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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

NY FBI, NYPD Internal Affairs Cop Corruption Michael Dowd Arrested Reminder of FBI IA Corruption Failures More to Come

Michael Dowd Infamous Dirty NYPD cop arrested again for violating judge’s order - reminder FBI and Internal Affairs  him commit crimes over and over until the long island police department arrested him embarrassing the FBI and the New York Police Department/Internal Affairs.  I guess I have to hope all the dirty cops in my case including Internal Affairs move to Long Island. 

Ex-NYPD Gangster Officer Arrested In Connecticut - Brownsville-East New York, NY
Michael Dowd ego maniac but aren't all corrupt cops they think they 
are Teflon they can break the laws and Internal Affairs has their back 
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NY FBI, NYPD Internal Affairs Cop Corruption Michael Dowd Arrested Reminder of FBI IA Corruption Failures More2Come suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/05/ny-fbi…

Rudy Giuliani and David Dinkind gave us a new commission  but are supposedly progressive mayor Bill de Blasio Will not he acts like he and his wife are being blackmailed by top brass yaks frightened or he sick swings the other way that he calls of the police and once fixing in favors...? Remember Bill de Blasio got caught right away it's a brand-new mayor doing with the US attorney calls call the cop what I call one 800 fix it and then the NYPD claim they lost emails that would've been cremated the mayor and the NYPD?

 No wonder Bill has Zachary Carter lying in my case saying the police acted within their scope.   Guess I have to hope the corrupt cops in my case moved to Long Island ...?   Was long island police that arrested Michael Dowd  and continue to arrest him!

I interviewed one of the dirty 30 and Internal Affairs protected him him over and over when I was savagely assaulted one of the key people there who Detective John Vergona refused to interview -- this person's mother was one of the first women to work in Internal Affairs and I was told the mom said  Internal  affairs is corrupt!

One of the dirty 30 gave me details but I know firsthand Internal Affairs top brass have protected corruption NYPD detectives blatantly Breaking laws having a good all-time misogynist hate Club laughing retaliating against me the violence is just fine they treated me like a rape victim I got what I deserved but the big news is their internal affairs  has been protecting fixing in favors sooner or later more if it's going to come out and some ties into the biggest crime ever in New York city government 911 tech system.  

Like September 11 if we have a terror attack the NYPD will come out Saints and they'll be even greater whitewashing of wrongdoing.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Unless there's a major terrorist attack in New York City NYPD may be in major trouble more scandals coming? suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/05/ny-fbi…

Sooner or later they're going to be major investigations it could even be investigative journalists not from NYC whom don't rely on the NYPD for a press pass speaking of the press John Miller really needs to go because the city could be a victim of terrorism and I guess the FBI at the New York branch in particular will have to use that as an excuse to cover up like they did for michael Dowd the FBI was monitoring him they knew the horrors he was involved with the horrific crimes and they let him continue with Internal Affairs and Internal Affairs Beyond corrupt and dirty Break laws every day he was running his NYPD job as a way to profit or what will happen when it comes out about lavish gifts and benefits involving technology contracts and possibly even the pensions who needs to rob drug dealers although apparently NYPD are still doing that as we have daily proof the psychological a valuation's and screening for the NYPD fail even senator Diaz's daughter  should've been fired for breaking the law and harassing a fellow Police Officer  threatening to destroy him the way I was threatened I'm alleging by Joe Tacopina during an open investigation and I'm not alleging it's a fact Detective John for going to also verbally finally threatened me and acted on the misogynist hate crime  that I allege  Joe Tacopina  is guilty of threatening me during an open investigation using a sock puppet account such a coward and when I confronted him is his witness tampering he deleted the account and asked the detective in the text of acted on the Hate Crimes

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Ray Kelly knew that top NYPD Chiefs were taking lavish gifts but wasn't he? suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/05/ny-fbi…

 I want to remind you that  NYPD Internal Affairs Capt Aaron Wright was part of the probe into that dirty cop NYPD ramos that was part of fixing in favors - Ramos with his wife tried to arrange to kill a witness but the internal affairs captain tried to beat the crap out of his girlfriend actually he did  he's the male version of the woman that attacked me but the police cannot to fixing in favors like they did for my attacker and are rich and player very similar to fixing in favors in Williamsburg Brooklyn for the Orthodox community but the mayor of New York City and his predecessor and three police commissioners have covered up crime in my case Layton in your face climb and blatant Internal Affairs corruption  like rotten Michael Dowd like rotten cream and coffee it's gonna all come up to the surface 

Was sickening that Michael Dowd  was enjoying the fame or should I say infamy of that documentary so I'm glad he's arrested and I hope it happens to the detectives and their supervisors and the Internal Affairs and possibly even some top brass in my case as  well as NYPD chief chuck Dowd and it would be mine blowing if Ray Kelly had to answer questions under oath about why he appointed a man with no tech background as head of technology and allowed him and Chief Banks and other chiefs to take lavish gifts as did Kelly who was exposed taking lavish gifts  for him and his wife from Michael Bloomberg 

 We still  don't know  Who is paying  Ray Kelly's private security but we do you know the megabucks real estate that made him head of their security had to dump him when they were scrutiny into Williamsburg because of their dealings and Williamsburg they probably figured the feds might take a look at them and their relationship with Ray Kelly...????

 I also don't believe Ray Kelly got on the bestsellers list of the New York Times  an honest way but through fixing favors just like he got his security job and a soft landings with major big bucks...

 It's ironic The New York Times would do that if they did considering Ray Kelly abuse of stop and Frisk and Eric Garner's  hand written lawsuit from Rikers an indictment of Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi.

Ask the NYPD where is Captain Aaron Wright? 
Infamous NYPD Michael Dowd Case Exposed the FBI and Internal Affairs now here we are again with Ray Kelly and Bratton Eric Garner Case and More

Ex-NYPD cop arrested again for violating judge’s order - NY Daily News

Mayor de Blasio, Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill Violence Towards Women Ok if they Do Not Like You


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