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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dr. Fagelman Assault Receptionist Delita Hooks NYPD IA Crimes their Evil Wrong Doing they know what they did including Ray Kelly, Bratton, Jimmy O'Neill evil on them and more than just my case

 Mom is close to death. She has been several times before including a blood transfusion that saved her life, prior to that blood clot in her leg they found recently cancer removed but it's getting harder to chew food and harder to swallow especially with flem --
Mom is close to death and for her death will be peace.  

Dad was blessed to die at home in his back and on the Sabbath which is a high honor.

 I see how much she has suffered losing her abilities so I'm setting in place a living will in case I developed Parkinson's or anything happens that leaves me unable to live in independent life. for the people that have retaliated against means on even more evil by doing so participating in the violence and lies I know you will be punished it will happen in such a way I could never even planned you will get yours for your evil for your violence for your lies for your participation in the violence, lies and a pile up of crimes.   Dr Andrew Fagelman  is evil and I know G-d punish him for blaming me the victim for the lies and the filings and the fixing in favors in retaliation to lie and blame me is pure evil and he can have people say oh he's good but you're not a good person if you lie and blame the victim and try and pretend it's OK to violate someone's patient rights and body Karma will get him he is an evil corrupt dishonest liar an unethical evil little man.

Tweet: Google Dr Fagelman assault Andrew Fagelman evil his role in the violence & lies evil creepy sicko 1800 NYPD Fix it all involved  Karma

Det John Vergona he's probably done a lot more evil than just my case he omitted my attacker threatened me with bodily harm Vergona omitted repeated savage assaults from the DD5 and the fact she pursued me down the hall as I backed away and he rewrote it as I was rolling around on the floor inside the office in front of the water cooler ignoring NYPD public members police reports as well as video evidence and I have the email of him acknowledging he got the video and photos and medical reports which are not in his DD 54 he fabricates and lies including that I wasn't available to meet him when I wanted to meet him and tried several times and he refused to meet me and lied about it.

Delita Hooks and John Vergona  are liars and they got a lot of help and protection and what goes around comes around but they have to live with their lies and that's a good thing.

 Did the NYPD say hey will fix this for you will make this go away well it's not going away.

By the way offering to threaten the victim coerce them make them drop charges mine and police reports those are crimes as his savagely assaulting someone threatening them with bodily harm menacing them threatening  The victim of the signed letter to the NYPD lying to the police during an open investigation those are crimes as well.

My Dad served in WW2 and he died knowing that hey Kelly Charles camp easy and gang one fault and treating me like at you in the early stages of Nazi Germany it's not OK to do a running punched in my head repeatedly assault me after I had a cyst removed injection to injections in my arm holding bags of human piƱata the violence and lies and then the NYPD committed a series of crimes with Internal Affairs protecting them so their accomplices.   G-d and karma will get them all  and for now they have to live with their evil and I can imagine what else they've done to others.

 I am going to a fundraiser in Central Park for the day that Sheldrick elephant orphanage when I think of Dame Sheldrick I cry I love her so much she never ever gave up she dealt with so much grief so many elephants that died and she never ever gave up and I have to remember to never give up I'm so proud that the New York group use my photo my big huge smile dressed as an elephant for their fundraising page this year I'm so honored and I'm so happy to be with a huge group of people or focused on love and good and fighting evil for evil exploitation and murder of elephants and rhinos. Elephants are ancient ancient creatures and I think of Leonard Nimoy Star Trek the story he Cho Road and the film he directed about the whales I love that message without these animals I do believe our planet and humans face extinction think about Noah's arc there's clearly a message there is and there?