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Monday, April 17, 2017

Ray Kelly Vigilance Amazon Book Review I threaten to sue Amazon my Review Returned Just like Yelp Review of Dr Fagelman

 I'm one of those people who have come to love Amazon -- Amazon can deliver practically anything to your door and they have a most excellent customer service and I know because I barely survived the worst customer service I've aged 100 years I've gained weight I barely sleep because I was savagely assaulted a Dr Andrew Fagelman's you are a pile up of crimes from his office to the 1st Precinct and then there came the fixing in favors and corruption the crimes at the 1st Precinct lying and police reports coercion threatening me protecting people that threaten me protecting the doctors office that lied during an open investigation,  and I believe the doctor got fixing in favors from the police department he simply called his NYPD Hook and he got fixing in favors they said no problem she's a ball buster will take care of this aka break laws lied in police reports coercion and protect  misogynist take crime threat which they acted on.

Jose LaSalle also a victim of nypd crimes has even more evidence audio but he was under Ray Kelly, so was I and Eric Garner writes in detail we will stop and frisk it's horrific what he writes was done to him and it was under Kelly but it is biz as usual whom ever Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill...

Ray Kelly trying to fix book reviews
like  he and his commanders and   subordinates  fixed crimes including my case...

Have to threaten legal action to get my critical review up -  at least with Amazon I got Justice I got my review up although they're not letting me edit it I've got to contact Amazon Legal today but it is up vs City of NY still lying for the NYPD that committed crimes still protecting crimes and wrongdoing in my case no apologies.

Amazon divided the reviews into who bought the book directly from Amazon and I'm in the section of people who did not buy the book directly from Amazon and I'm the only one to give them a one star it's hard to find but it's up there.

1)Norman Siegel followed up on my demand Google YouTube return my YouTube channel which by the way the first YouTube was "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York"....that bloomberg was not going to break laws change them to push through his illegal 3rd term.

Google was THE ONLY company classy enough to apologize and returned my entire YouTube channel illegally flagged and removed for 48 hours.  It should be noted on separate occasions Joe Tacopina YouTube flagged for bullying and I believe it was Joe and Team Joe and I got the YouTube back not bully, also NYPD Det Vergona and Delita Hooks flagged the same and I got them back.  I explained to Google YouTube I was the victim here!

2) Yelp -- No apologies but after hiring lawyers I got my Yelp review back up exposing Dr Andrew Fagelman and his violent lying attack receptionist but I had to hire lawyers when it came to Yelp.  Yelp also immediately removed my review to unrecommended when it should be up top a banner to alert patients he did not fire his violent lying attack receptionist!

3) Amazon returns my review of Ray Kelly Vigilance after I contact their legal department.

4) Wikipedia the only corrupt 0 ethics misogynist organization removed the Wikipedia page on me and censorship when the page is cyber vandalized and when reported instead of doing the right thing Wikipedia than deletes it!  It took 6 ears and Wikipedia finally returned the pages which exposes Michael Bloomberg and also my protests of Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel comparing the NYPD rape victim's vagina to a venus fly trap.

What is on this page that would disturb so many they attacked it and wikipedia said ok I am not famous enough so it is okay to remove this page on CENSORSHIP!

 The Wikipedia page was under constant assault and tampered by I allege Bloomberg's thugs who often used sock puppet accounts to harass me during his attempt to steal a 3rd term and I allege Joe Tacopina pals but fyi Joe Tacopina I allege BROKE THE LAW USING SOCK PUPPET ALONG WITH HIS PARTNER MY GUESS CHAD SEIGEL ALSO USING A SOCK PUPPET TO VERBALLY VIOLENTLY THREATEN ME A MISOGYNIST HATE CRIME BY TACOPINA AND WHEN I FORWARDED TO THE NYPD DETECTIVE HE AND HIS CO-WORKERS AND SUPERVISORS ACTED ON THE HATE CRIME JOINING IN BREAKING THE LAWS.

The wikipedia page also came under attack by a mentally ill woman  Barbara Ricci who pretends to be a news outlet and even once asked me to be on her reality tv show and offered me a press pass but the REALITY is she was written up in the NY Times crime section for trying to allegedly  run over her neighbor's daughter and for assaulting a police offer during a PTA meeting and she was arrested both times.  http://www.nytimes.com/1995/08/20/weekinreview/august-13-19-congeniality-new-york-style.html

#NYPD Ray Kelly fixed crime fixing favor soft landings. NYPD control press passes try to control reviews on Amazon? 

I told Amazon legal division and the community division that I believe there are books coming on NYPD corruption  and including Ray Kelly and they'll be films as well does Amazon want to be pretrade in books and film as censoring victims of Ray Kelly and with they've done that to Lance Armstrong victims?  You may not know this but Lance Armstrong suit his victims were the telling the truth and he lied under perjury and he won and years later he now has to pay them all back so what I'm telling you is it can take years of wrongdoing and in my case it's 4 1/2 years of wrongdoing including by the city of New York, mike Bloomberg ray Kelly Charles Campisi, ed Winski, mayor de Blasio Bratton, Reznick,O'Neill, and I believe Amazon got the message but the city keeps pretending they're not going to be documented in films and books  corruption and wrongdoing that I reported as well as became a victim up because they retaliate against their critics... ask Jose LaSalle. My Dad died knowing so did his Mom and my Mom is dying as we speak she's in hospice and yesterday she was so troubled and confused and I had a comfort her I just want to be able to tell her I got an apology and a settlement but it looks like that's not gonna happen  because mayor de Blasio  told us on ally we're not his son or daughter if we can benefit him he doesn't care about us, he and Bratton ONeill as corrupt and for sale like Ray Kelly my case alone is proof enough  they are corrupt but FYI in my review of Ray Kelly's book I talk about Eric Garner  I asked people to read his hand written lawsuit and indictment of Ray Kelly from the grave!   By the way when you read it he talks about being illegally stopped in first and it gets far worse from that point!

Amazon  did not tell me they quietly they put my review back I suffered for a month and I've told everyone on Amazon that I have been the victim of NYPD fixing in favors a savage crime at Dr Andrew Fagelman's I asked everyone day in and day out doctors anybody that has a business everybody I can,  ask them to watch that YouTube  and tell them that my violent lying attacker was not arrested or fired I go throughout my day day in and day out trying to get Justice so  Apple helps me I tell the Apple people about the video and ask them to watch!

Amazon Legal and the Community division should've contacted me and told me my review was up but I just am frustrated that I cannot edit it and expanded that also upsets me so I have to contact Amazon legal yet again. 

I've been having problems with Amazon so I faxed their legal department

I made it clear I love Amazon I don't want to sue that Amazon has been very generous and very good to me  but if I can't get the truth out then I'm going to have to take action.

I gave them the example of Lance Armstrong and his victims not getting their voice heard and that I am a victim of Ray Kelly's that I've been suing him for years.   I am telling  the truth  and read Kelly's not suing me I'm suing him!

It is upssetting the legal department along with  Community division  did not contact me immediately that my review is now up so I suffered for a month I was boycotting Amazon I canceled everything Amazon Prime, Audible, boycotted Amazon  I would've appreciated them telling me a month ago my review was up even if it's buried and hard to find it's the one one star review.  I said it makes me believe the fix is in direct Kelly has so much information on people that he does fixing in favors for the rich remember Cushman and Wakefield how they hired him and they were tied to the Orthodox community here in Brooklyn so I'm guessing they quietly asked him to leave and they were paying his private security my point is you just fixing in favors on the long with Bratton  he expects soft landings and they both got it didn't they from $.

I just learned over the weekendy review was now up however every time I try and edit it because I have posttraumatic stress and there's these typos very repetitive I can edit it so I'm going to have to contact the legal department yet again.

 The review is also much shorter there's so much more I want to put in there!

Now it looks to me  that the reviews are fixed just like Ray Kelly promoted cops to fix crimes including my case The fix was in the fix is in the crime stats are fraud as I've said the NYPD fix crime  like a Las Vegas casino -- and Ray Kelly NYPD control press passes they wanted to control the press and they still do what little press left
 It seems to me that Ray Kelly wanted to control the Amazon reviews because there's about 95 and there's almost no critical voice or the only one openly critical voice is me using my real name.   On the Barnes and Noble website there's three reviews to fake anonymous reviews and mine with  my real name.

To see my review on Amazon you would have to go  through quite a search it's not easy to find it would have to be one of the reviews that they divide between people that I've bought the book directly from them and people who haven't it's there but you have to search if you need help I'll show you how to find it it's kind of buried but it's there!

Under Ray Kelly and Bloomberg top NYPD brass we're fixing crimes, fixing crime stats there's audio to prove it as well and includes my case they were fixing in favors for my case the NYPD blatantly committed crimes and they're just being allowed to retire it is so criminal and the two police commissioners that a follower have protected  crimes because the NYPD don't like critics plus they get fixing in favors themselves from oligarchs that I have criticized they get employment or other cops get lots of appointments from these billionaires who pick up the phone and they get favors  along with NYPD family members they could pick up the phone to get favors along with celebrities athletes you name it...

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