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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The NY Times My Comment Answer to Horrific Abuses Including Me Violated at MD’s than NYPD Joined in Breaking Laws, Prospect Park Rape, Victims, Family Fight Back Citizen Databases Find Patterns of See Something do Nothing like FBI Larry Nassar?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Sick woke up so upset Violence lies Dr Fagelman office NYPD IA joined in breaking laws, find myself praying everyone involved in the violence lies cunt threat to turn the tables on me, May G-d punish you all like a Stephen King novel EVERY ONE involved suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-ny…

Feb 6 adding this:
It’s amazing to me that Harvey Weinstein is not been arrested not a New York City or LA do you think that’s a coincidence? But we do know that they lost their jobs Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Charlie Rose, etc. so it’s like a huge wall of corruption involving the NYPD Internal Affairs my case and how many others and you just have to hope the wall for the corruption wall the blue wall - The prospect park were victims of retaliation  and NYPD wrongdoing and where is the justice and as you can see John Miller still employed do the math - The fact that he’s employed set an off a lot about Bratton and O’Neill and racism sexism and misogyny in retaliation for people because of their politics there activism. Ray Kelly as guilty systemic corruption etc.

NYPD regularly fails to document use-of-force incidents against civilians, inspector general review reveals

Brooklyn Judge Jack Weinstein Seeks to Examine Prevalence of Police Lying
https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/17/nyregion/brooklyn-judge-police-perjury-nypd.html Similiar to Det Dolittle, Adrian Schoolcraft audios,  which voice article about downgrading rape robbery —- etc chronic systemic  just like the NYPD procedure of round robins a violation for civil rights as well — also caught  in school crafts audios also occurred in the prospect Parkway picked a case in my case and countless others so I’ve contacted the NY civil liberties union who had no idea about the NYPD round robins, NYPD chronically  lying in police reports like in my case using coercion As the policing tool to lower crimes/falsify crime stats  or make crimes  disappear,
retaliation  wake my case and the prospect Parkway picked up two examples,   Told the New York civil liberties how under Ray Kelly, Chief Bank, Lt Gannon from Banks office Told me I cannot upgrade my criminal complaint a second-degree assault during lawsuit  it is against the NYPD policy and I’m saying the policy violates our civil rights.

New York civil liberties representative talked about the NYPD Inspector general and could I go to him and my  responses that Philip Eure and Tom Mahoney and  his replacement are FRAUDS  that they won’t follow up on the 2 letters they sent to Internal Affairs.   I’m so sick of  everyone passing the corruption buck may pass it with the intention that it die  -  if they knew they could go to jail for it and lose their pension I’m sure they would stop that!   In my case every agency that was supposed to police the police forwarded my case to internal affairs to die NYPD Inspector General, CCRB,  Commission To Combat Police Corruption  and internal affairs pretended they were no crimes and forwarded it to the integrity bureau who also used to could be letter to refuse to meet me even though they’re supposed to Lieutenant Michael J Agnese was supposed to meet me and he refused to even answer a phone call and was told he had no supervisors every step of the way I was lied to and I want everyone involved in the city that protected these clients to lose their pensions and go to jail how many other victims did they do it to? Countless victims as the Det Dolittle case hints? Thank G-d  for Judge Jackie Weinstein!
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
My art teacher I met over 40 yrs ago I’m grateful she is alive still, told her last night Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks NYPD Internal Affairs Zachary Carter such liars NYPD broke laws at their desk inspired me: NYPD App Tracker, Apology Walls, Permanent new commission, films #Justice
Tuesday afternoon excerpt  email from lawyer NYCivil Liberties

I'm sorry to hear that you are sick.  

I spoke with my supervisor about them.  As I mentioned in our conversation, we are leanly staffed and have limited resources as a non-profit organization.  Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to address the issues you have brought to us.  Please note that this is not a reflection of the merits of your claim.  

I hope you feel better soon and are able to resolve these issues to your satisfaction.

 Even if I’m dead -  however many years it takes - I want to be represented in class action lawsuit against the city NYPD IA Corp Counsel all gov agencies that more than failed - their action  including pass the corruption book was actually complicity -  I and so many other victims should be represented in class action lawsuit or several lawsuits for what they’ve done to me and countless other victims... (FOIL, Round Robin policy, coercion  as the policing tool, bait switch  downgrading crimes and then preventing us from upgrading crimes when we are  suing as Lieutenant Gannon said it’s an NYPD policy to not allow us to upgrade crime when we’re suing,   Just that statement by him proves that they been downgrading crimes and then when victims figure it out and trying report the claim they say oh it’s against our policy you’re suing you can upgrade it that’s a violation of our civil rights their policies often are, lying in police reports chronic, etc )

I know that NYPD and Internal Affairs lied police reports and protected everyone from the doctors office that my doing an open investigation and or participated in me be threatened during an open investigation. Det John Vergona broke the law violating my civil rights verbally find me threatening me over the phone with the rest unless I drop the charges and I’m alleging was Joe Tacopina online is popped up BobDobalina Sunday night after I was arrested that’s also a crime the contract to turn the tables on me and I allege Chad Seigel in Youtube as CharlesWard - all crimes 0 arrests all lied - except Joe Tacopina and his partner have not tonight they broke the law.  Zachary Carter Top IA NYPD strategy is use Ron Kuby‘s letter to pretend no crimes including NYPD and internal fares crimes they’re using Kuby’s letter to erase all crimes and my tackers letter in response as yet another crime so stupid and threatening which recognizes my attackers guilty of second-degree assault and I can come back and file it but the NYPD would let me file anything not even that my attackers cross complaint was false


“NYT: 2. Dozens of young women say they were molested by Larry Nassar, the former doctor for U.S.A. Gymnastics, as the F.B.I. took more than a year to pursue its case against him.
“Look at all the people who could’ve stopped him earlier,” said Leslie Miller, above, whose daughter Emma Ann was among the victims. “My goal is to find every single one of them in the haystack — expose them all, so this will never happen again.”
9:12 Sunday  severe insomnia again I’m on a train to visit my Mom continues to barely hang in and I tried to post this comment with see if The New York Times will censor me or allow me to post this comment.  It’s took The New York Times almost three hours to post comment below welcome to America folks!!!!!!!!

Comment posted on NYT website 11:51: 
“I copied and pasted a quote from the article below on accountability.  I was the victim of a violent attack at an MD's office in SoHo which included forcible touching of my genital area! My attacker was not fired or arrested!  The NYPD don’t like my activism just like the Prospect Park Rape Victim so NYPD joined in breaking laws! I’m  not alleging anything; I have evidence but 0 Justice over 5 1/2 years on going.  The way that Leslie Miller and all of us across the country can hold people accountable is thru a series of databases. 1st I suggested an NYPD app tracker but a series of  data bases city, state and federal to hold gov officials/employees that failed us, or were complicit, or in my case committed crimes accountable.
“Look at all the people who could’ve stopped him earlier,” said Leslie Miller, whose daughter Emma Ann was among the victims. “My goal is to find every single one of them in the haystack — expose them all, so this will never happen again.” For the entire country we need data bases / report how we have been failed and hold the people that should’ve taken action accountable, any government officials any employees that either committed crimes or protected crimes, passed the Corruption buck, etc instead of taking action! I believe we would see patterns that are shocking of how many people have failed us. See Something do Nothing? Lose your job and pension! Note Prospect Park Rape, John Miller wasn’t fired 23 yrs ago by Bratton who admitted she was raped! “

4:40 am Monday send a letter to NY Post re op ed piece on Cy Vance
Cy Vance has taken so many steps back he should resign.  
suzannahtroy (@suzannahtroy)
The NY Post Editors Slam Cy Vance Dirty DA but Not Hard Enough and for HORRIFIC reasons starting w/ Rape/Sexually assault pay to play DA! cyvanceonetermda.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-ny…
Stepped back way too many times rape and sex assault cases including high profile rich men who funnel money to him. Google NYDN Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein (ask how much $ Epstein funneled to Cy, Clinton’s and Trump, Google Cy Vance Intern DNA article - Horrifying read it.  Cy Vance did not take a step back during the NYPD rape cop trial of a schoolteacher Amazing he hasn’t resigned but he slipped away from wrongdoing City Hall One Police Plaza top top players he stepped back not just de Blasio! It is amazing de Blasio and Zachary Carter have not been forced to resign. Zach Carter  may have committed perjury at City Hall under oath testifying about the lower Eastside Nursing home where again there were no arrests and prosecutions! 

Cy Vance didn’t step back NYPD Rape Cop Pena — Raped a schoolteacher Vaginally and anally and the Manhattan DA was not able to get a 1st° rape rolling I allege because Cy Vance’s tennis partner and campaign donor Lloyd Constantine a lawyer also connected to Cuomo did not work use some self and the DA did not demand he should and he was essential key in making sure there was no 1st° ruling.  I stood outside Cy’s office and protested he must return the campaign money and he refused.  

Cy Vance step back when I came to her when an NYPD Rape Cop Moreno‘s locker and so did internal affairs  what a coincidence

Wall St Implosion/Mortgage Meltdown 0 arrests Wall St Titian’s I want a programmer from Goldman Sachs wants to quit for far better pay he gets forced arrested and Cy Vance’s obsession with falsely prosecuting him as well documented in a best-selling book called Flash Boys

Cy Vance refused to prosecute 911 tech crooks and NYPD top cops lavish gifts when the tech system aka ECTP under Michael Bloomberg went over budget over billion dollars and contractors were delivering late in delivering crap so much so there’s a possibility the system is incredibly expensive house of cards that will have to be thrown out like CityTime.  

Cy Vance has creatively protected NYPD and Internal Affairs wrong doing 

Cy Vance doesn’t step back when it comes to taking money having it funneled to him be a campaign donations....

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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Just found long infected wound Mom’s neck almost didn’t visit severe Insomnia Dr Fagelman office Violence lies + NYPD crimes! NYTimes 3hrs to published my comment on Mom of Nassar Victim my suggestion databases track city state Fed see something do nothing

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voice dictated ptsd insomnia
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