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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mike Bloomberg Steve Rattner rob tax payers w/Cayman Island Investments for charity, Rattner pays himself 8 million and did deputy mayor Patricia Harris blatantly lie about the hours she works on Mike's charity while employed by city of New York by Suzannah B. Troy

11/17/2010 7:17 AM
There is so much dishonest dealing here where to begin...Let's start with the Cayman Island aspect -- like the 62 emails the NYPost ask Mike to turn over -- these tax free investments are subpoena proof and my questions are -- why do charity investments on via the Caymans unless you are hiding something an unwilling to pay taxes - so isn't Mike Bloomberg on the advice of Steve Rattner robbing tax payers here of money? Just like the money funneled to Haggerty - sub-zero trickle-down (an economic term I made up) to say the money is not finding it way to the people but in to a few people's pocket. It also stink of dishonesty, tax payer theft re: Caymans, lack of transparency. The fact deputy mayor Harris says she logs in 5 hours sounds like another big lie and I wish we could get Harris, Bloomberg and Rattner investigated on ethics charges and they don't the 5th like Rattner did to the SEC and Steve Rattner pleaded the 5th more times than Mike has been mayor. Like the election he used alleged charity but it was to buy favor and ditto here.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bloomy_gift_that_keeps_on_giving_tXinrcNSTvu2Ef3lO4cmuL#ixzz15XdLUiR9

Based on what I read in The NY Post previously deputy mayor Patricia Harris's desk at City Hall is mostly empty and we the tax payers are being robbed both by paying a high priced salary for a job she is not doing and instead is working on Mike's charity plus like to many officials we are paying for her to be chauffeured around but she is not even doing work for the city...  It is called theft...

There are so many question about ethics violations and here is yet another question --- is Patricia Harris on the Bloomberg double dip payroll list....?  Remember the 3 administrative assistants....young women that are payed a 2nd salary out of a "shell" account created by Mike Bloomberg and the two salaries make them higher paid than our NYPD police commissioner.

Mike flies city workers on air bloomberg and there is so much more we don't know from how the 109 million dollars was spent that The NY Post did not investigate....we the people don't squat unless The NY Post or The NY Daily News gives us some scrap of news like David Seifman reporting through FOIL The NY Post requested 62 emails Mike sent to Haggerty and Mike Bloomberg refuses to turn them over.

Isn't interesting that Cy Vance and John Haggerty's lawyer never subpoenaed Mike Bloomberg demanding he turn over these emails?  Translation all parties agree to make the Haggerty, Bloomberg's Watergate that would forced him to resign during his 3rd term and made Haggerty-gate go away.

Note:  Why Rangel and why not Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn or Vito Lopez?  An ethics committee for Mike Bloomberg, Steve Rattner and gang is not enough....We need the Justice Dept. to investigate.