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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Simotua Died I carried his Photo from NYC to in front of The White House around Central Park I am crying w/ all my new friends I made because of The Sheldrick Foundations Heroic Efforts

I am crying People have seen me carry Simotua the poster of a baby elephant leg almost amputated by stupid poacher's snare --  wounds in his forehead from a spear......

Simotua was a heroic baby elephant who fought hard to survive such severe physical wounds I can't imagine the emotional wounds that too many baby Elephants die of once they are taken from their Mothers, Granny Elephants and the herd....  Many baby elephants die from the heart break...

Please donate to DavidSheldrick foundation-- when they rescue a baby the baby is grieving because the baby has lost his or her Mom-- animals are sentient beings they cry grieve get angry -- elephants brains and hearts bigger than ours.

https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/asp/orphan_profile.asp?N=336  The rescue of Simotua was a huge team effort as the photos begin to suggest....

Rescuing the babies one aspect helping them heal from trauma grief anger feeding caring  and hopefully returning them to the wild which could take almost a decade is a whole other undertaking of the Sheldrick Foundation.

The People  Who care for these elephants it's a 24 hour job must be crying because they put so much hard work and love into the care they cry Elephants mourn the loss -  elephants are known to come back year after year and caress the bones of love ones.

The Sheldrick Foundation is in mourning again  but after and during these kind of losses over the years Dame Sheldrick's orphanage  learn to keep going and focus on the positive with the goal to pprevent extinction of Elephants out in the wild.

I carried Simotua's photo to The White House calling for a ban on Ivory, I carried the poster over 7 miles in Central Park with help from new friends and I carried Simotua in subways and around the streets with  really handsome man on the upper Eastside praising me for the poster.

Many People around the world carried Simotua posters on World Elephant and Rhino day 2015 including Italy, Holland and Africa...I remember seeing photos....

I am crying with Beautiful Souls around the world two  and four-legged  those who know that animals mourn too.   Elephants will return to the bones of their ancestors and take turns caressing the bones like they would an elephant baby.

I have never met Dame Sheldrick but when she passes it will be like losing a parent will be unbelievably painful and sad although I am not her child Dame Sheldrick has evoked so much love from People around the world as well as baby elephants she has saved and returned to the wild with her loving team. 

In front of The White House with Simotua as I cry I think of meeting Meghan an amazing activist and her friends, Matt and Jaq amazing activists, as I cry I know People around the world are crying with me starting with Africa the Sheldrick Team Dame Dauphe who we love so much, Angela so many front line care takers so all of us who love wildlife and our front line so brave such brave hearts all these years when folks like me had no idea...

Central Park carrying poster of Simotua I made friends with Lisa, her Mom and Helen who invited us to a fund raiser at United Nations apt and I went. 

I keep Simotua poster outside my front door...heartbroken

Save Elephants David Sheldrick Foundation Run Central Park http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYJ28eJ-3O0

Save Elephants David Sheldrick Foundation Run Central Park  Suzannah Troy Gets VERY EXCITED!
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Suzannah Troy Artist NYC 3 weeks DC Elephant March Poster Simotua Baby orphan speared in head leg almost severed in snare miracle Baby stop poaching murder

Watch video in the mirror link!!!!!!!
3/19/2016 11:51:31 AM

Dear Suzannah Beth Troy,

Towards the end of June last year we received an orphaned elephant whose injuries were so severe that they were hard to even look at.  There was a global outpouring of empathy for this tragic little elephant, who suffered so terribly at the hands of humans.  We named him Simotua, and not only did he have to suffer the immense emotional trauma of losing his mother and elephant family, but he also had to endure unbelievable physical agony due to the severity of his injuries – a spear wound that left a gaping hole deep into his forehead and a snare that had cut through the flesh and exposed the bone on his right front leg.   But Simotua was a very brave little elephant, who stoically understood that the daily treatment of his wounds had to be if he was to heal.  

With the passing of the days, and months we were cautiously optimistic about his recovery – the spear wound healed, but sadly his injured leg remained a real challenge due to poor circulation as the scar tissue became a tourniquet, causing the leg to swell, seeping plasma from the tissue and becoming very painful.   The Vet suggested poultices of Epsom Salts and Bran, which helped reduce the swelling, but which could not permanently relieve the situation.  Any further operation ran the risk of only increasing the problem with the risk of infection a grave concern.  To begin with it looked like Simotua was well on his way to a full recovery as his wounds healed and his strength increased.   Simotua then took a turn for the worse a few months ago, and we have been struggling with him ever since with his body condition mysteriously deteriorating.  Despite multiple tests, treatments and diet change Simotua's condition continued to worsen.  Of course living in pain takes its toll on general health, inhibiting appetite and resulting in a steady loss of body condition too and recently things began to accelerate.  Towards the end he become too weak to even stand unaided. 

It was unbearably painful to witness the suffering of this brave little elephant, with the sinking feeling that we were losing the struggle.  Tragically, having tried everything to save Simotua, we lost the battle and he died in the late afternoon of the l6th March.  His passing is particularly tragic given how far we had come.  We do however take a vestige of comfort under such circumstances knowing that at least he died surrounded by the love of his human family, who were with him throughout.  Rest in peace Simotua.   It was a privilege to know and love you, and you will be sorely missed by all your elephant peers, and also by your adopted human family and your foster-parents who have followed your progress and through their support, empowered us to leave no stone unturned in the struggle to try and save your life.        

Mwashoti is another orphan presently in our care who has had to overcome similar odds, infact no one thought he could recover from his horrendous snare wound almost severing his leg, but miraculously he has.  Fortunately for him his wound had better blood supply which enabled more effective healing with less scar tissue.  Your fostering of Simotua will automatically be changed over to Mwashoti, a dear friend of Simotua's.  Should you wish to foster a different orphan that is certainly possible, please contact us directly to make the changes.

The orphan elephant you are now fostering is called MWASHOTI. To learn more about your orphan please visit the site http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org

As a foster parent you will be receiving monthly updates on MWASHOTI's progress along with monthly watercolour paintings of the orphans all via your email address.  The idea is that you can print these off and keep a journal of your elephant’s progress and reintegration back into the wild.  That is what is unique about our project, each of these orphans will eventually lead wild lives again, and you can now be part of that rewarding process.

We have designed our fostering program to be totally digital, and that way there are no cumbersome overhead costs.

Please click on this link to view and print your fostering certificate: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/asp/certnew.asp?R=6BL94537L15667938

Please click on this link to view MWASHOTI's Orphan Profile: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/asp/orphan_profile.asp?N=334

To view the latest entries in the Keeper's Diary follow this link: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/asp/keepers_diary.asp?o=MWASHOTI

For more information on Understanding The Orphans' Project please click the link below:

To see on a map of Kenya where MWASHOTI came from please follow the link below:

In addition, here is a sample of a collectable watercolour painting by Angela Sheldrick which is received by foster parents monthly:

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick D.B.E.