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Friday, April 21, 2017

NYPD Body Cams Evoke lawsuits and doubt Jose LaSalle and I have audio proof NYPD Crimes Top Brass 1PP, Internal Affairs Protect Crimes

Lawsuit challenges NYPD body camera policy | New York Post

We have video of NYPD  something on Eric garner but we don't have any video of him committing a crime.    We have his written account from about eight years ago that states he was illegally stopped and frisked  handcuffed in his pants were pulled down in public when he said he was gonna sue after painful anal search he said drugs  planted on him .   With a body cam have protected the crimes?  Body cam went to protected the crimes in my case.  How about activist Jose LaSalle's case? They tried to hit him with felony charges and he committed no crime he found them so we know the same thing will go on Internal Affairs top brass will protect crimes along with in my case 3 police commissioners.  I believe the same amount 3 PCs are involved in protecting NYPD crimes in Jose LaSalle's case and how many other victims of NYPD crimes?

Sgt Chen was protected by very corrupt police chief actually 23 Chief Campisi and Reznick and now chief Boyce.  Boyce is awful and corrupt as guilty as IAB chief Campisi and Reznick.

 I have audio posted on YouTube with  I think about thousand views you can hear Sergeant Chin turned me away you won't come down and face me which is a violation of NYPD protocol when you asked to speak to supervisor the supposed to come down and talk with you but he's too guilty he knows he's committed a crime is participated in covering up coercion  any has NYPD Migori or Magori  corrupt female cop on the fast track willing to do anything so you can hear her lie to me telling me I don't have a right to report my attacker supposed cross complaint because I'm not a detective or from the DA so why hasn't she been arrested along with everyone else and pop them in the first precinct and lying and police reports and gang retaliation threatening me party to coercion and threats to victim during an open investigation lying in your police reports  which involves the detective squad and supervisors  with the  protection of the commanding officer who also hadbeen promoted for fixing favors and and doctoring crime stats the Ray Kelly, Bratton and O'Neill way. O'Neill  talks the talk but the truth is he does not walk the walk he's just as corrupt as them and why is that a surprise he's worked for them for how many years and party till all this crime that's how they all get promoted!


 Would a body cam have prevented cops from planting drugs on Eric Garner?

Based on Eric Garner's  hand written account and my experience with a corrupt detective squad at the 1st Precinct and the commander it's clear to me there's a very high probability Eric Garner is  telling the truth this hand written lawsuit from eight years ago and planting drugs could be done by corrupt cops wearing body cams with  Internal Affairs  protection all the way like they protected corrupt cops my case and how many others?

 Honest cops get so frustrated they retire  or  are retaliated against.

Sgt Chen laughed at me  over the phone and states  did you were the one assaulted at the doctors.

I'm confident they all laughed and I'm confident they will all be punished and if there's a hell hburn in hell.

Civil rights attorneys raise concerns about NYPD body-camera program 

"Body cams are meaningless since "we" me included have video, audios, police reports where the NYPD lied and top brass have protected their crimes from 1 Police Plaza to Internal Affairs. 
I'm for the body cameras but the sad reality is Internal Affairs cannot police the police and there is a sea of YouTube's proving NYPD crimes in violation of my constitutional rights with zero Justice.
I asked Internal Affairs investigates is Internal Affairs The Sims committing crimes in my case protecting the NYPD crimes covering them up? Internal affairs told me Internal Affairs investigates internal affairs.

Suzannah B Troy "
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NYPD Sgt Mary O'Donnell is so evil and I found a link that said she's ahead of some NYPD Christian women's group hear her refuse evidence medical evidence and that Ron Kuby's letter is not what I agreed to.

The first and only time I met her she read me my attacker sign letter she pointed out it was signed she knew it was a crime  at my attacker was openly threatening me warning me not to report second-degree assault or she would file a second false cross complaint and my guess Joe Tacopina drafted it Mary O'Donnell said case closed instead of reporting it as a crime which it is and still is top brass or protecting this and I question whether she's an anti-semite and I believe she's part of the misogynist boys club

 I handed her my notes that one time I met her and I called he and asked her to mail them back she is supposed to good Christian lied to me and said she would mail them she didn't I'm confident she will burn in hell and I don't want her to try and track me down years later after she think she's immune from arrest and apologize she's evil and there's no apologizing a decade later

Corrupt evil Mary O'Donnell had in my notes and she knew I spelled detective Andy Dwyer's name DR I ER and she did not correct me because she was protecting his crimes

 Some of the NYPD detective all our Facebook friends including with the first slime bag corrupt cop I ever reported who lied to me and threatened me even using his car in a threatening manner Nypd PO Eugene Schatz aka Gene Schatz  and their Facebook photos of him with Tony Bennett I wonder if he did fixing in favors to get that photo and with his pals golfing I'd like to know if he did any fixing in favors to get any free golfing to be invited to parties etc.

 Top brass in the NYPD involved in my case extremely evil man misogynist and their destination as hell for all the corruption and lies they been involved in along with anyone at the doctors office and Joe Tacopina and Chad Siegel if in fact they were the two lawyer she's in sock puppet accounts to threaten me during an open investigation I know they will burn in hell but I'd like Justice now I'd like to see arrests and like a settlement an apology from the city.

Suzannah B. Troy artist: NYPD Det John Vergona 01 Det Squad LIED vs Public Member Marks My Case = Vergona fabricated a mutual assault, threatened me violently and lied in police reports and he did it with follow detectives his co-workers and PO Schatz his facebook friends knowledge the CO, top brass including Internal Affairs -- PC Jimmy O'Neill now wants to take crimes stats out of Commanders hands because they fix them but the NYPD can't apologize and keep lying to keep the lid on how deep the corruption is -- another words they're still fixing crime and they're still covering up crimes were talking top brass at 1 Police Plaza including Internal Affairs!
This link has DD5s see Det John Vergona lie in DD5s w/ supervisor signing off and protected even s public member of the nypd gets it right except it is 2nd degree assault and menacing but he is not as educated as a police detective is.

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This morning I have to meet with the plumbers regarding air conditioning/heat replacement of a unit  and then I go to spend time with my mother in hospice who understands and knows what is going on she was a New Yorker born and bred in quite a superstar and her achievements in education including getting a full scholarship to study economics graduate school

I want an apology before she died  well she can still recognize us and understand and if I don't get it then I know mayor de Blasio and James O'Neill actually evil man and God will punish them I'm sure not just for what they've done to me but what they done to other people as well also everyone involved in the violence and lies from the doctors office oligarchs of New York that I've done such evil to so many people in the name of greed and they're fragile huge egos I'm sure  also everyone involved in the violence and lies from the doctors office oligarchs of New York that I've done such evil to so many people in the name of greed and they're fragile huge egos I'm sure G-d and karma will punish them.