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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Legal Brief This exceeds Word Count Zachary Carter, Abner Louima case , Harvey Weinstein, MD to rich celebrities that rape and cops that rape?

Update 1:30 Sunday: Breaking London MET Police are going to Shame Corrupt Fixer for the Rich, Ray Kelly, Bratton, O’Neill and the misogynist Corrupt NYPD Chief Boyce and Pay to Play DA Misogynist Racist Cy Vance - Manhattan DA got donation from de Blasio lawyer's firm 
Resign Cy Vance corrupt Pay to Play Racist Misogynist DA!
8:15pm Update besides Trump, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer donating money so Harvey remain Teflon so did Bill de Blasio  countless others and yet he falsely prosecutes an NBA black basketball star because NYPD jumped on him and broke his leg! 
NYDN gives Cy Vance his own editors to lie to us!

Linda Fairstein vouched for Weinstein’s lawyer in model-grope case: report 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@ManhattanDA @silbermanssw @unionsettlement @ManhattanCB11 @NYPD23Pct Cy Vance resign! Permanent new commission into NYPD Internal Affairs DA CorpCounsel Corruption Special Prosecutors! Cy 1st Teflon Card Guma

http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/manhattan-da-donation-de-blasio-lawyer-firm-article-1.3565084 Don’t forget Zachary Carter redacting documents LES nursing home. 

No one on Wall Street contributed to Wall St Implosion arrested just to Goldman Sachs programmer who quit Goldman and took  a momento  of brilliant work he created that couldn’t be used in any other computer system his work no harm no foul what was GS  to do delete his brain? I love to find out about Rudin family  donations and no prosecution of St. Vincent’s crooks  which would’ve slowing down or screwed up turning the hospital until luxury condos in the hospital had a rape crisis center  — Cy Vance for sale just donate and the oligarchs of NY  make sure we didn’t get a trauma level one hospital with aids care and rape crisis center 
Cy Vance  protected NYPD Internal Affairs that brook laws in my case.

Cy Vance Brought in Carey Dunne Help Pay to Play for de Blasio, Weinstein, GS, etc. ?

Carey came in to broker deals cover Cy Vance Pay to Play corrupt dealings? 


Criminal Defense Firm Bankrolled Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Kept Clients Out Of Prison

London police Are really going to go after Harvey Weinstein where she Foyce fixed and fix I know he fix in my case and the detective Chief before him Internal Affairs Drugs Bloomberg and now under Bill Deblasio it’s disgusting but Chief Boyce will be fully exposed for the corrupt cop he truly is my case is proof not HW but a rich urologist  and his employee that broke was and then he and his employee with the detectives coordinated even more crimes I would really love to present my case to the London metropolitan police to expose the NYPD top brass under mayor Bloomberg and de Blasio I’m sure the misogynist he climbed thread I believe is Joe Tacopina know that the NYPD didn’t investigate but acted on and I believe Tacopina contacted Det Andrew Dwyer as well as Dr Fagelman and my violent lying attacker Delita Hooks Touch me even my vaginal area w/ her barefoot  after running punched my head and the NYPD detective doctored police reports broke was and she voice promoted cops like Detective Andrew Dwyer
—————— Chief Boyce and Cy Vance have yet to resign——— the  but paid to play do it with all the top political officials so it may not happen.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @MayorofLondon @metpoliceuk @MPSonthewater @MPSTheLane @TheIACP @NYPDnews @NYPDCT @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDChiefPatrol @MjrCitiesChiefs @NYPDFIRSTDEP @NYCMayorsOffice @nycgov @cityoflondon Ask Chief Boyce if Joe Tacopina contacted Det Andrew Dwyer after a cunt threat to destroy me if I took any legal action against my attacker

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@nypost @NYGovCuomo Big $ buys silence fear Cy Vance Chief Boyce Chief Reznick will not be forced to resign suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/10/legal-…
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill @MayorofLondon @metpoliceuk @MPSonthewater @MPSTheLane @TheIACP @NYPDnews @NYPDCT @NYPDChiefofDept @NYPDChiefPatrol @MjrCitiesChiefs @NYPDFIRSTDEP @NYCMayorsOffice @nycgov @cityoflondon No HW redo, Chief Boyce/Reznick Protecting #NYPD dets supervisors broke laws my case acted on Misogynist Cunt threat youtube.com/watch?v=syrc3n…


(Last night Treated by Acupuncturist felt So much pain and she worked on me and after I told her there’s a specific emotion which I think every victim of violence and threats that is sexually violated feels..., after writing this this morning I feel like I need to see her again today.  I can’t stop people from committing crimes in line but the evidence is there proof they committed crimes and lied in police reports and zero arrests Chief Boyce isn’t calling for a redo like the latest Harvey Weinstein sex assault and how many did the DA/NYPD Internal Affairs cover-up. My case not HR  I was threatened repeatedly!    http://misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-detective-andrew-dwyer-lt-burgos.html

 I wrote this this morning but I don’t think I can fit it on my pro se  legal brief wondering if I could pick two sentences and put it in 

I now have Delita Hooks (google Dr Fagelman assault watch youtube not fired or arrested he is a urologist) retaliatory threatening signed letter Zachary Carter and his Corporation counsel team of lawyers and Corp Counsel investigator Rachel Stephen won’t share because the letter is yet another piece of evidence no investigation but  proof of serious crimes, fixing, favors retaliation; proof defendants, Delita Hooks, Dr Andrew Fagelman are all guilty and the City of NY under mayor Bloomberg and de Blasio keep expanding the number of employees involved in covering of crimes in my case and how many other cases?  Delita Hooks letter is in Det Andrew Dwyer police reports I now  have.   Lt Burgos  signed off crimes after crime and asked to be my LinkedIn pal on Friday the 13th 4 years later with Corporation counsel and judge Kotler’s protection said see something say something is not in her purview.

Everyone involved in the crimes in my case  have no empathy  and they broke laws and or were and are complicit. The film Spotlight showed decades of crimes that were covered up and I’m concern that’s what’s been going on in my case with defendants.  I am clearly not their first victim.  How many more victims are there?  Is Dr Fagelman the urologist to celebrity rapists like Harvey Weinstein or NYPD IA officers who have raped any woman/transgenders and threatened  the way I was threatened including with false arrest with serious injuries like I had and I am still reeling from.  How many different people including I allege Joe Tacopina who crowns his  website with Abner  Louima bragging he got a cop off, and his partner Chad Seigel threatened me directly or participated in the threats and coercion and fabricating police reports ? 

I filed a lawsuit against my attacker Delita Hooks in NY State Supreme court but it says I fear for my safety but I didn’t even want to put my address down.  

The NYPD and Internal Affairs interfered with due process and my Constitutional rights more then are listed in this lawsuit and because of them in the city that didn’t train them properly and continues to lie for them I wasn’t able to serve Delita Hooks but grew more fearful of even more harm so the City of NY ow s me more compensation for fact I was terrorized and they were protecting multiple threats and still are since no one‘s been arrested.  In the Harvey Weinstein case all the sudden she forced want to do a redo into the investigation but there’s no redo into the crimes there’s zero rest my case over 5 years and City of New York has yet to take action see something say something and pay up years of damage on going there inflicting with lies covering up evidence like the letter I now have with detective Andy Dwyer’s police report that includes Kuby letter where we don’t even have her name like I don’t have badge numbers and all the names of everyone involved in a pile up of crimes for my doctors office to the please department to IA One Police Plaza. 

  How many other times has Delita Hooks committed crimes and been protected? I allege  Joe Tacopina is Bob Dobalina and has broken the law how many times during my case as The NYPD were supposed to investigate not collaborate with the criminals.

I allege Joe Tacopina threatened me horrifically and became part of the team to threaten me and coerced me with Det Vergona over the phone refusing to meet me all along committing crimes collaborating, party to violent threat to arrest me if I didn’t drop charges. 

  Det John Vergona yelled You are going to drop charges or I am going to arrest you! That is a crime violation of my Constitutional rights.

The defendants were committing crimes right at their desk with supervisors knowledge and in the email G-d Sees All which include two key Community affairs officers that were part of Ray Kelly’s office.  I emailed and wrote letters Two dependents and other top NYPD chiefs now retired as well as contacted their replacements including Chief Boyce. 

It is amazing to me that Zachary Carter once prosecuted NYPD cops involved in the violent sodomy rape of Abner Louima and here he is on record protecting horrific crimes committed by NYPD officers for a rich MD who has advertise Viagra and curing  sexually transmitted diseases on his website.  If you’re sexually assaulting anyone,  raping anyone especially if you’re wearing a uniform and you’re married you would really need a doctor like this wouldn’t you whether you’re an officer at the 1st Precinct or your Harvey Weinstein?

I am asking you to see something and say something please take action in my favor



(legal brief minus this is under 14,000 and I will refer to CityTime, 911 aka ECTP, The Mercer Hotel call a cop 1800 NYPD IA fix it from the 1st Precinct as well as MD my case )detectives Facebook friend with 1st NYPD PO I reported to Internal Affairs first Precinct PO Eugene Schatz ) - involving the reasons I was retaliated including my critisism of crushing Real estatate/ develop their aber hood and clearly Ray Kelly would be against that I didn’t realize he’s going to be hired by Cushman Wakefield also pay for his private security . I woke up at 4 AM upset agitated excruciating pain in my neck and left shoulder I had to use the left side of my body to fight off my attacker).

Cy Vance Pay to Play DA open season on DA’s Interns? Cy Vance Resign!