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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mike Bloomberg Dragged back CityTime SAIC Shareholders Suing Want Answers!

Robbin Gellers representing shareholders asked to bring in Bloomberg just like Gerald Shargel and it never happened.
Top SAIC officials new and Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn new as did anyone who could do simple math contractors and consultants were stealing.  De Blasio current head of Dept of Investihation Mark Peters stated over billing isn't stealing on 911 but in fact it is.  Bloomberg remains Teflon.
If shareholder won't drag him back in I will on this blog.

Mike Bloomberg Dragged back CityTime SAIC Shareholders Suing Want Answers!
I am dragging him back in because he has a lot of explaining to do under oath about CityTime, 911 bigger than CityTime and a fleet of tax payer Titanics and he wants to be president -- it would mean even larger scale corruption than what we saw here in NYC.

It goes on like Wall St Banks and top defense contractors and companies like Verizon on 911 have to be stopped not emboldened like they were on CityTime and 911 and my guess 311! (Short list).

Amazing Rudy Giuliani and his deputy mayor's avoided any court appearances under oath along with Michael Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, and a list of top names in New York City government and a sea of employees from Dept Of investigation and DOITT as well as patty Harris  her son made the head of technology and her husband on the board along with Mark page of the MTA who tried to push through the MTA SAIC deal and who appointed her husband and Mark page to MTA but Michael Bloomberg!

There's overwhelming proof there's incredible guilt of top SAIC officials and top and Mike's a government  and FYI 911 tech corruption is even worse and I can't even get the figure on the price tag for 311 these are probably the top three tech Titanic's under my Plumbark and no one cares in the meet is covering up but CityTime isn't over as a  naïve news reporter one said to me!

SAIC execs claimed they did not know about CityTime?  Execs were fired hired and retired and to date no further indictments....? Imprisoned Denault CityTime project manager did  not sign contracts? Sued his employer and won to pat defense bills Valentine's Day 2012. 

According to recent court documents, the share holders keep asking..how could no executives know? How could Mayor Bloomberg not know? 

Not telling shareholders equal drop in stock price due to CityTime loss?? Where is the security and exchange commission? 

"Specifically, by March 2011, appellees were confronted with: (1) the criminal complaint; (2) 
a subsequent indictment; (3) investigatory interviews of SAIC employees; (4) grand jury subpoenas 
served on SAIC and its employees; (5) public questions from NYC over SAIC’s role in the scandal; 
(6) rejected contracts for additional NYC work; and (7) SAIC’s own investigations into Denault’s 
kickback scheme and timekeeping practices. IB45-46. These allegations sufficiently plead actual 
knowledge under Item 303 and a strong inference of scienter under the PSLRA."

Preet Bharara and the dirtiest DA shortest amount of time we're going to protect their friend Rose Gill Hearn who got 2 kick back  Jobs thanks to Mike Bloomberg her boss who she protected -- anys knew who could do simple math that  contractors and consultants were stealing as top lobbyists with recognizable names and connections to City Hall profiting I'm wrong doing not only were they overbilling they were delivering crap --

@TheEconomist you don't know about mike Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn Cyrus Vance  allowed Hewlett Packard steal deliver crap late 911 tech NYC!

I'm suffering severe insomnia and posttraumatic stress it's hard to even write I can't spell I can't proofread but I'm desperately trying to get the story out because one day the media will be forced to report it just like the Richard Nixon story or Priests  on an epic scale around the world sexually praying and children and in New York the political system and the NYPD I run just like the Catholic Church the gold destroy anybody who dares to speak up and tell the truth which is why I was treated like a Jew in the early stages of Nazi Germany so please excuse exhaustion this and lack of proofreading.

The FBI failed the September 11 they failed to prevent the mortgage meltdown they failed to prevent the Wall Street implosion they allowed in NYPD officer michael Dowd to help a drug kingpin who is murdering people left and right and did not arrest anyone in till I believe the Suffolk police arrested Dowd.

The Feds  make sure Dowd was allowed bail so they could set him up and actually have the FBI and Internal Affairs arrest him because they were humiliated caught with their pants down --

 One day the true story about CityTime and 911 will  be told  and how defense contractors and top companies behave like Wall Street banks which led to the implosion of Wall Street and what's sad is because what's going on we could have another kind of implosion right here New York and Cy Vance could have stopped 911 crooks as early as 2012!!!!

Preet Bharara was willfully  myopic and protected Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg everyone connected to wrongdoing top officials SAIC as well as Rudy's deafly mayors turn lobbyists  everyone involved in stealing CityTime including Ariel, Gartner (Gartner  over builds anytime anywhere they could under Mike Bloomberg)

Cy Vance  has blood on his hands anybody that's died because of the 911 call that was delayed because the ambulance went to the wrong place because of technology problems and more it's Cy Vance Who is guilty for not prosecuting Hewlett-Packard Verizon and other contractors that were over billing and delivering late and delivering crap

 In both cases added other technology contracts it was common knowledge anyone who could do simple math, DOITT knew it,  Joe Bondy, City Council,

John Liu spoke up and  everyone who has spoken up has been retaliated against including me whistleblowers came to me after they were ignored by Dept Of investigation and other newspaper reporters or they were too frightened to go to DOI because Dept Of investigation is corrupt and Cy Vance  call along protected Michael Bloomberg and his administration every step of the way Bloomberg even committed perjury didn't Haggerty trial!  Remember our dirty DA tried to prevent Bloomberg and his staff from even testifying and then he decided he would call them and gave them all immunity which they didn't wave perjury isn't  covered by immunity

Cy Vance  should resign and even more so he should be indicted as the dirtiest DA  in the shortest amount of time  911  is among one of his most serious serious crimes wrongdoing  and he is engaged how many assistant DA's who agreed to do wrong commit crimes even protecting police and Internal Affairs that's how dirty Cy and his ADAs are and  he has an intern to frighten to come forward that was sexually preyed upon and the New York daily news has a brutal article on him and his dirty ADA  trying to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status offending  and shocking perhaps someone honest judge maybe two that I know of in all of New York I'm waiting to find out if there's any more honest judges there aren't many - many are political so outs and they have protesters out of the street saying that we can't get justice!

How  many markets trust the legal system trust the judges in New York trust the DAs and ADAs?  Not many.

Under Bloomberg with Cy Vance protecting Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn  hewlett-Packard and other top defense contractors and companies like Verizon were allowed to come in and over bill and to live her crap and deliver late on 911 with over 8 million people depending on a 911 tech system  everyone profited and benefited and is still benefiting when they shouldn't have these jobs they have  have to be held accountable 911 worse than CituTime!!!!

NYPD  taking kickbacks gifts and they're all walking away Scott free as a arrest innocent people put them on Rikers and some even kill themselves !

Ask Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn did we get all the  taxpayer money back that was stolen by Spherion crooks?

 At a press conference they said they would get all the money back and I don't believe they did and at the very same press conference Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn still praised SAIC and CityTime!

Rose Gill Hearn  when a New York one and didn't infomercial as so many crap players do never challenged by supposedly news reporters investigative journalists she said CityTme works which was a lie it was constantly being taken down and worked on trying to improve it so much so employees of New York City government for contacting me and telling me it doesn't work it still doesn't work it's a hunk of junk and it will be thrown in the garbage Destin for the dumpster like 911

My post picked up posted:


 I was the first person and only person to report that SAIC lost - Denault  sued and won they have to pay all his legal bills  including his current ones as he appeals his appeal along with the other citytime

I sent out a notice to two different news reporters one at the New York Post wrote the story and his editors would not let him publish the story he now no longer works at the NY Post.

 A writer from the Village Voice used my information but didn't credit me he also no longer works for the Village Voice