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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Preet Bharara Has Checked Out Longing for Hollywood it May Come Back to Haunt Him

Preet Bharara has a new twitter account in an era  we few US attorneys has one Twitter account he has two and his new twitter accountant signals perhaps he has lost his mojo and longs for far more attention  then he is getting and he wants Hollywood attention?

 at the rate he may get Hollywood's attention he may be the subject of documentaries and why he's let Zachary Carter off the hook as well as NYPD and were committing systemic crimes fixing in favors in Manhattan --  why he went after cops and Brooklyn they were doing fixing in favors and an Orthodox community while he pretended that NYPD were not systemically fixing favors and taking graft on the top tech deals where  contractors were over billing stealing the biggest me 911 under Michael Bloomberg.   I'm hoping with the NYPD did to me whistleblower a 911 and I'm fixing in favors and Soho before I was punched in the face running punched him I had a hole in my retina at the doctors down the street from the Mercer hotel  i'm hoping with the NYPD did to me whistleblower a 911 and I'm fixing in favors and Soho before I was punched in the face running punched him I had a hole in my retina at the doctors down the street from the Mercer hotel and Henry Buhl of Vesco infamy.   If the Internet existed during the Vesco scandal then even Henry Buhl  when heard of fortune from his grandfather  might have just a little bit more difficulty owning the 1st Precinct like The Mercer Hotel and Dr Fagelman in my case. 

Ironic Loretta Lynch did 0 about Eric Garner and she  probably everyone in the Justice Dept knows about Eric's hand written lawsuit from Rikers.... I also contacted her  when she was the Brooklyn US attorney  -- second in command center for 911 -- sounds like a lot of grist  for films documentary in otherwise about corruption in New York City....

From Rudy Giuliani to Michael Bloomberg to the current administration there's a whole lot of corruption also including NYPD Signal The new era of police corruption involving technology deals in the pensions and his preop me long to attend Hollywood parties when he may not like it's his role in documentary films along with other key officials and Nyc go of and political players to help protect corruption.

Cy Vance  what is excoriated in the best-selling book Flash Boys.  

 Wait for the Oscar award winning film when it gets made however long it takes....

I hope it will be made very similarly to The Big Short  but when Farmor Oscars and take a new level to excoriating the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time Cy Vance.  

Preet Bharara has lots his mojo.  For too long he has had to do Cy Vance's job. He is looking the other way on Cy Vance's wrong doing on 911, racist false prosecution of an NBA star Thabo Sefololasha the latest, fixing and favors  for Goldman Sachs and now Mark Guma --  perhaps US attorney Preet Bharara  strained his neck looking the other way and he just wants to look at his personal Twitter now he's given up checked out?

Preet Bharara Gone Hollywood and Twitter Letting Zachary Redacto Carter, NYPD and Bill de Blasio Admin Get Away with Fixing, Favors and Blatant Crimes?

Where are the arrests in the de Blasio scandal? 

 The US attorney and Brooklyn let Charles Hynes  there's no doubt the US attorney in Manhattan Preet Bharara  it's gonna let Zachary Carter off the hook for redacting documents and he's not going to touch 911 either and systemic fixing in favors by cops in Manhattan only in Brooklyn tied to the settlements in the middle east and that was only under Obama.
Suzannah B. Troy artist: First Precinct Det Squad Violence Lies Involving Dr Fagelman Attack Receptionist but 2 Detectives Arrested Else Where for Fabrication
Zachary Carter Corp Counsel Protecting NYC Gov Crimes Redacting for de Blasio Admin My Case Blatant #NYPD Crimes suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/03/zachar…

Corrupt detectives like my case: * Two NYPD gang detectives arrested last month on charges of fabricating the details of a gun arrest in Manhattan have been charged in a second case, accused of framing a man for selling crack cocaine in Queens, the Times reports.

FYI: My Dad a WW2 Vet and Scholar died knowing Ray Kelly was part of NYPD wrong doing my case -- I am glad my Letter exposing Zachary Carter and Corp Counsel lawyers lied and lied was published in The NY Daily News...

Preet Bharara sounds like he retired goes to Hollywood tweeting protecting Democrats & NYPD crimes Preet out of it suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/03/zachar…

Preet Bharara normally a huge ham that loves attention won't even publish all his speeches igniting a lawsuit by activist Louis Flores.

Preet Bharara has gone Hollywood in the worst way pretending Zachary Carter didn't play Dr Redacto on The Nursing Home because his former boss Chuck Schumer and Clinton appointed Carter US Attorney and Preet isn't going to apply the law equally and fairly essentially he's doing fixing in favors just like top brass in the NYPD he's been protecting in Manhattan.  

Maybe it is time for Preet to resign and devote full-time to his new Twitter account? 

Preet Bharara has checked out so to speak -- is permanently at the Oscars and his new Twitter account meaning he's lost interest in this job and seems more interested in celebrity... he was never going to prosecute a former US attorney and he's been holding to Chuck Schumer's former boss --  he's a political player...  he sounds like he's ready to retire...

 How long is it going to take before he makes arrests and forces Bill de Blasio to retire if he does at all?

Preet Bharara is protecting NYPD fixing and favors.  It was like Obama said you know what go rest a bunch of Jews tied to the settlements in the Middle East the expansion of settlements because fixing in favors assist them make the NYPD do it for bribery invitations to parties for family members for promotions for retaliation and power trips.   When the NYPD infamous Ramos was planning to murder a key witness and his trial NYPD PBA  stood outside  court rooms and stated NYPD to fixing in favors they've done it since the beginning of the pyramids.

 Zachary Carter and Catherine Papandrew  from corporate counsel should be forced to answer questions under oath in my case along with every lawyer that protected NYPD crimes from corporate counsel on my case and how many other cases like for instantance Adrian Schoolcraft case...

Donald Trump  has made it clear he is going to protect NYPD fixing in favors and we know one big reason is he is also recipient.

misogynistnyc: Cy Vance and NYPD Brass Misogynist Rape Kits Tip of Iceberg
We need a new commission into police corruption and it seems that the city is heading towards possible riots  we need a new commission into police corruption and it seems that the city is heading towards possible riots because they're sweeping the unsweepable  under the carpet and major Democrats are responsible and one day may have to answer under oath as well including about Eric Garner's  hand written lawsuit, my case including 911 Tech corruption over $1 billion over budget and you still can't text 911  top NYPD cops were taking graft and I'd like to have them question about Hewlett-Packard and graft since Hewlett  Hewlett-Packard open the floodgates  so stilling and delivering late and delivering crap on 911...

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault  Watch the YouTube with over 400,000 views

Google  my name NYPD Det John Vergona vs Public Member Marks DD5

 Google my name NYPD Det John Vergona and Delita Hooks lied in police reports photos prove it