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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ed Mullins NYPD Concerned About The Constitution FBI Visits?

Ed even supplies the lawyer's tele number!!!  NYPD victims never had it so good. 

The NYPD break the law and violate our Constitional rights but the NYPD and Ed Mullins are suddenly concerned with rights when it applies to the NYPD and only the NYPD????? An excerpt.   "THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION SUPERSEDES ALLNEW YORK STATE & CITY LAWS,WILLIAM BRATTON AND THEPATROL GUIDE 

From the Sergeants’ Benevolent Association 

As you may already know, this past Friday FBI agents showed up the home of one of our members in an attempt to “speak with him”. As is customary when it comes to FBI agents, they arrived at an unusually early hour and were unexpected.

The Sergeant wisely contacted the SBA, who in turn immediately involved our attorneys, who then contacted the FBI agents and advised them that the Sergeant would not speak with them without counsel present. Within ten minutes, the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau ordered the Sergeant in, and he was (for no discernible reason) placed on modified duty.

As usual, Commissioner Bratton would notcomment other than to say that the Sergeant “was modified for the good of the Department.” I can only surmise that the FBI agents, upon hearing that a well-informed Sergeant would not recklessly and unpreparedly speak with them, contacted IAB who, in turn, summarily disciplined the Sergeant by changing his duty status.

Make no mistake about it, these are dangerous times.
In light of the foregoing, I would like to take a moment to remind you of your rights when approached by any outside law enforcement agency, particularly federal agents:



When Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying receptionist could not kick me in the groin with her barefoot and she tried repeatedly she pressed her barefoot against my vaginal area tagging me which is a sexual assault.  Prior to that she has began a physical assault after threatening to harm me and I told her no to touch  me but she did repeatedly.  DR ANDREW FAGELMAN REFUSED TO FIRE HER AND IS NOT OFFICIALLY ON THE RECORD BLAMING ME THE VICTIM FOR HIS VIOLENTLY LYING ATTACK RECEPTIONIST OFFICE MANAGER DELITA HOOKS.   

In my lawsuit I question whether Dr Andrew Fagelman asked fixing and favors from NYPD and it was agreed they would all lie and have Det Vergona verbally violently threaten me with false arrest on a Saturday unless I dropped charges and I had a hole in my retina.  
ANYONE INVOLVED IN LYING DURING AN OPEN INVESTIGATION COMMITTED A CRIME.....anyone involved in threatening me during an open investigation committed a crime.

First please google Dr Fagelman assault I am pro se like Eric Garner and I included his powerful handwritten lawsuit in the exhibition section -- there are two and they are not included in this upload except my Dad's honorable discharge WW2 see page 70! I crossed out some personal info page 72.  Page 70 also has Chief Banks and Lt Gannon up top take a look.  Esposito is mentioned.

CityTime, Sheldon Silver, my concept NYPD app tracker basically public database it should be available  easily accessible including lawsuits statistical reports like NYPD crime stats but for the NYPD crimes that's we should be allowed to submit crime scene NYPD won't let us like there own. 
 I say that we must hold corporate counsel accountable for defending police corruption crimes wrong doing like my case as well as dirty DAs like Charles Hynes. 

I guess Dr Andrew Fagelman  made phone calls asking for fixing and favors and it was arranged that I would be threatened so that they agreed as a group to lie during an open investigation that they did a bait and switch of a pile up of crimes from the doctors office including lying to an open investigation to the police lying in  police reports, coercion, threatening me  and they were going to downgrade the crimes to mutual assault  they rushed to seal their crimes the doctors office and the police department. 

threatening me with bodily harm all omitted from the DD5 including the fact I sent the video along with the photographs and my MD's notes. 

I filed out this form and mailed it to one police plaza asking for her false cross complaint.  The NYPD employee wrote what down Delita Hooks lies at the very bottom -- Delita Hooks lied during an open police investigation along with others including the NYPD but she does acknowledge she understood I was a patient.

4 Judges Have Not Looked at the YouTube of Delita Hooks Savage Assault and Det John Vergona and Delita Hooks Lies

These photo grabs are going in my motion to not dismiss so a 5 judge can whoops can't  pretend the NYPD did not commit a series of crimes along with Delita Hooks and ANYONE THAT LIED to the NYPD during the course of an open investigation -- anyone behind the scenes involved in retaliation.