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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mayor Bloomberg 911 Tech Scandal Surge in Blog stats Stringer HP Scandal Too

Mayor Bloomberg 911 Tech Scandal Surge in Blog stats Stringer HP Scandal Too

 Ironic under Mayor Michael Bloomberg they were a fleet of taxpayer Titanic's 911 being the biggest, than CityTime or 311 tech may have been the second biggest rip off  in terms of money and technology under Michael Bloomberg and there's more including Board Of Election technology, FDNY wireless there so many it's hard to list but  Michael Bloomberg will do anything to try and cover up his faux legacy he's a real control freak

mayor bloomberg king of new york: NJ 911 Tech has Text vs Mayor Bloomberg 911 Corruption Boondoogle No Text just Stealing Delivering late Delivering Crap

Right now  link above has 217 direct rates... interesting huh?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
mayor bloomberg king of new york: March 2014 so happy People reading mayor Bloomberg 911 HP deal Scott Stringer ln.is/blogspot.com/s…

 There of been zero arrests a 911 which is bigger than CityTime and only $60.5 million returned...

 Under John Liu he brokered a $50 million return from Verizon but under Scott Stringer lead contractor Hewlett-Packard only returned 10.5 million.

Stringer  remove the press release requesting a criminal prosecution which was request given to the Manhattan DA Cy Vance but Cy was protecting Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn he protected Mike who broke campaign was when he wired money out of his personal account and he committed perjury sitting there during the Haggerty  trial - Cy Vance  dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time had to give Mike Bloomberg and all his subordinates immunity and none of them could waive them and you know why.

 Because Cy Vance  incredibly corrupt we had no prosecution including of NYPD top cops taking graft for instants google NYDN Chief Chuck Dowd  and read the articles but they don't connect the fact that Verizon return $50 million but no one asked Dowd  to return all the money he got a move supposedly only lavish golf and gifts but it was so much more and no prosecution and he wasn't the only one which is even mentioned in the article and probably most likely FirstNet another scandal. 

 I can't do all the work from you but something could blow wide open and somebody or groups of people are reading up on the list 
thank G-d.  

 It's sickening that there are people that call themselves patriots and they rip off the taxpayers at grand scale's and this was in response to September 11 --911 Techsystem  and the national response for tech system that will allow communication nationally FirstNet  for  first responders is just shameful 

 Re-Giuliani did not move the command center after the first Terrace attack downtown 11 years then Michael Bloomberg comes and gives us a new technology and you can't even tech it's mega mega scandal 

 no one knows about it or will write about it because Michael Bloomberg is so powerful and he goes after all his critics he tries to destroy them and I couldn't believe in Homeland security they showed the propaganda room because any credit online was harassed I created a blog of all the different fake YouTube sock puppet accounts at harassed me on behalf of Michael Bloomberg

Ray Kelly and Michael Bloomberg  lied and said crime was down but the NYPD were fixing crime  like a Las Vegas casino do you think it's any coincidence running punched my had a hole in my retina no arrest and Ray Kelly who excepted lavish gifts plane rides for him and his wife on Michael Bloomberg Mayor Bloomberg's private jet has been defending horrific crimes in my case for years now and Zachary Carter who redacted documents on the nursing home and I am told the other documents besides the nursing home is in on defending crimes NYPD crimes in my case hooting lying in police reports fabricating police reports making a second-degree assault menacing false cross complaint into a mutual assault and then no assault threatening me and acting on a misogynist he crime I believe the massages he crime was committed by Joe Tacopina do I have exposed as a first class scumbag super liar - Bernie Kerik provided audio that proves that Joe Tacopina was a super liar and divorce  papers of a client of  Joe Tacopina know that state he had sex with the clients wife!  

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