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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New PC NYPD Jimmy O'Neill My Case Pile Up of Crimes from MD's to NYPD IA

This was sent to PC:

I filed a complaint with the US attorney Southern District and continue filing so there is a record very much like the film Spotlight showed on an epic level to global audience horrific truth of wrongdoing. The NYPD covers of crime like the Catholic Church and Spotlight told the story powerfully even of judges that were part of the cover up as well as media.

Do I have to get the New York Daily News to do an article for you to take action like Erica Garner who's outrage rightfully continues to grow and supporters across the country agree. 

Worldwide audience knows I was savagely assaulted in the NYPD fabricate a mutual assault. 

NYPD lied in  police reports. 

I am alleging Joe Tacopina is the  lawyer broke the law witness tampering threatening me during an open investigation calling me confrontive cunt threaten me to bury me to destroy me and see the tables turned if I took any legal action.

I forwarded The barrage of threats including two fake sock puppet accounts now deleted because they know they committed crime - Tacopina is too stupid and too cowardly to do anything alone I know there were two lawyers involved.

Det Vergona was questions in an email by me is this witness tampering.   You did not answer me but broke the law acting on those threats turning the tables on me using a false cross-complaint file two days after me. 

I'm alleging Dr Fagelman made a call and got fixing in favors.  He said I don't want to fire Delita Hooks.  They said no problem she's a ball buster a troublemaker will take care of this. 

Detective squad including supervisors as a group did just that openly breaking the law, lying in police reports threatening me.

Det John Vergona refused to meet me lying in police reports along with his supervisor who open my case reopened it approximately five times and never met with me once. 

Vergona told me he didn't care by two black guys but which I was I punched in

It turns out at the key officers involved in committing these crimes are Facebook friends and their best friends with PO Eugene Schatz - first cop I reported to the internal affairs bureau for his special relationship with the Mercer Hotel and his violations and wrong doing including 1 ex illegally using his sirens. 

They treated me like a rape victim that I got what I deserved and I know G-D punish them especially because they continue to lie and Karma will get them but I would like Justice now it's been too many years too many lies.

I asked him why don't you meet me and see for yourself see you defensiveness on my arm see the damage to my face and he refused and lied and police reports about it with the protection of his partner and my tackers two detectives and a series of supervisors including Deputy inspector Ed Winski. 

I alerted him I was to be false arrested on Saturday and I left The NYPD lieutenant Petrosino memorial open at the front desk.  I had NYPD T-shirts and hats and I handed them in.  

The only honest police officer's The precinct asked me to police  not turn in these things.

If you want to heal the community if you want to stop covering a police corruption and take action.  

I've secretly recorded audio of Sergeant Chen refusing to come down and face me and he has PO Migori (or Magori) turned me away telling me I can't report my attacker supposed cross-complaint because I'm not a detective or from the DA. 

It is simply not true and a violation of my rights you don't get to turn a victim away.

Chief Boyce with his stellar victim comment under scores a history wrongdoing you don't get to play judge and jury of a victim of a crime is a crime.  It's like the old days when misogynist NYPD decided it's OK to rape sex workers but they did their round robin looked into the victim oh she's a sex worker so it's OK to beat her and rape her.   

I'm posting this on my blog.  

I know I will be vindicated in the long run and all exposed you have to decide where you want to be in the history books and films and in G-D's eyes.

My Mom is dying.   She's a fighter and she wants to cancer removed even though she's fairly paralyzed from Parkinson's I'm going to be there supporting her even as I fight for justice because of your Police Department continuing to lie and cover up crimes that the world knows they committed.

Internal Affairs slides me on multiple occasions even at one point telling me this is not a police issue this is an issue for the New York department of health and that they forwarded my case the New York department of health and I spoke to the lawyer there and they have no record of it.  

Under Ray Kelly I was told the case was open along with the Public advocate and we have record of that the public advocate  Bill Deblasio and then on Bratton it was changed it case closed against Vergona in 2012. The lights went on and on and I'm going to fight for justice however many years it takes continue to testify anywhere and everywhere I can continue to educate the world and audience based on what's been done to me in the continued cover up a pile up of crimes from the doctors office to the police Dept. 

This was no different than Williamsburg I can't tell you anything exchanged hands or was just a power trip in retaliation with promotions and retirement with big pensions. 
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