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Saturday, March 18, 2017

NYPD PC James O'Neill 3rd Corrupt PC my case file Complaint

Corrupt evil NYPD detectives never met with me so I didn't sit there faces didn't see batch numbers when I asked supervisor Lt Angelo Burgos via email that subordinant gave me Lt Burgos  never responded but 3 1/2 years later when I'm suing he asked to be my LinkedIn friend!

They all lied head badge numbers -  when you go to you too Google NYPD Sgt Chen I caught him on audio having me turned away well I've never met him never seen his face and I don't have his badge number the precinct will not give out badge numbers the detective squad would not give badge numbers and Zachary Carter and Catherine Papandrew keep applying for these corrupt lawyers who did not act within their scope and broke laws lied in police reports supervisors protected those lies and O'Neill 3rd corrupt PC protecting lies.

Filed 4:14 email to PC and I will send to DOI later today.  Exhausted.

Google Dr Fagelman assault watch the YouTube
Google NYPD Det Vergona and Delita Hooks lied
Google NYPD Det Vergona lied in DD5s vs Public Member Marks


NYPD PC James O'Neill 3rd Corrupt PC my case file Complaint will file next w/ DOI DOI CCPC corrupt but paper trail

Delita Hooks like Det John Vergona are both violent  liars but Vergona repeatedly refused to meet me to see the damage to my I my neck and the defensive wounds on my arm because he was going to lie and participate in coercion he was going to verbally violently threaten me with false Rasmus I drop charges it is frightening that he has a gun and a badge and that all the corrupt NYPD cops in my case and other cases have guns and badges.


Thank you for contacting the City of New York. Your message has been forwarded to the appropriate agency for review and handling.

For future reference, your service request number is 1-1-1381775358.


The City of New York

This is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this message. Messages received through this address are not processed. 

IA Sgt Decker told me Integrity Division Lt Agnes  would interview everybody but Lt Michael J Agnese never met me like corrupt Detectives, IA , he too participated in fixing  favors joining IA covering up NYPD crimes using Kubys letter  IA Sgt Mary ODonnell lied to me stating she would return my notes. She gave me Det Andy Dwyers name but saw I wrote Drier. Never corrected me protected criminal detectives that lied in DD5s. She read Delita Hooks signed letter a crime  to nypd fixer in response to Kubys letter (Joe Tacopina drafted?)  Openly threatening me again warning me not to come back and file 2nddegree assault thats a crime too Sgt Krull witness an evil liar ODonnell reading Hooks letter! If IA NYPD makes letter disappear I can call him under oath. I believe hell tell the truth. G-d will punish all involved in evil but Justice now or new Commission   NYPD App tracker ONeill Xposed 3rd dirty PC my case

FYI: I guess I have to wait till I get a mayor with integrity if that's possible and ditto for police commissioner because anyone with integrity would settle my case apologize to start off with.

Even if Zachary Carter let's say in theory redacted my attacker Delita Hooks signed letter ( like he did in the lower Eastside nursing home scandal ) to her NYPD fixer with my attacker Delita Hooks openly threatening me yet again or Corp Counsel (who has shown ethical lapses) and NYPD with Internal Affairs (history of protecting NYPD crimes) wanted to destroy my attacker's letter (NYPD has a history making evidence disappear) Delita Hooks signed letter to her NYPD fixer openly threatening me yet again which is a crime and everyone I am suing has participated in protecting these crimes but I believe one cop will tell the truth IA Sgt Krull - he witnessed IA Sgt Mary O'Donnell reading me Delita Hooks signed letter THREATENING me and the letter another crime committed by my attacker Delita Hooks as well is her first cross complaint , as well as lying to the police during an open investigation , as well as conspiring to have me threatened by NYPD detectives along with Dr Fagelman, so they could say there was no crimes (NYPD Fagelman fix crimes like Las Vegas casino and fix crime stats too) zero crimes including coercion lying and police reports second-degree assault menacing, threatening Victims me along with Det Vergona Who repeatedly refused to meet me and verbally finally threatened me with false arrest and less I drop charges and corrupt NYPD and corrupt Internal Affairs one goal protect all the crimes erase all the crimes case closed!

The rest of the defendants (including the partners of the corrupt detectives and key supervisors inside Internal Affairs under Campisi/Reznick who calls nypd whistleblowers rats) and three police commissioners -- I want them questioned under oath in front of a new commission since three police commissioners and Zachary Carter are protecting NYPD crimes. I want everyone involved in my case that protected 01 Det Squad lying in DD5s questioned under oath including Chief Pulaski even more so Chief Boyce, Campisi and Reznick and if I have to wait five or 10 years for a new commission in to police corruption so be it I will wait to see all the corrupt cops in my case and especially corrupt IA questioned UNDER OATH w/ Zachary Carter, I will wait how ever long it takes

I would like to ask that doctor Dr Andrew Fagelman under oath who is his NYPD "hook" who did he speak to for fixing in favors and I know he conspired to have me threatened and I'm confident he knew his employee file a false cross-complaint if he didn't know right away he knew when he saw the video so Dr Andrew Fagelman this is guilty as my attacker his violent lying manipulative receptionist office manager or even more guilty because he's better educated he's been taught about ethics and he took an oath just like the corrupt NYPD Internal Affairs and lawyer's that work for City agency took oaths.

Did Dr Fagelman do fixing in favors for the NYPD and did they do fixing in favors for me.

Did NYPD detective say don't worry she's a ball buster or Cunt or trouble maker willtake care of this for you, will make this go away?

How many times has 1st Precinct detective squad done that course victims of violent attacks and then said it was no crimes lowering the crime stats as well as doing fixing and favors?

NYPD living with so many lies knowing that committed so many crimes and been protected every step of the way I understand now when they actually are confronted why they commit suicide because they been protected and protected and I (voice dictation wrote I) they can't face the truth. I have no idea how to deal with the truth I see from my case years and years of covering up lies.
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I feel like Jimmy Stewart in the film Mr. Smith goes to Washington but it's been years and years I'm exhausted it's hard voice dictating and the voice dictation is so off and I am suffering from chronic insomnia I've been up since 2 AM it's 518 and I realize there's terrible typos but I have to get the truth out the best of my billeting I don't have the strength so exhausted it's just so exhausting it's hard with the spelling in dictation problems it is so exhausting the violence the lies it's still shocking today as it was October 1, 2012

Also: As much is the NYPD do not do the proper screening, they have an updated improve their psychological evaluations there also complicit in protecting lack of ethics NYPD committing crimes and fixing favors and then they wonder why the public is anti-cop and distrustful and they have how many NYPD retired NYPD using your guns to harm others or to commit suicide or to run people over because they're drunk