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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Top NYPD Brass looked the other way as 911 top Contractors Stole response to Sept 11 open seasoning stealing delivering late and delivering crap untold PSAC2 another Scandal

Top NYPD Brass looked the other way some  took lavish gifts as 911 tech Contractors Stole response to Sept 11 open seasoning stealing delivering late and delivering crap untold PSAC2 another Scandal....

.@LorettaLynch Tech Corruption bigger than CityTime NYPD graft my case NYPD fixed retaliated committed crimes http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/09/top-nypd-brass-looked-other-way-as-911.html?m=1

Chief O'Neill isn't  owning up to NYPD wrongdoing crimes in my case and said he saying the NYPD are crimefighters .@NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDnews NYPD seen as criminals Schatz Winski Ray Kelly Bratton Biyce Campisi Reznick taught me suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/09/top-ny…

.@errollouis NYPD IA broke laws used Ron Kuby letter my case to cover up pile of crimes from Dr Fagelman's to 01 to 1PP.  Crimes can't be whited out

Zachary Carter white out he has yet to resign no arrests the nursing home but he and lawyers lied in court my case protected NYPD IA crimes no white out.

I talk about 911 tech corruption  and how top NYPD officers are involved in retaliate and dance me for being in whistleblower which in corrupt Chief Boyce's immoral sick unethical world and his fellow chief's and Bratton Kelly world make me less than Stellar so it's OK to commit crimes involving my case very serious crimes lying police reports, threatening coercing be and using Ron Kuby's letter to cover up wrong doing.  http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/09/nypd-chief-boyce-misogynist-even.html?m=1

Under mayor Michael Bloomberg the response was a 911 Tech System that went over budget over $1 billion, a bigger crime than a flawed payroll system  CityTime -- originally Rudy Giuliani contract -- which went over budget over 600,00 million dollars under mayor Mike. A group of Rudy Giuliani deputies mayors turn lobbyist pushed SAIC like crack dealers. SAIC is tied to Homeland Security and now FirstNet in California  despite yet another mega scandal SAIC NSA Trailblazer. Google SAIC NSA trailblazer and read up on it.

Mayor Bloomberg praised SAIC until the NY State comptroller banned SAIC from any future contracts with NY State and NYC gov contracts and Bloomberg attempted to silence critics like me including of his 911 tech titanic originally called ECTP; one of many tech contracts where contractors grossly went over budget as lobbyists laughed all the way to the bank; many of these ethically challenged contractors are tied to Homeland security.

911 aka ECTP stands for Emergency Communication Transformation Project but the city and agencies policing corruption involving New York City government cannot explain why NYC gov refuses to  fully communicate  transparency, accountability and disclosure about them why the 911 Techsystems it's over $1 billion over budget and the second command center is years behind schedule.

Mayor de Blasio replaced Bloomberg's protector Rose Gill Hearn than head of Dept of Investigation aka as Bloomberg's polity an arm with Mark Peters who like Cy Vance who refused to prosecute 911 tech crooks.  Vance could have stopped in your face stealing  as early as 2012 when John Lui than comptroller, after an audit dubbed ECTP CityTime 2 and said taxpayer pockets  picked asked for criminal investigation by Manhattan DA.

Mark Peters phead of nyc gov Dept investigation said overbilling isn't stealing.

A response to Sept. 11, the 911 tech system under mayor Mike Bloomberg has been a boondoggle with the goal two command centers one in Brooklyn and one the Bronx since the one command center was in the WTC.

The second command center in the Bronx aka PSAc2 is years late with zero accountabilty. NYC  gov and the NYPD claim it's too top-secret to disclose much of anything but I'm alleging it's just way too corrupt years behind schedule, the price tag far to high for the mysterious fortress.

My opinion the 911 tech system it is all part of a massive shameful rip-off and zero arrests although 2 contractors combined have returned approximately $62.5 million to NYC gov.  These contractors in lobbyist would call them self 
patriots like Lance Armstrong sold the idea he was a great athlete and American Icon. 

  There've been zero arrests for 911 tech corruption one of the two biggest Tech Titanic (there were so many)  under supposed tech whiz ayor Michael Bloomberg, 911 aka ECTP and CityTime not one arrest of a NYC gov employee. 911 no arrests and this flawed tech titanic jeopardizes our safety in my opinion and I am guessing 911 and CityTime are destined for the dumpster.

Three years ago before I testified at City Hall we need a criminal investigations 911 I introduced  myself to an NYPD chief who did not want to identify himself and was not staying for public testimony.  He did not want a copy of anything I had to say. His name he begrudgingly told me was Dowd and he was in fact the head of Technology.

It should be noted that NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd was appointed to be head of technology including 911 without the proper qualifications just like Hewlett Packard mysteriously became the lead contractor for 911 even though HP was not qualified less you think having biggies on the New York pension board makes you qualified?  NYPD chief Dowd was promoted by Ray Kelly after he was caught fixing crimes kind of like one I was a victim of a savage attack at a doctors office on Soho and not one arrest including of the NYPD detective who violently threatened me over the phone with arrest unless I dropped charges and the doctor's crazy violent receptionist/office manager.

As reported by the New York Daily News, NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd took lavish gifts from Verizon.  Verizon was forced to pay the city back 50 million dollars back on 911 aka ECTP thanks to John Liu than nyc gov comptroller.

I found out via FirstNet's website pre a federal investigation that NYPD police  Commissioner Bratton and Chief Dowd hosted a board meeting at 1 Police Plaza and reported exclusively on my blog.

Dowd was forced out of both key positions and than FirstNet a 7 billion dollar response September 11 did a white wash kind of like Bloomberg attempted and again my opinion but FirstNet already scandal scared and NYC's 911 combined,  a 9 billion plus tax dollars rip-off.

The story about 911 in New York City is far more corrupt than anything I can share in this letter.