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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Email to Donovan Richards from me NYPD Detectives Broke Laws at Their Desk First Precinct/Systemic We Need permanent commission into police corruption

 I’m updating this post so to see the letter email rather I wrote scroll down keep going down you’ll see it....

Imagine if NYPD Internal Affairs Dirty DA ADA gov workers wore that and we would learn every time they break laws at their desks as their earn $ pension If Workers Slack Off, the Wristband Will Know. (And Amazon Has a Patent for It.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
I am praying everyone involved violence lies my case from a doctors office where I should’ve been safe all involved goal coercion threats may G-d punish u all ditto Prospect Park Rape case etc u have gotten away w/ everything but murder may #karma get you suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/02/suzann…
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Friday will mark six years since 18-year-old Ramarley was killed by NYPD officers in front of his grandmother and 6-year-old brother in their Bronx apartment.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
 @NYPDnews Email to Donovan Richards from me NYPD Detectives Broke Laws at Their Desk First Precinct/Systemic We Need permanent commission into police corruption. Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill, Campisi/Reznick, Esposito/Banks, Pulaski/Reznick(should say Chief of Detectives Boyce)

Deborah Danner asked to be left alone before fatal NYPD shooting - NY Daily News


Larry Byrne defending NYPD Perjury I hope will be in Oscar award winning film on Corruption  including how NYPD and internal affairs were and are chronically committing crimes at their desk they’re breaking laws! 

 It should be noted in the Adrian Schoolcraft case, the queens DA protected top NYPD officers that broke the law preventing them from coming in front of a grand jury!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYCLU New Yorkers, me included, need NYCLU to file class action lawsuits against City, NYPD, IA 3 PC, Top Brass, NYPD IA chronic lying in police reports, breaking laws even at their desks, obstruction of: Justice, due process, FOIL! No statute of limitations! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2018/01/email-…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@DRichards13 @NYCSpeakerCoJo @NYCCouncil NYPD Internal Affairs committing crimes even at their desks lie in police reports systemic my case 5 1/2 yrs ago, Eric Garner also pro se horrific crimes 8yrs ago! John Miller 23 yrs ago Prospect Park grew richer v costs victims of NYPD IA Crimes $ Eric’s Case yrs later his life! pic.twitter.com/cJJFYXJIwE
NOTE ACLU/NYCL to any all lawyers suing City I want to be part of any class action lawsuits I have proof the NYPD detective lied and police reports the supervisor signed off; the commanding officer was notified I was being coerced and he protected all crimes and I’m sure he was fixing many crimes his name is Edward Winski  and he has been sued over and over and it seems to me he’s a liability to the city but top NYPD brass keep promoting him (like Adrian Schoolcraft Case) and giving him more power for fixing crime — I believe it is systemic and if there’s any class action lawsuits I want to be a part of them including  obstruction of justice obstruction of due process, foil obstruction. I’m also looking for tenacious lawyers to pick up my case 5 and a 1/2 years pro se —  I know lawyers aren’t eager to visit a pro se mess of 5 1/2 years but how about starting with this email —— now as you can see I’ve notified the police commissioner and  Internal Affairs  but they keep covering up crimes using Ron Kuby‘s letter to pretend that we’re not a pile up of crimes from my doctors office to the police department!

2 NYDN  articles one Bill Bratton when he picked chief Reznick to be the head of internal affairs I knew Reznick was in a lawsuit name for calling and NYPD whistleblower a rat in the whistleblower won the lawsuit so Bratyon/O’Neill chose RAT calling head of IA again a liability  to be the head of internal fares because their legal bills are paid by taxpayers if we took that privilege away they wouldn’t have Reznick as head of internal affairs and technically he aged out at 63 so for him to be there means he is so special he is such a special quality that they’re keeping him on as a civilian .

 Three police commissioners all top brass think that I’m just going to tire out and I’ll go away and they can get away with covering up crimes!


I’m glad our mayor do-Little is pushing body cams by the end of 2018  but detectives need to be wearing them when they do paperwork because they’re breaking laws at their desks! My case the detectives from the first precinct broke laws at their desks w/ supervisors and CO Ed Winski. 
From: Suzannah Troy 
Date: January 30, 2018 at 6:38:40 AM EST
To: drichards@council.nyc.gov, GetHelp@pubadvocate.nyc.gov, inspector.general@ig.state.ny.us, Associated Press Press , UPI , voicers@nydailynews.com, editor@nytimes.com, tips@nypost.com, tips@siadvance.com
Cc: zcarter@law.nyc.gov, iab@nypd.org, IABCMDCNTR@nypd.org, PC.office@nypd.org, CCPCMAIL@doi.nyc.gov
Subject: Testifying under oath my case w/all the cops,top brass broke laws or protected crimes, Zachary Carter protecting crimes, systemic chronic ex Eric Garner his arrest 8 yrs ago, etc
First please note NYPD lying in police reports and under oath is so systemic Judge Jack Weinstein is opening up a federal probe this month! 

I’d like to testify under oath but it’s essential that all these cops and top brass three police commissioners Ray Kelly, O’Neill, Bratton, Campisi /Reznick, Esposito/Banks/Lt Gannon be questioned under oath
 with the police reports audios,
NYPD experts in criminology I’m confident I can prove my case 100% they were/are guilty ditto Zachary Carter and his staff and predecessor protected all these crimes in my case because I’m a whistleblower  but it’s systemic to protect the police blue wall of corruption and internal affairs 100 percent guilty - IA at one point farmed it out to the integrity division to die but these were crimes committed at the desk of NYPD detectives and their supervisors along with the commanding officer Ed Winski and IA protected them because they hate Ron Kuby and me  and they are using Ron Kuby‘s letter to pretend there were no crimes when in fact they did a bait switch and downgrade to zero crime covering up crimes from Rich doctors office to the 1st Precinct where DI Ed Winski was using coercion to make crimes go away to Lower crime stats so he could get promoted because he so ambitious he wants to outdo his younger brother but Ed Winski’s career is more than tarnished he’s been sued so many times he’s a liability but they protect him because he is part “Blue Wall of fixing crimes”  to lower crime stats to make go away and or as a favor 1800 NYPD IA Fix it.  

The Manhattan DA has been exposed as a pay to play DA who is not arrested Harvey Weinstein,  the gynecologist to sexually assaulted  at least 17 people - no jail,  campaign donor Llyod Constantine juror the NYPD rape cop Pena - trial school teacher raped, Lloyd made sure it was not a 1st° ruling  and he is the Manhattan DA, Cy Vance’s tennis partner and I stood outside  DA’s office and demanded Cy Vance return Llyod’s campaign donation but of course Cy Vance refused!  Cy Vance also refused to come down hard on the NYPD Rape cop  Moreno for heroin in his locker!

Chief Reznick there’s only one special skill and that is that he calls whistleblowers rats named in a lawsuit and NYPD whistleblower one so what is someone that technically aged out at  63.  

We need a permanent new commission into police corruption!

If we get legal experts to look into racketeering charges Rico could be interpreted in a way that we could apply to top cops and we need to vote to pass laws they lose their pensions I want everyone including Zachary Carter — everyone involved in protecting crimes in my case for past half a decade they need to lose their pensions and what about the NYPD involved including John Miller in the Prospect Park rape victim 23 years?  

For the victims we suffer and for the abusers they grow rich or in my case a doctor his employee and NYPD that broke laws and Zachary Carter and his staff protecting them and I want to know if Larry Byrne is involved because he needs to lose his job and his pension for his role in protecting perjury so shamefully judge Weinstein has now opened up a federal probe in to NYPD lying under oath. 
For NYPD to lie under oath usually means they lied in their police reports we need a permanent new commission

Too many of the agencies the police the police are fake and a waste of money like the NYPD Inspector general he forwarded to with my cases to be investigated by internal affairs but internal fares would not answer me on the status and Phillip Eure and Tom Mahoney refused to follow up which was their obligation.

I have asked CCRB to take back my case year after year I ask them and to question these cops under oath and they just can’t be bothered. 

We need a permanent new commission televised around the world on the Internet so people can see how corrupt how NYPD break laws at their desk how misogynistic and racist and sexist and shockingly cool they are as a break laws and are protected chronically by internal affairs!

We need new ways of screening NYPD training them and New psychological evaluation tests!

I want to testify anywhere you’re having open testimony for victims and I want to testify in front of a permanent new commission and most of all I want to see these cops arrested and top brass a protected them on down lose their pensions!

Re: Testifying under oath my case w/all the cops and top brass that broke laws or protected crimes  and Zachary Carter and his lawyers protecting crimes systemic chronic ex Eric Garner his arrest 8 yrs ago, etc

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