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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Steriod, Cough Medicine Helping Still Weak, PTS From Violence Lies Dr Andrew Fagelman Office Violence NYPD Fixing Favors Crimes

 My ears are still blocked especially today on my right side -- my primary care position told me I should take the steroid the Urgent care MD prescribed --  they were both right -  The steroid makes you feel better and gives you a kind of energy but still there's a congestion mucus coughing underlying it so I can keep myself and do too much...

I can breathe better... still coughing still extreme exhaustion...

My head feels congested I still feel a little funky even just swallowing...

 I'm exhausted.... i'm hungry and still a little nauseous but the major nausea is gone...

 After the violent attack the violence of lies from the doctors office to the police department a pile up of crimes from a doctors office to a police department I gained a significant amount of weight --  when I agreed to false arrest twice for running punched my had a hole in my retina I lost 5 pounds and people told me I looks great except for one friend who said I was too thin so from that point I gained 30 pounds ....

 I've been so sick I've lost a significant amount of weight but I'm still a  good 11 pounds heavier than I was when I attacked.

To gain that kind of weight when you're 50 and I felt so beautiful and happy when that Violent lying psycho Delita Hooks a receptionist/office manager with anger management problems destroyed that special feeling I had at age 50 it's for surely  different to gain 30 pounds in your 50s than in your teens or 20s.

So I lost weight being sick but it just seems somehow discouragimg at age 54 1/2  but I tell myself when I feel better and the weather is warmer I can work out consistently and trying to shape my body ...

 Still cannot fit into all my clothes I miss fitting into my clothes....

I've been wearing pants that are torn and I really was offended to pay so much money for pants with the tears -- torn knees -- remembering my Bronx Grandmother  talk to me of the Depression and my lower Eastside Grampa who talked about being born in a tenement house on the lower Eastside on O on the lower Eastside on Ludlow St. and how you could smell the poverty.

I paid way too much money for torn jeans here in New York City why because I've been savage like a salted traumatize couldn't sleep well because a Doctor who is to corrupt  Dr Andrew Fagelman who is cowardly evil to take responsibility for the violence and lies in his office and he conspired with corrupt NYPD to threaten me and "doctor" a crime into no crime.

 I can't wait to see my cheekbones again to regain my body and my life before the attack.

I've age significantly I've never function on so little sleep for so long it's been hard to even have friendships and a life and to do my blogging my art my life is my art my art is my life...

I donated my white blood cells to complete strangers -- a little girl fighting cancer -- it is a two hour process that leaves you very very cold literally but what was done to me by Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, NYPD PO Eugene Schatz and his facebook pals corrupt cowards NYPD Det John Vergona and Det Andy Dwyer has left me with a different view of the NYPD and NYC that I could have ever imagined.     People all over NYC feel the way I do and I realize that good in humanity prevails and there are some good NYPD -- the ones who helped me get my hands on my attackers false cross complaint but top brass protecting crimes in my case has changed my view on policing here in NYC and I won't being changing back to a positive one until there is a public apology and the City pays me damages for years of pursuing Justice pro se.

My political poster  lampooning "Mayor Bloomberg King of NY" is in the NY Historical Society.  That poster began as a portrait of mayor Bloomberg that started out beautifully as documented on YouTube --  my years of filming on YouTube one long documentary of my life here in NYC as an activist as well as filming NYC's dynamic NY characters that appear invisible to mainstream New York but not to me -- who knew one was a billionaire's grandson that wanted to give the City a gift of a vellodrome and another a Jazz Legend in the making who made 2 records and crashed and burned -- the NY version of The Soloist....

My Jacket is in the Sept. 11 Museum by the exit....  My Mom is in hospice and her dear friend saw my Jacket and cried --- the security guard asked her why are you crying and she said -- I know her.

Well  NYPD PO Eugene Schatz, Ed Winski, Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton who taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD, Charles Campisi and Reznick, especially Chief Boyce truly an evil corrupt chief of Detectives, Mary O'Donnell, Sgt Chen who's first name and badge number I don't know, Lt Angelo Burgo, Lt Michael J Agnese, NYPD PO Migori or Magori from the first percent, Det Tommy Moran, Det Andy Dwyer and his partner truly evil people and most of Det John Vergona and his partner -- I have never met the evil detectives that lied about me and the direct supervisors lied and all refused to meet me -- I have audio of them turning me away Sgt Chen in particular and they taught me how corrupt and evil the NYPD are and I am lucky they did not pull an Eric Garner on me....Eric in his hand written lawsuit describes how the NYPD sexually violated him in public and planted drugs on him and I believe him.

Det John Vergona is an evil liar and I know G-d will punish him.   Could you imagine if his wife or sons were treated the way I was treated?  G-d will punish him Karma will get him better than any Justice system which has failed me so far in my pro se efforts.

The rich of Soho are no different than the connected Orthodox Jews of Williamsburg -- it is "call a cop" -- the NYPD has been and will always be about making that call and getting that favor is you know someone inside the NYPD called a "hook" or a "rabbi" -- those are NYPD terms for someone who will fix for you inside the NYPD.   Money may changed hands but is not necessary.  The NYPD fix crimes like Las Vegas Casino.  
Sometimes it is just retaliation -- sometimes there are other motives....money does not have to changes hands.  

The corruption that went on during the era of NYPD whistle blowers  Serpico and David Durke still goes on as infamous NYPD Ramos in the Bronx and NYPD Jose Tejada -- all the fixing and favors that went on under Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi --- the Orthodox community just 1 small example that was teflon and my case teflon -- it was City wide and still is...




My case:
They DELITA HOOKS AND PALS lied to the NYPD during an open investigation which is a crime and I believe Dr Andrew Fagelman was 100 percent party to the lies and was party to the group -- the doctors office and The First Precinct detectives lying in police reports -- take 2nd degree assault and menacing, intent to do bodily harm and down grade it to no crime....a bait and switch to no crime.




I was shocked to finally see their faces -- the corrupt evil detectives -- I found them on facebook over 3 years later when I begin suing in NY State Supreme court and I found they were facebook friends with the first cop I ever reported to Internal Affairs NYPD PO Gene Schatz.

What were the chances I would ever see Schatz again but there was his gloved FUCK YOU facebook profile picture and here he is the one cop walking by me at One Police Plaza -- the day before Bratton said he would never resign -- Bratton refused to apologize to Obama's former aid NY Assembleyman Michael Blake roughed up by the NYPD and I am at the press conference and their is Schatz looking like the thug he is....

Eugene Schatz Facebook Fuck You Profile sums up the NYPD's real attitude -- and Ray Kelly's community policing and their concept of "respect".   Let's ask Schatz and his facebook friends that lied in police reports DD5s in my case if they discussed coercion, threatening me fixing and favors for the doctor's office.

Schatz was promoted by Ray Kelly to Community Affairs and the corrupt commander that fixed my case and protected lying in police reports --- Schatz illegal used his sirens to harass me for Michael Rawson and The Mercer Hotel as they harassed a dying Korean War Veteran Eric who finally died in Hospice of prostate cancer but not without them harassing him and Schatz used his car like weapon with me and Eric.  Schatz is facebook friends with the dirty corrupt detectives that fixed my case and broke the law and his parter NYPD det Tommy Moran is too and NYPD Chief of Det Boyce and chief of IA Reznick know this and they are as corrupt as Ray Kelly and Campisi, Bratton and O'Neill is the same - O'Neill can't figure out why People don't trust the cops and admire all their hard work?

Even NYPD's ESU  spotlight in the tv show "Homeland" back fired as the NYPD  aren't smart enough yet again to see the big picture.

The NYPD committed crimes and they were protected all the way including by Internal Affairs.

I do believe there is a Higher Justice and you don't get away with your evil actions here on earth.


I love New York City I love the most sick of people it did professionally effect even how I love including New York City but I remind myself of every good person and there so many so many good people of every different color background that when I handed them my Justice card they said to me I'm sorry that happened to you.   The only people who haven't said that are the guilty ones the violent liars from the police department, corporate counsel the city of New York who lie and lie and lie and they're paid by the taxpayers would never condone their corrupt evil dishonest actions and the doctors office and some of their scummy patients who are guilty of harassing a victim aggravated harassment online and even witness tampering doing an open case as well as the doctors office with like during an open investigation that's a serious crime to lie to the police during an open investigation even if the police detectives were committing crimes which they were and they're guilty and the awful long in jail along with my guest Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel anyone from Joe's office involved in harassment anyone from the doctors office involved and harassment harassing me on yelp harassing me on linked in harassing me on YouTube if Joe Tacopina called me a confrontative cunt threaten to bury me  and destroy me and see the tables turned on me and I forward this to the police department they didn't investigate it but act on it they belong in jail Joe Tacopina know and the other lawyer that's witness tampering aggravated harassment and threatening a victim during an open investigation they should be disbarred and arrested along with the cops the NYPD detective separate tech to the threats and acted on the threats .

 I'm putting a link to the 911 tech corruption the fact that New Jersey can text their 911 system and that we the city of New York have been a victim of two terrorist attacks down at the World Trade Center a major scandal of Rudy Giuliani said he did not move the emergency command center and a major scandal of Michael Bloomberg that his 911 Tech someone over budget over $1 billion over $2 billion you can't text it and their major cover up and scandals involving both the command center's response to Sept 11 and  The NYPD top brass role and the corrupt dirty dealigns some came out in the NYDN I would like to know about with Hewlett Packard ties to the New York pensions...?

Let's see how the newest corrupt tech dealings with the NYPD body cameras.

Back to my case -- a running punch to my head a hole in my retina....what US Attorney Preet Bharara calls "call a cop"....

If it was not for NYPD PO Gene Schatz and his corrupt criminal dirty detective facebook friends who lied in police reports in my case I would still have this naive respect for the NYPD?  One thing the NYPD do not want is transparency from their actions as simple as police reports to their lavish gifts starting with 911 tech deals -- how about all contracts -- everything truly go transparent with the NYPD deals to all NYC gov deals?  Never going to happen...

Just like my case there's a cover-up but this is epic because it's tied to a 911 tech system  at over 8 million people rely on.

I pray to G-d  no more terrorist attacks here or anywhere.    If there was a large scale natural disaster like hurricane Sandy again G-d forbid  then the media would have to stop killing these new stories with it killed the publics opportunity to read Eric Garner's handwritten lawsuit and the horrors he and I endured from corrupt cops that were and are confident they are  above the law and they are because their supervisors are party Toronto and in our cases just like their party to covering up corruption in the 911 tech aka ECTP google NYDN NYDN Chief Chuck Dowd read  that when he wasn't busy taking lavish gifts he was quite fixing crimes like I was the victim of like Eric Garner  was the victim up he fixed crimes like Adrian Schoolcraft kidnapper Chief Marino  and Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi protected top brass that did fixing in favors that fix crime stats like a Las Vegas casino!

Ray Kelly Bratton and O'Neill  protect fixing crime like a Las Vegas casino protect fixing in favors and now we have a mayor who openly admits what we all knew it's just part of the system they do fixing in favors for friends for families for anyone who will help their ambitions....

We have no editors with integrity and  journalism is dead we don't have news reporter said have the courage to do the work they should and you wouldn't believe award-winning journalist have stolen my work or maybe Dave said thank you and not credited me this account is stealing ?   I'm not sure but I think one award-winning New York Times writes stole work on CityTime didn't credit me and one of my sources wrote him and gave him hell.

 This morning I got a rated X text with the word deep throat in it which I blocked ironic when you think of Watergate but we have no journalist like that left  and I can prove it who's reporting on 911 who's reporting on NYPD corruption...?  No one.

I'm going to rest...

NYC 911 over 2 Billion $ Boondoogle Stealing Corruption Can't Text like NJ 911

Google Didn't Kill Investigative Journalism NYPD Controlling Press Passes and Oligarchs of NY killed investigative journalism in NY