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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gotham Gazette Barely Exposes Cy Vance Mark Guma Hint Why Preet Bharara Must Dump Cy

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/city/6310-vance-has-ties-to-several-in-de-blasio-probe & https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20150107/civic-center/high-level-employee-manhattan-da-office-accused-of-sex-assault-by-intern

One Term Two Term Cy Vance Bye Bye Cy Worse Than Charles Hynes in shorter amount of time?: Cy Vance's Campaign Finance Irregularities in collusion with Mike Bloomberg's campaign From Thursday June 17, 2010

Bloomberg broke campaign laws funneled money  any which way he could he and Christine Quinn you/money and got away with murder so if you go after de Blasio and Melissa Mark Viverito how about Bloomberg Quinn?

Ask Bradley Tusk for a comment he  maybe suffering amnesia about a lot like everyone else including about the Haggerty trial?

Ray Kelly took  free rides on mayor Bloomberg's jet and is an interesting there's a federal probe into NYPD top brass and Cushman and Wakefield dump Ray Kelly and no media coverage connecting the dots or  shouldn't who is paying for Ray Kelly's private security?

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara http://cyvanceonetermda.blogspot.com/2015/03/cy-vances-campaign-finance.html?m=1 Yes or No? Cy Vance Mark Guma BROKE campaign laws?

Cy Flash Boys Vance corrupt fixing favors for sale what to understand just a little look in to his campaign finance irregularities and Mark Guma and he got creative because Cy was in debt.  He does fixing and favors as well as retaliation -- he just didn't steal drug dealer money like Charles Hynes... Cy Vance retaliated against me and had his corrupt ADAs do his dirty work like the misogynist DA he had a female ADA ask to lower Epstein's sex predator status.  Who called that favor in?  I know ADA Illuzzi had special meetings with 2 unnamed people my case before  she follow through on fixing my case  included NYPD coercion lying in police reports threatening me and I even told her about my guess Joe Tacopina threatening me even calling me CUNT! 

Preet Bharara engaging Cy Flash Boys Vance in Investigating de Blasio a laugh!

Cy Vance tried to lower Jeffrey Epstein  shocking the judge in the case he had a woman ADA Gaffney  do the deed but the judge refused  and the judge made it clear she was shocked dismayed and this had never happened in her career presiding over sex abuse cases!

Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein's Pimp Fixing Favors from Real Estate to Manhattan DA -- wow Epstein's Madame had to lower her price so the lawyer Epstein's lawyer did her a favor?

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara GothamGazette DAVance Mark Guma! Hint y Preet must dump Cy http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/04/gotham-gazette-exposes-cy-vance-mark.html?m=1 nycincestuouscorruption

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara #HouseofCards GameofThrones Oligarchs of NY own Politicians DA NYPD all Teflon corruption political incest

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara Cy Vance fixing favors NYPD Internal Affairs, GS, Jeffrey Epstein sex pred status but judge thwarted Cy!

@FBI @FBINewYork @PreetBharara Has Jeffrey Epstein funneled money to Madame via real estate? Jeff favor from DA Cy Vance but judge thwarted?

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20150107/civic-center/high-level-employee-manhattan-da-office-accused-of-sex-assault-by-intern Jeffrey Epstein & Madame work for DA or other way around? Jeff not at DA office?

Ask Leslie Wexner how Jeffrey Epstein and employee Pimp Maxwell had office at Wexner headquarters at 1point no more!

Cy Vance needs to resign.   The misogynist racist dirty DA Cy Flash Boy Vance is protected by the media who sells in like a J.Crew model  ask NBA star Thabo Sefolosha or Joe Jazz Hayden  if they think the DAs racist...

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara Y did dirty DA Cy Vance rush to take his  cronypal ADA Joan Illuzzi back after HUGE humiliating loss? #fix

Cy Vance  so does fixing in favors for the oligarchs in New York and NYPD that break the laws are protected by Internal Affairs the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time only second to Charles Hotel Hynes  seriously has alluded a series of grand jury's in jail.

Cy Vance resign.

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara http://m.nydailynews.com/new-york/da-wanted-sex-offender-status-jeffrey-epstein-article-1.2068017 pattern FBI doesn't care but embarrassing for Bharara? Cy Vance DA fixing favors

.@FBI .@FBINewYork .@PreetBharara ADA Illuzzi Audio Lying to Me No Thorough Investigation No Fed
https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLY0KZtMn4xk2W5ewe9YBAh1o538Ejq7xV&v=GPa11l0Panc no fed ex tracking#

 Do you notice the narrative has been taken over and we hear nothing about NYPD top brass getting fixing in favors which they were getting all the time and doing all the time protected by the Manhattan DA starting with ECTP aka 911 tech corruption Ray Kelly's top brass receiving cream off the top  A small percentage based on how much money was stolen through overbilling jacking up prices and that is far worse than a payroll system it's a 911 tech  system with how many people depended on it in New York City?

Cy Vance fixed that too as early as 2012 dirty DA Cy Vamce  made sure there was no criminal prosecution of 911 technology crooks and consultants our over billing as well as lobbyists that were profiting and he allowed top NYPD to be bought off for very little money to turn their head  away as contractors overbilled delivered late and deliver crap.

Why hasn't Cy Vance been forced to resign.  Where are  subpoenas for 911 and for top cops and mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly and Mike Bloomberg where the subpoenas!  Bloomberg broke campaign laws  and during the Haggerty trial mysteriously Haggerty's mistress Fiona's boss Steve raid NY pensions Rattner (pleaded the 5th 64 times) was not called!

 Whistleblower told me the whistleblower contacted Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn via email years before John Lui requested a criminal investigation by Cy Vance  walked in and I believe the man he appointed has left and no longer works for the DA I'd like to know why just like I'd like to know why Rose Gill Hearn's  predecessor left?