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Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it with NYPD Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justuce, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee
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"NYC is My Community" CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! Peace to the Streets! Permanent New Commission NYPD IAB DA Corruption! I sued
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Giuseppie Logan his son Jay and Suzannah conference call

http://www.jaeelogan.com/ This photo is from the website link here dedicated to Jaee, GL's grandson that took the Express to Heaven do to gun violence in Oakland. Jaee was an honor student and football player...very handsome young man taken too soon.

The family responded with activism.

Now that I got GL's phone up and working I was able to conference call Jay and GL. A big part of the time GL played his instruments as we talked.

I asked Jay -- "I was told you can read music back and forward. You are a musical genius." He said he can read music backward and forward and he plays many instruments...his Dad taught him. He remembered his Dad playing bag pipes, sax, piano, and so many instruments that it just seemed natural and Giuseppie put a harmonica in his hand....Jay said he was 3 years old and GL put him on the stage at Slugs and handed him a trumpet. He said play and he did!

He is still performing, playing hard. There intense high energy, constant drive to practice, play, compose so clearly in their DNA. I found out today from GL that he has many children. Some had died, some went to college.

Jay is the only child that has the unique musical gift, a genius and energy that is so dynamic, a gift GL did give his son...before GL lost his way.

It was so moving to hear GL play music and Jay spoke to me and listened to GL. Jay said he just played sharpe 9 chord. I do not play music, understand music so I had no idea what that meant.

Very deeply moving. I don't have my glasses with me and contact lenses are drying up... can't see very well....very very very tired but what a beautiful way to end this year.

Jay is going to France for music of course but we hope to have a Father - Son reunion in Feb. or March.

Happy Blessed New Year to All.

Giuseppie told me having no instruments to play was death. He felt dead. Very moving to see his small space filled with instruments.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbOrjwIXW1E

Tompkins, 4th Street Lower East Side during blizzard this morning

Update on "Our Lady of Vilnius" and please say a prayer!!!!!!!!

On January 12, 2009 the case of Our Lady of Vilnius was presented to four justices of the Apellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court by attorney Harry Kresky. We continue to await their decision.

In November a final decree was received from the Supreme Tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church. The Tribunal ruled in favor of the suppression of Our Lady of Vilnius parish as requested by Cardinal Egan.

Suzannah B. Troy laminating the poster in case of rain or snow to protest at inauguration & speaks to Norman Siegel as well! Ready to protest Mike!

The xerox place was filled with people that shared my feeling so I got a big discount on the lamination of this poster!

Again the biggest heartfelt thanks and gratitude with New York Attitude to Norman Siegel has seen me through from start to finish with my art poster protesting Mike Bloomberg and NO THIRD TERM!!!!!!!!!

Salvation Army works miracles NYC! Giuseppie Logan needed a coat and Jesus part of the ARC gave me this coat for Guiseppie!

This is Jesus and he is part of the ARC rehabilitation program at the Salvation Army. He has been clean and sober for 120 days and today he worked a miracle for me.

I have not been able to reach Giuseppie Logan and he is living in a place supplied to him by the Salvation Army. He was not in but a super kind good hearted woman that works that front desk told me GL has no coat and he is not taking care of himself. He was already out this morning but where he went we do not know.

I left GL a note with his son Jay's telephone no. and asked him to call his son and Matt Lavelle. I wrote I would go to T-Mobile and put some money on his phone if I can. I just don't have lots of money to help everyone so I was so relieved to be given this gift of a coat to give to Giuseppie Logan and by this young man Jesus who is working on improving his life and he certainly has by helping an elderly man in need who seems to be struggling with caring for himself although GL's is so happy to be living near Tompkins and have his instruments. He told me not having them was death -- he felt dead. So he is happy.

My goal is to help get him warmer. I bought some socks from the Salvation Army and I put a little money in their container.

God Bless this young man Jesus that happened to be wearing the jacket at the time and gave it up for Giusppie Logan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbOrjwIXW1E

To read more of GL's story go to this link

Suzannah B. Troy's cats litter box protests Mike Bloomberg & city Council's 3rd term w/ Monty Burns

NYPD thanks more than ever for protecting us & everybody have a safe blessed New Year's celebration!

Wearing my NYPD hat from the New York Police Museum and wishing you all a safe Happy Blessed New Year. To the good honorable NYPD officers, thanks more than ever for protecting us. I don't condone any "uncool behavior" but to the NYPD officers that really are honorable you get a special place in Heaven for a very tough job, under appreciated and under paid.

I always think of Sept. 11 and our front line of rescue workers that rushed down town and too many died in the ultimate sacrifice so thanks more than ever for working to keep us safe and or course that includes the FDNY and the EMS. If you visit the WTC site you would expect to see all their names and their rank at the site all these years for the largest loss of rescue workers in our Nation, State and City's history but too date this historical fact has been erased. My letter in The Wall Street Journal "Betrayal at Ground Zero" http://online.wsj.com/public/article_print/SB111457272166718054.html and too date the betrayal has grown exponentially in way too many ways including Heaven getting two more Angel Firemen the wonderful very handsome funny Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino who are 9-11 heroes taken by Sept. 11 years later.

I had to protest Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn & a mostly corrupt city council that aided and abetted developers and flushed democracy down the toilet so thanks for not treading on my 1st Amendment rights and I hope you won't do so tomorrow when I visit City Hall to protest Mike Bloomberg's stealing or buying a third term with the help of Christine Quinn and gang.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Breaking News -- New York Citizen sends me this email -- he wants to have king Mike served with a restraining order to stop the inauguration

How many people do you know that would like to invest $500 to add their name to a multi-billion dollar Federal complaint with a temporary restraining order against Bloomberg tomorrow morning and sign my court papers with me and two of my friends preventing/stopping the inauguration?

Sure beats making a citizen's arrest!
I had been thinking I wanted to make a citizen's arrest of all the city council members that voted to extend a third term. Miguel Martinez is already behind bars so that is one down! The first to be arrested would be Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn!

Our Lady of Vilnius -- one of the most moving Holiday card I received...she sees in to my soul


I have never met this amazing New York City Soul but she moves me with her compassion and her strength....her last blog entry is about prayers and faith...she refers to St. Brigids...

I am Jewish but I have a feeling for these beautiful churches that are such a resource to New Yorkers in many ways.

My maternal Grandfather born in a tenement house on Ludlow Street...his family made their way her from Lithuania.

I am praying for miracles of all sizes especially for New Yorkers and a Church that has such good souls as Our Lady of Vilnius.

I cannot erase the memory of parishioners crying and praying on the street after they were turned out. I watched them from the windows of my now ex-home of 20 years. The USPS sold the air rights over St. Ann's 12o East 12th Street to NYU so NYU could tear down St. Ann's from 1847 that had survived everything all these years but NYU's need and greed to build yet another dorm and the USPS lack of regard for the law -- the USPS was legally required to notify the State of NY and the USPS as usual felt they were above the law...

I read articles and watched the news...too many tears city wide of people being turned out of their churches and it hurt us all.

So I am praying 2010 makes greed and ruthlessness are forced to take a back seat and miracles of all kinds happen to help the people and what is left of the soul of New York.

Mike Bloomberg wants the city to be one soulless generic shopping mall.

There has got to be a better way....

I say save NYC's soul!!!!!!!

I am such a nerdy gal when I am not a wild artist. I treasure my NYPD pin with Lt. Petrisano's Badge No., a scarf I got from a very intelligent YouTubing muck racker. I focus on corruption in NYC and she takes on the major corporations and big government and I treasure this card on behalf of Our Lady of Vilnius....praying for miracles and your Church that provides so much continues on serving the community here in NYC.

Full Moon over Tompkins, think of Karl aka Santa, Marlene, Edgar

Is Karl still alive? I don't know but if he died he is in Heaven. He was truly a nice man even though like Edgar booze was/ is? his prison....destructive viscous cycle. Karl worked for the MTA in one of those booths and he was not crazy about that job and Edgar was a psychoanalyst t Last anyone heard of him was he was uptown indoors but he is missed. One police officer was angry at him for waiting part of a Santa outfit because the children would see him but even Karl as drunk Santa on the bench was a far better Santa than the young obscenely drunk Santas participating in the bar crawls that I am sure made the community board chair at the time -- David McWater an even richer man....I did see children shocked by the drunk Santas but never had a problem with Karl.

Karl wished every police officer that stopped a safe tour; even "Robocop" that had him arrested many times. If you are arrested and taken to the hospital they handcuff you to the bed. Karl was not pleased being handcuffed to a bed but he never held a grudge and sincerely would wish the many officers from the 9th that stop by a safe tour.

I hope Edgar is in doors. He was in really bad shape....very bad.

I have not seen Marlene. I hope she is with family or a half way house where she is warm, safe and off booze where hopefully no one is taking advantage of her. Note Jan. 1 I heard she is still in jail.

I have not seen Jim and the golden dog Jesse Jane and although I cannot talk to him and he needs major care and stabilizing influences like housing and meds of some kind I do hope they are warm and safe some where.

Full moon...saw a fire truck and smiled -- happy memories -- so glad the truck has not been modernized and replaced like so many -- was such a funny fireman in that truck that would make me laugh and laugh. He did not die 9-11...just haven't seen him around but the memories of the laughs were much appreciated.

lots and lots of police Houston Street a lot of 9th Precinct, an ambulance so possible car accident judging by the police did not seem life or death

Let's see -- at least 12 people are standing but man with legs spread akimbo makes it impossible to sit

It would take empathy and action by the 2 men, especially the one with his legs spread so wide it makes it impossible for anyone to sit down but if I politely asked these guys if I might sit down I don't imagine them making much of an effort to make room...

Suzannah B. Troy preparing for Mike Bloomberg's inauguration to PROTEST king Mike flushing democracy down the toilet, mass evictions etc.

At Kinko's with "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, Is democracy for sale?" Poster and yes democracy is for sale. I have the poster dry mounted in case it is windy at City Hall. Preparing to leave Mike a nasty -gram -- as nasty as I can be with out getting arrested and Mike is getting his punishment and that is his 3rd term.

Also watch my very first YouTube "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York".
Suzannah B. Troy at Washington Square Park -- a very kind tourist that spoke some exotic language agreed to take my photo. I feel like "Amelie" but it is a bad dream ala king Mike here in NYC....it is freezing and smiling makes me feels warmer.

Note: I always compare Mike Bloomberg to the Peter Sellars character in "Being There" except it is not a comedy but a horror movie about an above average intelligence man who almost by accident becomes a politician of the worst kind...the little emperor of NYC.

Mike Bloomberg ups the price tag on his humiliating underwhelming win by giving out undeserved bonuses to over paid staff members

  • Suzannah B. Troy

    12/30/2009 7:58 AM

    King Mike Bloomberg bought oops won the most humiliating win in NYC history for the most money ever spent which proves democracy is for sale. I made a poster and YouTube "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" which The NY Post refused to cover although the paper published so many of my letters. The media acted like they were "Team Bloomberg" instead of reporting the news which included city wide protests against Bloomberg & City Council denying us a referendum. It is obscene that he is giving bonuses to people that barely got the job done with unlimited resources to win. Fed Up New Yorkers from all over NYC gathered and we talked about getting a bus "No Third Term for Mike Bloomberg" and that included anyone that voted to extend term limits and drive from borough to borough. If only we had and if only the press had covered opposition Mike would have gone down in history as paying the most money ever with unlimited resources to lose. With so many homeless, people in need--the amount of money he shelled to ruthless campaign people is sickening especially knowing it could have gone to homeless people and school children in need or to a thousand different issues where the city is failing. Bloomberg further humiliates himself by giving out bonuses and raises the price tag on the most humiliating win ever to buy a third term and he could not have gotten done with out Christine Quinn, Mike Jr.'s help and corrupt city council member that have no respect for democracy.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/mike_campaign_bonus_babies_FZiCgjhIF2m6XvLQvSVj7I#comments#ixzz0bB0JQ57u

Monserrate needs to go and why he and Espada are not behind bars is beyond me

Well done Elizabeth and Kathleen on this important and optimistic report. Let us hope they do begin to care about public trust and the first step is he must go. Gay activists sent me a YouTube where they protest him and ask why he should be allowed to marry but it is asked in a far stronger way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5NnQWFK3jM I do no understand why Espada and Monserrate are both not in jail for what I believe Monserrate did to his girlfriend they both did with tax payers. Their arrogance and stupidity will cost NY tax payers a fortune and even more people will be forced to leave NY. If only we truly could have transparency, accountability and more successful prosecution of corrupt politicians finding all kinds of creative ways to help themselves to tax payer money. If only guys that rough up women were truly held accountable but politicians, celebrities and the very rich are rarely held accountable - always given a way to wiggle out.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=82926#ixzz0bAgGVCRx

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jay Logan Giuseppie "Guiseppi" Logan's gifted son - Jay and GL hope to reunite for the first time in over 30 years, he calls me angel lady

http://loungerenownrecords.com/ photo of Jay from website...
To read deeply moving piece on Jay http://loungerenownrecords.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=115&Itemid=151

I am teary eyed...perpetual exhaustion but I feel quiet joy to be in contact with Jay Logan, Giuseppie Logan's son and he today he texted me and called me "angel lady".

A year ago I found GL playing his sax on a freezing cold day like today and the park was desolate. I am an artist....I know the feeling...the drive, the passion and the lack of an audience so I asked if I might film him. He played a haunting rendition of "Begin the Beguine". I knew I had something powerful and I ran home and posted what felt like a mini-film...magical New York Moments.

When I posted the footage on YouTube I found footage of Giuseppi Logan (he drops the "e" on his record covers) with his small son Jay in the very same park Tompkins from 1966.

What I did not know is people thought Giuseppie "Giuseppi Logan" jazz musician and composer was dead. I was to receive countless missives from people all around the world deeply moved by my YouTube.

I first saw Jay in a YouTube as a small boy, 1966, being escorted with his Dad and dog that showed up along with my YouTube in the very same park, Tompkins! There is a close up of their hands locked in a loving embrace, father and son and I get teary eyes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSb-JgMIeuA The clip is from a film by Edward English and the very end of the segment has GL returning with his son and dog from Tompkins to his home nearby to be happily greeted by his wife.

Shortly after posting Tim Madison, a writer contacted me. He was deeply moved by my YouTube. I asked him to watch the other YouTube. It looks like Tompkins Square Park! I could not believe it. I doubted my reality and asked Tim to reassure me. Tim was the first person to explain the depth of GL...his contribution with his music and his composing. When I first posted the YouTube a gentleman with the YouTube name Raggety commented "He lives".

GL's life has a vibe like "The Soloist" but it is a New York City story and the fracture of a family because his wife would divorce him, sell his instruments and take their son to the West Coast. GL star was rising but so was his need to self destruct. There are hints of anger in his eyes when the topic comes up but I understand why she left.

Giuseppie Logan had made two albums (you can find them on Amazon.com) that people have contacted me about and told me they still have before he disappeared. I want tell you the story now. I am too tired.

I am also used to people ripping off my work and not acknowledging me so it was something to have the publisher of Signal to Noise, Pete Gershon write a piece "Out from the Shadow" and he opens with reference to the film maker English's video clip on YouTube in Tompkins and mine almost 50 years apart. Pete Gershon refers to me has artist and community activist.

In the background of English's clip on YouTube is one of Giuseppi Logan's original compositions and GL's talks about wanting to support himself and his family through his music. Jay is playing in the children's park still there today but fenced in and now you can find GL's as an old man playing on a park bench near that children's park.

I hope to film Giuseppie and Jay Logan reunited for the first time in over 30 years this January!!!!!

I remember I was deeply moved and I spoke with Tim Madison. We both said we watched the YouTube I made over and over. My immediate response as always is too withdraw. I also rarely go out and have yet to hear GL play in a professional setting but Tim urged me to follow up. I felt unsure but I did and have.

One of Jay's friends, another talented musician and angel as well contacted me on behalf of Jay and through him and another key player, musican and angel Matt Lavelle who is dedicated to GL and is constantly getting him bookings to play and helping him earn money worked to communicate and we got Jay GL's address, new phone no. although mostly the phone is not working and the message the Jay hopes to see Giuseppie in January.

Here is a link about Jay and it also can move you to tears...he and his wife lost their son in a random act of violence -- heartbreaking...I have never asked GL certain questions and one is does he know about the loss of his grandson. I am sure he does. I just can't bring myself to ask, at least yet. The link has inspiring information so please read

I am exhausted so it is hard to absorb -- I took these paragraphs from his bio....want to cry...
"SAVOY, or Stop All Violence on Youth

It was a beautiful summer day when Jay Logan dropped off his 14-year-old son Jaee in West Oakland on July 2, 2006, to attend a barbecue with friends. Three hours later, he received a call that Jaee had been shot and killed.

A star football player at Carter Middle School, Jaee was an honor roll student who lived with his father, 7-year-old sister, Jaelena, and grandmother, Dorothy, in North Oakland. His dad remembers Jaee as a talented singer, an athlete who overcame asthma to become a starting running back on the Berkeley Cougars football team and a loving, intelligent teen who worried about his friends. “My son wanted to help everyone. He thought he was Superman,” Logan, 43, says.

Jaee’s death was one of 148 homicides in Oakland in 2006, the highest total in more than a decade. Nearly three-quarters of the city’s homicides that year were street shootings, and about half were the result of undetermined motives."

I can't wait to photograph them together in Tompkins and to film them together.

They want to reunite. They want to play together. Giuseppie told me he wants to record with his son on his old label. Both Father and Son are deeply talented, musically gifted souls that live and breath their music and always have instruments nearby. GL and his son play many instruments and GL has told me proudly how gifted his son is. GL's small living space by Tompkins given to him by the Salvation Army is filled with instruments that GL's has bought or been given as gifts.

I can't wait to film this deeply moving reunion in Tompkins Square Park.

I have a YouTube series and I can't wait for the day towards the end of January to add the footage that will mirror the past and marry the future none could have imagined a year ago and tell more of the story of the YouTube I found from 1966 when I posted mine from 2008.

Here is one of fourteen in my playlist and here he plays a new composition he has written. My first YouTube I tell you he needs a home and a place to write music. (If you look to the right down the side is the playlist of 14 YouTubes.

This man has been through so much, suffered so much even if some was self inflicted and he comes back here as I often myself returning to Tompkins to a hexagon where I have a poem not to far from where GL plays...it says miss you, miss the trees, miss the NY idiosyncrasies...the word missing from these few words of my poem is "love" which is implied....

how touching that where I first filmed GL -- he is standing by my poem in the hexagon by the fountain.

Sometimes I feel like he and I are ghosts from one of the short stories I have written but this is real life and he has come back from the dead -- so many people had just assumed he had died but he did not and he came back from what seemed like being dead to compose more music, to play with the constant love and support of Matt Lavelle and now to reunite with his gifted son.

I do not need to go out to see a movie...my life feels like a film...

I am exhausted...too tired to fix the fonts, typos but as usual the passion and the work are what is important.

To artists, passionate artists, to the magical of New York, the internet, YouTube and google...
to miracles of all sizes so much in need....

Happy New Year,
Love Suzannah

Note: I am not Steve Lopez -- never had a job at a newspaper and working at the LA Times made all the difference when it came to helping his subject. He brokered a deal, a book, a movie and helped create a foundation in Nathan's name to help artists in need.

I pray a film or films are made about Giuseppie Logan, his son and Grandson (rest in peace) that tell the passionate story of the human spirit of artists compelled to make music -- to play on and one day there will be a foundation to based in NYChttp://www.naayers.org/ A foundation here would help someone like Jim Mosaic Man Powers and his dog Jesse Jane and many other really brilliant artists that struggle with homelessness and other issues. I can't have contact with Jim anymore because he has these moods and his treatment of me unacceptable but I wish he had a foundation as well as other support systems trained to help him and support his art.

Steve Lopez was given so much support and resources while I have been given "sub-zero. Anyone who knows me knows the reason why I believe this is. It is a boys club and only "girls" that power date and or know their place belong. I do not. Just look to my art work protesting Mike Bloomberg and how much coverage it got...brilliant work that I believe will be acknowledged by history. Thank goodness for YouTube even though it has it's down side and I was banned for 28 hours. Google did apologize and that was meaningful.

p.s. I am exhausted and as many of you know I was wrongly banned from YouTube -- imagine if YouTube Google had not restored my work.....? I have made zero dollars from my YouTube work but I feel my documenting GL is as powerful as the Susan Boyle YouTube phenomenon with no help from main stream media so on a humble level but deeply moving and powerful.

The bells of hell go ting-a-ling-a-ling -- on death, letting go yet there it is the bells of hell just desserts

Poets ramble on at length about mortality, but it was an anonymous World War I lyricist who probably said it best: “The bells of hell go ting-a-ling-a-ling for you but not for me.” We can visualize other people’s deaths, but not so much our own (“For me the angels sing-a-ling-a-ling”).

The above paragraph is from an article on death from "The Health Section" The New York Times

but it rang a bell for me because I have found my self often even today praying for justice served and I am not just talking about jail time but about prime real estate in Hell. Sure I want terrorists to burn in the fiery flames but my list is personal and I have found myself praying as I walk the streets of the East Village for justice served...karma plus and prime real estate in Hell.

I call this head set "Garbageland" and I urge myself to simply look at all the beauty around myself. Tune in to beautifulworld not garbageland. Over and over people have let me know they share this primal raw feeling and that the people are their own worst punishment. It is a given they will get theirs so forget and move on.

Focus on everything positive and be grateful there are positive people and things to focus on.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Babette's Feast -- insight in to the soul of the artist

The film might want to make you a vegetarian if you aren't already but after writing about the darkest parts of people posing as human, I rented a film I saw a long time ago..."Babette's Feast" and it was deeply moving.

The last few lines of the film are telling and see in to the beautiful soul of the passionate artist.

Unusual beautiful great...

Monster w/bullet proof vest attempts to shot NYPD but his gun jams of course we won't be hearing from Gov. Paterson, Charles Barron or Al Sharpton

I don't condone shootings unless it is self defense or to save a life but this story is so sick and no outrage. Besides attempting to shot the police while wearing a bullet proof vest, his mother yelled "Shoot the cop, shoot the cop." They both belong behind bars.

What ever we are paying the front line NYPD is not enough.

I don't hear any politicians expressing outrage. This is so outrageous and it makes you understand why cops could be jumpy out there in the street. I did not even know about this story but found it in The NY Daily News just now.

Gay Rights Activists Slam Monterserrate at Christmas Party!!!!! Deeply Moving!!!!!!


19th Precinct -- do you have a billionaire sex offender in your midst?

The upper East Side may have it's first official billionaire sex offender. I am not sure. I don't have the resources of a news reporter but Jeffrey Epstein who may live in the same zip code as Mike Bloomberg may have to register here in NYC as a sex offender for getting busted in Florida.

According to what I have read http://files.wallstreetfolly.com/wordpress/tag/jeffrey-epstein/ the Feds sprung Epstein early so another "bail out" for a white collar guy that is less than ethical but *the Feds think they need his help to dissect the Bear Stearns debacle. I wonder what his mentor Ace Greenberg would have to say about this or Leslie Wexner? I would like to ask them and a bevy of billionaires, ex-Pres. Bill Clinton plus our very own DA, "Morgy" for a comment. Note: Epstein gave Hilary Clinton a generous donation http://www.newsmeat.com/billionaire_political_donations/Jeffrey_Epstein.php I don't understand, according to this link he gave Hilary Clinton $20,000 dollars for NY State senate run 2000?

Ghislaine Maxwell is described as recruiting an underage girl for Jeffrey Epstein in this article so in theory doesn't that qualify her for registering as a sex offender as well? http://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/news/content/news/2009/07/15/epstein071609.html

Epstein is not done attempting to degrade and inflict pain on his victims. Misogynists celebrate his antics and claim these young women are no victims but they are and Epstein is going out of his way to make Tiger Woods look sexually mature, down right kind and like a humanitarian.

Lucky for Woody Allen that he never took the young woman that was the daughter of his long term partner Mia Farrow to a Knick game in Florida. When the news broke about Mia Farrow finding photos of Soon Yi nude left out by Woody Allen as if he wanted to be discovered by Farrow, the general public's first reaction was to say that Mia Farrow was crazy but in fact she was not only sane but she and her family, her children all very deeply violated by a man they invited in to their home and trusted as if he was a husband and "father" figure.

So New York City being NYC, Woody Allen was able to wait x amount of time and marry Soon Yi. Of course not even Woody Allen's biological son by Mia Farrow will speak to him but lucky for Woody Allen he was not tried and prosecuted and made to register as a sex offender. Here is a web site "Woody Allen the Pedophile". http://judicial-inc.biz/woody_allen_with_mia_farrow.htm This site at the bottom points out that Woody Allen and his step-daughter wife are still on the A list for parties and events.
My thoughts...Ahhh New York is a hell of a town and lucky for the A-list that so far they are above the law!

If not so, he might be joining Epstein on the app (application) called "Offender Locator" that carries the name, address and photo of sex offenders. Apple's app store has a version that is free.

Her story is heartbreaking and she has a very good reason not to tolerate predators...read her story.

* In a short story I wrote in 2003 the feds come to my main character -- a financial whiz who happens to be a woman for help understanding global financial wheelings and dealings and there is a rumor about how she makes money...maybe another reason the Feds have an interest...?

Murray Weiss's piece on a Police Officer who knows first hand about sex offenders and why they need to be behind bars


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hey Suze Orman, FYI out of control spender in major debt -- his name Uncle Sam -- trillons of dollars in debt

The American way is charge on your credit cards, spend and spend, even billionaires like Donald Trump manage to declare bankruptcy according to this article over and over
I remember someone dying of terminal cancer telling me he was charging up a storm knowing he had no money to pay back that debt.

It is the American way and a huge disconnect like shop lifting or suing the City not understanding the people pay; shoplifters force stores to raise prices, suing the city means higher taxes but the worst offender is the USA now trillions of dollars in debt!!!!!

China actually owns a big part of the USA's debt which is hard to believe as if the massive debt in which our country manages to operate but some how slicksters like Donald Trump are never slowed down from busting through zoning like the reckless Spring and Varrick build, an ode to his ego that has weighed heavy on old NY's infrastructure. I think there are have been two significant water main breaks nearby and also sadly one construction worker died at the site.

Nothing is going to slow down ruthless, greedy entities that have zero respect for the people and that includes those from the mega rich, middle class and poor all sharing the same mentality ...they only care about their self serving agendas and at the expense of the communities, the people of this country and we are paying and paying as they find ways, loopholes, etc.

Getting back to Uncle Sam... Could you imagine if we said to Uncle Sam -- you don't have the money so stop spending. First we have to pay back China, settle up the trillions of dollars of debt and we are not allowing the USA to spend until we are flush...?

How would Suze Orman advice that Uncle...Uncle Sam?

FDNY fireman in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban


My mind always returns to Sept. 11, the day, the days and months following....how some many fire police officers made there way down there day after day and than some left to go abroad to serve in the military...

Feel sad and you just wish our military and allies safe passage home asap.

Percy Sutton civil rights activist trailblazer dies


Suzannah B. Troy want to attend, oops get as close to Mike Bloomberg inauguration with her poster mayor Bloomberg King of NY Is democracy for sale?


Total YouTube views for Suzannahartist 120,017

The NY Post places Sex in the City under voices of the decade -- the story is about rich white privileged women that like to shop

Suzannah B. Troy

12/27/2009 10:23 AM

As usual can't navigate The NY Post's website that Rupert Murdoch wants to charge us for but "Sex and the City" setting a new paradigm is a pathetic joke. Sex and the The City is about vapid empty head rich privileged white women that love to shop. Pathetic and to post under "Voice of the Decade"?

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/voices_of_the_decade_h8lD66qhw0uzagyyKl36VO#comments#ixzz0au3kwx9o

Oh yeah, left out power dating....that is a big important activity...it is why I like porn stars more -- at least their process is honest.

I really do not see much difference between porn and the main stream media including advertising. Calvin Klein was one of the first to use porn stream in a main stream media way and get away with it but more and more Hollywood is going the way of the porn industry and the porn industry is going more main stream.

Sex in the City was not emblematic of women in Manhattan at all.

Laughable The NY Post's Voices of a decade -- Mike Bloomberg, Suzannah B. Troy posts this response

Suzannah B. Troy

12/27/2009 9:28 AM

Mike Bloomberg, the king of New York, stole the election and certain city council members aided and abetted him in denying us a referendum thereby flushing democracy down the toilet. The Bloomberg administration pushed a reckless tsunami of community crushing development knowing it was too fast and furious to police which suited developers and contractors many that have unpaid fines from DOB and ECB (environmental control board) in what would be the real estate version of the implosion of Wall Street. Mike did not do the math. You can't displace -- drive out large amounts of New Yorkers, deny them a referendum and expect they will vote for you. But Mike and the media that backed him like they were Team Bloomberg did not figure it out so we had the last laugh election night. Mike Bloomberg set two records Nov. 3 -- one- to spend the most money to buy - oops, win an election and two -- to win the most humiliating win in NYC history. The good news is city council got the message as well and they have a lot to worry about. City Council member Miguel Martinez was arrested for stealing tax payer money and I am praying there will be more arrests in 2010. The people of New York deserve a lot better. By the way, is there some law that prevents a mayor from showing up at an eviction rally. I attended rallies fighting mass eviction, eminent domain abuse of entire neighborhoods, protests to save small businesses and never saw Mike Bloomberg at one of these events.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/voices_of_the_decade_h8lD66qhw0uzagyyKl36VO#comments#ixzz0atpP109j

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays & FYI, if I am being harassed be confident I report it

Be confident I report harassment especially if it involves computer and or telephone lines because it is called aggravated harassment and that means jail time.

Christmas Terror plot on airplane foiled


Jeffrey Epstein makes Tiger Woods look sexually mature. Prediction Epstein will go to jail again - arrogance hubris lack of remorse=jail part 2


Epstein appears to have zero remorse and is unwilling to take responsibility for his behavior but managed to get out of jail early at least this time around. I predict he will get busted again because he is incapable of admitting wrong dealing and taking responsibility.

The IPhone has an app for sexual predators - actually sex offenders and the app is called "Offender Locator". NYC is filled with them and when I wrote about this app before any other newspaper http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2009/08/apples-sex-offender-locator-app-shows.html --recently the NY Daily News had a blurb about it -- the person who told me about it pointed out there are plenty right by Tompkins Square Park so when I blogged, I urged readers to hold your children tight.

Read my posting about this money manager... Do the laws apply to billionaire bad boys...?
Why would older man long for young girls like Epstein, Polanski and Woody Allen just to name a few rich men that have...Could it be major sexual insecurity and fear of adult women or are they pure predators?

Note: I looked Epstein up on the locator -- I won't tell you if I found him or not....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The EMS that responded to Vada - inspirational and in sharp contrast to EMS that refused to help young pregnant Mom NYC moments life and death moments


NYC -- seems to always be in a state of perpetual "It was the best of times....it was the worst of times...".state of being.

I do have a profound deep feeling of admiration and respect for every NYC police NYPD, fire FDNY and EMS workers that are truly honorable. They are truly amazing, under paid and under appreciated.

I am too tired and don't want to do a lot of posts so I am adding this one because I was talking about admiration.

Note: I told you I bought Sinead O'Connor's song This is to Mother You on Itunes which is one of my most favorite O'Connor songs ever.

It was a different version and Mary J. Blige and Martha B. join her in this version and O'Connor donated the song to charity to help raise money to protect girls here in American and abroad from exploitation of all un-kinds and the worst kind.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The best and worst Best a miracle for a 5 year old boy, worst City Council naming a street for Sean Bell


The miracle of a small child healing from cancer -beating out a death sentence is the best story I read. (The NY Daily News is now on twitter so I found this link on their twitter site.)

Best: On ABC World News - A Lt. Colonel that had his lower half of his body blown off...very moving piece to see him united with his wife and daughters...very moving..... Really moved by him and his family. He said he still wants to work as long as they military give him work but not some job to take up space...not his words but he really moved me....can't find the link but I found another piece different officer, similar injury http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs07/columns/story?columnist=garber_greg&id=3222397 Thinking of our troops and allies out there...

Also a church in Vermont that needs money to fix up the church and to feed even higher volumes of homeless were going to sell their stain class window but because of people watching the news they are getting donations and now won't have to sell their window.
The worst is naming a street for Sean Bell. It was a tragedy, terrible that Sean Bell died and that many bullets was too many. There is a worse case and that was a young hispanic man riding in a car with friends that held his hand out like a gun and an off duty police officer shot him. The off duty NYPD officer left the scene which for me is criminal and cowardly. He left the scene and it was believed he did so because he had a drink. As I understand it, Sean Bell was drunk, he used the car like a weapon so he was no hero although he did not deserve 51 bullets and death.

City Council for the most part is a sham. They voted themselves a raise which is a conflict of interest. Several had embarrassing if not shameful attendance records. City Council members are the only people in New York that can have a lousy attendance record and vote themselves a raise.

More than half of City Council robbed the people of this city of democracy and of these group that flushed democracy down the toilet there are some that have shady bordering on criminal.
http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2009/12/19/2009-12-19_hammer_time.html Martinez is the only one "honest" enough to finally admit he was stealing from the get go. I do not understand how Stewart and Seabrook avoided prosecution and there are others that have been exposed in the press that continue to walk free...ditto Albany. This NY Daily News article asks what makes it so easy but I want to know why they think they are entitled and this article doesn't touch on other issues exposing unethical dealings by council members. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2009/07/17/2009-07-17_stop_the_thieves_city_council_must_end_porkbarrel_member_items.html

City Council gave themselves a raise at the very same time the NYPD's starting salary was lowered which was awful for the NYPD and the people of this city. The NYPD need to be the best paid police force which is not possible because the city is bust and the NYPD needs to continue to do major reform including no tragedies like 51 bullets. That being said the NYPD has the most dangerous and most unappreciated job in NYC. I don't excuse any wrong doing but I also do not take for granted the good they do either. To date the NYPD along with the FDNY, EMS died in record number in the line of duty losing the most rescue workers in the line of duty in history for the Nation, State, City and with in each dept. and that fact is not only unrecognized at the site but has been erased. To date the mayor denies the rescue workers that died in record number their rank. On the worst day I have ever witnessed in NYC, they ran down to the WTC and died in record number and there is no sign at the WTC honoring their heroic and epic sacrifice at the WTC.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sub-Zero Trickle Down -- Mike Bloomberg's New York


Just a few links to articles today...

NY Post editor acts like he gets commission on that armory being made over in to a shopping mall. I bet he never had a job working minimum wage in retail. Bloomberg and gang want to make money for developers and construction business and poor people should just be happy according to the NYPost for a minimum wage job with no nothing...no health insurance benefits or security. Dear Editor of NY Post...Rupert should just make Ashley Dupree editor and you can go have a job at the mall for minimum wage!

Wow the mayor actually picked someone who actually worked in the FDNY! That is a new and progressive idea by the mayor.

I do agree with the mayor on this travesty -- beyond heartbreaking this beautiful pregnant Mom and unborn baby died and the EMS workers were too busy with breakfast to help.

Under Mike Bloomberg and his mega millionaire socialite city planner and with the help of city council members exposed by the NY Daily News to be getting kickbacks? or do you call it commission? or do you call campaign contributions...your pick ---- from developers including Christine Quinn example Dermott the people of New York have been crushed...a tsunami of community crushing development including mass evictions and abuse of eminent domain.

Note: For those following my blog there is no sighting of Marlene which may be a good sign. In theory she should be out of jail and by not returning to Tompkins Square Park it is better for her. I know she is a long term resident even if mostly homeless but she falls back in to the viscous cycle of drinking and I felt people were praying on her drunk as well as her temper when drunk was getting worse. I hope she can stay sober and reconnect with people that support her rather than exploit her when she is down.

Students protest MTA cuts at Time Square - I could not find the link on ABC local news where I watched the protest. Here is my YouTube on no to MTA cuts

New York City is Oligarch Central...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Suzannah B. Troy, more of me to love + this blogger youtuber is now on break unless I get really pissed off!

There is more of me to love these days....I did not have the swine flu but the bloomberg flu and I also feel perpetually and deeply exhausted all the time.

Again to everyone that came here with positive good energy back at you times 100.

I believe in KARMA and than some...

Be back blogging before the New Year. I feel burnt out. Think of my short story The Going -- that one makes me cry, a 9-11 ghost story but took on a twist I could never have anticipated when I voted for Bloomberg the first time and really believed he would help this city; instead I went to bed in the East Village and woke up in a bad xerox of mid-town turning in to a bad xerox of Dubai. The Going it is about saying good bye...the final goodbye....

Merry Happy Joyous Holidays!!!!!!!!!

My Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Is Democracy for Sale Poster

To the NYPD scuba unit and helicopter pilot well done very brave rescue

The NYPD made a brave and heroic rescue in to the icy waters yesterday and saved a woman that jumped off The Brooklyn Bridge.

Tompkins -- Lower East Side

NYU the evil empire of the E. Village does not want homeless from shelter next door too close - the Purple Reign of Terror

The only thing Mike Bloomberg, socialite mega millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden and John Sexton pres of NYU have not done is provide NYU buses and trolleys as well as trains to move the community out for the evil empire aka NYU -- ruthless real estate magnate unending need to expand.

Cooper Union was NYU jr. but is now an evil real estate magnate doing harmful development and evil real estate wheeling and dealing using "higher ed" as a tax shelter to be a landlord and college students that should be fighting for the community do not challenge the administration but actually believe Cooper Union's justification for irresponsible zone busting supersizing and land leasing and on old NY, the old Lower East Side's infrastructure. Also check out the subway stations where Cooper Union plans to add 1 of 2 hideous ugly supersized zone bustesr by the rotted leaking subways stations and the two mega builds--one is up on land leased property by Cooper Union have nothing to do with higher ed. --- just higher greed -- to their zone busting mega dorm across the street on 3rd Avenue. The half empty mirrored sky piercing mirrored reflects a history destroyed and a community no longer welcome.

The mirrored sky piercing building already there I am told is land leased so if you buy a multi-million dollar condo you are buying property on land that is leased that Cooper Union owns which if true explains why the building appears half empty.

The majority of NYU students don't care although a few have admitted to me they feel horrible about NYU's destructive actions but Cooper Union students are not anti-establishment. They don't care about Cooper Union's evil wheeling and dealings as long as they get their free education. They are Gordon Gekko's and Peter Cooper is turning over in his grave.

At least I got to watch Columbia University students protest and chant "NOT IN OUR NAME!!" at a rally protesting Columbia U.'s abuse of eminent domain and the protest was on campus. I did a youtube series of the protest.

I must have your lamp shade you adorable young man

exhaustion extreme

I always make a lot of typos, etc. -- but having an even harder time...just sheer exhaustion. I can't even keep up with all the photos, videos and I wish I had the resources + press pass...even a slew of private investigators would be REALLY nice...gaggle of great white shark lawyers, oh well if I am dreaming...be a media mogul and some solid sleep would be nice....

Groan, pigged out yet again, my pants are tight ....no where near finding my "inner reset button".

Women have one plus when they get fatter men don't have...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Man Fatally Stabbed at NYC Shelter East Village


Just a hint at why some homeless people have told me they do not want to go to a shelter and prefer living on the street.

Feds have a big problem with Albany's books and New Yorkers demand reform -- FED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suzannah praised -- touching comment --I watched his YouTube and I asked if a small guy named Mike Bloomberg is on Crookston city council as well?

YouTubehelp center | e-mail options | report spam

CrookstonDocumentary has made a comment on NY City Council never has conflicts of interest! Conflict of interest board biggest joke in town:

You should be commended for your efforts to get these issues out. These fatcats seem to think they're untouchable. They work so hard to shut up individuals like such as yourself. Thank goodness for You Tube so we can bring this corruption out into the light. Keep up the good work. People are watching.

You can reply to this comment by visiting the comments page.

I think The NY Post and The NY Daily News and all local NYC outlets minus The NY eminent domain Times devoted to the rich real estate and their own demise -- should all post a banner -- this is how much Albany and City Hall are costing you w/corruption, bad choices, fake organizations, money doled out to developers that give them big campaign donations, how much we the tax payers are paying for Christine Quinn's high priced defense attorney along with her staff -- it should just be rolling along at the type of local news sites 24/7 -- to date Ms. Quinn has costed tax payers x amount, this charity was given x amount of pork aka tax payer money and so and relative is on their board -- it should be out there easily accessible highly visible.

+Just a reminder -- city council voted themselves a raise....it was later exposed that many had a lousy attendance record with the exception of Tony Avella who had a perfect attendance record and voted against giving themselves a raise. Two other city council members out of 51 refused to vote themselves a raise.

Also note at the time they did this the NYPD's starting salary was lowered. Even the harshest critics of the NYPD said this was wrong!

Now Christine Quinn is actually going to check and make sure city council members live in their district!

Also note ex-city council member Martinez voted to extend term limits. He later pleaded guilty to stealing tax payer money. He said he was stealing from the get go. Other aides to council members Kendall Stewart and Larry Seabrook pleaded guilty. I do not know how Seabrook and Stewart -- city council members who pleaded innocent were found innocent....how could they not have missed the money their assistants, one aide that pleaded guilty -- highest most aide staffer pleaded guilty and both Seabrook and Stewart have shady track records-- but they voted to extend term limits and both felt they had the right to return. I don't remember them apologizing for their staff stealing tax payer money. There are not alone being exposed for shady self serving dealings but why are they not booted out and or even jailed?

City Council voting themselves a raise, voting to extend term limits was a conflict of interest and as far as I am concerned their votes are tainted. They denied us a referendum.

There are investigations in to certain city council members still open and on going. So far for way too long they have been above scrutiny and the law. .

In theory: Hot Chocolate and carols still on for tomorrow from Friends of Tompkins Square Park 4-5

The first photo -- the snow was already falling and in a short amount of time the ground already white....Folks happy holidays and a blessed New Year. Stay safe and for the good souls that came to my blog and wish me well --- multiply by a 100 my best wishes to you!

I am beyond exhausted --- a deep dark feeling of exhaustion.
best, peace and love and
a big industrial strength hug, hugs,
Suzannah B. Troy

9th Precinct preparing for Holiday party NYPD community outreach

I saw Santa rushing by and a big turn out from the community as well as a van from the NY Blood Center so the 9th Precinct and the area across the street was alive with energy and people in need as well as those ready to give...

As usual I am rushing off to another destination but this is one aspect of policing that many people miss or take for granted...community outreach.

Post Script: Passed by much later and took a peek -- saw children jumping up and down from happiness -- which is nice to see