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Friday, December 9, 2016

Filing Complaint against Zachary Carter w/ Supreme Court Ethics sending copy to Jim Comey Preet Bharara - Corp Counsel NYPD IA Delita Hooks signed letter to her NYPD fixer again threatening me

 I'll be sending evidence I got from corporate counsel in federal court which judge Nathan didn't look at by the way I don't understand why judges don't look at evidence and I don't understand how to get past attaches to a jury but I have overwhelming evidence at the NYPD lied and police reports threaten me coerced me protected others that course me and I also question whether it's Joe Tacopina who used to sock puppet account and I'll be sending  The YouTube comments by the lawyer who I think is Joe Tacopina who threaten me with a misogynist hate crime and all so I asked the detective is this witness tampering and I don't get an answer but in fact they Detective Ask on the threat - detective lied and police reports and refused to meet me there was no investigation how can you investigate if you were fused to meet the victim.     There is audio of Internal Affairs  sergeant Mary O'Donnell refusing evidence and they use Ron Kuby's letter as an excuse to pretend that the NYPD didn't line police reports when they did threaten me coerced me.

US attorney at the Southern District calls it call a cop I caught one 800 NYPD Internal Affairs fix it

Zachary Carter stated he acted with in his scope redacting documents.
I disagree with him. His associate Catherine Papandrew flat out lied stating NYPD acted within their scope when they didn't she lied when she said the NYPD investigated the crime which they didn't they refused to meet me so how could they investigate a crime when he refused to meet the victim in line police reports and protect me being threatened over and over including by Detective John Vergona. Catherine Papandrew lied stating I was not coerced.

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault watch the video he is aa guilty as his employees.

I am so exhausted from over  four years of lies started with a horrific violent attack at the doctors and she continues on after the video goes black and those women lied and lied but ask Dr Fagelman  about his role and the NYPD and he says no comment.  That is  what he told  private investigator more on that later.

 I'll be sending the US attorney and the FBI including the New York branch to police reports one October 1 when I'm attacked by public member marks which put some quotes that my attacker threatened me with bodily harm " I will slap the crap out of your ass" but Det John Vergona omits the threats to do me a bodily harm.

 I will submit Detective John Vergona's report 3 days later first time he called me and he refuses to meet me and he lies about that too.  He lies and says we rolled around the floor in front of the water cooler  and I also have an email where he admits he has the video which proves he lied and lied  with Sergeant Chan and Lt Angelo Burgos and Internal Affairs protection.

 Also sending a copy of what I believe is Joe Tacopina using a sock puppet account threatening me  bury me destroy me and called me confronted of con and promised if I took any action the tables would be turned which is what Detective John Vergona did  then answer the question in the email I'll be sending is this witness tampering?

 I'll be addressing one Kuby's letter he kept me out of harms way but he didn't write what I agreed to even so I was coerced and Zachary Carter is sending in lawyers to lie in state I wasn't when he did a $40 million settlement with the central park jogger alleged rape victims who admitted to wrongdoing when I didn't and most of all corporate counsel has my attacker Dr Andrew Fagelman's  attacked receptionist Delita Hooks signed letter which I think Joe Tacopina drafted threatening me agreeing to drop her false cross-complaint but threatening me wanting me to not come back and file second-degree assault charges believe me I tried but by that time Chief Banks Asst Lt Gannon backed up the NYPD supervisors who refuse to let me this time they said because I was suing  versus the Oreo I have of the detective squad supervisor Sergeant Chen  refusing to come downstairs and meet me and having PO Magori (Migori)  turned me away stating I can't report a false cross complaint because I'm not a detective or from the DA which is simply not true and retired NYPD Capt now Dr Eterno  confirm they were wrong to turn me away they should've taken my allegations and put them in my file and hers and investigate of them and they did not.

 It's in suing at that time but I'm suing now.
Ron Kuby kept me out of even greater harms way.  Det John Vergona besides refusing to meet me and lying about him please reports told me he didn't care by two black eyes you refuse to answer whether he was anti-Semitic  since it would only meet me to false arrest me on Saturday - I have a hole in my retina from a running punched my eye from the doctors attack receptionist and cervical damage from the attack my neck was in a brace and I was on painkillers very frightened of the NYPD and my attacker being protected including her false cross complaint.  She openly threatening a video that has 350,000 views and detective Vergona omitted the threat misogynist boys club had quite a laugh as they retaliated against me for their Facebook friend NYPD PO Gene Schatz well I had reported for what Preet Bharara calls a cop. 

I will express my concern that corporate counsel could be involved with the NYPD beyond  redacting evidence like Carter has done  protect government wrongdoing involving a nursing home sale for development in to condos but destroying evidence in my case starting with Delita Hooks letter a signed letter threatening me.

I'm going to tell the US attorney the ethics committee and the FBI that I'm afraid Zachary Carter is going to destroy her letter where the NYPD Internal Affairs already  Sergeant Mary O'Donnell  sgt. Kroll  and every police officer involved including from internal fares would have to lie under oath and I want to question Joe Tacopina under oath about the threats to me if he wrote them both the sock puppet ones and the threat in the signed letter by my attacker to her NYPD fixer which ichnology is that I could come back and file second-degree charges but ironically the NYPD Internal Affairs wouldn't let me.

NYPD Internal Affairs corporate counsel are using Ron Kuby's letter is an excuse to pretend the NYPD did not lie did not commit crimes did not threaten me did not course me did not protect a pile up of crimes including the doctors office line to the place during an open investigation but most of all Det John Vergonalied in police reports threatened me and he and others NYPD involved in the crimes are Facebook friends including first precinct Community affairs officers were partners one I reported two years before I was assaulted to Internal affairs NYPD Gene Schatz.  Look to the right side of my blog and you see the red photograph of a glove that's his glove that's his Facebook profile picture.

The Mercer hotel had him on speed dial one 800 NYPD fix it he illegally used to sirens to try and threaten me and intimidate me on behalf of the Mercer hotel and Michael Rawson who is no longer with the.  Dr Andrew Fagelman  is a few blocks away and I'm alleging he was party to all the crimes including having me threaten so he didn't have to fire his employee.

 I am happy that a patient Road and negative Google review last month stating he was treated like an animal oh that he and his wife were treated like animals that the doctors only about money and that he saw the video of me being attacked and he  cannot believe she still working there.