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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

de Blasio donor directed Sex Worker NYPD Brass any Cop Stealing Time CityTime? Why CityTime Scandal far from being over Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg, Ray Kelly, Bratton, Campisi, Reznick, Boyce, Rose Gill Hearn, Cy Vance CityTime Scandal alive on going

 My question is how many NYPD officials were falsifying time sheets or allowing detectives and other cops to pad their overtime using CityTime because Rudy, Mike, Rose Gill Hearn, Cy Vance and Preet Bharara refused to prosecute CityTime crooks inside City Hall, not even Joel Bondy!!!   I’m sorry folks I can’t do all the work you can Google it and research it it’s on my blog but if you use my work please credit me.

 Rudy Giuliani his deputy mayor’s turn lobbyist for pushing SAIC along  with Mayor Mike Bloomberg like a drug kingpin pushes heroin.  (SAIC  too big to fail google SAIC Trailblazer, SAIC FBI Trilogy,  etc. no wonder Rudy Giuliani was willing to push a crappy payroll system that was so floored it became easier to steal not harder and Mike Bloomberg couldn’t bring himself to throw it away and allowed to go over budget $700 million!  I pushed for $1 billion and racketeering charges -  near Bloomberg had to finally join our demands to get money back instead of protecting the lies but there was an agreement with the Manhattan DA to not pursue any charges and although the US attorney Preet Bharara did prosecute crooks  he refused to prosecute anyone inside nyc gov.  Cy Vance was the biggest corrupt player  in terms of not holding anyone accountable he even refused to prosecute anybody and US Attorney Southern District has to do Cy Vance’s job but it was not  enough to stop the stealing that is probably still on going because CityTime is a hunk of junk!!!

 If you’re not familiar with this case we need to know is victims like me and other victims in Brooklyn and Manhattan in Soho wherever people called and fixing and favors under Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly NYPD openly broke was with protection from top brass both at 1 Police Plaza including Chief of Dept to Chief of Detective  which also included Bill Bratton, his infamous pal John Miller hint  Prospect Park Rape Victim his actions 23 years ago and O’Neill refuses to fire him de Blasio guilty for empowering Bratton, John Miller, Reznick, Larry Bryne and Zachary Carter  all who lie talk out of both sides of their mouth look at their actions there enough to get them in big big trouble if we can get a permanent commission and to NYPD internal affairs DA and corporate counsel corruption.

Exclusive CityTime Scandal not over NYPD Internal Affairs Top Brass Protected NYPD Breaking Laws including Stealing Time CityTime

 I really cannot type at all CityTime (ECTP aka 911 tech corruption, FirstNet yes Bratton hosted a board meeting at 1 Policf Plaza) it’s on my blog for years I would be willing to sit down with someone and go over and explain it but only if I am at knowledged and credited I’m tired of people taking my work and not crediting me).

Exhausted And I continue to wait for Justice in my case it’s been 5 1/2 years would you look at the prospect park right victim her case over 23 years and she still doesn’t have justice...

NYPD flew w/ Omar Mateen trip to Saudi Arabia 2012 when I became a victim of a violent crime w/ NYPD openly broke laws protected by Internal Affairs. Any NYPD IA who broke laws at their desks steal time to like NYPD Lt  Lamboy? #CityTime scandal isn’t over

 Well I was agreeing to false arrest twice (Google Dr Fagelman assault — he did not fire his violent lying employee — sure looks like corrupt cops did him a favor) for a violent running punched my head a hole in my retina Dr Andrew Fagelman’s  The NYPD and it up breaking laws in my case But the NYPD had a busy year that year 2012 they were also flying to Saudi Arabia with Omar Matin.  Not one NYPD officer or anyone on the trip noticed anything unusual about him and the NYPD are claiming they did not give him any gifts which I don’t believe
 I also would like to know if any of the detectives that broke so many laws in my case including internal affairs padded their payroll either for subordinates or for themselves CityTime like NYPD Lt Lamboy of the Sex Crimes unit.  The New York Daily News expose the bad Lieutenant and the fact that NYPD chief of detectives Boyce and the Manhattan DA
Cy Vance and internal affair steering committee protected Lt Lamboy stealing time aka  falsifying work he never worked on Rape cases for Cy Vance a Dirty misogyny DA  he takes bribes including as campaign donations sort of like NYPD took plane rides, sex and more which explains why not one wall street biggir was arrested for their role in the implosion of Wall Street and 0 arrests involving my case  including NYPD falsifying police reports threatening me acting on a contract to bury me destroy me and see the tables turned on me.

 Well I was busy dealing with very crooked NYPD officers openly breaking laws treating me like a Jew in the early stages Nazi Germany  the NYPD  never noticed anything strange about Omar Mateen .... hmmmm, I wonder why?

 Bill Bratton did not fire John Miller 24 years ago Prospect Park Rape case John Miller lied to the NYDN about the rape victim and Bratton  did not fire the racist misogynist John Miller because he too is a misogynist- racist who hates activists and Bratton let the lies live One of the biggest that she lied about the rape because she wanted to bring attention to the anti-violence project in LGBT group I mean that is so untrue the NYPD will not let you report crimes that they don’t like you no wonder no one in the NYPD noticed anything strange  One of the biggest that she lied about the rape because she wanted to bring attention to the anti-violence project in LGBT group I mean that is so untrue the NYPD will not let you report crimes they don’t like you no wonder no one in the NYPD noticed anything strange about Mateen.

Watch Hulu The Looming Tower..... also look up Trailblazer SAIC scandal...Sept 11.



NYPD chief pleads guilty in corruption probe involving lavish trips, hookers v Chief Chuck Dowd 911 Gifts Teflon

Besides the misogyny, anti-Semitism, acting on the cunt threat, promotions or retirements any gifts, any padding overtime my case where NYPD IA openly broke laws.