped woman use that toilet and close the door and ironically I work with the police department  as well as the parks department to get that to happen - proud of that.

CB3 community board ignored  multi pleas by Alfredo Feliciano for speed bumps that the department of transportation listen to me and I got speed bumps for Anna silver school!

 I'm so proud of so much I've done to help people every color every background I've tried to help the city help individuals every step of the way my soul is clean and there some evil creeps that have retaliated against me because I'm also outspoken and they didn't feel I had a right to the First Amendment and they were willing to go over the top to retaliate includimg Michael
Rawson  recently threaten me yet again that he would harass me until I remove videos exposing him. He was getting what I allege are fixing in favors from the same police precinct that did fixing for his neighbor Dr. Andrew Fagelman  in when I was savagely assaulted.  I called Andre Balaz  The Mercer hotel and told him I would have to call him if I see Michael Rawson now I haven't heard from Rawson.  Fixing in favors that went on there and Soho for the rich  from where I'm sitting appears very similar to Williamsburg but there are no arrests.   The NYPD detective that broke the law are Facebook friends with the corrupt evil piece of crap PO Gene Schatz  Who harassed me I'm behalf of the Mercer hotel two years before was attacked on the street at the Dr Fagelman.   Want to understand one 800 fix it then go to their Facebook friends so ho the first precinct corrupt cops in my case look at their Facebook friends look at their facebook friendships from the 1st Precinct. 1800 NYPD fix it.

Re my case I will be taking major steps involving certain government agencies very soon...

I can't blood anymore this morning I'm just too tired and it's 6 o'clock am already.  One of the side effects of posttraumatic stress besides the weight gain insomnia is I stop brushing my teeth I do it but very warily some going to the dentist this am  and then I'm going to be with my Mom.

Repost below  from yesterday.

.@realDonaldTrump AG FBI Investigate NYC 911 aka ECTP under mayor Bloomberg response to Rudy 911 1cmdCtrWTC Rudy never moved cmdctr pre 9-11

Note:  The tweet above Twitter offers to translated from Romanian I kid you not!   I took a photo...

Heart Goes out to Berlin. Severe exhaustion from PTS Savage assault Dr Fagelman's than NYPD joined in violence lies. Tonight jolting shocking pain my right shoulder and wrist. Visiting Mom 2morrow she is sad and very bad shape

NYPD Gene Schatz, FB pals Det John Vergona, Det Andy Dwyer Capable of Murder or just party coercion, lying in police reports, breaking the law?
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Also is Dr Andrew Fagleman and pals yet again manipulating yelp trying to counter act the previous negative  interviews still time a Google review where the gentleman states he and his wife were treated like animals by the staff and puts down an internist... surprise to surprise there is a yelp review now praising the Intern -- the account has 1 review only.

2nd new review that slams MD and staff and also mentions the YouTube of me being savagely assaulted!!!!!!!  The link above QUESTIONS WHY IS DELITA HOOKS STILL THERE AFTER PUNCHING A PATIENT.  ANSWER NYPD FIXING AND FAVORS WHAT PREET BHARARA CALLS CALL A COP I CALL 1800 NYPD IA FIX IT!

Delita Hooks before her savage attack accused me of leaving trash in the waiting room after she yelled at me I have no rights so reading Mason Clark on the dirty filthy mess of Dr Andrew Fagelman  is ironic and THAT HE IS CALLED A LIAR when Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks are liars as far as my case  and all involved in lying to the NYPD during an open investigation committed crimes !   That is right even if the NYPD detectives are lying in police reports breaking laws if you lie to the NYPD during an open investigation you have committed a crime and if Dr Andrew Fagelman was party to all that and coercion he is committed crimes as well as the NYPD that were party to coercion, lying in police reports etc.

Mason Clark
a week ago

Went to see him twice and both times issues. Over all: the offices are dirty, staff is rude, and does not listen to patients needs.

I went to Dr. Fagelman from very trusted friends recommendations. I've found the experience very unsatisfying. When you google his Dr. Fagelman's name the first thing you see is one of his office staff fist fighting in the office. I looked past that. When I went offices are very dirty. trash on floor, walls dirty with black marks in the waiting room and in the patient rooms.

First visit I went for a physical. He had a PA student come in to ask me questions, learn my medical history while doing the prep work. When Dr. Fagelman came into the room PA student recited almost everything wrong from what I told him. Said I was an only child, when I told him I was the youngest of three, and other mistakes on family illnesses that are important.

The second time when I went in since I was sick with Strep throat. I told Dr. Fagelman himself my situation and how in the past the symptoms I was having was strep. He did not listen to any of that. Said we would do a rapid strep test and a throat swab. Told me it was just heart burn and would not be anything else. Waited almost two weeks for the results. Finally when I did get a call. it was 5 minutes before they closed and then the office was closed. Had to wait 2 days to get a medicine. Then when I called to check on if it was sent or not, I was told it was sent when the office was closed and was called a liar that it was not sent the same day since I called that day.

Delita Hooks filed a false cross complaint

she lied to the NYPD during an open

investigation ---

I paid the City to get her report -- so I filed

top -- look at the bottom for what the

NYPD employee wrote Delita Hooks said

and Delita Hooks admits she knew

I was a patient and the rest are lies

filed 2 days after me with I allege

Dr Andrew Fagelman's full knowledge.

A private investigator asked him did you speak to the 


He replied no comment

Clearly he has a lot to hide and who in the NYPD did he 

speak to?

Did he and the NYPD discuss threatening me to make 

drop charges against my will.

Was Joe Tacopina involved in harassing me the victim on line in the misoygnist hate crime -- threatening to bury me, destroy me and turn the tables and I am forwarding the email to agencies to question is this Joe Tacopina already the subject of at least 1 proffer agreement when he betrayed his client, best friend, biz partner Bernie Kerik.

Did Tacopina have contact with my attacker and her employer Dr Fagelman along with NYPD the goal to lie and have the NYPD threaten me?

Corp counsel lawyers continue to lie and I have overwhelming proof of guilt from Md's office to NYPD and Internal Affairs and now corp counsel...amazing

this all happened at a MD's office where we are suppose to be

safe! They all need to be questioned under oath including top 

brass -- this is crazy but it is also CRIMINAL.