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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Loretta Lynch Fires FBI Eric Garner FBI Fires Back Clinton's We Have Goods on you?

NY Post very wrong...?

http://www.progressqueens.com/news/2016/10/27/in-waning-weeks-as-attorney-general-loretta-lynch-asserts-more-control-over-federal-prosecutors-in-new-york quote from Progress Queens:
"By asserting more direct control over the Garner civil rights investigation, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has removed all doubt that management of significant cases in New York's Federal prosecutors' offices are determined in D.C."

Note from Suzannah -- Wiki leaks explains a lot - my guess 911 tech corruption not a single arrest - like DOJ 0 on Eric Garner for over 2 years -- the fix is in.  Now Obama and Loretta Lynch trying to do damage control knowing Hillary Clinton funneled money to Bratton -- Garner's death on Bratton's watch his Broken Window policy-- money via Teneo aka Declan Kelly- and the NYPD walk - Obama and Lynch wanted to way too late  jump out of bed protecting NYPD systemic crime and racism and corruption because Eric garner was violated the victim of NYPD crimes and wrong doing more than once - so much so  inspires turning broken windows back on the NYPD.  Whether Trump  or Clinton win the NYPD will walk so Obama finally took a stand and way too late.  Eric Holder, Lynch and Obama way too little to nothing too late.  Ditto 911 tech  under Michael Bloomberg with top NYPD taking kickbacks whatever you want to call it there's a whole lot of stealing going on in contractors delivering late the sloppiest laughed all the way to the bank and over 8 million people spend on that 911 Tech which was supposed to be improved a response to Sept 11 and Dept of Justice turned a blind eye to NYC yet again.  


 The Clintons reportedly had Loretta Lynch in tears (google it Clinton, Loretta lynch air port meeting) supposedly but whatever they wanted from her they made clear in return she would be given an even more powerful position -
Obama and Lynch did nothing about the Eric Gardner case and the fact that he had been violated his civil rights in the NYPD committed crimes according to Eric Gardner and in his hand written lawsuit eight years ago in the NYPD jumped on him in front of a glass window  when he wasn't running away he's just standing there it was incredibly dangerous and they had a history of targeting him harassing him and accusing him of crimes where was the crime where is the video evidence that he sold a cigarette?  In his hand written lawsuit from eight years ago  he says he committed no crime and the NYPD plant to drugs on him as a form of retaliation.

  It should be noted yesterday when I first saw my mother I thought she was dead that she had died but I saw her chest was moving --  so why am I up at 3:40 in the morning?   I have a collapsed bladder from fibroid tumors I've more tumors growing at age 54 when I shouldn't because I was violated out of doctors office and SoHo down the street from where I was being harassed by Michael Rawson who  I continue to block on YouTube at least two accounts with his name and I wonder how many sock puppet accounts  and I believe he and his thugs were calling the police on me but the First Amendment is a bummer? Why? Because I  objected to the NYPD turning a blind eye  to the Mercer hotel using their loading in unloading zone as private parking even with valet service at times while Michael Ross and would call the police on veterans particularly Eric Youngquist who is dying of prostate cancer who ended up dying in hospice and he lived for one thing to go sell his charge guys at age 79 - a Korean war veteran vendor  severely handicapped.

I had a creepy NYPD cop harassing me (PO Eugene "gene" Schatz -- the red finger glove photo on my blog is his facebook profile  and he is Facebook friends with the corrupt detectives that were all party to coercion in fact Schatz'/partner also party to coercion FB pals no shame or fear of accountability  01 Precinct) Schatz illegally using his sirens using his car in a threatening way to tell me they could park in the loading and unloading when actually  they cannot and in fact there's even a sign saying if you sit there idling it's a $2000 fine  that's in between the loading in unloading zone and I embarrassed  the NYPD Internal Affairs because I found a fake NYPD Plackard in the SUV sitting there for hours and I could not get through to IA  to report it and when I finally did get through to them conveniently lucky for the perp the car was gone.  

I held a protest for 15 minutes for the veteran venders an artist venders.  Down the street in 2012 two years after the fact and two years of fighting for the vendors I was savage the assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman's  in the medical staff involved lie to the police during an open investigation after they learned I went to the police and they were party to filing a false cross-complaint two days after me and I believe the doctor new fully at the NYPD were going to threaten me and make me drop charges against my well because I believe they told him which is why he didn't fire her these are serious crimes they were pile up of crimes and  I was threatened more than once and then NYPD joined and threatening me  but refused to meet me they had like Ku Klux Klan members hit their badge  numbers I was threatened by the NYPD with false arrest unless I drop charges and I had a hole in my retina and cervical damage. 

 It's almost 4 AM and I feel sick and I'm praying for justice met everyone involved in the violence and lies and party to it in one way or another get their karma.

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault.   The Mercer Hotel and th rich MD taught me soho call 1800 NYPD fix it. Preet Bharara calls it 1800 NYPD fix it. Wiki leaks shows us the fix is in and it is every level including media. 

I also believe Joe Tacopina  behind the misogynist hate crime witness tampering threatening me calling me a cunt  and he should be disbarred intarrested  but I really believe karma is going to get him in some horrible way I can't even imagine

 I won't vote for Trump or Clinton.

I think the FBI always had enough to put the Clintons in jail and they have enough if Hillary Clinton becomes president to force her to resign.  Besides the Clinton's being guilty I believe the FBI or misogynists it would work out.   I'm sure Trump is guilty of planning as well.  Maybe both presidential candidates are guilty of money laundering shifting in funneling  money who knows?

What I do know is  The Manhattan DA Cy Vance sending a female assistant DA who is only too willing to asked to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status -  Google New York Daily News Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein.    Wait until you read what the judge says in response to the Manhattan DA asking to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex read her status!   She says no but read what she says!   

With the Manhattan DA asking to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status  let's say in theory Trump and Epstein raped at least one teenage girl here New York City do you think that the Manhattan DA would do anything about it and if they were retired NYPD working for Trump and Epstein  do you think the NYPD would do anything about it?

 What I've learned about judges like Allison Nathan and Lynn Kotler,  The NYPD internal affairs and dirty Dease and corrupt politicians is there just like real people that the film spotlight is based on their guilty in my opinion know yet this is an opinion block their guilty -  if the NYPD Internal Affairs don't believe they did anything wrong to Eric garner eight years ago along with dirty DAs and ADAs  and ditto what was done to me from the doctors office to the please internal fares etc. I can't help it with my mother being so close to death I feel like this made happened to you and your love ones.

 I believe the NYPD are blackmailing tmayor and the FBI has now sent the same message to the Clintons... 

 I think the Clintons are guilty a moral and wouldn't help any decent person less it further their career.    Trump his behavior also is horrifying.   It would be amazing if Hillary wins and then the FBI force her to step down and her vice president becomes president.

I don't know if my mother will survive the weekend she's been dying for quite a while she survived emergency room visits blood clot in her leg, a blood  transfusion it turned out because of a bleeding cancerous tumor near her liver and her intestine she survived over and over but she really has no quality-of-life except her ability to love and be loved. 

Ray Kelly, Bratton, Jimmy O'Neill, Zachary Carter,  his predecessor and the dirtiest DA ever in the shortest amount of time Cy Vance, Tiana Walton and Joan illuzzi taught me the NYPD is run like the Catholic Church and I think of the Oscar winning film Spotlight and they will be exposed.

America is no longer number one and the worlds but a cesspool of corruption  and I became an open critic of Michael Bloomberg  with savagely assaulted at a doctors office in so how do the math.

 Zachary Carter could've told the truth he has the police reports but corporate counsel went in there and lied and lied taxpayer dollars if the lawyers are comfortable with what they did and they believe what they did is right made happened to them and their loved ones  and ditto for mayor Bloomberg and his predecessor everyone in city government that knows what happens to me and did nothing OK with that may happen to you and your love ones.  Bloomberg committed perjury a sitting mayor during the haggerty trial and he and rose Gill Hearn cy Vance and the NYPD  have a lot of explaining to do under oath including about 911 tech corruption the biggest climb in New York City government bigger than CityTime  and top NYPD brass took graft

 My Dad  World War II veteran  died knowing and the chief of internal affairs at the time Charles Campisi we're party to the NYPD line and police reports threatening me anti-Semitism misogyny corruption he Die Knowing Way, Kelly was a crook nd a liar and corrupt and my mom is dying knowing that Bill Bratton and  his internal affairs chief Reznick  are also guilty.  to every NYPD officer and internal affairs  officer involved in my case  do you think you did nothing wrong what happened to me made happened to your love ones me karma get you. 

I don't know if my Mom is going to make it through the weekend or the week and when it will be her time.  When I saw her yesterday I thought she had died.    I can't sleep it would've been nice before she died say mom I did get Justice.   Mom was born in the Bronx  and she was very beautiful and extremely intelligent she skipped a grade in the famous school for the arts she went to city college and she got a full scholarship for graduate school at the university of Minnesota for economics.  

 The FBI I may have a lot of information enough to take down very powerful people but you know who has the most information and the most power G-d.   It's 4 AM and I am very pissed off and I'm confident G-d see all.   That was a header to the email I sent evil corrupt Detective John Vergona  Who is verbally violent refused to meet me lied and lied and lied and police reports  protected by his corrupt supervisors and top brass in the NYPD Internal Affairs.

when he threatened me coerced me I wrote him right away about his anti-Semitism his corruption in the fact he was going to false arrest the Jew.   I was so upset there are typos but you can see it right there I call him on the anti-Semitism and what is corporate counsel say an appellate court he did not know I was Jewish when I verbally told him questioned him about his anti-Semitism and followed up with that email immediately!

 Whatever happens every religion every ethnic background every economic strata does believe in karma don't they? Do you?

Now I've got to get back to bed  do few things for me later this morning and then gets my mother and hold her hand and tell her I love her.   

Weiner revelation proves Comey dropped the ball on Hillary probe | New York Post


My blog is an opinion blog but I'll say this anyway in my opinion Michael Rawson is a liar, a big fraud and a bully who thinks he owns the NYPD and the FBI. The FBI would not jump through Michael Rawson's hoops like he lap dog pals at the Furst Precinct 1800 NYPD fix it. I want to ask him questions under oath along with Dr Fagelman and any NYPD and retired NYPD they've ever spoken with. Michael Rawson posted a comment on a YouTube he thought was mine stating he called the FBI on me when I had like to talk to the FBI agent he spoke to under oath as well. The FBI never contacted me so I guess they think Rawson is a nut?

May Rawson fail in all his endeavors and get a taste of the suffering he inflicted on a handicapped Korean War Vet severely handicap that died in hospice of prostate cancer.

I want to question Rawson under oath and the first precinct and others associated with the Mercer Hotel. I want to see if I can establish the NYPD looking the other way for the rich and wealthy and connected and Soho -- preferential treatment turning a blind eye etc with the Mercer like to know what goes on inside that Mercer hotel - what went on sides all the legal parking in the fake NYPD Parking placard I found.

Michael Rawson has been harassing me and I've had a block or two accounts with his names and I wonder how many other accounts he's used that don't have his name? It's not the first time I've been harassed on youtube involving NYPD selective policing 1800 NYPD fix it. The Mercer it's just a few blocks from the doctor and I'm like to know a lot more about the finances of that hotel in a doctors office and the police department off-duty on duty retired cops.

I want to learn how many NYPD officers dr Fagelman has as patients ditto for retired cops etc.

Loretta Lynch just fired the FBI. Hmmmmm.

Dr Andrew Fagelman is a sick twisted little man who protected a pile up of crimes and violations of my patient rights and my body -- I even wrote my doctor Dr. Vine his share of the office a note which she never got
Because the attack receptionist to assaulted and he doesn't understand patient rights and decency morals and boundaries - and the newest critical yelp review states it right there for years after me and the first yelp review calls his staff bipolar and talks about being betated.

I do believe in karma pie.