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Monday, December 19, 2016

Charles Hynes, Vito Lopez not arrested, No Arrests Eric Garner My Case Proof Justice System Corrupt No Justice

 It's amazing because Charles Hotel Hynes  broke laws and I heard there were at least two grand jury's or that he should've faced at least at least to grand jury's and he walked free and Vito Lopez was guilty of so many things I can't believe he did not die in jail -- my case there's a pile up of crimes from the doctors office to the police department and no rest because they don't like what I do my blog my YouTube that I'm outspoken it's pure corruption and clearly the city is spiraling down to help on so many levels from children dying from being beaten to death because the cities neglected to rampant crime in the city lies and says crime is done.

The NYPD are so guilty of crime fixing including my case the crime stats are also fixed that now the top brass that are usually the most guilty when it comes to fixing favors want to be in charge of comps that would be almost  funny if it wasn't tragic.

NYPD  App tracker will be a series of databases that will show systemic corruption NYPD crimes,  internal affairs crimes, DA crimes every government agency that fails the people of New York, every judge every jury let corrupt criminals including top politicians off every US attorney every federal agency Attorney general that Let crimes get away for worldwide audience to see kind of like the film Spotlight...

Rose Gill Hearn protected the biggest crime  in New York City 911 tech system -- over $1 billion over budget contractors delivering late delivering crap, consultants also over billing, lobbyists some of them well known to you making out like criminals and no one seems to care but if there's a large scale terrorist attack or series of terrorist attacks then maybe people will care or another hurricane Sandy.

 Melissa Mark Viverito  oh campaign laws and she got a $4000 slap on the wrist and she had to pay advance group which is crazy because many people see advanced group as crooks as well how she walks away when only 4,000 dollar fine and escaped  is amazing --

Rose Gill Hearn had full knowledge that Michael Bloomberg broke campaign was during his attempt to steal a third term he broke and painless wiring money out of his personal account which is a misdemeanor a as exposed by Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice but after he wrote the article he lost his job and Rose go hard for fixing a favors got two key jobs from Bloomberg - she protects the fact he broke campaign laws and then gets to hand out finds the people  Bloomberg wants targeted to clear the way for his choice for mayor is my guess.

Cy Vance also broke campaign laws or came very close to Breaking campaign laws with Mark guma (Guma didCy a favor and get ready for Cy to help Guma  Paris happens to be investigating  and now he's doing fixing in favors like he did for St. Vincent's Hospital crooks in the Rubin family and Goldman Sachs and he's gonna let us power Mark Guma  he is for Holton to walk and how he has it been for Recyse  himself is beyond me.   Cy Vance  should resign along with Zachary Carter who is redacting documents but of course fixing in favors will be done -- fixing favors club like it was done for Charles Hynes and Zachary Carter  not go to jail but  hopefully he will be forced to resign the cities going to hell in a hand basket on every level but the coverups and the fake news yeah that's the media killing new stories like serial killers it's kind of like the reverse fake news killing news stories -- 911 tech corruption huge story to be written about every day until the crooks are prosecuted and our money is given back the city so far is only got $60.5 million back from crooks  -- Eric Garner's handwritten lawsuit huge news it's been killed any media outlet that reported it make sure not to share Eric's writing  in his own words because it's too powerful to devastating indictment of Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton his death was years in the making systemic harassment and wrongdoing by the NYPD  internal Affairs and  dirty DAs but The way the media kills it is to mention it like The New York Times mentioned it but won't share it they just mention two sentences it's a way to neutralize it and minimize it and The New York Times even got someone to fix it on Eric Garner's Wikipedia page to act like they did share it when they didn't.

 The wikipedia page on me being censored was vandalized by someone misogynist G I wonder who that is I'm behalf of whom deleted the page started with censorship on Michael Bloomberg and ended with the NYPD rape cop Lawyer Joe Tacopina I believe blatantly broke laws my guess he's the one the cowardly lawyer who verbally violent  misogynist cunt caller patent bury me destroy me and see the table turned a serious crime during an open investigation - and no arrest I sent it to Detective John for going to the criminal corrupt cop the corrupt detective from the 1st Precinct that broke laws and asses this witness tampering and he acted on it.

I know G-d and karma eventually  get everybody and if it takes till the very end of their lives like 90-year-old Nazis but I'd like Justice now along with how many New Yorkers including New Yorkers who ledge that their loved ones were killed by NYPD.

Ray Kelly's Appellate Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved put my constitutional rights were in violated when in fact they were! The NYPD committed crimes with Internal affairs protection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you.

There were a pile up of crimes from the doctors office to the police department I have police reports where they live I have DD5 police reports Det John Vergona lied and supervisors protected those lies, audios and video evidence.

US attorneys and their bosses don't want to arrest a former US attorney Zachary Carter  even though he's guilty of redacting documents involving an investigation where they have to grand jury's and they didn't arrest Charles Hynes  no one has the guts to ask them questions about this maybe they should answer questions under oath about why there's no prosecution of these criminals who betrayed their oath and government office and how many victims in the case of Zachary Carter lying including me add Cy Vance

NYC I Love You Big Time: Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 7 Years Ago

Zachary Carter Resign Blog Posts Most Heavily Read but Bharara may balk at arresting Former US Attorney

NYPD deputy inspector party to fixing in favors retaliation my case  is one of the reasons commanders are taking Comstat and statistical reports out of the hands of the precinct commander's will be fix my case but they can't fix cases like this Gunman wandered into Manhattan deli after Bryant Park slaying - NY Daily News

"Some of the extra state troopers are currently patrolling the Staten Island Expressway, after local Assemblyman Michael Cusick griped to Cuomo that city cops and firefighters were illegally using its HOV lanes, a source said."

The truth is Internal Affairs more covering up for police  crimes  and gets paid for it can you imagine.

we need a new commission into police corruption can you imagine if we turn broken windows back on the NYPD?
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