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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

NYPD Internal Affairs Top Brass Protected NYPD Breaking Laws including Stealing Time CityTime

NYPD Internal Affairs Top Brass Protected NYPD Breaking Laws including Stealing Time CityTime

Under mayor Bloomberg you may recall John Liu sent requests to Cy Vance to prosecute CityTime Crooks and ECTP aka 911 tech crooks Cy Vance refused to prosecute NYPD also involved in taking lavish gifts from contractors.  Now we know from NYDN 
Cy Vance, Internal Affairs Steering Committee, Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill, Chief Boyce protected even more crimes committed by NYPD even stealing time via CityTime although the NYDN never mentioned CityTime you will note I do.  Like Karen Schaffer a deputy mayor under Michael Bloomberg we had learned how easy it was to steal time and she was not arrested!

It seems like no one in the media will want to report this because they’re protecting Rudy Giuliani,  Michael Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, Team Bloomberg  key emphasis on the words Michael Bloomberg and their faux legacies.  If  anyone reads this connects the dots on CityTime  and can actually report news on NYPD stealing Time CityTime  and they learned it from me and they should credit me. The NYDN  never mentions CityTime,  I do. http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/03/bloomberg-de-blasio-ray-kelly-bratton.html



NYPD IA Top Brass Protected NYPD Breaking Laws including Stealing Time CityTime Felony? I agreed to false arrest twice not in Det Vergona/Lt Burgos DD5s did they steal time too? What about police officer Eugene Schatz. His golfing must cost a lot of $. 

 Remember the head of nyc gov of Dept Of investigation under mayor Michael Bloomberg,  Rose Gill Hearn went on NY1 and did an infomercial that CityTime worked? Well it was a lie  and the New York Daily News expose on NYPD Lt Lamboy  and other cops stealing time it  is proof CityTime still hunk of junk scandal scarred payroll system but the NYDN never connects the dots(if you do after reading this credit me)  about how NYPD Lt Lamboy and others steal time how easy it is to do because they’re using a flawed payroll system that Rudy Giuliani thrust on the city and brought in SAIC because he wanted to make money off of SAIC after he left office which he did including  with his deputy mayor’s turn lobbyist for SAIC  and they tried to push through every corrupt deal  possible with SAIC including with the MTA that’s an incredible shocking story that occurs under mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Bloomberg didn’t throw out CityTime or ban SAIC  but instead appointed his top guy Mark Page and dirty PattinHarris’s husband to the MTA board to help push thru the dirty deal.

Mayor de Blasio  also could’ve thrown out the flawed hunk of junk payroll system but he didn’t so let’s say that top cops were aware of open stealing chronic stealing that they were covering up like Lieutenant Amboy  falsifying his payroll system they were alerted top brass that they would not want the payroll system to be thrown out so everyone keeps her mouth shut rather than blowing the whistle had the payroll system isn’t working properly our very own NYPD are stealing supervisor NYPD are stealing,
 NYPD supervisors stealing time should be yet another indicator that CityTime should be scrapped. As I said under mayor Bloomberg CityTime destined for the dumpster.  ECTP 911 also boondoggle bigger than CityTime and we still can’t text 911, 311 another rip-off. 

Mayor Mike Bloomberg We Want Full Refund CityTime: NY1 CityTime Gerard Denault Returns 2.5 Mill, NY1 Does Not Post Rose Gill Hearn Infomercial Cover-up SAIC Systems


‪Larry Byrne, PC O’Neill, Ray Kelly, Pulaski, Boyce, Campisi, Reznick, Esposito, Banks, Chuck Dowd, answer questions under oath w/ Cy Vance, IA steering committee, Zachary Carter, CCRB, CCPC, NYPD IG, mayors etc

Larry Bryne is a liar.  Judge Weinstein confronted the willfully obtuse liar.  NYPD chronically lie in DD5s under oath

Google  Levitt NYPD Larry Bryne Eureka  Moment Byrne is 50-a interpreter blocking disciplinary records NYPD google it
Larry Byrne and Zachary Carter are such liars.  NYPD and Internal Affairs lied in police reports did a bait and switch and downgrade to zero crimes including their own falsifying police reports coercion threatening me they’re just such liars they have no shame and there’s a lot more perjury going on then they’re willing to admit it’s common place lying in police reports perjury threatening victims to make crimes go away

Legal Defense Fund (@NAACP_LDF)
@nytimes investigation found that judges or prosecutors determined a key part of a #NYPD officer’s testimony was probably untrue 25+ times since January 2015, and that's just what NYT could find.

"The cases reveal... an entrenched perjury problem." nytimes.com/2018/03/18/nyr…
Larry Byrne a liar like Zachary Carter NYPD IA lie DD5s bait switch downgrade 0 crimes there’s a lot more perjury going  all protected by top brass common place lying in police reports perjury threatening victims to make crimes go away
https://nypost.com/2018/03/18/nypd-cops-cant-stop-testilying-report/ my case included
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NAACP_LDF @nytimes O’Neill = $ Blue Wall of Corruption didn’t fire John Miller like Bratton didn’t 23 yrs ago for lying about the Prospect Park Rape victim, rapist raped more women Bratton O’Neill picked Reznick Chief Internal Affairs named in lawsuit by NYPD whistleblower Reznick called him a rat
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NAACP_LDF @nytimes Larry Bryne is a liar! Judge Weinstein confronted willfully obtuse Byrne NYPD chronic lies in DD5s under oath nypdconfidential.com/columns/2016/1… Byrne 50-a interpreter block NYPD disciplinary records. Top brass NYPD IA Zachary Carter protect NYPD lied in DD5s threatening me coercion mycase

 Abuse of power in so many ways coverups Teflon cards handed out while people are sent to Rikers for years sometimes without even seeing a judge 
NYPD Internal Affairs answer these questions under oath have you lied in police reports, have you lied under oath, have you lied cheating using your payroll system to steal money, have you accepted free viagra from any medical doctor any kind of gifts done anything in return fixing in favors for wealthy doctors wealthy people athletes you name it what about coercion have you used coercion Including threatening the victim long and police reports to make crimes go away is fixing favors or retaliation  because didn't like person their politics Their race there religion their gender their sexuality whatever you were willing to break a lwas  and you  did

 Rudy Giuliani allegedly was having sex with the New York City government employee he made his mistress and again Leonard Levitt wrote  about this in a book of his in detail about Rudy Giuliani and John Miller rivals for her attention? 
 Giuliani found an older mistress that was more suitable for him so he arranged for  Younger mistress to get a large raise.

Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg CityTime shareholder lawsuit finally over but NYC gov left w/ junkie payroll system but CityTime still a hunk of junk with corrupt Top NYPD, Top Internal Affairs Steering Committee and Cy Vance Manhattan DA protecting Lt Lamboy supervisor in the sex crimes unit stealing time lying saying was working on rape cases at the Manhattan DA and One Police Plaza when he wasn’t

mayor bloomberg king of new york: Karen Shaffer deputy mayor  Stole Money Using CityTime Isn’t That a Felony? (Now we have NYPD supervisors caught stealing time...???  And very high-ranking senior officials inside the NYPD and internal affairs during committee and the Manhattan DA protecting this open stealing fever he crimes on top of crimes!!!   Did any NYPD in my case also steal time  including Facebook friends that were not named in my lawsuit but we’re party to the fact that the cops were forced to find police reports downgrading crime doing a bait and switch to zero crime that I was going to be coerced I want to know if their payroll systems were rigged as well. NYPD PO Schatz like golf as much as Chief Chuck Dowd.  Did Schatz and supervisors steal time CityTime? Google NYDN Chief Chuck Dowd!)
Mayor Bloomberg John Liu CityTime press release & some tid bits by Suzannah B. Troy from 2010 
Amazing not 1 arrest of a City employee or Cops stealing time but I agree to  false arrests  twice for running punched my head at Dr Andrew Fagelman’s. CityTime Dating Game Scandal OPA Joel Bondy Kathryn Pacelko RichardValcich Lila Mouse Ashjian

emails deputy mayor Linda Gibbs and asks if she knew Bondy head of office of payroll hired Mazer?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD Internal Affairs Top Brass Protected NYPD Breaking Laws including Stealing Time CityTime
no one will want to report this because they’re protecting Rudy Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn Faux legacies. Stealing time CityTime a felony? suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/03/nypd-i…

A Message from FWD.us: In New York, there are over 16,000 people locked in jail awaiting trial – often for months at a time. Our current system of keeping people in jail before their trial causes job loss, punishing families and making it harder for people to find work when they are released. It’s time to end senseless pretrial jailing. Learn more here:http://go.cityandstatemedia.com/e/168882/2018-03-19/258b47/134216650

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Rudy Giuliani threw out payroll system created by City workers for CityTime $deals SAIC Rudy’s deputy mayors lobbyists Bloomberg refused to toss CityTime 700M in stealing now more proof CityTime crap #NYPD stealing “Time” CityTime Top NYPD IA DA protected! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/03/nypd-i…

Fast forward today...
mayor bloomberg king of new york: Mayor Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, SAIC sold Lie CityTime Works Corrupt NYPD protected from arrest after caught stealing Time Using Flawed CityTime!

I would like to know if the detectives and their supervisors in my case as well as PO’s police officer’s that are not even named in my lawsuit that broke laws in my case that were party to coercion party to falsifying a police reports (made time sheets to) and party to preventing me from reporting crimes used CityTime a flawed payroll system to steal time?
 The NYPD in internal affairs officer‘s as well someone from the sex crime scene detective or guilty in my case I wonder if they’re guilty of also falsifying time sheets? 

 Rudy Giuliani gave the city of New York throwing out AutoTime  payroll system developed by city workers the story is very shocking and most of my readers just don’t care even readers from the media that don’t like to admit that they come to my blog and have used my work.

The New York Daily News is doing a series but for every cup they report there’s so many more that it illegally been stealing time using CityTime.   New York Daily News hasn’t even mentioned the payroll system and help flood it isn’t easy to steal but we knew that way back win when an assistant deputy mayor stole money under Mayor Michael Bloomberg and he did not fire her or have her prosecuted.   Kalief Browder went to jail for allegedly stealing a backpack but I don’t believe he ever stole a back pack.  Tale of Two Cities didn’t change under Bill de Blasio.  I call him BloomdeBlasio.  The only reason Bill de Blasio  isn’t flying around on a private jet is because no one is offering him a private jet.

To any press reading my blog about CityTime  I am insisting that you reference me and that I’m the one who pointed out that New York Daily News didn’t but I did
 And when you’re done crediting me point out I was retaliated against savagely attacked at the doctors not the NYPD joint in breaking laws falsifying police reports coercing me they had a big laugh treating me like a rape victim that got what she deserved like to Prospect Park Rape Victim and look John Miller still employed!   Bill Bratton knew that John Miller was lying 23 years ago and didn’t fire him but allowed him to richer and now James O’Neill is doing the same thing!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYDN_GRayman Reported IA steering committee, Boyce, Pulaski, Ed Winski, Sgt Chen, Det Vergona +his partner, Lt Burgos, Lt Michael J. Agnese, det Andy Dwyer + his partner, IA NYPD Sgt Mary O’Donnell audio, Lt Fikru, Det Vasquez Sex Crimes, PO Magori audio,Det Vasquez sex crimes audio to IA pic.twitter.com/dS2OkZrAZi

Tale of Two Cities Bill de Blasio is part of it - we are not his son or daughter so he is silent.

A Message from FWD.us: In New York, there are over 16,000 people locked in jail awaiting trial – often for months at a time. Our current system of keeping people in jail before their trial causes job loss, punishing families and making it harder for people to find work when they are released. It’s time to end senseless pretrial jailing. Learn more here:http://go.cityandstatemedia.com/e/168882/2018-03-19/258b47/134216650

 I called up Internal Affairs and reported internal affairs steering committee - I allege that they did the same thing to me that they and Chief Boyce did in the NYDN article on Lt Lamboy -  they protected all crimes committed by NYPD Internal Affairs officers in my case like they protected Lt Lamboy who lied and said he worked at the Manhattan DA on rape cases and One Police Plaza on rape cases when he didn’t and they including Cy Vance (amazing Cy hasn’t been forced  to resign but he is fixed so many cases for rich  powerbrokers they want him in power so they won’t be held accountable so that’s why he has not been forced to resign -  money talks and he is the king of getting money final to him I’m sure like plenty of dirty cops -  I also got a heads up on former employees of his that work for defense attorneys) DA, Internal Affairs Steering Committee and Chief Boyce were just fine with him lying and falsifying Lt Lamboy  time stealing time CityTime.

 Stealing time on CityTime clearly easy to do especially if you are a supervisor remember Karen...? As one whistleblower had told me it was a lemon is a lemon it’s flawed payroll syste as one whistleblower had told me it was a lemon is a lemon it’s flood payroll system.   The only two bigger boondoggles tax pair black holes are probably 311 and 911 also known as ECTP.
 Some point truth will come out about all of this it is so shocking as is  how I became a victim of NYPD Internal Affairs top brass protecting crimes from a doctors office to police  department treating me like the prospect park rape victim because they don’t like me and they didn’t like her.

Bill de Blasio is such a liar.  He and O’Neill could release NYPD disciplinary records.  De Blasio and Al Sharpton won’t even share Eric Garner’s hand written lawsuit.

NYPD Internal Affairs breaking laws but the NYPD have their priorities


FYI NYPD reportedly hid Weinstein accuser from his cronies at the Manhattan DA.  We all know Cy Vance and his ADAs for sale Corrupt but the sex crimes unit and First Precinct Detectives Squad etc as corrupt and IA has audio in my case and still protects all cops that broke laws along w/ Cy Vance 

 I have been reporting the Manhattan DA for years for cronyism to the NY State Attorney General. I filed formal complaints for Cy Vance not  prosecuting St. Vincent Hospital crooks, 911 tech crooks, and retaliating against me in my case as well. 

 I’m one of many made complaints and I hope to be part of class action lawsuits against all these government agencies that obstructed justice and retaliated or just blatantly broke laws in our cases 

 Zachary Carter the head of corporate counsel knows my case and he continues to lie and have lawyers lie when he really must have a lot of hate in his heart like Larry Byrne to protect crimes committed by NYPD officers! 

 These people are supposed to protect otect citizens not harm them and protect government employees that are breaking the law and how horrible is it if it’s a police officer or someone from the DA office is obstructing justice and shutting down investigations and the same for top brass inside and turn the fares and One Police Plaza as exposed newest example by the New York Daily News Lt Lamboy case sex crimes unit. Tip