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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rudy Giuliani radical thief profited exploiting Sept 11 made $30 million Wants to go after Radical Islam

Rudy Giuliani radical thief profited exploiting Sept 11 made $30 million wants to make even more money going after radical Islam priceless. Rudy CityTime SAIC profiteer as SAIC ripped New York City tax payers off for aprox 700 million dollars  for a hunk of junk payroll system.  

Rudy can make even more money profiting from going after Radical Islam...

If someone is karmically challenged it is Rudy Guiliani  and anyone and everyone involved exploiting Sept 11 as well as  911 to corruption including NYPD top brass.

Rudy had a decade  to move the emergency command center from the World Trade Center and he didn't.   Amazing irony one of his deputies died because  st. Vincent's Hospital wasn't open. Rudy's deputy mayors turn lobbyist for SAIC and the Rudy gang cashed in big because of September 11 and the myth Rudy was a hero.

 By the way 911 tech system a Bloomberg tech titanic, still not up and running properly in the second command center in the Bronx is still not up it's now or $900 million fortress why they need to fortress to answer 911 calls is a very interesting question isn't it?   Do a flow chart of 911 players always find a connection some how to Rudy.

Crooks 911 2nd command center NYPD and NYC Gov  saying they can't tell us because of security but I say it's because they're stealing 911 tech reps and is the biggest crime big crime bigger than CityTime  you do a flowchart you'll find very interesting connections to the lobbyists in New York City government power brokers.

Why does the shady 911 over 2 billion dollars  more than double the original budget and the criminal behavior happened under Michael Bloomberg involving top NYPD brass contractors and consultants including HP and Garyner) 2nd command center in the Bronx have to be a fortress it sounds to me like they're hiding an awful lot and  command center isn't just for answering 911 calls so what else are they doing there?  I am going  to guess it involves violating our constitutional rights.

Google NYDN chief Chuck Dowd and read the article all NYDN articles on 911 tech corruption.

NYC  has been robbed grotesquely ripped off 600% overbilling consultants and contractors.

 If there's a large scale terrorist attack or series of Terrorist attacks that targeted ke place at the same time 911 tech  will collapse and yes you can't text 911 or email 911.   If there's a hurricane Sandy the system will collapse again

John Liu  tried to stop the stealing in 2012 but Manhattan DA Cy Vance  protected all the criminals including NYPD top brass taking gifts lavish gifts.

 Top military contractors and Verizon were grossly over billing and mostly they're all connected to Homeland security and also Google My name Bratton Dowd host FirstNet board meeting at 1 Police Plaza my exclusive.   FirstNet $7 billion rip off for national response to Sept 11 for first responders-- it won't be up and running for quite a while it's a rip off open season to overbill just like 911 bigger crime than CityTime -- 911 is over budget over 1 billion dollars and  everyone involved in the stealing is Teflon.

 If you trying to steal $100 out on the street you'll be arrested but this was way more and putting all her lives at greater risk.

 It's amazing that technology responses to Sept 11  really about stealing taxpayer money and then gotten away with it.

Giuliani is already counting how much money he's going to make if Donald Trump  gets a job he's not qualified for "president of United States.

It's amazing how the NYPD and politicians like Rudy Giuliani consider themselves so wonderful  but look at their behavior look what they've done and look how they profited.