NYPD PC O'Neill/Dermot Shea Blocked me on Twitter Attempting to Erase Evidence Complicity!

The NYPD 01 Precinct and City of NY lawyers withheld Delita Hooks' letter to Det Andrew Dwyer threatening me w/ a 2nd false cross complaint CHEATING/LYING IN COURT to win. WHY NOT? IT's NY so they can? Dr Andrew Fagelman lied under oath the attack did not happen on his property. Dr fagelman admitted he did not investigate and yet he discussed me Dr. Vine's patient with his patients without investigating ! He bragged and smirked stating he 'trusted' the NYPD to investigate ! Every judge so far has looked away in my case as the guilty parties involved lied in legal proceedings cheat to win! It took me over 5 yrs of never giving up to get a copy of Dr Andrew Fagelman's employee Delita Hooks' letter THREATENING me to Det Dwyer! I was VIOLENTLY COERCED by Det Vergona w/ Delita Hooks false cross complaint. Det Vergona admitted in Federal Appeallate he threatened me w/ arrest unless I dropped charges! He would only FALSE arrest me Saturday at 4 PM and the Friday , the day before, I had emergency surgery on my eye my retina from the violent running punch to my head by Delita Hooks who hit me over and over as I held my bags my arm numb from a cyst removed by Dr Vine! Eric Garner and I started out pro se litigants under Bloomberg Ray Kelly, then came de Blasio Bill Bratton "COLLABORATIVE POLICING"...Read Eric Garner's handwritten lawsuit - is that what the NYPD would have done to me since the detectives in my case falsified police reports? Delita Hooks also pressed her bare foot against my vaginal area but the Det Squad + Sex Crimes erased all crimes w/ DA like MD office as teflon as Jeffrey Epstein who was never actually arrested in NY by NYPD DA or Feds! http://misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-detective-andrew-dwyer-lt-burgos.html?m=1
Delita Hooks letter in response to Ron Kuby's short hand for Suzannah Troy is being coerced -Delita Hooks letter to NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer threatens a 2nd false cross complaint! NYPD Lt Angelo Burgos signed off on it and he is in watered down database for threatening vic w/arrest like I was THREATENED OVER THE PHONE BY HIS Subordinate Det John Vergona!Ed Winski's knowledge and top brass including Internal Affairs protecting a pile-up of crimes including a series of threats, falsified police reports coercion. Corp Counsel lawyers including Zachary Carter lied in legal documents again protecting all crimes, obstructing Justice yet again and protecting violations of my Civil Rights! "Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou! As a Jewish women a Victim of a pile-up of Crimes from Dr Andrew Fagelman's office starting w/ Delita Hooks and others including perjury and party to perjury to the NYPD w/ IA DA City of NY, + I allege: Joe TACOPINA who has not denied he too broke laws party to threats to me during an open investigate, and "others... including I allege my and my opinion lawyers w/ Travelers party to the fact their client lied under oath... I think of Maya. They have to live with their evil, their crimes, etc their terrible sins. Still I Rise! NYPD PC blocks me to attempt to erase the historical first time a victim of crimes including NYPD crimes tweeted evidence so he thought by blocking me he could erase evidence of his and top cops knowledge of crimes, obstruction of Justice, falsfied police reports and coercing me for a rich MD w/ NYPD patients who didn't fire his violent lying employee. It's impossible to report crime if it involves the rich and connected in New York. Over 8 yrs later online gaslights on going. Gaslighter Chris Keuling attempts to blame me when Delita Hooks repeatedly violated my patient rights before I started filming she repeatedly provoked me and we were never alone. She provoked me first to try and get help and then when I couldn't get help, I started to film. She could've apologized and closed the door! I'd like to know who's involved behind the scenes and hold them all accountable including Gaslighter's who have harassed me for years trying to convince me that it's my fault when it's not! Howard Rubenstein was hired by Jeffrey Epstein to trash his victims. In NY that's ok and in my case to repeatedly harass me and be party to threatening me during an open investigation (which is a crime)!!! I reported the harassment and THREATS TO NYPD AND DA! NYPD det Vergona joined in threatening me! I allege that Travelers conspired to cheat to win arranging for Dr Andrew Fagelman to walk in and Commit perjury that the attack did not happen on his property and James Toomey and the lawyer Rajika he appointed made a mockery of my patient rights my body violated and the fact that I care about mother earth and Styrofoam harming the planet with his appointed lawyer RAJIKA handed my attacker Delita Hooks a Styrofoam cup and then they both VISCOUSLY waved styrofoam cups at me as close to giving me the finger in legal procedure. How ironic styrofoam is now BANNED in NYC. Unethical Travelers lawyer behavior so abusive along w/ Dr Fagelman that I believe the judge was notified and agreed the behavior was abusive...however I still don't have Justice and Travelers did have one concern - was I going to re-appeal my lawsuit against the NYPD... sure feels to me like the fix is in my human rights my civil rights my patient rights/body repeatedly violated and there's a wall around the justice system with how many people involved in the abuse the wrongdoing and the goal to make sure the people that should be held accountable or not that there are no arrests that there is no justice?
I watched Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks OPENLY COMMIT PERJURY, smirk at me, mocked me reminding me of unethical NYPD defendants protected by tax payer funded Corp Counsel LYING in legal filings (+ withholding Delita Hooks ltr to Det Dwyer CHEAT TO WIN) and oral arguments because in NY judges don't mind lying cheating to win in their courts? In every court room doesn't it say IN GOD WE TRUST? Dr Andrew fagelman doesn't even understand the HIPPOCRATIC oath but when he was asked a simple question about what were the grounds for his divorce he shook with anger, got on his phone and ran out! Det Vergona, Delita Hooks Dr F has anger management problems? Dr F was shaking with anger!
The city of New York has no one in a position of power with integrity to apologize and I will get an apology one day I just may not be alive to see the justice to know I finally have justice and accountability it may take decades for people to say it's not OK to violate someone's civil rights their patient rights their human rights and break the law I was targeted discriminated against and continue to be treated like a Jew in the early stages Nazi Germany and people were either enlisted or volunteered to join in obstructing justice to be party to attempting to bury the many crimes and wrong doing...
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefofDept‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDFIRSTDEP‬⁩⁦‪@TheIACP‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDnews‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDDetectives‬⁩⁦‪@MjrCitiesChiefs‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDChiefPatrol‬⁩⁦‪@NYCPBA‬⁩⁦‪@MarcSantia4NY‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDCT‬⁩youtu.be/syrc3ncHFTI ask PC O’Neill, Bratton, Ray Kelly, Pulaski, Boyce, Esposito, Banks, Lt Gannon about audio Sgt Chen PO Magori prevent me from reporting Delita Hooks false cross complaint lying I am not from DA or a det. so I am not allowed to report the crime! #NYPD Lies!

"NYC is My Community" CPR on NYC's Heart Soul! The People reclaim NYC Our Rights! Peace to the Streets! Permanent New Commission NYPD IAB DA Corruption! I sued
Pro Se like Eric Garner I have new evidence! NYPD IA DA Cy Vance top brass guilty like they protected Lt Lamboy Sex Crimes Unit including CUNT threat to turn tables on me NYPD IA acted on ! After 4yrs pro se 4/22/2018 I need lawyer to sue + class actions victims unite! Suebe1art@aol.com NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday false arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely VIOLENT LYING receptionist Delita Hooks running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest 10/16/12 immediate than CORRUPT LIAR Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Sat 10/20, 2012 4PM IAB let him +his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=dh9TedhfthE !http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/Mike Might Not Win - look at date!When the Community Board Does NOTHING,You Can Do Something see photo of Alfredo & I on Speed Bump I got for Anna Silver School https://m.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist follow my channel! Recogntion: The NYTimes !!! I ask for 1 billion $ x 3 RICO from SAIC look at date CityTimeURGENT 911 Tech System ECTP Criminal Investigation Needed!
Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

About Suzannah Troy, suebe1art@aol.com

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Bloomberg, Mr. Spin lost major popularity points, SAIC CityTime, major scandal to unfold 2011, Sanitation Dept. head to roll?

YouTube (Google) has yet to give me a partnership but they have partnered with me on 3 YouTubes in 2 days on the Blizzard and NYC Politics and that is nice.  It is also nice to be making money from this blog hence the ads which I am not crazy about at all.

Watch my YouTubes and the above is my latest:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQogjlYe9NU

Mayor Bloomberg king of New York, the king is metaphorically speaking dead.  Now the blame will be shifted to the Sanitation Dept.  I have a question for you?  Where was Mike?  Why did he not visit all the boroughs in the midst of the Blizzard and see for himself and meet with the people.

Instead he huddles with his campaign staff and figure out how to spin the next story and or in the case of CityTime SAIC -- the cover-up.

Mayor Lindsay did not have the same best friend money manger Steve Rattner that the owners of The NY Times and the NY Daily News have so they are in it to serve their rich pals, do damage control and as we saw from the reckless tsunami of community crushing development that took too many lives as well, the great lies by Bloomberg-Quinn that we needed Mike for a 3rd term....

the people are not buying it anymore...the spin and smoke and mirrors.

Do I think heads are going to roll because of the sanitation dept.?  Yes but not the right ones....

Stay tuned and more is going to unfold re: CityTime SAIC and Spherion.

Happy New Year.
Best of everything to the people that send me love and good vibes back at you 100 fold!
I believe what goes around comes around.

p.s.   My New Year Resolution:  Have more fun and get in better shape, most of all rest.

Andrew Cuomo gives Steve Rattner, Mike's $ mgr. best friend a wrist slap and signal continue on Wall Street! Where are the reforms? Where are the perjury charges?

The NY Pension funds were raided, abused and the people of NY screwed and white collar criminals do not do time put pay a fine.  They do not have to plead guilty.  White Collar thugs pay to play and than pay to not go to jail.  White collar criminals pay to not plead guilty.

People write me all the time -- some just want to waste my time.  They are very, very lonely.

This was an interesting communication:

It is a signal to Wall Street from Andy that he's going to play ball with them.

Has there been any structural reform coming out of this scandal?  NY has this absurd system where one man-the state comptroller- decides how to invest the state's funds.  No board, no review, just a guy who decides you get a billion, you get a quarter billion, you get nothing.
It's an arrangement that invites corruption: Bribe the comptroller with millions to get hundreds of million to play with.

Holiday Cards I love you but I don't mail them anymore due to USPS

Hey folks thanks for cards and missives and make sure you have my newest contact info but I do not send holidays cards because the USPS.  The USPS is a mega-billion dollar losing operation and they think it is because of the internet while I am one of many that avoids any contact with the USPS.  Hint: The USPS makes the Mafia look warm, friendly and professional so kid yourself it is about the internet.

I have been getting some comments for my YouTube Channels that are devoted to NYC Gov. Unions and I support them but I want to be very clear.  I do not support any union covering up, protecting abusive and or less than ethical workers.

That goes the same for our political leaders and and white collar dare I say criminals or should I say the financial sector?

Mike Rosen, Mike Red Square Rosen Mike Rosen w/ Lenin on the roof top Houston Street Mike Lenin Rosen is a Mike Bloomberg wannabe

Joyce Purnick, of The New York Times writes this pathetic bio on Mike Bloomberg and of all the people that testify against  Mike having a 3rd term she only refers to Mike Rosen, the mini-Mike Bloomberg wannabe of the East Village Lower East Side also a fellow author just like Purnick herself hoping to get some help from the NYTimes to sell her book the way Mike Bloomberg's phony p.r. was sold to us.

Scary because Mike Bloomberg comes off as a brilliant Saint compared to Mike Red Square Rosen.  Rosen is the only developer, landlord that can get friends like Purnick to call him a community organizer or activist.  Why don't we call Donald Trump a community activist as well?

Mike Red Square Rosen has been on a mission to make sure the developers do not build Red Square like he built especially next to his duplex or triplex that would obscure his views!  That makes him a community organizer activist?

Well Rosen got his friends at The NY Times to do a front page piece on him adopting poor Hispanic boys but The New York Times won't be interviewing the poor Hispanic Mom's of these boys and putting their stories front page or for that matter the guy who told me the other day he rented an apt. for Mike Red Square Rosen at the infamous building The Red Square that looks like a protype for NYU mega-dorms and the balconies must have inspired NY Law (not NYU)  to put balconies on their mega dorm on East 3rd Street.   This guy told me he paid a hefty rent so he notify Rosen and gang he would not be renewing his lease.  He got a letter back offering to cut his rent significantly!  Gee, wasn't that nice.  If the landlord can drop the rent that much and still make a profit, Mike Rosen must be quite the landlord or he was before he demanded that all people who obey him and think and speak Mike Rosen talk no longer use the words developer or landlord but in Mike Rosen's land all must refer to him as community activist.

Note:  The guy told me he did not renew the lease despite the "generous" offer and rented a one bedroom in another building for a lot less rent.

The community does not want Lenin on top of the hideous ugly Red Square.  Even Lenin lovers do not want the sculpture up there.  Put it top of Mike Red Square Rosen's duplex or triplex on top of The Crista Dora which use to be a welfare building.   Rosen wanted the community to see him as a zoning hero and what a view to decide for the people about zoning from a top of the symbols of gentrification that use to be a welfare building that for years people have been demanding a community space inside the building like the historic  NYPD head quarters now condos has a senior citizen center on the south side of the building.

I despise Mike Bloomberg and my new YouTube is the king is dead.   Does every guy named Mike in NYC want to be king of NY?  At least Mike Bloomberg doesn't demand we call him a community activist and shove Lenin down our throats.  If there was a democracy the community would vote Lenin off the roof.    By the way Rosen says Lenin is waving out Wall Street.  People think Lenin is waving out how full of it Rosen is, after all look how he made his fortune.  He married into a family that happened to own the property which he developed in to The Red Square and he uses it to shove Lenin down every one's throat and won't put it on top of his duplex in the symbol of gentrification the Crista Dora.   If Rosen had not made an advantageous marriage no Red Square or Lenin on Houston Street.

Mike Bloomberg and his mini-wanna-bee have friends at the NY Times.  Lucky them.

At least Mike Bloomberg made his fortune on his own; no convenient marriage and Mike Bloomberg isn't a developer landlord that demands to be called a community activist.

Impeach Mike Bloomberg and read the posting below about Steve Rattner.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

NYPD nifty neon signs on top "road closed" + reminder SAIC CityTime Mike Bloomberg's crime!

This is the first time I saw NYPD cars with nifty neon signs up top on the roof with a message and in this case it said the road is closed.  Note the snow, the slush and the garbage can filled to brim.


As Mike Bloomberg continues to do damage control or should I saw attempts a complete cover-up for SAIC there are those of us who want to remind you that CityTime was an Orwellian Time Clock to prevent city workers from stealing and in the mean time 80 million dollars of nyc tax payer money was stolen by white collar consultants on CityTime not to mention after a full forensic audit of the 840 million spent on what was suppose to be a 68 million dollar budget many think it will be SAIC and Spherion among others involved in CityTime in big trouble and maybe law-suit time?

You would have to go watch a ton of my YouTubes on this -- read the CNN ireport by a whistle blower from almost 2 years ago that fingered the crooks that got busted and an SAIC guy that if he has got busted no one is talking about it as in a complete cover up...

Can I get a neon sign for my car (just joking I don't own a car and drive around NYC "CityTime Mike Bloomberg's Crime"?



Mike Bloomberg's best friend Steve Rattner will not get slapped w/ perjury charges just another multi-million $ fine & banned yet again NY Pension fund pay to play but the little mayor Mike Bloomberg continues to stand by his man.


For those who don't know Steve Rattner, no relation to Bruce Ratner the developer is also best friends and money manger buddies with the owners of The NY Times and NY Daily News as well as being a big time money raiser for the democratic party.  Like Charles Rangel he thought he was above the law.

Rattner refuses to believe he did anything wrong.

What was he doing involved in the NY Pension funds anyway.

For those how have not been paying attention the handling of the pension funds by these greedy creeps that paid to play or NYC gov paid a few they should not have -- the handling sucked and I am surprised there are not more law suits besides the BP one.

You should want to know and the info should be available on NYC gov website but it isn't because the people of NY will have to make up the difference in the losses in higher taxes....

Ethical questions:   What was Mike Bloomberg's best friend and money manager doing involved in pensions in NY and don't The NY Times and NYDN have to write some where in their reports the special friendship their owners have with Rattner?

just an FYI.

Very tired so go to True News for change for dirt on this....plus google my YouTubes Suzannahartist Steve Rattner and watch!   I even have a YouTube of me protesting Rattner and Bloomberg outside of City Hall at the inauguration.

Watch my new YouTube "The king is dead metaphorically" a silent film about being silenced under one minute exposing corruption and stupidity and why we can't have Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson or Scott Stringer as mayor ever.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQogjlYe9NU

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York, the king is dead, the art the media banned and remember my YouTube channel banned removed before the election. Google apologized and restored my work 28 hours later.


Read the writing on Mayor Bloomberg, the king is dead -- metaphorically speaking and the MTA = Corruption SAIC and the Blizzard 2010 and the MTA fare hike!


Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith and his flaky ideas doom New York during storm by Juan Gonzalez slams Mike's new guy

If it wasn't tragic it would be hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdLQNanbNhUWatch my YouTube where I confront him at the Crain's breakfast on behalf of the people of NY and he dismisses me with a "thank you" that sounds more like an " you". This footage is price less.


True or False -- Sanitation Dept. did a lousy job on purpose to send a message no lay-offs?

MTA finally gets all subway lines working post-Blizzard just in time for FARE INCREASE!!!!!!! MTA = corruption + Mike Bloomberg metaphorically speaking the king is dead!

5:35 am still mornin,  the MTA and NYC notified New Yorkers all the subway lines are finally running since the Blizzard of 2010 hit this city like a terrorist attack.

Why did it take 3 full days to get all the subway lines running?

Why do the subways in general look so run down, rotted, leaking even on sunny days that you don't think you are in the greatest city in the world but that you are in the newest re-make of The Planet of the Apes....I haven't seen the original in many years but isn't there is scene where the State of Liberty is practically eaten up by nature, barely a relic swallowed up?

How did the corrupt MTA manage to make the SAIC deal happen right in our faces against our demands until the State Comptroller DiNapoli put the kibosh to the deal.   This MTA SAIC deal sounds similar to the infamous MTA real estate Mafia deal that was also in your face.

Where is all the money going that MTA takes in hand over fist?  Why can't they provide better service and why are the subway stations rotted and leaking?

Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of development and people died in so many construction related accidents and even infrastructure as well because he refused to put safety before ruthless corrupt greed with the help of his A-list socialite gal pal mega millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden.  Mike Bloomberg and Amanda the people's Burden's legacy will be the most massive displacement of New Yorkers since the American Indians and the shoddiest soulless reckless development all mirrored reflecting a history destroyed and communities no longer welcome not to mention the death toll.

Well people died this time around as well including a baby that was suppose to born in this world but no medics could get to that little soul who was to be born a proud New Yorker.

Well good news, New Yorkers, the MTA now finally as of this morning right before a fare increase -- now has all subway lines finally up and running.

NYC gov -- CityTime -- SAIC and their supposedly watch dog Spherion along with Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn and gang, the MTA all stink like the dead rat I saw on the subway tracks but worse were the rats up on the platform because because blizzard they were forced up to join us on the dilapidated run down dirty platform.

Reminder:  True New For Change Blog reported the press was going soft (as usual) on Bloomberg and compared this to the press beating the hell out of mayor John Lindsay.  The New York Times and The New York Daily News must have read True News because 24 hours later they came out with the comparison but still The NY Times and NY Daily News missed True News points as in willfully obtuse.
Lindsay was a big tall gorgeous guy and guess what he cared about New Yorkers!  True News told me he was the last mayor to die in poverty.  What True News did not tell is what I see, that after him mayors learned how to turn public service in to a money machine.  Dinkins just got bought off by Columbia University as one big example aiding and abetting in eminent domain abuse and selling the great lie that Manhattanville is blighted.  How does these people live with themselves?  Rudy Giuliani made 31 million after he got out of office and reminder his no. 1 NYPD officer, Bernie Kerik is now in jail.

Just a reminder May 4, 2009 I made a YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist#p/a/f/1/F3OLAgH1MJg Don't believe what the media is telling you Mike Bloomberg may not win the election because of voter angry.  A month and half before the election my entire YouTube channel was removed and I was wrongly banned.  Gee I wonder how that happened.  The Wiki Page dedicated to this banning was removed.  The page was attacked and the editors of Wiki page revealed attacked by sock puppet accounts but they still took it down.   Up until the CityTime white collar crime broke under Bloomberg who was pimping for SAIC aggressively after the news broke because he did not want the SAIC MTA deal killed or the SAIC Sanitation Dept. killed had his thugs or his thugs on behalf of Bloomberg continue to mark all my comments as spam and any one who commented on my YouTube channel as spam.  I also was banned from commenting on The NY Post website when CityTime broke but I wrote, called and emailed and I am now allowed to comment.

I am glad New Yorkers are as finally outraged and angry as I am. ....finally angry with mayor Bloomberg and calling for his impeachment so when I was sent the petition for his impeachment I added several more points about why he should be impeached from the third term debacle, breaking campaign laws, his pal Steve Rattner pay to play, the lousy abuse and mishandling of the pension funds, CityTime which will most likely be the largest White Collar Crime in NYC gov history and that is why we can't have Christine Quinn or Bill Thompson run for mayor next time around.  Wc can't have Scott Stringer who would not rank on NYC top ten list of activists because he isn't half as good and Stringer is a black hole of tax payer money who should be taking the subway not being chauffeured around.

I created the blog Mayor Bloomberg King of New York and that was the title of my first YouTube.

I am announcing officially today -- the king is dead speaking only of course in a metaphoric sense.

I have said before if Mike Bloomberg died today greedy ruthless real estate developers would prop up his dead body and push through a fourth term to make sure their real estate deals go through.

MTA and NYC Gov and ALBANY are so corrupt it is beyond sickening.  A Blizzard made New Yorkers irate -- finally.

New Yorkers threshold for corruption is greater than our tallest sky scrappers thank goodness for a massive Blizzard.      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKqwZ8ghkBA

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sehnsucht the state of

matrix for artist me

Suzannah B. Troy's comment in response to The NY Post editorial on king Mike being a bit testy about Blizzard criticism

Lucky for king Mike Bloomberg the press does not treat him they way they treated mayor John Lindsay who besides being tall and gorgeous happen to really care about the people of New York! I was sent a petition to circulate calling for the impeachment of Mike Bloomberg for the mishandling of the the blizzard so of course I ran to YouTube and made a new tube that covered a lot more reasons why Mike should be impeached and I hit upon Bloomberg Haggerty case sitting on Cy Vance's desk. I make reference to the fact The NY Post asked to see 62 emails king Mike sent Haggerty which Mike refuses to turn over but Cy Vance has no interest in seeing those emails. The NY Post buried David Seifman's piece on the emails deeper than cars parked on the street in this Blizzard day 3 in Queens.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/city_hall_snow_job_4YKuZzLJXEalqxDu2exF6H#ixzz19YPmETwP

Eastern Queens Buried Queens Crap Blog


Suzannah B. Troy's Impeach Mike Bloomberg for Blizzard 2010 petition sent to her + FYI Christine Quinn Bill Thompson Scott Stringer we don't want them for mayor and here is why

I was sent this petition and I thought I was share some facts about Christine Quinn who should be impeached as well as why we can't have her, Scott Stringer or Bill Thompson as our next mayor. They should not even think about wasting tax payers money or our time running in the primary.
What my YouTube...it is short and informative and google the pension fund scandals and CityTime to learn more. Scott Stringer is just the tax payer's black hole and we have 100 activists that have more intelligent things to say and have done more for their communities than Stringer with way too much tax payer money.
I am glad the Blizzard got New Yorker steaming mad but there is a lot more we need to be made about!!!!

Impeach Mike Bloomberg for the Blizzard Petition. Please sign, FYI, he broke campaign laws. Impeach Christine Quinn for using slush and intimidation to help push thru a 3rd term, impeach them both for CityTime mega million dollar white collar crime still unfolding--sign the petition!!!!!!!


Impeach Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn for CityTime the greatest white collar crime NYC gov ever, for stealing a third term, for using slush and intimidation to push thru a 3rd term and lying to say we need Mike to help the economy when it was only his pals and Quinn's pals. She is aggressively fund raising to be mayor - Mike's mini-me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sanitation car owner talks to ABC news scared for her safety, ditto for guy who filmed YouTube sensation! + Christine Quinn and slush puppy city council members turn on king Mike Bloomberg!

The owner of the car that is now a YouTube sensation is interviewed by ABC new but she is afraid for her safety so no last name or face time.

family said unfortunate

guy who filmed it -- is in hiding.

She -- the owner in the car -- scared of retaliation by the men from the Sanitation dept.  She said he did not care when he heard the noises -- he did not stop, he ignored the people yelling to stop!!!!!!

The workers finally get out -- acknowledged her and gave him her cel no.   The supervisor said call the precinct -- get an accident report, we got work 
to do and hung up.

Her husband works for city.  City will reimburse them for car which news reporter channel 7 means tax payer pay.

Daughter's car will be repaired as well supposedly.

Mom, known as Sara said she is glad the guy caught this on YouTube.

FYI -- read the blog posting before this....Rats post-Blizzard 2010 moved up to platforms with less than welcoming New Yorkers.

Dov Hikind wants the commissioner of Sanitation to resign NOW!  Saw that on Fox 5 news.

Christine Quinn and city council slush puppies turn on king Mike!  FYI Christine Quinn, you know those high priced lawyers you huddle with, time to huddle over your role in CityTime!
Check my new YouTube out with photos of RATS on Subway!!!!!!!  and the posting above has WNYC link to saying SAIC override not innocent!!!!!!!

King Mike so sarcastic even when he is apologizing or not really apologizing at all....

MTA desperate Rats come up on subway platform + WNYC reports SAIC no innocent new override! See Suzannah B. Troy's new YouTube on this and the press going easy on king Mike Bloomberg

See rat photos in the new YouTube.

A cute guy chatted me up -- maybe my Pucci Jacket that breaks the color wheel (I got triple marked down at Century 21) so I say get ready for Venice and he said he was from Venice, CA.  
I responded Venice, Italy because he and I were leaping over huge pools of 
water!!! He laughed!


King Mike's Insincere Mea Culpa:  The NY Daily News....http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/12/28/2010-12-28_chastened_bloomberg_fights_to_save_reputation_after_string_of_snowremoval_snafus.html
Impeach Mike Bloomberg -- even when he attempts to say sorry he is as sincere as he and his mini-me Christine Quinn selling the great lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help US w/the economy! Yeah right! They helped their pals.  Check out Quinn's campaign donation list! I have a new YouTube coming up in a few seconds -shows you RATS on the subway platform perhaps flooding on the tracks? I make and analogy to the SAIC MTA deal and Bloomberg SAIC! Remember Mike pushed for a full renewal for SAIC Oct. 30! Oh and the Sanitation Dept and SAIC! 2 of 3 SAIC deals deader than the rat that was lying on the subway track. Stinks of corruption coming up to the surface like rotten milk in bad cup of coffee king Mike!


Question:  Will there be massive law suits against SAIC, Spherion, Mike Bloomberg, Joel Bondy, Christine Quinn..... CityTime?  Just asking...!!!!!!!!!!


Sanitation YouTube with inappropriate language the "r" word goes viral heading up to 1/4 million Youtube hits in less than 24 hours... if only Mike could have done as good a job w/ this blizzard, CityTime, helping the homeless, preventing mass displacement, etc. !!!!!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg doesn't care about the "little people".

Mike's little puppet Christine Quinn and his slush puppy city council members that voted to extend term limits in return for slush money -- oops did I say that? all have turned on king Mike Bloomberg!

Even His Puppet Turns Against Him   Et Tu Brute  Quinn Calls For Hearings On City Storm Response

Joseph MercurioWouldn't it be refreshing if the City Council did oversight of the mayor's disaster planning before the winter storms set in? (Twitter)

Remember: MTA Fare Hikes Just Two Days Away! 

Mayor Bloomberg shielded from blame by media: True News for Change

Go to True News and read the numerous postings on this which he contrasts
with the treatment of Mayor Lindsay.   I want to add the press has been shielding Bloomberg-SAIC.
http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-205164   This Ireport by a whistle blower fingers than SAIC guy for stealing $ CityTime and we have yet to hear his name and SAIC implicated in the mega-millions stolen.
There appears to me to be a cover-up for the mayor and SAIC in my opinion.
Who is SAIC?  http://m.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2007/03/spyagency200703

Check back with True News later today -- he will have more news you need to read...


Sanitation Dept. bashing YouTube gone viral over 131,000 hits + hold the buns, MTA, Sanitation Dept., Mike Bloomberg what is the DEAL? (Besides SAIC) talking about NYC Blizzard

(Warning: this tube contains offensive language and boxer shorts.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kt_r-jO3lKE  wow -- the Sanitation bashing Youtube went Viral -- check it  out...On it's way to a quarter of a million hits at this rate; storm of a hit on YouTube.

Next read No Third Term's blog http://no-third-term.blogspot.com/2010/12/  piece I nicknamed "hold the buns" (there goes my inner Mae West) and the city's below par snow removal job and reminder the MTA had to put a note on it's website asking New Yorkers to stay at home and not use the subway!   The mayor how ever said to NYC gov workers "no stay at home Time" perhaps because he did not want more egg on his face "CityTime" because SAIC has not been able to get CityTime up and running minus the bugs and besides dealing with over-time I am not sure CityTime could have handled yesterday's time sheets if Mike said stay at home.  CityTime may have handled "stay home Time" for NYC gov workers well as the Sanitation Dept. and the MTA handled the Blizzard.

Check out my YouTube from yesterday about the Blizzard and the mayor with lots of links in the text portion that report major scandals with Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn and I don't even refer to using "slush and intimidation" to push through a third term with the great lie, Mike Bloomberg  we needed Mike to help us with the economy.  Mike only helped his good pals.  Is SAIC a pal?


Click on the links in the text portion to learn more about High Line, how Quinn had a homeless group called Picture the Homeless banned from attending City Council meeting which is gee whiz unconstitutional and thanks to famed Civil Rights lawyer Norman Seigel, Quinn's lawyers had to agree to grant them access plus more on SAIC, the MTA so tune in....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sanitation Dept. bashes car over and over as Young Man films it, he is in his boxers w/running commentary + a woman calling for the NYPD + Sanitation calling for a supervisor!!!!!


This YouTube is going viral.   Warning the F bomb is dropped + offensive language "r" word by guy filming but this is going to be a YouTube smash.
YouTube video views is lower than the comment number -- this tube is going through the rough and the young man is so funny, so real and the woman yelling she is calling the police, fab, you get a hint of his boxer shorts as he must of heard the metal crunching and a peek at Brooklyn Heights, even a woman walking her dog.....  unbelievable and the guys commentary....NYC Storm YouTube going viral.

Facebook and Twitter down?

Are they down because too many people stayed home today and overload Facebook and twitter?

It was temporary but clearly a hint of how many people were on line today.

Suzannah B. Troy's amazing, dazzling Blizzard Snow storm photos East Village + reminder to read Blizzard MTA NYC Gov SAIC postings from today on this blog

I will post the photos on my East East Village blog and urge you to look at my very first posting today on the Blizzard because I mention the MTA, SAIC and CityTime and keep reading the postings until you get to this and than go visit East Village photos.

One man on St. Marks was saying when you shovel the snow where do you put it and I will give you a dazzling report from a Tompkins Square Park Senior Citizen who was inside the park late last night because he told me he wanted something to talk about..

Give me a few minutes to upload...

You learn the East Village did not get New York Post and New York Daily News deliveries at least where I checked and for people with a funny bone,  a Mae West typed dirty joke about....well tune in to my other blog....



Sad news Gods Love We Deliver could not make deliveries today and they deliver to thousands of New Yorkers.

Mayor Bloomberg doesn't call NYC gov. workers and say STAY Home! Why? My guess CityTime SAIC bugs + budget $!!!!!!

My guess is Mike Bloomberg reluctant  to call an emergency status and allow non-essential workers to stay home for 2 reasons.

1) It would cost the city a lot of money

2) My guess is SAIC CityTime would not be able to handle an emergency status since they haven't resolved massive bugs so this maybe yet another underlying reason Mike would do his best to not call for city workers that can to stay home!!

Anyway how will SAIC CityTime handle the over time with the departments they are responsible for last night and today?

My guess not very well!!!

Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Blurry lines public vs. private add High Line to the list


Folks stay tuned on "High Line".....this may turn out to be a big, big story, not as big as the massive white collar crime CityTime scandal which will hopefully be exposed when there is a full forensic audit....

Norman Siegel contacted City Council Speaker's office for 'Picture the Homeless" when City Council banned them for City Council Meeting!!!!!! Speaker Quinn's lawyers contacted Siegel admitted Guilt by Association WRONG! and promised to no longer ban Picture the Homeless from City Council meetings! Gee, whiz, banning homeless NYers from City Council meetings sound unconstitutional to me Christine Quinn!

*The blog is cited as one of the top 50 blogs in the United States by Public policy blog award

A quote from an anonymous New Yorker who sent me this information on Picture the Homeless being banned from City Council meetings!

"It is disgusting.  It says something about Bloomberg's New York if the poorest of the poor have no redress or legitimate avenue to deal extreme poverty and harsh living conditions."

Where did Christine Quinn and gang (City Council)  get off banning homeless New Yorkers from attending City Council meetings and the poorest of the poor.  This is Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn's New York and I made up the term economic apartheid to describe Bloomberg-Quinn and their rich ruling class buddies that use any means possible even the NYPD to do their will and sweep away have-nots and in this case banning them from City Council meetings!!!!!

(What is it with Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn banning people that they don't approve us?  Reminder blogger Rafael Martinez? http://yourfreepress.blogspot.com/  Rafael was banned from the press room from City Hall by king Mike until Norman Siegel won yet again and got Rafael entry although Bloomberg-Quinn blatantly ignored him.   http://www.r8ny.com/blog/ben_smith/the_martinez_alequin_case.html Bloomberg and Quinn are not big on democracy and the constitution so no surprises here.  Thank goodness for Norman Siegel.)

Quote from the press release I was given from Picture the Homeless : "They banned Picture the Homeless from attending pubic meetings." said PTH member Frank Clark, "They got our pictures up at the desk, and an extra police presence outside.  The City Council treats Picture the Homeless like America's Most Wanted."

more from press release...

"We shudder to think what folks do who don't have brilliant attorney friends". 

 (From Suzannah B. Troy, "Norman Siegel, you are truly the people's advocate!)

"Housing Campaign members had attempted to attend a public meeting of the Buildings and Housing Committee but the City Council security desk advised us that Picture the Homeless were no longer permitted to attend public meetings.     When Norman Siegel contacted the security team he was referred to the Speaker's Office.  When he finally heard back from the Council's lawyers -- they acknowledged that guilt by association was wrong, and promised that we would not be banned today or ever again.

The press release packed with disturbing information including how the NYPD against the homeless which was discussed at  "standing-room only -- disorderly roundtable" in partnership with the Center for Constitutional Rights.  The round table brought together homeless folks, legal professional, elected officials, community activists and grass roots organizations to discuss the NYPD's abuse of vagueness of disorderly conduct and to build support for our campaign to change it.

Note from Suzannah:  I wish I had the entire press release on line for you to read!!!!!!

Picture the Homeless 2427 Morris Avenue - 2nd Floor, Bronx, New York, 10468

Organizing For Justice and Respect: Don't Talk About Us: Talk With Us!

p.s. From Suzannah, Picture the Homeless appreciates donations of any size.

Mayor Bloomberg AWOL?

Why aren't we hearing from Mayor Bloomberg on the hour, every hour...? Is he in Bermuda? Just joking...he couldn't get out to Bermuda after yesterday's press conference.

Record snow storm brings NYC to a halt including the A Train for 6 hours, No parking tickets for parking meters from the NYPD today by Suzannah B. Troy

Why aren't we hearing from Mayor Bloomberg on the hour, every hour...?  Is he in Bermuda?  Just joking...he couldn't get out to Bermuda after yesterday's press conference.

From Notify NYC:

10:30 AM today: The Long Island Railroad, Metro-North and the Staten Island Railway are suspended due to the snow.  Subways and buses are experiencing major delays.  Visit www.mta.info for the latest updates.

 12/27/10 at 9:15 AM. The New York City Department of Transportation has suspended all parking meter regulations for Monday, December 27th.  The NYPD will not be issuing parking meter tickets today.


I am sure glad I was not stuck on the A Train for 6 hours because I always feel pregnant with twins.  I do feel very sorry for all the people stuck on this train when the power was lost.  The MTA is just a mess including parts that are so dilapidated with pipes bandaged like wounds, I have seen leaks and puddles on sunny days. (Have video footage on YouTube.)  Note:  Reminder the SAIC MTA deal for 110 million was put to death and thank goodness based on corrupt over rides by SAIC for hundreds of millions for CityTime.  Mysterious how the MTA would not discuss why they were go with SAIC after their massive budget over rides...hmmm.

The winds and the blizzard inspired many to stay home but some people including me went out to do some errands.  If my knees were not shot I would have gone for a run like I have all my life living in NYC which now totals 27 years.  My girlfriend (for gay bashing homophobes that means friend) took her beautiful fluffy dog out for a walk and the snow was up to her head -- the beautiful dog with winter coat  LOVED it!


Stay warm stay tuned....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Easy A" Teen Sexual Mother Teresa comedy film

Written by Bert Royal and directed by Will Gluck starring a young beauty Emma Stone, "Easy A" is inappropriately fun flick.   For those who remember John Hughes films that made Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick  this film makes loving references to Hughes film but lack Hughes "sweetness.  This flick is a blast with references to Google Earth and high tech use of spreading the nastiest viscous lying gossip.  The heroine of this film takes to wearing a Scarlet A on her clothes in response although she has never committed adultery.

Why do people gossip and lie.  Um, duh, because they hate themselves, they do not like themselves, they are jealous, where there is suppose to be a heart there is an inner toxic waste dump?

Anyway, Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci play the ultimate cool parents of our heroine and they are hilarous and completely unrealistic not that anything in this fun film had anything to do with reality.

The harsh ugly dark side of real life lies and bullies is too ugly to talk about but if you want bawdy escapism this film is highly recommended with cameos by Thomas Haden Church, Lisa Kudrow and Malcom McDowell.

The beautiful Emma Stone plays Olive and move the letters around in "Olive" and you get I LOVE.

She is a (virgin) sexual Mother Teresa who isn't have sex with anyone but just pretending she is to help some desperate guys out with their ego.  This doesn't sound like a funny movie but the writing is sharp and funny and Emma Stone is intelligent so she makes this movie rip.

It won't win Oscars but the movie will entertain you and how many women out there have felt like sexual Mother Teresas?   Don't answer that question.

Mother of a Snow Storm!!!!!! Stores are open, subways running limited buses NYC

I had to go out and do some errands....don't ask.   I also decided to pick up some teas and get my nails done.  The salon was jam packed with women.  I could not get the color I wanted so my nail color is bizarre since I combined 2.  Don't ask.

Walking home the wind was so strong it blew the snow in to my face and it felt like little pin pricks on my face.

I thought of all those Mt. Everest books and films I had watched and was glad I never even considered a climb because a walk in this was no fun.  However, if my knees were not shot to hell, I would be one of those people out for a run in this weather and when ever I do go out and run in extreme weather conditions here in NYC, I was never, ever alone.

Saw an older homeless man sitting outside -- heart breaking!!!!!

Think of our troops and feel badly for them and their loved ones that they are not home.

I am lucky to be home.

Again Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year.  To my supporters thanks and gratitude and back at you a hundred fold.


Tompkins Square Park the beginning of a Blizzard

East Village Empty Store Fronts Bloomberg-ville -- Mike Bloomberg's legacy mega dorms, sky piercing condos and hotels that corruptly busted through zoning including dirty dealings NYU, NY Law Dorm and Cooper Union and empty store fronts like there was a Hurricane or massive terrorism Bloomberg-ville Mass Displacement Corruption real estate as well as NYC Gov massive white collar crime CityTime

IPhone gloves by Suzannah B. Troy

Note convenient opening to use IPhone + dog teeth holes lower thumb that inspired the creation of my Iphone Gloves!
The on coming snow blizzard and an over enthusiastic puppy dog finally made me do it!  I transformed a pair of pink gloves that I love in to IPhone gloves!

Why?  It is freezing out there and I do not want to take off my gloves to answer telephone calls, emails, text messages and search the internet and now I do not have to.  The Iphone does not work unless it senses your finger pad --no human flesh touching the screen of the Iphone --- no functions!  I learn this when I got my first IPhone and I had a big nasty cut on my pointer finger!  Not fun and required creative finger play.

That has always driven me crazy along with a few other Iphone and Mac Book issues I need to write Apple about but this one I resolved when the most adorable puppy confused my favorite new gloves for a chew toy.    I took a nail scissor and got an arched where the pad of my pointer finger is and any finger I might use with my phone and did not remove the material to attempt to keep my hands as warm as possible.  No I just have to push my pointer finger or pad through the strategically place incision and I can use my Iphone through my "IPhone Gloves".

There are a one of kind and I love them.

Stay warm.

p.s.   I have the Otter Box uber protective bulky covering called The Defender and it has protected me from smashing the glass on the phone when I dropped which which I did a lot and from water damage. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Marine's Ice Sculpture to his family -- so moving - Safe tour for our frontline abroad and here including our FDNY and NYPD


The Fox 5 local tv coverage of this is far more moving than the article and blessing to the artist and ice business that donated their services.    The photo doesn't do justice.  In the base is a photo of the Marine with his little sister...very, very moving.  He has been away 9 months and has not seen his young sister.

Mike Bloomberg NYC Gov sends emails to City Workers- You are laid off, Merry Christmas in the face of CityTime massive White Collar crime and a 1.7 billion dollar surplus but you layoff and close firehouses over night? by Suzannah B Troy

2 City workers representing laid off workers speak out!!!!!!!

Yetta Kurland on mayor's announcement of 1.7 Billion DOLLAR surplus and she also talks about how many people lost their jobs because of St. Vincent's wrongful closer.


Lay-off Time a Christmas Song in response to CityTime sung by City Workers with some back-up from some City Council members.

Snow storm coming gets big and bad Sunday Night - time to stay home and cuddle said the Shih Tzu to the Cockapoo (part Cocker Spaniel part Poodle)

get out your snow boots....  8-14 inches NYC


NYC Holiday Spirit the gifts, miracles, good deeds in abundance

All around NYC people do good every day and during the Holiday more so.

Saw a moving piece on Channel 5 local news about God's Love We Deliver
and here is a moving story from The NY Post and there are so many year around that make NYC unique the diverse New Yorkers that make good deeds their number one priority.


Suzannah B. Troy Chopping the Street, before Wall St. imploded, Bernie Madoff, CityTime (massive white collar crime nyc gov) and Sons of Anarchy, I wrote Chopping the Street, One mega-million at a time.


The posting above has a photo of me with a painting of Truman Capote at The Chelsea Hotel.

You can find the original text minus the sex scene which was super hot on my artist website on the bottom.


or here is a link to my Apple blog which people who don't have Apple find hard to access and you can find the podcast for free under my name in ITunes on page 2 of a 13 page list of podcasts under "The Going".

The Going and Chopping the Street I wrote post 9-11 and 9-11 impacts these short stories.

I wrote Chopping the Street to talk about how White Collar Crime is mostly above the radar and whether it is caught or not, prosecuted successfully or not -- it costs the tax payers billions.  Who knew x amount of years after I wrote it Wall St. would implode from lack of checks and balances, having little to no limits and the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme sure didn't help, not to mention the mortgage meltdown.

CityTime crime has yet to have a full forensic audit and when that is done we will mostly likely find this is one of NYC gov. biggest white collar crimes ever!  I was ahead of the game with this little short story Chopping the Street.  CityTime was like a stolen motorcycle, chopped up what they could, mega-millions and stole what they could.  I have to laugh because I wrote this years before Sons of Anarchy and on the posting on my artist website I call for HBO to make Chopping the Street in to an HBO movie or series and too bad no one at HBO did.

I don't include the sex scenes because the internet has rules.  For instance depending on what State you live in - in the USA you have to be a certain age to access writing with sex content.  I know it is strange because kids can go in to libraries get books that have sex in them but the internet has it's rules and sites have warnings you must be over 18+.  On blogger if you use Ad Sense where you earn money from Ads on your blog you can't have sex content.
Birds and the bees are a part of all our lives and we wouldn't be here with out the activity, we are bombarded with ads that are as close to porno as you can get constantly but that is the law of the internet.

I do want a book deal actually for several books and it will all be there including a non-fictional book about what I have endured and lots of insights in to NYC from politic to a lot more and it would get an adult rating.  Happy holidays.

Mae West, When I am good, I am good, when I am bad, I am better


Even when I am being very bad, I am told I am very good.
Suzannah B. Troy

Note: To blog readers, if you don't have one of the sexist parts of the human anatomy, the funny bone, could you please not visit my blogs.  Thank you.

p.s.  If you read this blog and I think I am writing specifically to you please get help immediately.

Mike Bloomberg telling lies about CityTime, I tell you why by Suzannah B. Troy


Mike as usual is not telling the truth.  Because of the mysterious over-rides by hundreds of millions of dollars the system CityTime will not start saving he city money for at least 100 years.  I have that from a City Worker in a speech on the steps of City Hall and it is a no brainer.  Why is Mike saying this? Two reasons.  There is a far bigger crime than the 80 million dollars stolen and that is over 700 million that mysteriously got spent for a program that doesn't work and for the 2nd answer google Vanity Fair SAIC.  Enjoy the read.

Giuseppi Logan Christmas Time Tompkins He still needs support, he needs some help


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOb375ZZyS8&feature=youtube_gdata_player  Here is his granddaughter, Malik Logan, who he has yet to meet in her musical video which is terrific so you can see the musical talent has been been passed down. Giuseppi still struggles and he needs help.  Giuseppi's youngest son and only son from the 2nd marriage lives on the West Coast.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTssjT9rAmQ Through the power of my YouTubes, a YouTube miracle I was able to re-unite the little boy in this YouTube i found when I posted my first YouTube which rocked the jazz world because people thought GL was dead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSb-JgMIeuA I reunited him with his youngest and only son from his 2nd marriage who shares his musical gifts.

A documentary and I envision a Hollywood film and books will come one day....

For now we just need some more support for Giuseppi Logan.  His telephone is out of commission yet again.  I have helped resolve his phone problems in the past but I am exhausted.

GL does drive some people crazy when he plays one song over and over and over so I have asked him play some other songs and occasional move his spot in Tompkins to avoid any trouble.

His drive to get out there every day and play is amazing.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy artist with Patrick Barr photogragher

Here we are!  Patrick Barr is back at his spot on Prince Street...he has just shifted a little.  One of my favorite pictures of his of an NYPD officer playing drums along with musicians was photographed right here in the park.   I love Patrick's work and his sweet humanity...he has a lot of compassion for people....good soul.  You can find a series of YouTubes I made on Patrick if you search in YouTube's search engine.

Mike Bloomberg's damage control for SAIC may not prevent big law suits by Suzannah B. Troy

Again like a broken record or a man cognizant of  over 700 million so far sunk in to the Tax Payer's Titanic (my special pet name for CityTime) and a deal NYC gov. was alleged to have made with SAIC for the city of NY to sell CityTime to other government agencies once CityTime was activated....

Mike continues to own like a one man p.r. team for SAIC and CityTime.

It is a lose lose situation -- lose mega big either way.....and the future may hold massive law suits against SAIC and Spherion.  Question: Could people representing the city of NY get sued as well in relation to this Tax Payers Titanic if and when Titanic law suits are served....?

Note:  Remember Mike coming right out after the 80 million dollars was stolen praising SAIC to the press, than going on the John Gambling Show and praising SAIC and now today in The NY Post...

Stay tuned....
I continue to urge you to look at the iReport found in the comment section of The NY Daily News and The Vanity Fair article on SAIC.

p.s.  I will have all kinds of magical NYC moments up on this blog over the weekend.  It is just CityTime Mike Bloomberg's crime has taken center stage.



Watch: "Layoff Time" City Workers Christmas response to CityTime song to the tune of Silver Bells

Mike Bloomberg still pimping SAIC CityTime deal....by Suzannah B. Troy

A little birdie told me that NYC gov and SAIC had a deal.  Once CityTime was up and running NYC gov would sell CityTime to other government agencies and get a commission.  I made 2 YouTubes about this.  The valuable part of CityTime I was told is owned by SAIC so no wonder Mike Bloomberg continues to p//p on behalf of SAIC.  Google SAIC and Vanity Fair...read the article and than do the math on why Mike acts like SAIC's public relations person.

Mike Bloomberg the real Grinch laying off innocent city workers in the face of massive historical white collar crime, why we can't have Christine Quinn for mayor and lucky Joel Bondy did not have to testify under oath when he testified in front of City Council


Lay-off Time sung by City workers in response to CityTime


CityTime vs. AutoTime -- reads like It's a Wonderful life meets The Firm starring Tom Cruise

Way back when NYC had AutoTime and it worked.  AutoTime was designed by city workers and owned by the city.

So why would Rudy bring in Maximus.  It cost way too much money and it did not work! Maximus like CityTime bringing SAIC was about hand washing and making people rich -- by stealing from the tax payers...maybe stealing is too harsh a word but that is what it feels like.

Maximus was a warm up for CityTime.

If the city owns anything that is "CityTime" it is like owning a car minus the motor.  SAIC owns anything of value CityTime as in what drives the car but either way CityTime does not work and is as I originally dubbed it...CityTime is the tax payers Titanic.

Why oh why did NYC gov have to turn their backs on AutoTime which could have been expanded for a lot less money and sink so much tax payer money in to failed money guzzlers of tax payer money like Maximus and than CityTime?   Hand washing, kick backs and political gain.

Rudy opened the door to SAIC and than Mike took to SAIC like he was a crack cocaine addict and it is not hard to figure out why after reading the Vanity Fair piece.  http://m.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2007/03/spyagency200703
If you are overly ambitious and want to be a global player than it would be hard for the Rudy and Mike types to not yearn to be dealing with SAIC.
Reminder to look at http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-205164 from Feb. 2009 where an SAIC consultant is fingered for stealing but we continue to hear nothing of any actual SAIC wrong doing...unless over riding a budget by hundreds of millions of tax payer money feels wrong to any of you.

John Feal - the man who helped 9-11 Bill to Fly from The Wall Street Journal


Soho Journal two outlooks on SAIC scandal -- Henry Sterns and mine, Suzannah B. Troy artist

  • http://sohojournal.com/content/two-outlooks-saic-scandal

    Fun reading for Suzannah B. Troy blog followers if you haven't read the Vanity Fair piece on SAIC http://m.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2007/03/spyagency200703

    Here is my comment on The NY Post this morning on Joel Bondy quitting.  
    12/24/2010 5:32 AM
    Tip of the iceberg. A full forensic audit will tell us more but the excessive overrides and mayor Bloomberg pushing for a full renewal with SAIC on Sept. 30 when it was a no brainer going from aprox. 60 million to over 700 million that this was criminal and why was NYC gov. going along. I made part 1 and part 2 YouTube series of why and who was pushing SAIC starting with our mayor. Thank goodness the MTA deal with SAIC and also Sanitation Dept. are now dead. CityTime was meant to prevent low tier workers from stealing but mean while consultants were stealing. The question is how many and I believe the amount of the theft and thievery is staggering. I have links to articles and CNNiReport of a whistle blower from 2 years that takes you in to meetings with Joel Bondy and fingers Mazer and others including a SAIC consultant. NYPost doesn't allow link postings sadly. Way more to this story including I was told kickbacks for NYC gov.

  • Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/pay_big_called_to_account_nIAUqg99RplKonRrxPg5JK#ixzz191YH6f4n

    Suzannah B. Troy's YouTube makes True News for Change Blog

    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Joel Bondy quits! Respected news guys tells Suzannah she is wrong NYC gov owns CityTime but is it semantics and SAIC own's what is valuable $ CityTime -see part 2 by Suzannah B. Troy

    Joel Bondy quits.       Respect news guy tells me I'm wrong about SAIC owning CityTime (semantics?) SAIC owns what'$ valuable

    I was told NYC gov owns CityTme by respected reported but my opinion based on a source is that is just semantics -- reality is SAIC owned the bankable part of CityTime if and when the CityTime actually worked whic despite aprox. $740 million dollars spent -- it still and will never work in a way that will profit NYC at least not for another 100 years -- since this was really about bilking tax payers money at an epic level and if it ever worked the city had a corrupt deal to sell CityTime to other gov. agencies on behalf of SAIC who would give NYC gov a percentage of the sale.  If SAIC is giving NYC gov a percentage of the sale they own what is valuable in CityTime.
    Check out the iReport I found on NYDN website in comment section -- fingers an SAIC consultant stealing yet we never heard about this in the news... yet.

    I found this iReport posted on NYDN in comment section from Feb. 2009 that fingers a SAIC consultant but we never heard about this in the press...yet.