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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zachary Carter Fixer for Corrupt NYPD my Case Career Over Dr Redacto Rivington House?

Wow -- it is like a Stephen King movie or Agatha Christie film --- everyone involving in corruption protecting crimes in my case slowly but surely getting their karma...next up Zachary Carter......after him who's next -- the little people can't get Justice main stream ways well there is always karma...next up my list?  Zachary mentioned in my letter to the Judge below but she didn't read it -- I have to file some motion to get her to look at it...

Zachary Carter heads a corrupt cess pool!  Who is surprised  look how corporate counsel is complicit in crimes starting with NYPD!!!!!

"In the letter to Carter, the DOI said it proved that records the Law Department redacted and claimed were not relevant did indeed have evidence relevant to the agency’s investigation. After several days of discussion, the Law Department delivered thousands of pages of unredacted documents to DOI, which the Law Department had insisted were not relevant."


De Blasio official Zachary Cater head of legal also protects NYPD crimes  tried covering up deed restriction memos! Tweet: Zachary Carter protected NYPD crimes karma he is Xposed playing Dr Redacto Nursing home careerover http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/07/zachary-carter-fixer-for-corrupt-nypd.html?m=1

Cy Carter lawyers lieprotect NYPDCrimes karma1 Carter caught playing drRedacto nursing home. 911 NYPD crimesbiggest DOI guilty.@CommissBratton .@NewYorkFBI .@SDNYnews .@NYPDDetectives KellyCampisi BrattReznick Det Vergona coercion liedreports birthed #NYPDAppTracker
Cy Vance next Guma, GS, 911, etc Cy will fall like Charles Hynes Cy fixing favors NYPD IA, Jeff Epstein, Cy Intern scandal etc
Tweet: .@NYDailyNews I witness corporate counsel lie my case federal, appellate New York State Supreme Court protecting #NYPD crimes! Bye Zachary!

.@NYDailyNews DOI Gill Hearn etc protected 911 crooks NYPD graft like cy&Carter mycase pile up of crimes but Dr Redacto nursing home not ok
Zachary Carter Played Dr Redacto Nursing home his lawyers guilty my case, etc NYPD crimes (Zachary Carter's city counsel lawyers) lied to judges http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/07/zachary-carter-fixer-for-corrupt-nypd.html?m=1
I'm not surprised Zachary Carter and crew got caught playing Dr Redacto on the nursing home scandal.  I've witnessed his lawyers lie to a federal judge, 3 appellate judges and now a New York State Supreme Court judge.  I just disappointed he and his crew of lawyers other dirty work hasn't been exposed including protecting NYPD crimes. Zachary Carter's career is over, which top officials will be joining him, de Blasio or Bratton -- it's tax payers who pay the "corruption Bills".

Suzannah Troy

De Blasio officials (Zachary Carter!!!)  tried covering up deed restriction memos 

"Carter specifically held back an internal memo describing in detail the city's analysis of the pros and cons of the sale of a Lower East Side nursing home on Rivington St., according to DOI’s letter to Carter.

The critical memo was attached to a July 23, 2014, email from a lower level official in the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to DCAS Commissioner Stacey Cumberbatch.

The document revealed early on the possibility that the nursing home could be sold for condos, including a reference to briefing First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris about the deal.

Carter held it back, instead providing DOI with two totally whited out pages stamped "DP” or confidential as part of the city’s internal "deliberative process.”"

Charles Hynes, now Zachary Carter and FYI Cy Vance and way to many corrupt players -- so corrupt -- they were lawyers and they crossed the line -  my guess more shocking news is going to come out stay tuned...

We have to wait until  someone in a position of power feels like exposing them...
Unless Zachary Carter gets the "Delita Hooks" treatment  his career is OVER!!!!
Dept of Investigation continues to protect 911 tech crooks under mayor Mike  Bloomberg but corrupt head of Dept of Investigation (DOI) Mark Peters decided to stop protecting Zachary Carter and Carter was playing "Dr Redacto" over the Rivington nursing home -- a mega deal unkosher and this  is a deal breaker --- Zachary Carter and possible de Blasio who has been the target all along -- their days are numbered.

If de Blasio is forced to resign I hope Tish James fires de Blasio since she will briefly be mayor and put in motion a new commission but Carter can't survive this and in my letter below I tell the Judge when Carter is gone I want an apology-- I just didn't think it would be tomorrow..hardee har...

Zachary Carter did fixing and favors for a load of corrupt cops protecting Ray Kelly, Campisi, Reznick etc but when he got busted by DOI over the nursing home it suddenly wasn't okay.  Good bye Carter.

Carter's career if over --visualize Carter pretending he was  Dr Redacto the villain of this blog --Zachery carter covers up every day for NYPD Internal Affairs criminals but like charles hynes he went too far.

I wrote the Judge but she did not look at my letter because I have to fill out some form --

Ray Kelly's career is over even if he and a few of his mega wealthy friends receivers of NYPD fixing and favors don't know it -- when the news broke of a Federal Investigation, Cushman Wakefield dumped Ray Kelly -- remember they were paying for his private security.

Ray Kelly's book not a best seller and he didn't get the Homeland Security job.

Bratton is out --- I am part of a group that believes Bratton has been black mailing de Blasio -- easy to do but Bratton's "lease" is running out (on his apt. tongue in cheek).

There is no word on NYPD Chief Banks who thanks to Ben Brafman may have dodged a bullet and prison...maybe...

ADA Joan Illuzzi lied to me and she at that point complicit in crimes and cover-up and LIES and her karma -- she lost the biggest LOSS by a republican on Staten Island ever endorsed by Rudy Giuliani, The NY Post, NYDN etc...

Bloomberg wanted to president and Donald Trump fared better than he....that was some karma....

Zachary Carter is in this letter I wrote -- I say when we get a new mayor, new police commissioner and a new head of corp counsel I want an apology -- and so do many other victims -- de Blasio, Carter and Bratton may be on their way out sooner than we could have imagined?


photos below prove pile up of crimes from Dr
Andrew Fagelman's office to First Precinct
to One Police Plaza including Internal
Affairs and dirty DA cy Vance --
how is Cy Vance's investigation 
in to his GOOD friend he owes fixing
and favors to Mark Guma --

Cy Vance is a corrupt fixer and he tried to 
fix for jeffrey epstein --- that did not
go well -- let's see if he can fix it 
for Mark Guma...

Pile up of crimes and Zachary Carter 
finally is exposed -- fyi the tip of the iceberg

4 Judges Have Not Looked at the YouTube of Delita Hooks Savage Assault and Det John Vergona and Delita Hooks Lies