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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Google Didn't Kill Investigative Journalism NYPD Controlling Press Passes and Oligarchs of NY killed investigative journalism in NY

Google News at 10: How the Algorithm Won Over the News Industry - The Atlantic

NYPD Suspends Issuance of Press Passes

Media Can Avoid NYPD Arrest By Getting Press Pass They Can’t Get – WIRED | WIRED

NYPD Ray Kelly and his puppet Campisi protected a pileup of indefensible crimes from the doctors office to police department starting with a threat to do bodily harm and running punched my had a hole in my retina and then I was threatened with false arrest on Saturday arrested you on the Sabbath are you anti-Semitic?   With Mayor Bloomberg decided to run for an illegal third term my entire YouTube channel which was devoted to preventing that from happening was removed the Wikipedia page about that about the fact Google return my YouTube page and apologized, and the Wikipedia page also had about Joe Tacopina and NYPD rape cops --  The Wikipedia page with cyber vandalized and delete it and I believe Joe Tacopina was guilty of aggravated harassment when is tampering threatening a victim with a misogynist hate crime six days after I was punched threatening to turn the tables on me bury me destroy me another words the NYPD will participate directly in crimes or protect crimes of critics of people who are doing investigative work  and a reminder  Ray Kelly and his wife excepted lavish gifts including plane rides on Mayor Mike Bloomberg honest luxury private jet.

My Dad a WW2 Vet and Scholar who respected Kelly died knowing Ray Kelly's role  protecting anti-Semitism, threatening me, coercion lying and police reports doing fixing in favors in retaliation...

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault watch youtube  I want the world to see how the NYPD just fixing favor some retaliation I wasn't even safe in a doctors office and the police did everything but commit murder in my case including lying in police reports threatening me protecting a misogynist Hillclimb threat six days after was attacked it was open season pile up of crimes from a doctor's office  with my attack her and her pals lying to the police during an open investigation to getting fixing favors coercion it's been 4 1/2 years and I'm still fighting for justice.    Why would the NYPD top brass protect such blatant crimes including violating someone at a doctors office?  Because of this blog and my YouTube channel that's why.

Note I am suing the City  and Corp Counsel and three police commissioners are  going to go in history books for the role in my case as well as others...  I want Chief of Det Boyce and Pulaski as well as Campisi, Reznick, Esposito, Dowd  all questioned under oath  about my case and many other caseszzz

If the NYPD  top brass control press passes then they can take lavish gifts be flown all over like Ray Kelly had hoped he could do with him and his wife, they can take lavish gifts in there confident it won't be reported isn't this reason enough to take the control of NYPD press passes out of their hands?

 I'm pretty confident it was Joe Tacopina my guess Tacopina guilty  who threatened to bury me and destroy me after I was a victim of a savage attack he called me a cunt and said if I took any action he would bury me and destroy me see the tables turned but isn't that with the NYPD did and it's not what they do ?   To date the NYPD have never investigated the threats but protected them and everyone involved and crimes in my case.

NYPD App Tracker Report NYPD Crimes, Search Lawsuits and FOIL Requests

Giuliani, 9/11 and the Emergency Command Center, Continued - The New York Times

‪.@realDonaldTrump @SenSchumer Rudy's deputy mayors turned lobbyists pushed SAIC like drugkingpin SAIC openly stole 911 under Rudy Mike worse‬

Let's see  Rudy had 11 years to move that emergency command center and didn't and he somehow figures out a way to make himself into a hero and make a $30 million fortune and now Donald Trump is going to help make even more money he doesn't deserve and more crappy tech deals they're gonna screw tax  here's over but who cares as long as rude he makes tons of money?

So under Bloomberg they decided got to make a response to Sept 11 2 eemergency command centers but they were stealing and overbilling going on as soon as Hewlett-Packard gets the contract Hewlett-Packard wasn't qualified but HP biggies on the New York pension board. 

If you look into the second command center under the Bronx the NYPD is saying it's top secret but that's what they do in court and that's what they do in the media when they're covering up their own wrongdoing the second command center is a fortress but it's also a mega Scandal.  

Meanwhile New Jersey  has magnificent posters alerting people you can text 911 in New Jersey but in new York all we have is the media killing the story like they have blacked out Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit. 

Suzannah B. Troy artist: 911 Tech Corruption CityTime on Steriods PSAC2 Still Not Up!

NYPD  response been covering up crime is it's top secret but all you have to do is Google NYDN NYPD chief Chuck Dowd  to get a hint about graft that he was getting lavish gifts along with other top NYPD also possibly on FirstNet, tech deals, pensions,  and they're all Teflon all of them none have been punished instead of having a robbing  drug dealers which still goes on the latest high profile nypd cop caught was Jose Tejada  and don't forget nypd Ramos in the bronx reminiscent the Serpico, Durke years  top brass were taking lavish gifts under Ray Kelly he promoted them and protected them because he also was taking gift --  Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton learned how to broker lavish soft landings  but both of them were denied their dream of being the head of homeland security...

NYC I Love You Big Time: Eric Garner Handwritten Lawsuit from 2007 Indictment of the NYPD Ray Kelly Era

NYC  have been the victim of two terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and instead of a better 911 system we have a boondoggle with a whole lot of stealing and you can't text 911  but New Jersey's advertising the fact you can text their 911 system!!!!!

 Double irony that Donald Trump picked corrupt Rudy Giuliani who profited from the myth he was a hero who did not move the 911 Command Center out of the World Trade Center and then Michael Bloomberg comes in Mr. technology and creates a disaster at taxpayer titanic no grilling no prosecution by the dirty DA Cy Vance!!!  Talk about fixing in favors!

 Irony the tale of two cities auto bill De Blasio  maybe guilty Mike Bloomberg was never grilled except with immunity during the Haggerty trial and supposedly he testified he committed perjury which is not covered by immunity but Bill de Blasio  protected NYPD crimes in our cases so none of us are voting for him  if he isn't forced to resign first that is...

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