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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NYC 911 tech System 2 billion + dollars can't text will collapse large scale terror attacker or natural disaster

 We know the contractors were over billing, delivering late and delivering crap
and Hewlwtt Packard  is the lead guilty culprit that open the floodgates and the lead contractor involved openly bragged he would overbilling totally lost the contract.

 Second command center in the Bronx the allegations -- years  late and cover up wrong doing the NYPD is stating they have to keep the command center top secret...

The NYDN just skimmed the surface about top NYPD  taking gifts on 911 and hinted and barely hinted at  possibly more wrongdoing involving FirstNet.  You would have to google NYDN Nypd chief chuck Dowd.

 The overbilling stealing also is tied to the New York pensions and how much graft you think is involved in that how many lavish meals pay to play?

We all know the famous or rather infamous pay to play under Bloomberg and how Steve Rattner pleaded the 5th 64 times  and got a huge bonus from the mayor that worked out to be about the same amount he was fined by the SEC  as well as given up at pieces by the New York Times, the financial times, TV spots, including Charlie Rose who owes everything to Bloomberg who financially propped him up.

 No one really cares or gives a damn and it seems like the powers that be are protecting all the wrongdoing like they did with Charles Hynes, his pal Vito Lopez  List is incredibly long that's why made the game for Albany and City Hall "Guess who is Teflon".

 It shouldn't take a horrific large scale tragedy to have a criminal prosecution 911 tech corruption.

G-d forbid.

I love NYC Mosaic of people,  buildings, lifestyles, life.     I saw the World Trade Center towers burning. Rudy had 11 years to move the command center out of the WTC after they 1st attack   but he didn't yet he with this concept of him being a hero into a $30 million fortune.  In response to Sept 11  it was decided they would be to command center is a new technology  but instead New York City was ripped off.   Both command centers were built behind schedule the second one in the Bronx even more so and there's never been full transparency and it's so large scale it should be televised and I can't be handled by City Council.

Ask Rudy and his  deputy mayor's turn lobbyists all there  deals  starting with SAIC...

Ask Rudy and Mike if they knew about SAIC and Trailblazer.  Google NSA SAIC trailblazer.

Google pentagon tax payer abuse --  I guess in that context going over $1 billion for small potatoes but in New York City can mean our lives  and then you look at the Pentagon and if there was all that abuse how did that affect people's lives?

http://www1.nyc.gov/assets/doitt/downloads/pdf/nyc-next-gen-911-rfi.pdf  Big report with gaping holes?  DOITT knew it andBloomberg he changed the heads of DOITTs and with the exception of Paul Cosgrove look where they landed -- NY Law was priceless maybe they gave her that soft landing in return ny law  to supersize the dorm to illegally bus loaning with the protection of Amanda Burden  and Bloomberg - it is all there DOITT knew it and knows it. 

Bloomberg's odd hire - NY Daily News

mayor bloomberg king of new york: NY Law School Scandals Mike Bloomberg NYC Gov Corruption Hello?

 The people involved in this or so tough one it's so disturbing and again it shouldn't take a horrific tragedy to pull the curtain back I have to say that again.

NYC gov DOI dept of investigation knew and people quit and look at the top cop DOI  she got 2 kick back appointment.

I can't believe I'm being treated like a Jew  in the early stages of Nazi Germany because of this blog because I dared a blog about things like this I guess everything I'm saying must be true and too painful for the guilty parties and their fixers? 

Years late now top secret and why? To cover up the price tag and years of tax payer abuse  as well as years, years late zero accountability.

I testified at City Hall we need  prosecution on 911 as John Liu  suggested to Manhattan DA.   Remember handing out my Justice card to Ray Kelly who is exiting City Hall and to NYPD chief chuck Dowd.    Dowd did not even want to Identify the fact that he was the chief of technology for the nypd.    I told him protocol requires that you identify yourself.  I gave NYPD Chiefs my testimony but after Dowd  read my Justice card about NYPD fixing crimes like Las Vegas casinos let's face it he was fixing crimes it's one of articles in the New York daily news when they talk about him taking lavish gifts as well  which apparently was very common under Ray Kelly  both fixing crime and top brass taking gifts

Now it is up but top secret --  PSAC2 the 2nd command center : The building supposedly consisting itself up everything was cut off like an apocalypse? Come on. Get real.  How about a full accounting about that and the Saudi Arabia trip with Imar Mateen all $ and gifts  hey how about that on everything nyc gov, nypd, Albany?  Little birdie told me it's City Hall is really creative when it comes to accounting know was a whistleblower under Bloomberg.
NYC Gov 911 Bronx 2nd Back up Unit scheduled completion 2012 now Close to 1 Billion Campus Uncompleted

FDNY Ditch Tech part of ECTP 911 Mess FYI 911 Crowley A Fraud Cy Vance Crook Top NYPD Graft
Elizabeth Crowley lied to me  at City Hall when I waited so many hours to testify and I Aster will you look into why Mark Carson why his ambulance was late.... I had a witness who is standing next to the police had to make a second call where's the bus bus is short for ambulance and police lingo .  Mark Carson had been shot in the head because he was gay and this was down the street from St. Vincent's Hospital which was open September 11 but it wasn't opened anymore because Bill Rudin had the political connections  to prevent protective zoning for a hospital only.

Cy Vance  make sure there was no prosecution of St. Vincent Hospital crooks because it would've brought attention to the Rudin  acquisition of the hospital pennies on the dollar.

Fixes in every way possible  it should not take a horrific large scale tragedy to pull the curtain back.

 We've been failed by City Hall every way possible by agencies that should be prosecuting the crooks and 911 is the biggest tech corruption in NYC gov history.

 Zachary Carter testified under oath at City Hall he acted within his scope which was not true.   Joe Bondy a crook and nyc gov employee  testified under oath CityTime at City Hall  and he was not arrested.

As a victim of violent crime he was threatened with false arrest after running punched my head at the doctors one place I should be safe right it's sickening who's Teflon who's not but I'll be horrifying and terrifying  if there is a large scale terrace attack or is a series of synchronize small ones or natural disaster that uncover the biggest corruption New York City government that's been protected well how many innocent people have been threatened with arrest for falsely incarcerated.

The future will bring for more organized ---Waze -- ways for citizens to expose:track  corruption, tax payer abuses  and access government spending, government agency corruption wrong doing the apps on our phones  and report when we are victims of crimes by the NYPD and every government agency that has failed us and protected crimes.

ps Ray Kelly's Appellate Corp Counsel Lawyer in front of 3 Judges Aug 21, 2015 admits understandable I feel aggrieved put my constitutional rights were in violated when in fact they were! The NYPD committed crimes with Internal affairs protection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em
Please help go viral to shame MD, my attacker, NYPD, IAB,  Cy Vance and ADAs involved thank you.

 because I'm a blogger they must be hitting on some painful truth I'm being treated like a Jew in the early stages of Nazi Germany.

There were a pile up of crimes from the doctors office to the police department I have police reports where they lied I have DD5 police reports Det John Vergona lied and supervisors and Internal Affairs protected those lies, audios and video evidence.