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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cy Vance, ADA Joan Illuzzi Corrupt Etan Patz Case Beyond Shady FYI 01 Det Squad Dirty Than Sin too

ADA Joan Illuzzi Dirty Dealings like The Killing Department the Film Citizen X

Cy Vance, ADA Joan Illuzzi Corrupt Etan Patz Case Beyond Shady FYI 01 Det Squad Dirty Than Sin too   I have overwhelming evidence to prove that the 1st Precinct tech to squat broke laws in my case literally broke laws and Internal Affairs  it's party to it and I alerted ADA Joan Illuzzi and get supervisor ADA Tian Walton.  Special investigator Berry  was there when I said I was coerced with the first class complaint and she read that fast cross-complaint and ADA Joan Illuzzi read the false cross complaint was in fact false a crime but she didn't want to prosecute that particular crime and she didn't want to hear anything about the NYPD she didn't want to go there! Det John Vergona  allowed to retire despite lying and police reports screaming at me verbal violence threatening to arrest me and less I drop charges he fabricated a mutual assault  when there's a YouTube of a running punched my head and we continuing to back away that she threatens me with bodily harm he deleted that from his account his falsify police report he fabricated and lied and got away with murder he did it with his partner with another set of detectives with his supervisors and commander all in tow  and his Facebook friend NYPD PO Gene Schatz it's red glove fuck you Facebook profile  confined and most of my blogs he got promoted to Community affairs I'll let you do even more fixing in favor  and enjoy more perks...?

Etan's death is tragic I'm sorry for everyone morning him  I just want to know who is really responsible for his death...

Let's see.  Etan Patz's babysitter dated sex predator Ramos was in jail now but conveniently it's the man with the 67 IQ and mental illness he's guilty after all these years? 

Shira Patz may have been told by brother about advances from men before he vanished

 I would like to know more about Shira even  why she cannot walk since my mom can't walk my mom is dying of Parkinson's I am wondering why Shira can't walk.

The Patz parents somehow didn't seem to notice that their babysitter was dating anybody inappropriate and somehow the parents felt it's fine for six-year-old to walk a couple blocks by himself. I don't know anybody that would like a six-year-old walk alone in New York City and too boot  just a coincidence that their babysitter stating a sex predator no wonder they're so thrilled that guy with the 67 IQ is going to take the blame for all these years have a child that's gone missing and a dirty ADA Joan Illuzzi  liar corrupt politically motivated 2 faced corrupt ADA is there hero perfect picture fits with the babysitter that day it's a sex predator prey some boys and parents that let a six-year-old walk alone  aka  too crazy to be believed it's like out of a horror movie.   ADA Illuzzi and the Patz family are now
sure it is not Ramos who is now serving time for lying yet again?

So let's see it's supposedly a mentally ill's guy with the 67 IQ not the guy that's got history of preying on boys dated the Patz babysitter and or.... someone else very familiar with the Patz family?

 One thing I know for sure is that detective squad for the 1st Precinct is unbelievably corrupt and fix crimes like a Las Vegas casino is verbally violent threatening and coercion is a policing tool for them that I know for a fact ADA Joan Illuzzi she's a liar corrupt two-faced and completely politically motivated that's more important to her than integrity honesty and Justice I know that also.

I have audio  posted on YouTube of Joan telling me about a FedEx involving my case she said that I was sent but I never received and I asked her and her supervisor ADA Tiana Walton for a tracking number and they couldn't be bothered to answer me so how's that for a thorough investigation she said was done that she doesn't even know where I live and she can't give me a tracking number she's a liar and corrupt.

I don't believe Mr. Hernandez killed Etan Patz.  Whomever did they have come in contact with Mr. Hernandez way back when and try to convince him that he was somehow responsible  because he saw someone gullible and that he could manipulate whoever he is.

If it's a serial killing sex predator  and they wouldn't stop at one child and one victim and whoever it is is already behind bars but then there is one other possible theory it's someone who knew Etan...

 Otherwise it has to fit into someone who is a repeat offender...

 If you watch the film Citizen X you  shocking politics that prevented the killer from being caught when the Russian police had the serial killer sex predator especially of children and he mutilated them boys and girls getaway and interfere with the investigation  even trying to frame a gypsy who I believe is mentally ill would have confess under  pressure of Russian detectives but I have to take a look at the book "The Killing Department"  to learn more details.

 I believe the Etan Patz  case was political and they were looking to hang the smarter and Mr. Hernandez by a corrupt and dirty politically motivated DA Cy Vance and his corrupt politically motivated assistant  Joan Illuzzi who I know firsthand is a liar,  two faced, corrupt and politically motivated.

By the way Google DNA Cy Vance Intern
Google NYDN Cy Vance Intern
Google Cy Vance DSK
Cy Vance Sandy Rubenstein
Google Cy Vance Lloyd Constantine NYPD Rape Cop
Cy Vance Goldman Sachs Programmer
Cy Vance NBA Star Thabo Sefolsha
Cy Vance  refuses to prosecute 911 tech crooks despite John Lui's request
Google Cy Vance Mark Guma Scandal
Cy Vance refused  prosecute St. Vincent's hospital crooks
 Keep searching there's a lot more dirt on Cy Vance

Follow the links  read my blog on  more...why I say it...

Was it corrupt NYPD Detectives that told the New Jersey police not to follow protocol and that's why they had no video until they were ready to grab the narrative then they grab the video camera is meaning they coerced him... I really thought the first precinct detective squad was responsible then I heard the New Jersey cops and then I thought maybe the cops were advised or conspired with the dirty crap detectives from the 1st Precinct squad and that's why they didn't film initially when they were supposed to...?