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Friday, October 14, 2016

Richard Rothman Weil, Gotshal Ask Him About Jeffrey Esptein Stealing my Art w/ the Help of Ghislaine Maxwell



Richard Rothman has my permission to speak to you all about Jeffrey Epstein stealing my art with his special services pimp Ghislaine Maxwell's help  and  how he, Mr Rothman,  was the trustee for volunteer lawyers for artists; he appeared to me, to be an elegant and kind man.

Mr Rothman agreed to take my case not knowing that Jeffrey Epstein was a client of his law firm.  When he  learned Jeffrey Epstein was a client,  he said all he could do was call up Jeffrey's lawyer and ask him to return the artwork.

Richard said to me, he is so rich -- he has  so much,  why won't he just return your art?

Answer:  I wouldn't sleep with him.

 Epstein is a tragedy and his destructive actions and crimes  harm Jews by stoking anti-Semitism.

I would not sleep with him and I wasn't interested in flying around the world with him massaging him and teaching him yoga  not that I knew how to teach yoga at that time.

If Epstein was renting the art from me for a grand a month he would owe me hundreds of thousands of dollars by now it was so many years ago.

Liz Smith had written me up praising my art and massage.  She and Cynthia McFadden  attended an art show I had as did a group of Goldman Sachs partners and vps I massaged and their boss who I did  not massage Steve Mnuchin who did not buy my art  yes is now Donald Trump fiinance guy and I think he would likes to be treasurer but I don't think Trump is going to make it to the end of the election.

Jeff Epstein was also dating  my neighbor a socialite not a friend of his  special services girl Friday Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell made an appt for herself for massage but it was a trick and a trap to lure me there to his massive house I think once a school behind the Fric for him and he looked like Burt Bacharach.   I had no idea they were both liars, worse sociopaths, thieves and he would be the Bernie Madoff of my art work  making off with my artwork because I would not sleep him.  Some Goldman Sachs partners bought my art but FYI they were women.

Epstein represents the worst Jewish stereotypes and stirs anti-Semitism.    I desperately wanted him to be a good human being and not continue on the road he was obviously destined to pursue with his special services girl Friday.

I believe the  transgender who sued him in New York City I do believe he preyed on "her".

Do you think I sent Morgy a letter about Jeffrey Epstein  and his special services Girl Friday Ghislaine Maxwell. Yes.

 I also called  spoke to an NYPD detectives that works on the upper East side.  A model who dated JFK jr and her beau delivered my artwork to Jeffrey's office because Ghislaine Maxwell his pimp  special services girl Friday said to send it there.  Jeffrey Epstein and I sat in his office and discussed framing  -- he  got up from behind his desk and tried to embrace me. I would not allow him to embrace me.  I followed up with a note either buy my art or rent it or return it.   The model and her boyfriend did not get a receipt and I didn't want to get involved in having to testify against Jeffrey Epstein.   Anyway Jeffrey would have to lie under oath because he sat there in the office and discussed framing with Me. Clearly  the the NYPD and Manhattan DA are for sale like cheap pieces of candy anyway.

Later I wrote a Goldman Sachs vice chair who lived near him and contacted Bloomberg and Mort Zuckerman.  Hey it's not their daughter and years later  Manhattan DA Cy Vance did everything but blow Jeffrey Epstein --  asking a judge to lower Epstein sex predator status also Cyrus Vance is corrupt to core corrupt for sale and a true misogynist to the core that got  off on sending in a woman ADA  to shock the judge asking her to lower Jeffrey Epstein's sex predator status!  Google NYDN Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein -- please read  article and read with the judges response was good for her and all her gear she had never been asked by the DA ever to lower the sex predator status and she says no read her words!!!!

Google Cy Vance DNA  Intern, read about an intern too frighten to even talk to the special prosecutor and I know why I lived it.  Cy Vance has a sex predator  very senior inside the Manhattan DA G I wonder who it is?

 What does Cy Vance do?  He does fixing and favors.  Who called him or contacted him and asked that Jeffrey Epstein sex panther status be lowered????   Was it Donald Trump or Bill Clinton who do you think?

Cy Vance fixed my case where I was savagely assaulted at the doctor's office and NYPD threatened me and lied in police reports and protected everyone from the doctor's office that lied  during an open investigation which are serious crimes  as well as multiple threats like one I allege was Joe Tacopina calling me a confrontative cunt  using a sock puppet account stating he was a lawyer and threatening to bury me, destroy me and I forwarded the threats which should've landed the  guilty misogynist lawyer in jail to an  anti-Semitic, misogynist Det John Vergona and asked is this witness tampering and he did not reply but acted  on the threats to turn the tables on my if I took any legal action.

 The NYPD in my case committed crimes -- there was a pile up of crimes from the doctors office to the police department to Internal affairs to the DA's ( I have audio of ADAs lying to me as well as NYPD and  and internal affairs Sergeant refusing evidence stating case closed) it was a misogynist gangbang of retaliation and I was treated like a the Jew  in the early stages of Nazi Germany and it's sickening to me that wealthy Jews are involved and stirring anti-Semitism as well as breaking laws and above the law --  to have the Manhattan DA  ask to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex predator status is beyond devastating and no one is demanding that the Manhattan DA resign and he should along with  Zachary Carter who sent lawyers in to lie on behalf of the police and internal affairs  broke the law over party to breaking the law and party to threatening me and lying and police reports with a hole in my retina and with cervical damage  as I was attacked and hit like a human piƱata  after having a cyst removed holding bags my arm numb.  The NYPD will break laws protected by corrupt Internal Affairs anf  protected by dirty DAs for sale  this was a gangbang of retaliation and they belong behind bars.


This is a misogynist corrupt City where apparently it is okay to savagely violate my patient rights and my body violated and the NYPD joined in a pile up of crimes protecting everyone from the MD's office that lied during an open investigation serious crimes to the NYPD lying in police reports threatening me with Internal Affairs lying to protect a group of NYPD that broke laws as well as a rich MD that sees lots of NYPD and did not fire Delita Hooks!!!




There are allegations also that they have images on their computers that if rumors are correct they are arrest able offenses but there is no doubt in my mind she is pimp that would do anything to get money and live the life style her freakish father afforded her and his many children -- at least 9 kids that lost their possible inheritance along with employees who's pensions Robert Maxwell raided kind of like Joe Tacopina's old boss Charles Hynes using drug money to help finance his run for Brooklyn DA.

"At a sex offender registration hearing in 2011, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Gaffney shocked a Manhattan judge by recommending that Epstein be classified as a Level One offender — the lowest on the sex fiend scale.
“I have to tell you I am a little overwhelmed because I have never seen a prosecutor’s office do anything like this,” Justice Ruth Pickholz said, according to records. “I have done many (sex offender registration hearings) much less troubling than this one where the (prosecutor) would never make a downward argument like this.”
Gaffney justified asking for the lower level because Florida federal officials had allowed Epstein to plead guilty to just one count — even though Palm Beach police said there were multiple victims.
The ADA said the police allegations could not be backed up because the complaining witnesses got cold feet and stopped cooperating with investigators.
Pickholz did not buy Gaffney’s explanation and pegged Epstein a Level Three offender — the most dangerous kind, records show."
Epstein talked once of golden showers.   Do you think Epstein discussed golden showers with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton?

Jeffrey Espstein is soulless -- he came from nothing and taught himself plenty but he could not teach himself how to be a decent human being and he is  a predator along with his pimp Ghislaine Maxwell and I can't believe Hillary Clinton allowed PIMP maxwell to be invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding.
The Clinton's  did not invite President Obama and his wife to Hillary's wedding but they invite Jeffrey Epstein's pimp