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Monday, February 29, 2016

Mark Peters Head of DOI nYC Giv dirty corrupt on 911 and Rikers?

Mark Peters Head of Dept of Investigation NYC Giv dirty corrupt on 911 tech contractors consultants stealing lobbyist profiting NYPD chief Chuck Dowd and other taking graft 911 and his stance not closing Rikers 100% corrupt and he's doing it for political reasons fixing and favors like the dirty corrupt NYPD he is protecting starting with 911 corruption he is protected so much wrong doing it is so hard fine and I think I have audio tape that ties into 911 involving his office.   I'm so tired I can't remember maybe posted on YouTube he is a dirty corrupt Department of investigation add total political corrupt figure just like his predecessor -- Rose Gill Hearn who was paid with two kickback  appointments because that's how it works

 This is just like the big short on a smaller level at least for right now -- defense contractors companies like Verizon acting like Wall Street banks completely Teflon no arrests made cause great harm they in the New York City government officials that are going to run the city into bankruptcy they take their raises graft cause  terrible damage and would be ironic if the New York pensions exploded especially the NYPD pensions because of all the harm and damage they've done to so many innocent people  including me.

Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB, corrupt dirty flash boys  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you.


I am so happy Spotlight and The Big Short  won Oscars it gives me hope I am one step closer to getting justice for me and for the city for so much wrongdoing but I work on my blog 

 I'm on my way to visit my mother who is very down she's trapped in her body her brain has failed her in the ways that it needs to communicate it's disintegrating but yet she knows who she is and what's happening in who I am she is very intelligent and that part of her brain is intact --  I don't know how much longer she's going to live but she is so unhappy with the quality of her life not being able to go to the bathroom not being able to walk not being able to do what she needs to do so sad

I really can't block right now and I have to be in court tomorrow pursuing justice because the NYPD are so corrupt so dishonest such liars from Ray Kelly on down Ray is trying to get out of it now that were New York State Court he saying he's not responsible that in a sense he's like a figurehead but he didn't have that stance in federal court so I'm really going to go after him as we move forward into court I can't wait to get my hands on the police reports and everything that I've requested to expose is corrupt corrupt players and I'm one of how many victims?