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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hypnotherapy helping me with PTSD and my body

Updates 5pm tonight   
Meditation lay down but back of head went numb. Attack hole in my Retina head jerked as I held my bags arm numb. Neck Surgeon Appt soon :(
Hypnotherapy helping me with PTSD and my body

Please Google Dr Fagelman assault. Watch the YouTube and it’s worse than that on top of that the NYPD broke laws MDs office where I should have been safe to NYPD Internal Affairs they broke laws did terrible things,
TONIGHT NYDN exclusive Gyno victims accuse Cy of taking campaign donations in return fixing Favors for creepy sex pred MD.  


“Cy Vance, who dropped Harvey Weinstein case and took donations from his lawyers, also let an alleged serial assaulter plead out, avoid jail, and keep his name out of an online sex offender registry.”

https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.com/amp/new-york/da-wanted-sex-offender-status-jeffrey-epstein-article-1.2068017   This article jaw dropping Cy Vance tried to lower Jeffrey Epstein sex pred status so he isn’t on that free app and sex offender registry and Jeff Epstein best friends with Woody Allen.  Allen Teflon too. 

Reminder Cy Vance ran out of $ first run as DA Guma forgave debt first Teflon card Cy had to do fund raising I remember I called And spoke to his campaign finance guy because someone sent me accusations here broken campaign laws.

I don’t know if there were any donations in my case but clearly it was gonna be retaliation against me by this misogynist corrupt DA.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Dreamt cop killed woman NYPD Cy Vance covered up murder. Wake up exhausted. Cy Vance must resign. My case time for arrests and resignations

 Any class-action lawsuits against the DA and/or the NYPD please include me as well as corporate counsel if they protected crimes like in my case!

Resign Cy Vance Pay to Play Racist Misogynist DA!: 2012 Joanna Molloy NYDN and me sent this: Cy Vance Fixes Rapes by NYPD, Domestic Violence Cy NYPD Blow Off Victims
it’s like they don’t have morals any understanding of right and wrong but whatever they committed crimes they violated me the physical and My Human Rights my Constitutional rights my patient rights you name it and was like a big joke they were going to teach me a lesson treat me like a rape victim that got what she deserved they lied during an open investigation (MD criminals lied and the police in police reports as a group goal coerce me w/ Det Vergona verbally violently threatening me, these terrible people conspired as a group to cover up crimes by committing more crimes so they hanged up to force me to Drop charges with a hole in my Retina and cervical damage ) they are still lying so how do I deal with this?

No shock pay to play Cy Vance brokered a dirty deal with gyno MD that has 19 victims that have come forward -- how many others haven't?

NYPD Rape Cop lawyers Joe Tacopina also of Abner Louima infamy bragging he got one of the cops off andI allege he and  his partner Chad Seigel I believe broke laws in my case serious crimes as well maybe even directly contacted my attacker’s detective I learned later his name Det Andrew Dwyer.      I was suppose to be safe at a doctor's office....
How does I cope with all this violence and lies?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
PTSD City of NY NYPD Internal Affairs keep lyingevil protect crimes. I pray for miracles Justice. Beautiful butterfly appears spreads wings pic.twitter.com/bXNO4gyJ9D

The photo I took of the butterfly breathtakingly beautiful G-d’s paintbrush

In a lot of different ways right now trying to cope years now some have been self-destructive like grossly over eating and I  went up 175 pounds. I could no longer fit into my clothes.. I still can’t but I’m on my way I’m getting closer but my body is so damaged I can’t work out the way I did before the attack.
Easy Vegan Daal: Amazing — I am adding more turmeric for pain, more garlic to lower cholesterol and the lentils protein packed should help with high uric acid level — after horrific violence NYC MD’s office. I gained 30 pounds and my cholesterol along with other things in body like adrenal cortisol levels shot up. This may be one of the best recipes to help me get back on the road to health!!!!  I added pepper and lots more red peppers or yellow — I like to add some on top for chew factor

Since joining HCH the hyper binging “post assault” has radically calmed down. I watch Dr John McDougall but HCH makes cooking so fun and doable. 
I’m listening to an audio tape every single day by amazing hypnotherapist and it’s helping me especially with terrible pain.  

Hypnotherapy It’s not a place that you unload about your issues it’s much more focusing on using hypnosis and meditation for me for relief from pain and working with hypno therapist to see a future without the terrible pain 

I’m also seeing a stress counselor — incredible. I haven’t shared the many things I’m doing to try and cope that maybe for a book and a new YouTube channel I may set up eventually after the lawsuits are done.

I am also doing Nutridrip’s.    I radically  change my diet Desperately trying to change the oil intake really lowering it must’ve something natural and healthy.

The MD, NYPD and City continue to lie And I gained a lot of weight and the cholesterol levels in my body shot up.   I began hyper binging. I’m taking Nutridrip drip boosters “Skinnys” and drips for extreme stress. 

Transcendental meditation that’s going to cost about $1000 my counselor is amazing she looks way younger than her age or she must of gotten involved as a teenager and I think she was around doing TM around the Beatles era in Paul McCartney still very much connected with transcendental meditation but I’m in such bad shape I do three minutes or five minutes instead of 20 minutes twice a day she is amazing incredibly kind compassionate and she under stands post Traumatic stress.  David Lynch TM created a special foundation to help.

Vegan food counselor (Youtuber) has a recipe for DAAL and there’s no oil and it’s an amazing recipe it has cumin which will help me with a terrible pain in my and garlic Which is a natural way to lower cholesterol. 

I am hoping Cy Vance is forced to resign and I am one so many victims that he did fixing in favors for people that broke laws of my case especially NYPD and Internal Affairs and I reported Joe Tacopina alleging he was the perp behind the misogynist hate crime. 

 I really want to do a book about what happened and about how to heal but that’s when I feel hopeful but I have success with heels because I’m not there with one major step was seeing the hypno therapist  recently I’ve seen him from time to time it’s expensive but he really really helps and I want to tell you guys all these other things but I have yet to be able to share.

This morning I listen to hypno therapist and I can’t tell you how much gratitude I felt and I just want to share this he is amazing and I  paid him $200 the session which also included allowing me to audio tape him.  Play it every day right now.

 After violent attack October 1, 2012 I wasn’t able to just even catch my breath and get the care I needed instead I had to deal with people ganging up to commit crimes to do terrible things and I believe 
they should be arrested for  and for certain of the crimes MD office NYPD  there may not be statute of limitations and  karma will  get them eventually but that doesn’t help my health does it?

This audio I listen to Helps.   

Hypno therapist exceptional   he’s a very gentle, intelligent and thoughtful person.   I’m a victim of terrible violence — it’s shocking and the aftermath — equally shocking.  My whole body has changed in distressing ways.  I listen to an audio tape of him take  me through what feels like a guided meditation and even my body feels differently...He is  so perceptive even about how we hold Trauma  in our bodies and he gives me my mind a future where I won’t be holding my body that way — anymore it’s incredible.   For example I wake up in the middle of the night and my shoulders are up to my ears, jaw clenched or I’ll be walking down the street and my shoulders are up to my ears so he gives you this detailed meditation where I am walking and my body my shoulders are no longer grossly contracted and I can’t tell you how much it means.  I audiotaped with his permission his visualization and I woke up this morning distressed and listened; I was so moved I felt soft tears.

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