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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Eric Garner Case Appellate Judges My Case Recusal Request Coming for Protecting Garner Homicide Cop Given Raise 24 Hour Security

Court reverses decision to reveal records of Garner chokehold cop - NY Daily News

 The world saw a video of Eric Garner dying.  The NYPD had no reason to jump on him they knew him which was clearly addressed in Eric's hand written pro se lawsuit years -- how he was targeted the NYPD history of targeting him... look at the video we don't see Eric Garner  committing a crime we've never seen video of a crime of Eric selling a cigarette but we have a video of a crime being committed against me at a rich doctor's office  and the violent lying attack a receptionist/office manager is not arrested because the NYPD are out of control, corrupt, fix crime like a Las Vegas casino and my case and Eric Garner's starting with his pro se lawsuit years ago and my mind are proof.

Eric Garner said it stops today -  if you read his hand written lawsuit it appears that he means illegal stop and frisk public anal body cavity searches planting drugs on him setting him up for crimes he didn't commit false arrests  apparently victims of the NYPD have no protection but NYPD that break laws are protected over and over and over and promoted!

 I'm overwhelmed my Dad a decorated WW2 Vet and Scholar  died it during the federal lawsuit  and he died knowing the truth about Ray Kelly his role, The anti-Semitism blaming the victim me and now my mom is dying but I realize I'm going to have to change the beginning of my appeal to ask these charges to recuse themselves because I believe that the same judges I just did fixing in favors for the City of NY  as far as the world audience is concerned a criminal cop that has a history a record of wrong doing being overly aggressive and how was he rewarded by the NYPD in the city but with racism 24 hour security.

 I'm not alleging that NYPD Internal Affairs broke laws they did directly committing crimes or directly covering up the crimes in my case from the doctors to the 1st Precinct Detective Squad and supervisors.

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault -- watch the video of Delita Hooks  instigated/provoked me to seek help because she was violating my patient rights being rude and inappropriate and when I couldn't get help she instigated/provoke me to start filming.     I understand NYPD are deeply prejudiced misogynist and corrupt and  downgraded a series of crimes including second-degree assault menacing a pass cross complaint threatening a victim including in my tack or sign letter to the NYPD going to drop her past cross complaint and threaten me with a second pass cross complaint  to coercion bait and switch lying and police reports the NYPD detective threatening me verbally violently with a false arrest if I didn't drop charges into no crimes which is also looking to have a lower crimes that sell for by the clients are down when they're in fact their commuting crimes as well.

I will also alert them then I believe filmmakers and authors of books and police  corruption are following this case and I'm asking any filmmakers to please use the names, pictures of everyone involved in my case that committed crimes are protected crimes including I'm a let you judges like federal judge Allison Nathan who refused to meet me and defense counsel and go over the video, the false cross complaint,  and police reports that the city of New York accidentally submitted in federal court to judge Nathan proving my case which I've submitted in New York State Supreme Court and I still can't get a judge to look at the evidence and move me forward in fact judge Lynn Kotler  said I didn't make any claims when I did and we debated them in oral argument starting with coercion I was coerced and the City Lawyer  Catherine Papandrew openly lied in front of the judge in front of the words in God we trust stating I wasn't when in fact I was and she makes some fake reference to somewhere my lawsuit without stating where that I said the police acted within their scope when in fact I didn't and on the very front page of every lawsuit/ Apeal it says I don't even have the NYPD Detectves and Sgt Chen's badge numbers  audio proves that the NYPD did not act within their scope  as does the video of the attack proof that Detective John Vergona and supervisors as well as detective Andy Dwyer lied in their police report  which is not acting within their scope and it's also committing a crime which is been protected by corporate counsel for years including by Zachary Carter Redacto I believe because I've been an open critic on my blog of the oligarchs of New York including Bloomberg  was caught giving Ray Kelly and other lavish gifts like free rides on Bloomberg private jet and a huge critic Rudin a bad xerox of his grandparents who turned  st. Vincent's hospital until luxury blood condos and his corrupt NYPD he has on the payroll retired cops call the 6th Precinct to have me arrested but they refused because protesting is not a crime.

 I also want to ask the judges to forward my case to a special prosecutor, or the US attorney, or the New York State Attorney General because  the nypd detectives  and supervisors committed crimes.

If you want to understand Eric Garner it stops today the contexts and meaning read his hand written lawsuits allege NYPD crimes including NYPD allegedly planting drugs on him and stating Mr. Garner we know who you are the parks department should not employ you, you are a felon and this occurred years before he was killed by reckless NYPD who did not even try to resecuitate him. The pro se lawsuit was thrown out because he did not know to update his address.  

The corrupt cops  retaliate against me because I reported their Facebook friend PO Eugene Schatz   Who I reported to Internal Affairs  two years before running punched my head down the street at Dr Andrew Fagelman's who  being the Mercer hotels call a cop as Preet Bharara's describes  cops on call to do fixing in favors and because I'm blogged  about 911 tech corruption  and Adrian Schoolcraft kidnapping the top cops "fixing crime take a promoted him with 911 tech corruption I went to City Hall I testified we need a criminal prosecution  I handed Ray Kelly and chief chuck Dowd technology my Justice card at the time which talks about my case and how the NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas casino.  I testified I didn't know Chief Chuck Dowd was taking lavish gifts from Verizon. Internal affairs perfect try to protect all the corruption involving taking lavish gifts by saying it didn't affect who won the contract but that wasn't the issue it did affect nypd top brass looking the other way on 911 tech contractors delivering late and crap  and this is a 911 techt system that over 8 million people rely on specially after September 11 in the system failed is Rudy Giuliani didn't move it and he had 11 years.

Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, PC O'Neill Protecting Joe Tacopina Alleged Crime my Case because he did the NYPD a favor getting an Abner Louima torture cop off?
http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/04/ray-kelly-campisi-bratton-pc-oneill.html?m=1. I was repeatedly threatened and the NYPD had record of these threats from the video where my tack or threatens me to slap the crap out of my ass, to the emails I forwarded YouTube  comments - there's a link in the link above that tells you I believe it's Joe Tacopina and in the fake account he makes it clear he's a lawyer he will destroy me bury me sounds very Joe Tacopina like calls me a confrontative cunt  and promises he will turn the tables on me...  I forwarded to NYPD detective October 7, 2012 and asked if this is witness tampering!!!

I want to ask all the top cops including internal fares Chiefs any internal affairs supervisors including captains  haps like Internal Aaron wright the male Delita Hooks hopefully behind bars for beating  and NYPD officer his then girlfriend works  domestic abuse and also like for him...

I want to question them about misogyny anti-Semitism racism and the video the audios are recorded and the police reports as well as my attacker signed letter threatening me as well as their knowledge that Detective John Vergona  verbally finally yelled  at me over the phone  that he was going to arrest me if I didn't drop charges!

 He lied and police reports and we can go over it by reading his reports and everyone at the 1st Precinct Detective Squad police reports and look at the video and my attackers false cross complaint.