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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Prepping Written Request CCRB Take Back My Case Been asking for Years now Asking

Tweet CCRB forwards NYPD wrong doing to OCD office of the chief of dept to Die.  Told corruption scam Internal Affairs OCD

FYI getting read to mail CCRB an official request to take back my case.

I repeatedly have asked CCRB to take my case back and now that we have a new head of CCRB I am asking yet again to take my case back.

1_ Please review my testimony from the CCRB public meeting.

2- I can’t find the emails where I debate Graham Draw but Det John Vergona was rude to me — yelling at me telling me to stop my babbling and he didn’t care about if I had two black eyes.  He also committed the crime of coercion and lied in police reports and I have proof now Internal Affairs covered up for him and Det Andy Dwyer and their partners as well as supervisors Sgt Chen 01 Det Squad and Lt Burgos 01 det squad.  For the retired NYPD at least it will be on their record.

See email to Burgos asking for badge numbers and I write if he doesn’t answer me with badge numbers I will consider it rude and he never did.   He lied about me and never contacted me despite opening and closing my case numerous times.

In the process of suing Det John Vergona his lawyer in Appellate court in a written response lawyer Jonathan Popolow of corp counsel conceded Vergona might have in fact  been rude to me he just sold the lie Vergona did not violate my constitutional rights which in fact he and other did by coercing me, threatening me and lying in police reports and protecting others that openly lied to the NYPD during an open investigation as well as threatened me.

At this late date if CCRB finally takes me case back instead of years of forwarding my case and complaints to OCD to die - I call it passing the corruption buck we can finally call in the police including IAB sgt mary o’donnell who read me Delita HOOKS signed letter to her NYPD fixers openly threatening me warning me to not come back and file assault charges again or she will do the same again even though she is the criminal so if CCRB takes the case back CCRB can expose Internal Affairs, Office of the Chief of Dept, Ray Kelly who defended wrong doing as well as Charles Campisi and the current administration and the timing is right because of the Federal Probe.

Lt Michael J. Agnese violated CPR by never returning me calls and having subordinates lie to me telling me has no supervisor when of course he did than and does.

I have audio of Internal Affairs Sgt O’Donnell refusing medical evidence and proof Ron Kuby’s letter isn’t exactly what I agreed to and CCRB investigators can decide is she violated CPR.

I have audio of Sgt Chen having me turned away and PO Migori turning me away when I try to report Delita HOOKS false cross complaint and there reason for turning me away is inappropriate and they should have allowed me to report the crime and di d not and Sgt Chen refuses to come down and meet me violating protocol and CPR.  CCRB investigators can listen to the audio and decide if the NYPD violated CPR including lying to me as they turn me away.

When I could not serve Det Vergona at 1 POLICE PLACE IN OCT 2015 - I searched facebook and found he has an account and he is facebook friends with Det Andy Dwyer who was party to det VErgona’s verbal violence and threatening me - VERGONA YELLED YOU ARE GONG TO DROP THOSE CHARGES OR I AM GOING TO ARREST YOU. violation of CPR — the partners of each detective was involved.  There was a rude woman detective who would hang up on me — I have her name or a spelling close to it and she may have been party to the coercion as were all supervisors including DI Ed Winski who was rude never answer my calls or letter alerting him of being turned away — he was  party to coercion, lying in police reports, threatening me as is any and all NYPD internal affairs with knowledge of my case.

Through facebook Oct 2015 I learned Det John Vergona is facebook friends with Det Andy Dwyer — their partner may be facebook friends but I don’t know their names and Det Tommy Moran and NYPD PO Eugene Schatz are also facebook friends with VERGONA and DWYER and I allege had knowledge and possible were party to the goal coerce me, fabricate police reports, threaten me and lie.  I asked MORAN via facebook if he had knowledge — he did not answer and SCHATZ is the first PO I reported to Internal Affairs because of alleged fixing and favors violation of CPR for The Mercer Hotel only a few blocks away from where I was savagely assaulted — SCHATZ had been rude verbally aggressive lied to me about The Mercer Hotel’s right to illegal park in the loading and unloading actually running an illegal valet parking service protected by the NYPD who would intern ticket Veteran and artist vendors that The Mercer Hotel did not want on the block.   I reported Schatz to Internal Affairs and I know now Internal affairs is corrupt and party to the coercion, Internal Affairs also lied on their reports and lied to me on several occasions even at one point telling me — me being assaulted at Dr Fagelman’s was not a police matter.   A female IAB supervisor at the call center refused to believe NYPD where using anonymous sock puppet accounts to harass me on line and as of me suing in NY State Supreme court — Lt angelo burgos now retired who never acknowledge me lied about me never answered me emails — a subordinate of his gave me his NYPD email — now Nov 13, 2015 Friday the 13th contacted me asking me via LINKEDIN to add him to my linkedin network.

Since he lied about me and was part of fixing and favors and refused to answer my email asking for badge numbers as did DI Ed Winski I can only consider him asking to be my linkedin friend to be an act of malice and cruelty not friendship.

The only chance I have unless the US Attorney, AG, a new commission in to police corruption take action is CCRB for now.

I am asking yet again for my case to be taken back by CCRB.  Brian Connell told me twice to right him and possible my case would be taken back.   

He never responded to me.   I have records of the requests.   

I won’t give up until I have Justice and so far every government agency has failed me and let the NYPD and Internal Affairs commit crimes, lie in police reports, violate CPR and or be party to crimes including coercing, lying in police reports, fabricating police reports, threatening me, protecting a series of threats including on YouTube my guess Joe Tacopina using a sock puppet account calling me a cunt threatening to BURY ME DESTROY me if I take any legal action and Delita HOOKS signed letter to the her NYPD fixer sounds like it was also ghost written by Joe TACOPINA who joined in the gang bang of retaliation.

I will include some of the emails to Graham Daw and a blog posting that talks about a voice mail I left him.