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Monday, March 27, 2017

3 nypd PC protecting misogynist Hate Crimes my case can't cover up nypd Det child sex predator arrested by other police force like Dowd was caught this time NYPD Detective child predator protected like detectives in my case?

3 nypd PC protecting misogynist Hate Crimes my case can't cover up nypd Det child sex predator arrested by other police force like Michael Dowd  NYPD get away with murder protected by top brass and Internal Affairs until one outside police force makes an arrest that's what I have to hope for?

NYPD Chief Boyce, Chief Reznick/ Campisi can't cover up for sex predator NYPD detective like they covered up for the misogynist hate crime threat my case detectives acted on protected by supervisors commanders and three police commissioners 2 heads of Internal Affairs 2 chiefs of Detectives 3 PCs and now Zachary Redacto Carter like his predecessor protecting crimes NYPD crimes and violations really sick quitting the misogynistic st threat the NYPD detectives and their supervisors acted on in my case all taxpayer-funded crimes wrong doing.
Chief Boyce replaced Pulaski but he may be dirtier it comes to protecting NYPD detective crimes in the blue wall of corruption seems like they're all dirty from the chief Detectives  to the Internal Affairs  and the newest case of a child predator nypd detective  says to me this detective was doing wrong  Long before and like the infamous nypd Michael Dowd who stole from drug dealers and assisted a murder a drug deal Internal Affairs Drugs and even FBI did nothing until the Long Island police I believe arrested him! 
 I believe that the New York FBI and  internal affairs were so humiliated that another police force outside of New York City did not cover up but arrested the criminal cop that they arrange to have the criminal cop released just so they could catch him and arrest him to save face.

 They actually use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they didn't commit crimes and my tackers letter is shocking in open threat yet again I'm being threatened and a matches the Joe Tacopina misogynist Hate Crimes threat warning me not to come back not to file assault charges will be retaliation this is a signed letter to the NYPD detective fixer Campisi  Reznick three police commissioners are covering up and protecting along with Zachary Redacto Carter and Catherine Papandrew Corp Counsel right now in court!!!

I don't believe this  NYPD  sex predator detective just started his habit of breaking the law and doing six stuff I think he was protected and that is so sick because that's what happen in my case a misogynist take my my guess by Joe Tacopina threatening me calling me a cunt threatening me telling me he would bury me and destroy me if I took any action chief Boyce  has been alerted about this and lying and police reports and what is he done protect them including supervisor Sgt Chen.  He and Lt Roy got Chen first name and badge number I don't have Zachary Carter has live for and his predecessor corporate counsel lies for corrupt cops until like Internal Affairs Michael Dowd case is one example they can't. He about Chief Chuck Dowd as one example of top brass taking lavish gifts as contractors jeopardize 8 million people's lives here in New York City over billing delivering late in delivering crap the key contractor said to a source of mine I'm going to overbilling till I lose the contract a 911 the technology called 911 ECTP and  Ray Kelly and Internal Affairs protected  overbilling and giving top cops lavish gifts along with Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Peters and Cy Vance.

Chief Boyce and Reznick, Campisi Can't Protect NYPD Child Sex Predator detective the way they protected the misogynist hate crime in my case and the NYPD detective that acted on it lying in police reports threatening me coercion and they use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend there was no crime and they were crimes from the doctors office to the please department including lying in the police reports as my attacker and her pals  Predator detective the way they protected the misogynist hate crime in my case and the NYPD detective that acted on it lying in police reports threatening me coercion and they use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend there was no crime and they were crimes from the doctors office to the police department including lying in the police reports as my attacker and her pals  lied to the police during an open investigation and I was threatened by my attacker and a signed letter to her nypd fixer protected by Charles Campisi, Reznick, Ray Kelly, Bratton, James O'Neill  even protected detective squad supervisors and the commanders but they can't protect a detective sex predator that was arrested by the police force that's not the NYPD and let's face it the probability is he's been doing this while he was employed by the NYPD and protected because their misogynist and they have one call if possible protect the NYPD brand at all costs if they can but like Michael Dowd  The police force outside of the NYPD made an arrest so the NYPD cannot cover up like they did in my case along with Internal Affairs 

Let's  go over all the evidence let's ask the top cops including Chief Boyce  under oath about my case and how he protected detectives their supervisors along with Charles campsi, Boyce, Reznick, 3 PC  because it's OK to be misogynist threaten a woman victim if you don't like her misogynist hate crime it's OK if you don't like the victim Who happens to be blowing the whistle on corruption from City Hall to One Police Plaza including top cops taking lavish  Who happens to be blowing the whistle on corruption from City Hall to 1 Police Plaza including top cops taking graft 911 aka ECTP and FirstNet  and posting articles I found about Ray Kelly excepting lavish gifts from Michael Bloomberg then it's OK to protect crimes I have to wait for the cops to commit crimes outside of New York City and get arrested by police force that has an ounce of integrity and decency ? 

Chief Banks Pot Biz vs Chief Boyce Can't Protect Detective's Public Sex Act like He Protected NYPD Det Acting on Misogynist Hate Crime threat my case and lying in DD5s

misogynistnyc: NYPD Boyce Can't Protect Sex Creep Detective like he Does His Misogynist Crooked Corrupt Detectives My Case

NYPD detective busted for masturbating while looking into kid's window - NY Daily News

  Let me guess that's the first time he did that?

All these years internal affaird has protected serial  cops cruising my case where there was a misogynist hate crime my guess by Joe Tacopina and the corrupt evil sicko NYPD detectives acted on the threat with their supervisors laughing and signing off on them lying and police reports and was protected by Chatles Campisi, Chief Reznick and Chief Pulaski and Chief Boyce, Ray Kelly, Bratton who taught me turn broken windows back on nypd and  The newest corrupt police commissioner chief James O'Neill far as I'm concerned looking at my case he's 100% as guilty as the rest ! Fixing.  And favors and protecting cops and they're bosses the cover-up or participate in breaking laws my cases just want example.

Internal affairs is like a giant condom for corrupt NYPD

Ray Kelly, Campisi promoted nypd fixers and cops that took lavish gifts... ray Kelly took gifts...

NYPD Chief Banks Could Have Helped Pot Farm?

protecting misogynist Hate Crimes threat my case but they can't protect a sex predator NYPD detective

Talking to a Former NYPD Officer So Dirty He Spent 12 Years in Prison

But with the article may not explain was at the New York FBI and Internal Affairs well aware of what he was doing I took a police force outside the NYPD to actually make an arrest so embarrassing that the FBI and Internal Affairs asked to release him yet again so they could catch him to save face.

Like my case internal Affairs  covering up for corrupt cops were talking to tact of supervisors commander top brass just like Michael Dowd and so many cops have been protected when I openly commit crimes like my case. 

It takes an outside police force and luck or something for the city and the NYPD Internal Affairs to stop protecting crimes that they are fully aware are going on and in fact in my case at this point they're participating in covering up crimes.

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