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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Louis Flores, Suzannah Troy Two Civilians Testify at CCRB Board w/ New Maya Wiley

Dear Maya Wiley: pleasure to meet you. CCRB outreach have business cards like my Justice cards I handed you. Educate outreach People will hold on. 1) track CCRB forwarding cases to chief of Dept to die ask for full accounting 2)forward cases like mine to special prosecutor 3) call NYPD in question under oath all complaints. This will stop cops while CCRB IA etc made cops my case bold they set-up facebook page I saw their faces 1st 3 yrs later Sgt Chen still hiding it was a clusterF violating cpr than the law
So tired I made a request tonight to remove statue limitations on CCRB complains because often it could take years to come forward and also to piece it all together what started as rudeness with NYPD officer  I made a request tonight to remove statue limitations on CCRB complains because often it could take years to come forward and also to piece it all together what started as rudeness with NYPD officer Eugene Schatz evolved in to his facebook friend Det John Vergona in to crimes including fabricating police reports and coercion.   I am PTSing.  I am over exhausted  but I filled out a form again tonight reporting all these cops hoping yet again that CCRB will take my case back and call them in.   The retired NYPD it will be on the resume.  

I testified tonight at CCRB and I asked CCRB to get rid of the Statue of Limitations so tonight... 
I just reported NYPD Sgt Chen 01 (audio he turns me away) , NYPD PO Eugene Schatz, Det John Vergona, John Doe his parter, Det Andy Dwyer his partner John or Jane Doe, Lt Angelo Burgos, Lt Micahel J Agnese, NYPD IA Sgt Mary O'Donnell (audio)

Turn Broken windows on NYPD as I told CCRB board meeting tonight including Ms. Malik who I am asking to review this get rid of all statute of limitations they violated CPR -- from their since they never had to come in to CCRP it escalated to breaking laws including coercion or party to coercion, lying in police reports or party to protecting lying in police reports and they lied about their cruel abusive behavior and rushed to seal their crimes with Delita HOOKS false cross complaint and her SIGNED letter to the NYPD openly threatening me again warning me to not come back and try filing 2nd degree assault charges or she would file a 2nd false cross complaint -- I allege Joe Tacopina drafted that letter and the Youtube sock puppet comments calling me a confrontative CUNT threatening to bury me and destroy me if I took any legal action and the NYPD and Internal Affairs joined in -- I allege they called me misogynist names at work and at the bar where all the NYPD facebook friends and 01 Precinct got to decompress. 

They violated CPR and than broke the law or became party to breaking laws and Chief of Dept has never once contacted me, IAB has never asked me if I was coerced. IAB Lt Fikru admitted the assault video speaks for itself but he was just investigating Mary O'Donnel an she let her off the hook.
If Eric Garner had gone to CCRB and CCRB called in the officers he might be alive today.

You can save lives bring in NYPD and ask them questions under oath other wise NYPD inspector General, CCPC commission to combat police corruption, IAB internal Affairs bureau all protect all corrupt NYPD unless they the FBI and political motivation to take action or the NYPD do something so horrific they can't cover up anymore.  I interviewed one of the Dirty 30 and he told me how IAB protected him until they could not.

All these years Sgt chen has hidden his face and badge number as did Vergona and his partner I want to report his partner John Doe and Det Andy Dwyer and his partner...call them in and ask them under oath did they ever at work or at the bar with NYPD PO Eugene Schatz call me cunt, ball buster, Kike, or that Jew -- I want them to answer under oath and I can show you police reports where Det John VERgona lied and Lt Burgos wrote uncooperative but why never met with me and lied and lied.  I have the video, police reports, I was shown Delita HOOKS letter, I have her false cross complaint.  It was a pile up of crimes from the MD's office where I allege Dr Fagelman was party to the scheme bu the NYPD det squad to threaten me and force me to drop charges agains my will or they would arrest me with Delita Hooks false cross complaint.

CCRB is the only agency that can call NYPD in and question them under oath...if you don't it is open season and city DAs like Charles Hynes, Cy Vance etc will protected dirty cops.

CCRB is our only chance and by turning broken windows back on cops starting with them violating CPR courtesy, professionalism and respect you can SAVE LIVES...we can begin to stop NYPD taking (tracking) rudeness to open blatant crimes like my case and Eric Garner and so many cases but Eric is DEAD!