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Saturday, February 3, 2018

NYPD PC James O’Neill Loyalty to Rat Calling Reznick, Homophobe Racist John Miller Misogyny Prejudice Should Have de Blasio calling for Resignations

 I am praying that Councilman Richards takes action because it is systemic and I don’t want to  witness top brass an internal affairs make it go away like they did with the ticket fixing in the Bronx (Google NYPD Ticket fixing Bronx) that was systemic throughout the entire city and the PBA had cops hold up signs that say since the pyramids — how much more proof do you need?   However much proof you do need it’s there they lied and police reports what we need is a permanent new commission into police IA DA Corp Counsel corruption,  City of New York NYPD Internal Affairs DA and Corp Counsel apology walls ( start at City Hall in the park in front of DAs office is in front of precincts) for all the victims dead and alive including  those coerced and lied about and police reports were the NYPD broke was at their desk with their supervisors and commanders involved ask Adrian Schoolcraft listen to his audios and how many other NYPD whistleblowers where they downgraded crimes in my case to zero crimes .

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
#NYPD John Miller wasn’t fired Prospect Park rape victim my case when it comes to not liking a victim their politics whatever it is about us, top brass NYPD Internal Affairs willing to break laws obstruct justice and due process 0 Accountability/Justice suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/02/de-bla…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @nycgov @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDChiefPatrol @NYPDFIRSTDEP @NYPDnews @NYPDDCA @NYPD44Pct @NYPD46Pct @NYPD32Pct @NYPDPBBronx Just found long infected wound Mom’s neck almost didn’t visit severe Insomnia Dr Fagelman office Violence lies + NYPD crimes! NYTimes 3hrs to published my comment on Mom of Nassar Victim my suggestion databases track city state Fed see something do nothing
“NYT: 2. Dozens of young women say they were molested by Larry Nassar, the former doctor for U.S.A. Gymnastics, as the F.B.I. took more than a year to pursue its case against him.
“Look at all the people who could’ve stopped him earlier,” said Leslie Miller, above, whose daughter Emma Ann was among the victims. “My goal is to find every single one of them in the haystack — expose them all, so this will never happen again.”
9:12 Sunday  Display severe insomnia again I’m on a train to visit my mom continues to barely hang in and I tried to post this comment with see if The New York Times will censor me or allow me to post this comment.  It’s took The New York Times a most three hours to post comment below welcome to America folks!!!!!!!!

Comment posted on NYT website 11:51: 
“I copied and pasted a quote from the article below on accountability.  I was the victim of a violent attack at an MD's office in SoHo which included forcible touching of my genital area! My attacker was not fired or arrested!  The NYPD don’t like my activism just like the Prospect Park Rape Victim so NYPD joined in breaking laws! I’m  not alleging anything; I have evidence but 0 Justice over 5 1/2 years on going.  The way that Leslie Miller and all of us across the country can hold people accountable is thru a series of databases. 1st I suggested an NYPD app tracker but a series of  data bases city, state and federal to hold gov officials/employees that failed us, or were complicit, or in my case committed crimes accountable.
“Look at all the people who could’ve stopped him earlier,” said Leslie Miller, whose daughter Emma Ann was among the victims. “My goal is to find every single one of them in the haystack — expose them all, so this will never happen again.” For the entire country we need data bases / report how we have been failed and hold the people that should’ve taken action accountable, any government officials any employees that either committed crimes or protected crimes, passed the Corruption buck, etc instead of taking action! I believe we would see patterns that are shocking of how many people have failed us. See Something do Nothing? Lose your job and pension! Note Prospect Park Rape, John Miller wasn’t fired 23 yrs ago by Bratton who admitted she was raped! “

 I’ve been saying that we need an NYPD app tracker but really it could be for the entire country to report how you’ve been failed and hold the people that should’ve taken action accountable any government officials any employees that either committed crimes or protected crimes or  instead of taking action same something say something they did nothing!


NYPD steal $30k booze 10k cash vs my case Detectives, supervisors, Ed Winski breaks laws at their desk like Det DoLittle but worse I was victim violence lies Dr Fagelman office. Prospect Park Rape LIES O’Neill/Bratton never fired John Miller still employed! “Cell phone video obtained by The News shows beer, wine and liquor being packed into two police vans during the May raid. Vouchers were never turned over to Feliz or the Bronx district attorney’s office, and the loot has not been located.”
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@nytimes My ltr The Financial Times June 2000 woman lack of economic power/human rights 12 Yrs Later My patient/human rights More Violated at Dr Fagelman's Horrific Attack Damaged My Retina than NYPD Internal Affairs Coercion More Violence Lies NYC USA SHOCKING
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@nytimes My 1st letter published The Financial Times compared my art to Lucien Freud - women were (still are) lagging behind economic power to basic human rights. 12yrs later my human/patient rights violated at Dr Andrew Fagelman my body repeatedly violated NYPD IA joined in broke laws

 hearing to probe if cops lie often on witness stand
http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/federal-hearing-probe-cops-lie-witness-stand-article-1.3570651 Judge Weinstein he called for a  federal probe  into NYPD lying - remember by time NYPD get to court and commit perjury — most likely have committed crimes lying in police reports!!!!  It is often chronic systemic...

Victims of crimes handled by NYPD detective 'Do-little' speak out v my case detectives and supervisors at the 1st Precinct involved in the case literally broke laws after Desk and Internal Affairs protected them 5 1/2 years w/ Zachary Carter who refuses to do the honorable thing and settle and demand with me that the IA take action against the cops and instead w/ corrupt cops he uses their strategy Ron Kuby‘s letter to pretend they didn’t do a bait and switch and downgrade to zero crime my Attacker’s signed  letter in response is a threat to me warning more retaliation and another false cross complaint  if I dare come back and file second-degree assault charges since they forced me to drop 3rd° and it shows that my Attacker and whoever ghost wrote it and I’m guessing Joe Tacopina (BobDobalina cunt threat Joe has not denied it was him and he committed a crime  for all I know after committing the crime he contacted contacted Andrea Dwyer just a guess along with my attacker ???)  only Tacopina could be that stupid and aggressive recognize she was really guilty of second-degree assault  and threaten me and she signed that threat so what did the detective squad and supervisors to rush to seal it but when I sued it was no longer sealed! That should be enough to make arrests but instead they just keep pretending there’s no crimes but they did that with the prospect park rate victim for how long and they’ve done it with how many victims that if satin jail for 20 or 30 years 

5 1/2 years ago the first precinct detective squad and supervisors as well as the commander want to teach me a lesson and three police commissioners have protect the crimes so I’m just wondering today get the results they planned on?   They haven’t learned their lesson and yet anonymous person asked me did I learn my lesson I said it’s not my lesson to learn and the crimes that were committed to not have the statute of limitations.

 There’s a lot more articles he would need to read summer and The New York Times and I don’t pay for The New York Times
Officers in NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Quietly Trying to Cut Deals: Sources - Concourse - New York - DNAinfo

Flasher’ cop was involved in NYPD ticket-fixing scandal | New York Post

Google Internal Affairs Capt Wright arrested! It was like the male version of the woman who attacked me except I have no relationship with her and he beat the living daylights out of his girlfriend who was an NYPD sergeant in the domestic abuse division that light for him how many more times before that was he violent out of control and got away with it? 

NYPD Internal Affairs lieutenant found guilty in ticket-fixing scandal - NY Daily News

Scroll down I post link to infamous NYPD Ramos trying to arrange with his Wife to hire a hitman to  murder   a witness in his case

 NYPD app trackers and anyone involved in crimes and protecting crimes they lose their pensions the cities going to go broke it’s a great way to save some money and they don’t deserve money they profited while victims suffered in every way possible some even died or committed suicide and it cost them and it’s cost me.   Where is our Justice?

 Think of John Miller and the Prospect Park rape victim he got to get Richard and richard thanks to his protector Bill Bratton he should’ve been fired if he had been CBS went of hired him!   Did he do terrible prejudice things at CVS is well has he been doing them yet again I contacted him about my case and he treated me just like the prospect Parkway picked him except he didn’t comment to media who is Blacking  out what happened to me like they black out Eric garner hand written lawsuit from Rikers Island  where Eric explains what it stops today really means it’s horrific horrific!  Bill de Blasio and Al Sharpton aren’t sharing  it’s easy to guess why!

James O’Neill investigates NYPD detective who falsified reports but okay with cunt threat to bury me destroy me turn the tables on me NYPD IA acted on lying in police reports my case etc 


See YouTube posted below! Listen!
 Chief Boyce detective  violates protocol she refuses to give me her badge number but worse she tells me that I don’t need it which is a lie and it’s also the sign up for an abuser telling the victim what she does or does it need  —  I also  asked to leave a message for the supervisor and she refuses to take a message -  again a violation of protocol I wanted to talk to him I have a right to asked to speak to him and she should’ve conveyed that message and he should’ve called me and spoken with me.  

 I’m sure he knows I requested to speak with him and he and his boss decided they were going to go long with violating protocol and covering up crimes including coercion threatening me and they have my attacker signed letter threatening me a response to Ron Kuby‘s letter they’re using Ron‘s letter to pretend there were no crimes when in fact they were pile up of crimes.

NYPD Ramos NYPD officer cops to ticket fixing, witness-kill plot - NY Daily News

Like NYPD Det Doolittle  internal affairs protected all crimes just like my case and they shut down any possibility of admitting citywide this was going on CituWide  ticket fixing, fixing crimes kinds of crimes 01 precinct or any other precinct IA killed any chance of an investigation city wide systemic crime fixing to protect the NYPD brand 
My case like DoLittle  1st Precinct detectives involved in my case and their supervisors were breaking was at their desk with the commander at Winski involved retaliation.

 Adrian Schoolcraft is one of several cops accord commanders fixing crime acting inappropriately and everyone was protected and or promoted in the upper echelon‘s that was caught on tape I believe.  

 In my case everyone was promoted including Chief Reznick and Boyce allowing Det Andrew Dwyer a promotion and Det Vergona  was allowed to retire - Vergona yelled at me you’re gonna drop those charges or I’m going to arrest you and was going to make me wait till Saturday 4 PM and asked him if he was anti-Semitic  false arrest the Jew on the Sabbath and he refused to answer.

Lt Burgos allowed to retire. 

Ray Kelly/Bratton prompted Ed Winski. 

Chief Boyce/Reznick protected Sgt Chen 01 det squad -  I still do not have his first name and badge number.  Still do not have the names of the detectives’s partners.   I don’t have any of their badge  numbers none of them from 01 Precinct. 

Det Vergona was verbally abuse along w/ his partner John Doe  and Sgt Chen who laughed at me and stated  you were the one assaulted at the doctor’s!

Det Dwyer’s partner -  I don’t have a name also guilty.  

Retaliation my case  whistleblower a 911 and top cops were taking lavish gifts when they shouldn’t of been and went over budget over billion dollars and contractors were delivering late in delivering crap under Michael Bloomberg plus there was a 1st Precinct I reported their Facebook friend NYPD PO Eugene Schatz. His partner Det Tommy Moran I allege party  to the retaliation but it started immediately after I left him a voicemail critical of his new partner where I was gay bash the next morning via an anonymous email account and told I was a bad artist because I thought that Schatz was a bad cop — IA was alerted  every step of the way and protected every NYPD crime and internal affairs complicity in my case and how many other cases like Eric Garner‘s his hand written lawsuit from about what eight years ago - he and I started out pro se Bloomberg/Ray Kelly/ Campisi.  He was killed under de Blasio/Bratton/Reznick/Banks/Boyce!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
2/3/18, 4:27 PM (I saw NYPD ticket poor man on bicycle reminded me of high powered NYPD spouse called precinct to make a similiar ticket disappear 
Pales in comparison retired NYPD CO 06 Rudin payroll tried to fix parking ticket in front of Rudin Luxury Condo tear down Trauma L1 Hospital Rape Crisis Ctr AIDS Care + retaliation CCRB ruled in my favor Detective Lynch Intelligence Division Bloomberg bodyguard violated protocol

NYDN Det DoLittle  is one of many detectives that is been protected and if you recall the major scandal NYPD Jose ramose of the Bronx who was quite dealing everything out of his father‘s barbershop I believe who also arranged with his wife to kill the witness that cop stood outside the court rooms and there’s a photo of it that you can easily search where their holding up signs since the pyramids and I believe it was the PBA who encourage them to stand out there with those signs!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Prospect Park Rape Bratton allowed “NYPD Crimes John Miller Hate Crime” grew rich vs fired, my case 3PC protecting NYPD IA Crimes Zachary Carter protecting CRIMES City Negligence my case like so many NYPD IA like gigantic sinkhole Corruption 1 Police Plaza suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/01/email-…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@LisaEvers @NYPDByrne Use Kuby ltr to pretend 0 crimes teach me a cunt/ball buster a lesson inspired RICO NYPD chronic lying DD5s/Perjury, NYPD app tracker, permanent commission NYPD IA (pay to play) DA, DA NYPD Apology Wall. Pile-up is crimes from MD-NYPD IA no statue of Limitations lying threats etc