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Sunday, February 5, 2017

#NYPD PC James O'Neill Complaint 3rd PC IA Covering Up Crimes Delita Hooks and I allege Joe Tacopina cunt threat

Preet Bharara calls is call a cop although he's in Manhattan US attorney Public Info Southern District he is only  willing to arrest Orthodox Jews  that get fixing in favors from NYPD he's not willing to look at any wrongdoing in Manhattan?


Note: Lt Gannon working for Chief Banks confirmed that I could not upgrade the assault a 2nd° because I was suing the NYPD it's against their policy.

Note a private investigator asked asked Dr Andrew Fagelman if he talked to the nypd and his response  was no comment  as if he knew if he says something he will incriminate himself that he knows he committed a crime?

Dr Andrew Fagelman NYPD Fixing Favors Savage Assault of Patient has over 400,000 Views, Delita Hooks False Cross Complaint 4,500 Views on Scribd.com

Look at Det John Vergona's first DD5  and you can see he lied he omitted what I told him he omitted what was in the video of my tack or threatening to slap the crap out of my ass and he ignored NYPD public member Member Marks police reports  that are signed off by supervisors but I fear for my safety that she threatened  The slap the crap out of my ass it's written right there I told the detective she threw her shoes she pursued me down the hall she ripped out my hair she pressed her barefoot against my vagina and he lied and fabricated his fantasy that we rolled around on the floor in front of the water cooler which never happens I didn't roll around on any floor I got this crazy violent attacker  off me after she punched a hole in my retina with the running punched my eye that's not in his report and he told me I had a right to defend myself an FYI I barely did I did not harm her I did not leave even a bruise on her body and she lied and lied and she was directed by someone to lie and I'd like to know who that was... someone told her to walk into the Precinct 2 days later and file a false cross complaint which is a lie.    Lying to the police during an open investigation is a crime for an NYPD detective to line police reports is a crime to threaten a victim with false arrest if they don't drop charges is a crime coercion is a crime.   If the doctor was alerted and party to the knowledge that they the 01 Det Squad  would threaten me and make me drop charges that's a crime...pileup of crimes from a rich doctors office in Soho to the First Precinct to IAB to 1 police plaza.

Lying to the policing during an open investigation is a crime even if the nypd are lying in police reports and are  co-conspirators and threatening the victim in this case me!

The NYPD detectives and Internal Affairs and three police commissioners weren't interested in finding out who is the lawyer actually two lawyers that went on YouTube  and threatened me a cunt calling threat they didn't want to get to the bottom of it because the detectives acted on it keep reading...

Never once has Internal Affairs interviewed me as a victim of coercion and threats  and strategy of the NYPD has been to act on the misogynist threats but I believe Joe Tacopina's scripted and he broke the law if I'm correct and NYPD Internal Affairs  going to use Ron Kuby to cover up their crimes they were actually using Ron Kuby's letter and you can hear audio of Internal Affairs Drugs Mary O'Donnell refusing evidence including medical evidence and evidence Ron Kuby's letters not what I agreed to to say case close she was going to help to cover up crimes and that's clearly what her boss bosses Internal Affairs  and top NYPD brass were on board use Ron Kuby's letter  to cover up the fact the NYPD Det squad and supervisors lied police reports threaten me and acted on a misogynist can't calling threat most probably by Joe Tacopina in response for me taking action against him in the NYPD rape trial him and Chad Siegel.

 I didn't put in there I wonder if Joe Tacopina is ever gotten any fixing in favors from the NYPD and/or PBA? Bernie Kerik's audios  proved it Tacopina is a super liar he's no longer superlawyer by the way he lost to superlawyer status and it's amazing he wasn't disbarred but if he broke the law on my case and he's broken otherwise I would believe anybody who's afraid of lawyer turning on them and doing a proper agreement as Joe Tacopina did to Bernie Karrick helping to send him to jail would hesitate to hire him as a lawyer  because I do believe he broke laws in my case as well... I'm alleging aggravated harassment, witness tampering threatening a victim of a violent crime during an open investigation and that doesn't even address the doctors office and the threats including Delita Hooks signed letter I allege Joe Tacopina drafted her  find letter to her NYPD fixer where she openly threatens me an FYI Internal Affairs  Sergeant Mary O'Donnell read me that letter  that letter is a crime and her response was case closed and she said it in front of Sergeant Kroll -  I know she is a liar she even lied about sending me back notes I accidentally handed her she never sent them back she's a liar but somehow I don't believe Sergeant Kroll would lie under oath about that letter.
I sent this 6:34:20 Feb 5, 2017

For future reference, your service request number is 1-1-1364176XXX


The City of New York

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I filed an official complaint this am:
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Sunday Oct 7, 2012 I am alleging Joe Tacopina, Chad Seigel used sock puppet Accts youtube Joe called me cunt they threaten me warned me not to come forward just like my attacker Delita Hooks letter to her nypd fixer she signed  they threaten me tell me not to take action or the tables will be turned on me. I forwarded to Det John Vergona who acted on that misogynist threat. He lied in DD5s 3 PCs, Chief Campisi, Reznick, Boyce, Pulaski, Banks Lt Gannon use every excuse to cover up lies DD5s Vergona: I dont care if u have 2 black eyes! U will drop those charges or I will arrest you!  Det Dwyer Vergiba(typo:Det John Vergona retired living in a big house Staten Island), Schatz all FB friends! W/ Winski all party to retaliation all broke laws or party to crimes lying in DD5s coercion. Future results of coverups films on corruption nypd app tracker time capsule track nypd IA crimes

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Subtext: Starting with Ray Kelly and Campisi on going NYPD IA  guilty over FOUR years of covering up lies crimes and threats   ---  continue to cover up NYPD IA crimes -- Internal Affairs role at this point makes Internal Affairs an accomplice  and the City NYPD IA  having corporate counsel living for them like Zachary Carter and gang are lying just like Zachary Carter  redacted documents when he was not supposed  -- Zachary Carter lied about acting within his scope like corp counsel lie for the NYPD and IA too much  to it's called obstruction of justice my case they broke law after law from the doctors to the police department to internal affairs it goes on and on and they think they're all going to get away with it but they're not -  The longer they continue to cover up crimes the bigger trouble they're going to be in the more exposure I really do believe films are coming I know books are coming on NYPD corruption so it's  logical films will also be made.