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Friday, October 28, 2016

FDNY Ditch Tech part of ECTP 911 Mess FYI 911 Crowley A Fraud Cy Vance Crook Top NYPD Graft


Can tax payers get a credit?   Can we have full disclosure on how many times the system failed since inception?    Don't expect any transparency and less Wiki leaks  wants to expose it and even the Press covering up and killing the story 911 is the biggest crime nyc gov history not news.

911 aka ECTP was suppose to be a response to Sept 11 and supposed patriots robbed tax payers relentlessly, delivered late and delivered crap.

Elizabeth Crowley never got back to me on Mark Carson's ambulance delay.   You can hear me ask her in the testimony below and click the link to the YouTube when  I waited hours to testify at City Hall!!!!   I had a witness who told me the ambulance was late and the NYPD had to call again where is the bus?  Bus NYPD lingo ambulance.  Note.  Mark  was shot in the head for being gay and we few blocks from St. Vincent's Hospital but the hospital was closed for another shady corrupt deal rude and luxury condos!!!!  Scott Stringer  should be noted could've gotten us protective zoning for St. Vincent's Hospital just like he could've aggressively pursued getting way more than $10.5 million back from Hewlett-Packard a 911!  Scott Stringer and Zachary Carter  won't take any responsibility on the fact the NYPD blatantly lied and police reports in my case threatened me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE&sns=em and they are using Ron Kuby's letter as an excuse to cover up these crimes and coercion in my case and Carter has audio of IA  refusing medical evidence and the fact that email proves Kuby letters not what I agreed to.   Kuby kept me from even greater harm  because the NYPD or blatantly breaking laws.  Zachary Carter is not even  bothering with white out for my case as he sends lawyers in to lie and say I wasn't coerced when I was coerced!  I didn't want to end up like Eric Garner - read Eric's hand written pro se lawsuit from Riker's. 

Zachary Carter  doesn't even have the integrity to resign for using white out in the Rivington nursing home scandal both he and Mark Peters  are guilty want to comes to 911 and my case as well as a whistle blower  and a victim of NYPD Internal Affairs retaliation.

 Anyone who could do simple math knew that there was stealing that the contractors were delivering wait in the New York daily news exclusive reported the NYPD top brass taking gifts but what they reported it was just the tip of the iceberg.

Elizabeth Crowley ignored my request for criminal prosecution of 911 tech crooks and  you can hear her say she was gonna look into Mark Carson she never got back to me.  I questioned Elizabeth about it on Twitter and she blocked me which means she's got something to hide which is a no-brainer just like Melissa Mark Viverito.

 It is more than disappointing that Preet Bharara has not stepped in  and I did contact Regelin inch when she was in the Brooklyn office because of the first command center the stealing and delivering late was in Brooklyn.  Nada.

 Over 8 million people depend upon the system and it endangers life of rescue workers as well   This is a bigger crime than CityTime.

 The 911 system is over budget over $1 billion you can text it or email it and there's no doubt if there's a large scale natural disaster like a hurricane or series of Terrace attacks or a large scale terrorist  attack the system will collapse.

City Hall Suzannah Troy 911 Testimony on Mark Carson Interupted - YouTube

 Before I testified I gave Ray Kelly my Justice card about being savage the assaulted at Dr Andrew Fagelman'/ and The NYPD fixed it.  1800 NYPD fix it.

Ray Kelly and Bratton should never ever advise Homeland security.

The most corrupt chief of gift taking on 911  chief Chuck Dowd also took my card and after he read it he refused my testimony since he was not going to stay for civilian testimony which clearly stated we need a criminal prosecution of the crooks.   He got gifts from the crooks  and I don't believe it Stop with only Verizon.

Chief Dowd  should be arrested along with the NYPD that retaliated against me and fixing and favors after running punched my head  retaliation for being a whistleblower which the NYPD have a different word for.

 FYI only $60.5 million has been returned to the city of New York taxpayer money that was stolen penny on the dollars this is bigger than City time this is the biggest tax pair titanic in the history of New York City this is from Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn and Cy Vance  refused to prosecute the crooks  and that would've included top NYPD brass that were taking kickbacks money GIFs whatever you want to call it and never blew the whistle on the fact that contractors were delivering late in delivering crap starting with the first command center in Brooklyn and Hewlett-Packard.

 This was a huge embarrassment for Michael Bloomberg in Rose Gill Hearn was his political arm protecting him and Cy Vance and Mark Peters protected them.   How can Mike Bloomberg go on to be president of United States or treasurer when he had a see if tech Titanic's the one grossly over budget billions and billions of taxpayer dollars over budget if you look at all the technology contracts but 911 is the biggest crime and I wasn't going to be one arrest have a government employee like CityTime!!!!  CityTime at least  they were arrests of contractors and "quality control" what ever aka Spherion crooks but 911 no arrests.

Hewlett Packard  owes the city way more than 10.5 million dollars.

Cy Vance  is so corrupt and such a misogynist creep that he retaliated against me  for blowing the whistle on this his wrongdoing on this and a lot more  but he is one of many that should resign.

This ties into the pensions as hewlett Packard  had Biggies the pension board and I don't know if it was originally Rudy or mike Bloomberg  who did the fixing  and favors for Hewlett-Packard.

Scott Stringer  removed John Liu's  Press release is calling for criminal investigation there were two very important press releases on 911 aka ECTP and he removed them  from the New York City golf comptroller website immediately the first thing he did which must've been a relief for his pal George Arzt a lobbyist for Hewlett Packard  Who is openly stealing and delivering late and the thief the fee from Hewlett-Packard openly bragged that he would overbilling till he lost the contract.

 Then when he did he skated right back in and got another contract with another company that actually brag that he worked for Hewlett-Packard on 911 on their website!    Whistleblowers contacted every agency possible including me and they all turned over and look the other way.

 Hewlett-Packard open the floodgates on massive overbilling any which way it could be overbilling People grossly over billed and Cy Vance refused to take action like St Vincent's  hospital crooks he was going to do nothing but this is a 911 tech system  then in the entire city relies on and he did nothing!

 One with the blower asked  if the many companies that were over billing and stealing we're tied to Bloomberg's private empire investments for his employees as well.

 I do know Rudy gave us CityTime and SAIC crooks like 911 HP under Bloomberg  and both systems could possibly end up in the dumpster.

 There's a huge cover-up and media blackout on the fact the 911 Techsystems over $2 billion over budget --  Way too costly and complicated and a massive cover up for the second command center up in the Bronx and the way they cover up is to say that it's to top-secret to answer questions which is a lie it's just way too corrupt.

Scott Stringer  did the dirtiest deal ever letting Hewlett-Packard walk away with $10.5 million fine and no criminal prosecution and George Arzt  Who seems to act like he's an employee were Editor at the New York Post was the lobbyist for Hewlett-Packard.

 If you take my work please credit me  -

NYPD Graft Audio of Internal Affairs NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd Didn't Steal Millions - YouTube

Serpico era NYPD graft drug related  and that still exists but the NYPD have a huge huge yearly budget billions of dollars and technology dealings and pension dealings that are worthy of a forensic audit  and should be publicly tracked on my concept of the NYPD app tracker is well series of databases that would hold the police department and the city accountable improve systemic corruption and make it easier to track patterns of corruption  both by individuals and by agencies.

 I'm now looking for a lawyer to sue the Manhattan DA I have audio of ADAs lying to me as well as NYPD turning me away re savage assault and audio  I have internal affairs refusing evidence when you're doing an investigation you're not supposed to refuse evidence.   I'm looking for a lawyer to take over it's been over three years pro se.   I have notice of claim and I'd want you to tell the judge that I tried for justice and I couldn't get it I couldn't get judges to even look at the evidence videos and audios police reports with the NYPD lied.

 If Lawyer wants more incentive then how about filing as 911 whistleblower  as I repeatedly filed and reported to Dept Of investigation under Bloomberg and  Bill de Blasio and the NYPD Inspector General  forwarded that YouTube above and more to internal affairs who did nothing  just like they fixed it for my case the cops at threaten me lied and police reports and coerced me.

.@LorettaLynch @TheJusticeDept @NewYorkFBI @FBI @HillaryClinton @mtaibbi No NYPD PC should advise Homeland Security  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/10/fdny-ditch-tech-part-of-ectp-911-mess.html?m=1

Contractors rip off artists crooks CityTime and 911  tied to Homeland security just Google the contractor and Google Homeland security!

Lobbyists  look at the lobbyists!
Some were top guys DOITT and tied to Rudy on both CityTime and 911.  DOITT knew it  and anyone who could do simple math knew  there was a whole lot of stealing going on in delivering crap and delivering it late big dysfunctional mess.

mayor bloomberg king of new york: 911 Tech System Fails Again Media Black-out + Hewlett Packard NYC Gov Special Friend

ECTP | NY Politics Corrupt Co Albany City Hall!

Google Hewlett Packard Homeland Security