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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The USPS loses aprox only 8.5 BILLION Dollars this year! You can't have employees that make the Mafia look warm and cuddly

The USPS lost only aprox. 8 billion dollars.   I try never to use the USPS ever for anything.  I often don't get my mail and I have had two dept. in NYC Gov. blame the fact I don't get mail from them on the USPS.

I don't use the USPS because I did not appreciate being threatened and lied to and about on a regular basis. The good news is I now own an IPhone so I could now just film the abuse and put on YouTube.

The USPS treats customers awfully and they abuse their Federal Status in every way possible including blocking fire hydrants, pedestrian walk ways and threatening customers just doesn't work.

A Viet Nam Vet friend of mine was told to mind his God-Damn business when he approached a postal worker who blocked a fire hydrant to go in to a bagel shop to by coffee.  I warned the Viet Nam Vet to never ever approach a postal worker again because the term "going postal" is no joke and the postal police are worthless...truly.

FYI:  A postal worker is never, ever suppose to approach a customer and how about harass them and threaten them.   How ironic there are warning about harming a postal worker -- it is a federal offense but what if a postal worker harms you a customer -- is that a federal offense?

The USPS wants to kid themselves it is the internet but the truth is they are a corrupt destructive organization and they make the Mafia look warm cuddly and honorable.

Well the USPS and the Postal Police won't do their job so they continue to lost mega-billions a year.  I do not know anyone who wants to step foot in a post office and many of us pay extra to buy stamps to avoid any contact with the USPS.

My maternal Grandfather was a postal worker in the Bronx's so I know there are good postal workers...just not enough good ones.

When is the government doing to do something to stop the USPS from the terrible abuse and corruption and massive losses they lose each year.  First take away any federal status that protects them for breaking the laws that we all must obey from traffic violations to the illegal air sale over St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street to St. Ann's.   Make the USPS use license plates and hold them accountable.  They must not have US on their sleeve is they are openly breaking the laws and confuse threats, lies and intimidation for customer service unless that is what the US government wants to be identified with.....

President Obama said he would bring change and the USPS should have been on the 10 ten list.  I know many don't want to privatize the USPS but if done they would have to obey the laws and any abusive employee would be fired instead of being protected by a Union that should not protect them and suffers 100,000 in lay-offs because they won't do the right thing and stop protecting corrupt criminal behavior that no professional business would tolerate.

The USPS will not learn, adapt or respect the laws to they continue to lost mega-billions and have to make massive lay-offs but they refuse to make the changes they need to make.