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Monday, October 17, 2016

NYDN Richard Emery Full of Shit if Not Take My Case Against City, NYPD, IA, DA

Email to Richard Emery:

You and your employees and CCRB ignored my request take back my case...

I have audio of internal affairs Sergeant Mary O'Donnell -  your article in the NYDN confirms her Job is to gather evidence not refuse it!!!

NYPD Internal Affairs Sgt O'Donnell Refuses Fax Medical Evidence - YouTube

I have audio of NYPD Sgt Chen A supervisor of the detective squad telling a subordinate to turn me away to refuse me the right to report my tackers false cross complaint. 
NYPD 01 Sgt. Chen False Cross Complaint Turned Away Call IAB, CCRB - YouTube

He also refuses to come down and meet me and he's a supervisor so he violated protocol and guidelines. 

You hear me call the commanding officer of the precinct internal affairs  see CCRB.  All these years the police and the city have sent lawyers into court - State, federal, and appellate line on behalf of the city.

(Sent him 2nd email: I've also come up with the concept of the NYPD app tracker. I tweeted it to the FBI department of justice and guess what they're doing just one small aspect of it  making a national database of Police excessive for. 
My concept will track crimes the NYPD won't let us report including NYPD crimes internal affairs  crimes and DA crimes and every government agency that fails us like in my case also CCRB and the commission to combat police corruption. 

You'll know if the detective never even puts in his DD five that my attacker threatened to slap the crap out of my ass that she assaulted me multiple times as I backed away throwing her shoes hitting me with objects including keys and her iPhone he omitted all of that to fabricate a mutual assault. 

Had NYPD public member Marks Notes and the video and what I told him over the phone although he refused to meet me that she threatened me with bodily harm That she even Pressed  her barefoot against my vaginal area

Sent from my iPhone)

To me you're full of shit if you want to begin to start the misogynist wrongdoings that you are party to buy annoying my case which was a gangbang of retaliation then take my case and sue everyone I've suit plus the Manhattan DA and ADAs. 

I have secretly recorded audios of ADAs lying to me and that is after Joan Illuzzi admitted it was second-degree assault a false cross complaint, menacing and that the doctors office should not be discussing me with patients and I alerted her patients were harassing me on.  

I was told by ada Giovanetti that if they arrested my attacker know NYPD would be involved that they would have special investigator  Berry arrested Delita Hooks but the ADA's made it clear they did not want to touch the NYPD.

The NYPD my judge and jury retaliating against me for having reported their Facebook friend NYPD police officer Eugene Schatz for fixing in favors for the Mercer hotel harassing me using a squad car illegally as I fought for veteran vendors an artist vendors.  Two years later I was punched in the face and it was what is misogynist cops wish they could do to mean any of their critics.  When I could not find them for service last year in New York State Supreme Court that was when I found they were Facebook friends.  

I've been seeing pro se but you could take over and sue the city and the NYPD Internal Affairs and the DA for what they did which is violate my civil rights and treat me like a Jew in the early stages of Nazi German.  

The NYPD broke laws as well as internal affairs party to court and using Ron Kuby's letter as an excuse to pretend they didn't commit crimes.

I agree to one sentence and one cents only I agreed to drop charges against my attacker if my attacker drops alleged charges. 

I said this will set off a red flag for internal affairs but Ron Kuby had zero faith in Internal Affairs  said if I drop the charges he wanted nothing more to do with the case. 

I never met with Ron Kuby I did not give him money and he did not send the letter I agreed but he did keep me from even more violence and wrongdoing and possible fabricated crimes by the NYPD since the NYPD fabricated a mutual assault when there was none and they lied and police reports and the NYPD refused to meet me. 

Lawyer stated in New York State Supreme Court that there was an investigation. 

That is a flat out lie since they refuse to meet me and met with my attacker who filed a false cross complaint. Joan illuzi in front of Cy Vance's special  Investigator Ms Berry and Illuzzi's Intern Dennis her paralegal witnessed Joan stating that my attackers cross complaint was indeed false!  They witnessed her stating it was second-degree assault and menacing. 

I witnessed her stating she would not hold my politics against me that I was a critic of the Manhattan DA's.

But they did hold my politics against me and the fact that I shouted down there boss Cy Vance for being a misogynist corrupt DA.  

I could've forwarded my case to a special prosecutor and they. 

Cy Vance send in a female ADA Gaffney asked to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status and a Manhattan DA is aware of an intern who is prayed upon by someone senior inside the Manhattan DA and she doesn't trust the DA or even a special process.  She is afraid of retaliation the kind that I endured. 

So if you want to continue on with your full of shit life go ahead if you want to take action think step forward and take my case and go after the defendants. 

I filed a notice of claim almost 2 years ago that includes them all. 

The current police commissioner has not responded to me so I'm considering filing A new complaint with his name and PO Gene Schatz now that I know he is Facebook friends with the NYPD detectives that lied and police reports about me and refused to meet me yet they send their lawyers and to say that they did an investigation when you cannot do an investigation if you're not meeting with the victim of the crime and lying about her sitting I'm uncooperative when I wasn't they were fused to meet me and acted on I'm guessing Joe Tacopina sock puppet account threat on YouTube calling me confrontative cunt threatening me to bury me and destroy me if I took any legal action. I forwarded to detective John Vergona and asked if this is witness tampering he did not answer me but acted on the misogynist threat. 

And appellate court Det Vergona's lawyer lied multiple times one point was stating he did not know I was Jewish when in fact I stated I am Jewish and the city and police department have the email which I submitted in New York State Supreme Court that stated I'm Jewish even referencing the Holocaust and the fact that he was coercing me.  

Ron Kuby did right by protecting me from a false arrest on Saturday 4 PM the only time they could false arrest me because their anti-Semitic  misogynist corrupt cops and I did agree to false arrest twice after the cowardly detective screamed at me that he would arrest me if I did not drop charges!  Even as a lawyer acknowledges that occurred but then he states well he said he do rest my attacker to but he never told her to show up at Saturday 4 o'clock. 

The NYPD Internal Affairs broke laws and ADAs protected them every step of the way.  Spoke with Joan supervise ADA Tiana Walton about the NYPD and she wanted nothing to do with it. 

Let me know if you finally want to walk the walk or just continue on you're full of shit misogynist existence. 

I'm not sure if I've two years or three years to file a lawsuit but I'm looking for a lawyer to sue the city because I've sue them pro se and federal and state court and appellate and they keep winning because I guess I just don't have enough legal education even though the NYPD are 100% guilty as his internal affairs and now in the new notice of claim that corporate counsel submitted in New York State Supreme Court which is not the one I used and I told the judge that is notice of claim I'm using - I haven't yet filed a lawsuit that includes Cy Vance and ADAS and original defendant.  

I realize now the city will continue lying until I get a lawyer that they will take seriously. 

The city owes me money and it looks like I'm going to have to get a lawyer to collect compensation. 

Your friend Bratton taught me turn broken windows back on the NYPD.  

He is included in the new notice of claim corporate counsel accidentally submitted or purposely trying to rob me of pursuing justice yet again. 

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