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Friday, March 10, 2017

US Attorney Preet Bharara Stutters Stops Sells-out and Forced Out?

US Attorney Preet Bharara  Stutters Stops Sells-out and also Forced Out?

Wow when I wrote this I had no idea  he was being told to resign....added Forced Out when I got a call about the shocking news.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@preetbhrara dnainfo.com/new-york/20150… Preet u let nypd break laws Soho 1800Fixit but at least u didn't sexually assault interns.

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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@preetbhrara Thanks Preet for not being as horrific & corrupt as Cy Vance dnainfo.com/new-york/20150… and Zachary Redacto Carter my case.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
.@preetbhrara Preet u didn't lie for corrupt NYPD detectives in Soho like Zachary Redacto Carter is still lying suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/12/nypd-d…

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 I can't imagine what his replacement will be like someone who lets NYPD break even more laws?

 I am in shock I didn't see this happening I didn't think it was weird Preet   Creating a second account when few US attorneys even have one and nothing appear to be happening in there should've been things happening like arrests.

I don't think there's any hope for the city but let's see what happens next.

Best thing that could happen for me is if the mayors forced to resign along with Zachary Carter since both of them have been protecting police corruption in my case and I would like my case settled and I'd like an apology so I  hope that the replacement takes action against the mayor and forces him and Zachary Carter to resign ASAP  so that I and other victims of the NYPD could possibly get the settlements we've been waiting for for years...

. @preetbhrara If you resign u let Cy Vance, top NYPD get away with fixing favors corruption on 911 post Sept 11 call a cop my case.

.@preetbhrara if u resign before please arrest corrupt NYPD or is this let nypd get away crimes call a cop Southern District your district

Preet Bharara before you resign how about at least resting a few corrupt cops including detectives in my case that lied in  police reports  and threatened me and sealed their crimes with my attackers crimes how about some arrest before you are forced out?

GOP In 2020 (@GOPin2020)
BREAKING: AG Jeff Sessions has sent out a notice to all 46 US attorneys remaining from the Obama administration to resign immediately.

Preet Bharara was going to protect Zachary Redacto Carter who Preet's ex boss Schumer had appointed Carter to US Attorney Brooklyn along with Clinton.

Cy Vance and Zachary Redacto Carter who commited perjury could both commit murder and Preet Bharara would protect them. Preet Bharara protected a lot of corrupt NYPD doing fixing and favors in his own District the Southern District including my case.

I doubt anyone Jeff Sessions appoints will go after corrupt NYPD but than again  NYPD always are confident that their Teflon and because they are sooner or later they do something so horrific so horrendous and criminal  that even Jeff Sessions can't protect it.

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#NYPD break laws protected by corrupt Internal. Bharara afraid of NYPD suicides so many guilty cops or fixing for people Preet beholden too?


Someone has been searching some disgusting sexual allegation about Chuck Schumer?

It is vague.. no details.

In Albany, City Hall, US Attorney, DA  and 1 Police Plaza it is not about Justice, integrity... just a 0 big zero fixing favors how can you arrest one mayor and not all the previous mayor's etc.????

Is that why Preet stutters, stalls and halts?  NYS NYC such a cesspool he just might as will stay at home and watch TV Showtime Billions?   Preet is obsessed with Hollywoo woo.

Something stinks besides the cesspool of corruption.

US Attorney is or isn't going to arrest corrupt politicians and corrupt NYPD officers...???

 I think you're going to find some surprising twists and turns...?

We all know there's massive corruption including the police  department if you cover it up it's going to come out one way or another isn't it?

We have US attorney Preet Bharara who is political now more than ever he's so political he gone Hollywood --- he's more devoted to his to Twitter accounts than Justice?

Preet Bharara knows Zachary Carter obstructed justice and committed perjury and is he going to do anything about that?  No.    Preet is going to do Z a favor?  Yup.  Carter  laughing all the way to the bank as he protects NYPD crimes including in my case.

I know there's karma karma goes around these people do evil they're gonna die by evil you live by evil you die by evil...  even 90-year-old Nazis I thought they got away with it got a knock at the door so what goes around comes around but the US Attorney Preet Bharara has petered out.

US Attorney staff had five hours with the mayor  no immunity where are the arrests?

Preet Bharara  played a terrible joke on himself -- he has called out corruption call a cop in the police department but is pretending it only goes on in Williamsburg Brooklyn  under President Obama with Jews tied to the settlements.  Obama  wanted Preet to bring  down a billionaire and Preet could not deliver.   Preet is on the record about call a cop.

We all  know it's all fixing in favors -1800 NYPD IA DA fix it-  somehow I think there's going to be a lot more tragedies until the truth finally comes out.

 I also think you're going to see some scathing films and documentaries exposing what's really going on in the Police Department and I pray what happened to me is documented as well.

Preet Bharara lame duck or not...?  He opens up a 2nd twitter account and tweets about the film Wall St.  He's clueless the end of the film Wall St  was redone like a bad nose job with a Hollywood ending.   Preet seems lost and clueless or he knows it is over and he has no idea  what is next step is but he's let a lot of corrupt  NYPD officers break laws including in my case at his front door  practically NYPD fixing in favors in Soho and he lets crimes go on left and right so why not at City Hall maybe it's time he needs to resign?

Preet resigns before Bill de Blasio and Zachary Carter?  That would make news.

Preet Bharara protecting rampant police corruption right at his front door including my case Call a Cop more than one but Preet is protecting NYPD criminals in Manhattan and only to go after a small group of fixing in favors corruption in Williamsburg when it's rampant and it's in Manhattan.

Preet Bharara looks foolish  because everyone knows the call the cop program but I call one 800 fix it goes on always has still going on and went on in my case and SoHo and that's his jurisdiction do something otherwise you look like a fool.

Sounds like Preet to busy tuning in to Billions and monitoring his twitter accounts...?

Sounds like Preet may be packing his  bags and making a move to Hollywood maybe he'll start a movie  or could be worse he may be the subject of some documentaries you may not like what they have to say.

Cy Vance  The dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time was excoriated in the best-selling book Flash Boys  wait for the film however long it takes it's gonna tear Cy Vance to pieces.