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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Zachary Carter NYPD Crimes Tumors symptoms worse, NYPD Apology Wall to Victims

Zachary Carter NYPD Crimes Tumors symptoms worse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2kfN9T0gNg
 I really get it now these people are really bad evil people I mean Zachary Carter is covering up how many NYPD crimes in my case in other cases?

 I just went through two medical procedures and it doesn't look good what is happening at age 55 these fibriod tumors should be dissipating and they're not it looks like things are getting worse from years of insomnia stress from savage attack protected by corrupt NYPD from 01 fixing favors retaliation.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I'm waiting to get the official report I just feel very ill it's also Gastro but I just don't have the energy to go through that and I also worry if I'm suffering greater harm to my brain from lack of sleep so intense or these years and I've been sharing this with everyone because the police corruption is shocking  my attacker Delita Hooks and her protector MD boss and corrupt nypd criminals committed crimes break more laws violate due process, coercion, lie during a police investigation NYPD lied in DD5s as a group conspiring to have me threatened  by corrupt NYPD detectives were happy to commit crimes.   I was suppose to be safe in a doctor's office and safe with NYPD but the detectives conspired to violently THREATEN ME and the NYPD detectives lied in POLICE REPORTS!!!!!!!!!!  

 Other victims? .... I will talk about that at a later date.
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Assaulted Dr Fagelman's + Zachary Carter NYPD Crimes Tumors symptoms worse Today medical place told I'm courageous suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/07/zachar…

NYPD Det John Vergona "doctored" his police reports omitted intent to do bodily harm etc http://corruptny-c.blogspot.com/2016/12/nypd-det-john-vergona-01-det-squad-lied.html link includes link to Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent lying attack receptionist/office manager Delita HOOKS false cross complaint as well the corrupt NYPD detectives from 01 Precinct used to threaten me with false imprisonment unless I dropped charges and a Saturday 4pm arrest meaning these sickos were going to kidnap and hold me over the weekend if they didn't fabricate even more crimes and send me to Rikers.

6:00 PM tonight update! Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill NYPD Misogyny Cannibal Cop, Semen Cop, Rape Cops, Diaz daughter, Violent nypd women  etc all past psych eval NYPD won't redo their psychological evaluations just like they used coercion a crime as a policing tool to make crimes vanish low crime stats NYPD chronic wrongdoing is actually criminal forcing victims to drop charges with the threat of false imprisonment.  

Update 5:40 am next day    Violence towards women committing crimes  is ok if you don't like the women!  How sick are they?
Scott Stringer and Zachary Carter  City of New York Pay out $150,000 to the semen tossing cop 1 Police Plaza but they continue to protect a pileup of crimes from the doctors office in rich  Soho  to the First Precinct/ police department to One Police Plaza and Internal Affairs -- they protected a pile up of crimes, bait and switch downgraded a pile up of crimes including NYPD CRIMES to no crimes and corrupt NYPD acted on  a misogynist hate crime retaliation my guess Joe Tacopina and emails asking Det Vergona is this witness tampering, I have video audio police reports my attackers false cross-complaint my attacker  also the City Zachary Carter has Delita Hooks  signed letter  my guess Joe Tacopina drafted another serious crime openly threatening me AGAIN to Delita HOOKS corrupt NYPD fixers openly threatening me yet again a serious crime so of course the corrupt 01 Det Squad rushed to seal DELITA HOOKS's crimes with the crimes the NYPD det squad including supervisors committed all protected to date including by Chief Boyce!

Note I had never sued in my life and I asked for $50,000 in federal court under corrupt Mayor Michael Bloomberg by the way after The 50 H hearing the lawyer for the City under Bloomberg  admitted I may have money coming to me. At the time I was in such shock I did not understand that the The depth of the crimes the corruption retaliation I had no idea what the corrupt NYPD Detectives future  Facebook friends with the first cop PO Eugene Schatz 1st cop I ever reported to Internal Affairs re: the Mercer hotel that was involved in fixing in favors and another creep Michael Rawson manager (NYPD Mercer Hotel parking scam v ticketing Veteran Vendors) was harassing me on line with multiple accounts all aggravated harassment  was protected by NYPD and Internal Affairs  and I now have evidence that Lieutenant Burgos harassed two years ago via email after I filed the New York State Supreme Court after years of never knowledge Ing me and lying and police reports a subordinate had given me his NYPD email so I could ask for badge numbers and he never responded and I sent my email request to Ray Kelly, Campisi, Esposito, DI Winski. 

 The title of the book "the girl with the Dragon tattoo" was originally called "the men who hate women" (don't forget women club members of the misogynist club)  and they do including Zachary Carter and Scott Stringer because I dared to speak up they are monsters evil -- they are protecting crimes and they could have settled,  this could have be settled under Bloomberg (like Eric Garner's pro se lawsuit but it takes NYPD killing the pro se litigant to get a settlement)  but no Zachary Carter and his lawyers are and have covering up crimes but it's a whole new level of corruption and retaliation and my Dad a WW2 Vet died knowing I was treated like a Jew in the early stages in Nazi Germany by Ray Kelly and my Mom is dying.   I would like an apology before my Mom in hospice dies while she can still understand. Mom has been hanging in now for over 6 months...

Former NYPD sergeant guilty of tossing semen on female co-worker - NY Daily News
Semen cop "was fired after the ordeal and the victim, who worked as an administrative aide in the department before retiring, received about $150,000 in a settlement from the city."

I filed an ethical complaint against Joe Tacopina allegations he committed a misogynist hate crime against me during an open investigation after I was assaulted.
http://joetacopinachadseigelvenusflytrap.blogspot.com/2017/07/allegations-joe-tacopina-misogynist.html I allege Joe Tacopina committed a misogynist hate crime threat warning me to not come forward where he would see the tables turned on me which I believe is obstruction of justice threatening a victim serious crimes. How ironic Zachar Carter is defending these crimes NYPD crimes because Joe Tacopina crowns his website with Mr Abner Louima.  Tacopina crows he got a cop off.  Carter prosecuted the cops now he is defending NYPD crimes and I allege Tacopina's crimes!!! 

I would like to ask Zachary Carter, his predecessor, Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Peters, Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, IA chief Reznick the rat caller of whistle blowers, Chief Boyce, Esposito, Bratton, O'Neill about my cases and so many others -- plenty not reported by the media like the film Spotlight one day it will all come out...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@DOINews DOI 144 yrs protecting corruption! I see DOI ads I want to vomit. Mark Peters re 911 aka ECTP overbilling isn't stealing. He told me call IA

NYPD Internal Affairs Sgt Mary O'Donnell Refuses Evidence - YouTube
I found NYPD Sgt Mary O'Donnell a corrupt evil dirt bag part misogynist boys club was part of the NYPD women's Christian group.  Wonder how anti-Semitic they are?

 I will not except apologies from the guilty parties if they try and pull Lance Armstrong and wait until the statute of limitations runs out I want apology from the city and a wall and NYPD IA Dirty DA  wall of apologies to victims me included.

Dept of Investigation NYC Gov so corrupt Mark Peters doesn't believe in the first amendment -- he has my tweets exposing the truth deleted! 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@DOINews Mark Peters has protected massive corruption including my case. He inspired the phrase "Pass the Corruption Buck". He said call NYPD IG.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@DOINews Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Peters answer questions under oath about 911 tech aka ECTP + NYPD top brass graft, u retaliate against whistleblowers!
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@DOINews Can you name 1 whistleblower you were awarded rather than retaliated against?

NYPD 01 Sgt. Chen False Cross Complaint Turned Away Call IAB, CCRB - YouTube

Sgt Chen laughed over the phone you were the one assaulted at the doctor's!  Chief Boyce protected all these NYPD crimes and misogyny along with Campisi and Reznick all top NYPD IA brass involved.

DI Ed Winski, Lt Burgos, Sgt Chen and more  party to fixing in favors and preventing me from reporting crimes!  (Listen to the audio above!) I still don't know what is corrupt coward Sergeant Chen looks like he laughed over the phone he mocked me he was party to these crimes I'd like to know what he looks like I'd like his badge number! They were a gang of bullies they are police and so was my attacker Delita Hooks a violent lying manipulative bully she could be a cop at the 1st Precinct or work IA she is such a Sicko liar bully who hit me over and over while I was holding back so my arm was numb from two injections to remove a cyst.

I never received victim services and support because of a corrupt evil doctor he when asked by a private investigator did he talk to the NYPD stated no comment because he was afraid of incriminating himself because he committed crimes as well conspiring to asked by a private investigator did he talk to the NYPD stated no comment because he was afraid of incriminating himself because he committed crimes as well conspiring to have me threatened so he didn't have to fire his violent lying employee Dr Fagelman party to me threatened so he didn't have to fire his violent lying employee - he was is privy his office those involved in the violence and lies and threats intimidation as well as the NYPD he spoke with and I allege possibly Joe Tacopina if I'm correct Tacopina broke laws he should be disbarred and arrested along with everyone   Involved in the violence and lies but it's New York City where you can commit murder and walk away and you can steal you can be a criminal and walk away if you know the right people.

Eric Garner, my case so many others began under Ray Kelly a fraudster!

To quote Churchill:

"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

On the NYPD apology Wall a special address of Ray Kelly and gang violating the constitutional rights of how many people with the legal stop and frisk's and targeting peaceful protesters calling them professional agitators! Imagine what Ray Kelly and Bratton would've called our founding fathers and mothers of the United States of America?

Eric Garner did not commit any crime that I saw did you see a video of him committing crime we just hand written lawsuit sure looks to me like he was murdered by reckless thoughtless NYPD Who did nothing when he said I can't breathe 11 times and what is the most reckless of them get 24 hour security and a raise like he's the mayor of New York. Allegedly NYPD the history of violating him according to his hand written lawsuit from Rikers from eight years ago.  Eric Garner pro se lawsuit mine make it clear NYPD committed crimes and retaliated against Eric Garner and my case ditto.  He and I filed pro se lawsuit under Ray Kelly can you just like the Oscar award-winning film "spotlight" the city so many nyc agencies and NYPD  IA  DA are covering up crimes

The NYPD are getting away with murder literally and figuratively and they do fixing in favors for rich powerful people for friends or family or just because they can get away with it or the lower crime stats for

It is really  important to me that you do not vote for Bill de Blasio and Scott Stringer  spend more time covering up crimes therefore complicit like my case and Eric Garner's  started under mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly and Eric is dead and I'm alive

Please google Dr Fagelman assault any NYPD in the city of New York are as guilty and how many other cases how many other victims the city has Zachary Carter line for ditto his predecessor under Michael Bloomberg and this happened under Michael Bloomberg just like Eric garner's hand written lawsuit and indictment of Ray Kelly in that era.  

Where are special prosecutor's I know that I want one for my case how many other victims of NYPD, Internal Affairs corruption are there who want special prosecutors?

 It really has to be a memorial wall apology Wall including Dirty DAs crimes all the victims of the NYPD and Internal Affairs and Dirty DA's victims of life and dead.

It would include NYPD victims of corrupt NYPD and corrupt Internal Affairs, corrupt police commissioners that crush any cop that comes forward etc.

 I can't tell you how ill I feel I never got to be a victim and get victim services and victim support because of fixing in favors in retaliation including an MD engage corrupt cops and threatening me and that's a serious crime!  All protected so it's time for a special Prosector to look at my case and so many others. Zachary  Carter stated he acted within his scope involving redacting documents at the NYPD acted within their scope in the NBA star Thabo Sefolosha's case. 

 I'm waiting and waiting for Justice and now I'm waiting for medical results and I know that there were tons of tumors that should've been dissipated and that's not good.   I suffer intense side effects and I did when I was assaulted almost 5 years ago and it's worse now  I didn't think was possible   

 I alerted the detective immediately that I suffered from a collapsible bladder when I was assaulted and my attacker Knew I had a collapsed bladder.  

CCRB kept forwarding my case to the chief of Partman and I believe that's James O'Neill who is now the police commissioner and is so corrupt he keeps Reznick chief Reznick as head of Internal Affairs Dr Reznick was Ned in a lawsuit for calling NYPD whistleblower a rat that is proof proof the police commissioner James O'Neill is corrupt part of the blue wall of corruption and retaliation he is really corrupt along with his predecessors boys club that really runs this corrupt police dept

Mayor de Blasio won't give us a new commission in to police corruption.
He and Scott Stringer don't want you to read Eric Garner's hand written lawsuit from Riker's where Eric gives horrific details of NYPD abuse and flat out crimes like my case but no arrest and the media is blacking it out like the film Spotlight my case and Eric Garner's filed under Mike Bloomberg, Ray kelly and Charles Campisi.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYCComptroller Scott Stringer, Christine Quinn not feminists sold women out No Rape Crisis Center Trauma Level 1 Hospital AIDS care for Rudin Blood Condos
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Bratton kept up the vile practices and  Eric Garner is dead.  Ray Kelly taught me NYPD fix crime like a Las Vegas Casino.
Bratton taught me turn broken windows
back on the NYPD.

James O' Neill flat out lies about 
community relations and he keeps
Chief Reznick as the head of 
Internal Affairs that called an NYPD
whistle blower a rat so that is proof
Bratton and O'Neill as corrupt as 
they come along with Chief Boyce
who is also protecting detectives
that broke laws in my case and
they get off on using Ron Kuby's letter
to pretend their were not a pile up of crimes and they protected a misogynist hate crime I allege Joe Tacopina committed during an open investigation threatening me and using
the word cunt with a fake account.
Tacopina has never contacted me to deny the allegations.

Do not vote for de Blasio and Stringer and the  


For The victims of all these corrupt  NYPD, Internal Affairs and so many New York City government agencies CORP COUNSEL  New York City government is as guilty as all the agencies a failed us complicit or there's guilty is the employees that were involved in committing crimes on New York City government time

Include all the children killed and gov agencies failed them as well but the wall should focus on Victims murdered, those falsely prosecuted by dirty DAs in bed with NYPD and corrupt cops -- I am a victim of NYPD detectives and their bosses including top cops who dole out retalistion and cook the books to lower crime stats as their NYPD break laws with IA dirt DA protection.

Cy Vance, Michael Bloomberg the largest amount of false arrests of protestors ever in NYC gov history yet another example.

Cy Vance was and is for sale protecting Wall St, 911 Tech Corruption, NYC Gov players, Rudin family greed St Vincent's hospital greed, protected rapists, NYPD criminals, you name it...Google DNA Cy VAnce Intern, Google NYDN Cy VAnce Jeffrey Espstein, Google NYDN NYPD Chief Chuck Dowd.

I'm so traumatized and so exhausted I can't even talk right now and voice dictate anymore so just listen to what I have to say

Thank you

Zachary Carter NYPD Crimes Tumors symptoms worse, NYPD Apology Wall to  Victims

Added Eric Garner hand written lawsuit 6:00PM tonight

Years later I would learn far more about the crimes and how some of the dirty cops are FACEBOOK Friends although I still do not have badge numbers -- I still don't have names of NYPD partners and all IA brass involved in the fixing favors and cover ups -- Lt Agnes  real name is Lt. Michael J. Agnese THAN PART OF THE NYPD INTEGRITY BUREAU ANOTHER FAUX AGENCY THAT DOES FIXING AND FAVORS AND I WAS TOLD AT THE TIME LT AGNES REALY NAME LT. MICHAEL J AGNESE HAS NO SUPERVISORS.   THE NYPD DETECTIVES AND SUPERVISORS COMMITTED CRIMES SO WHY WAS THIS SENT TO THE INTEGRITY UNIT?  

2015 I saw Det Vergona and Det  Andy Dwyer their faces for the first time on fB friends with the first cop NYPD PO Gene Schatz -- I reported him to IA involving Mercer Hotel.  Michael Rawson has harassed me for years trying to censor me and confusing me with other people -- a crazy lunatic also protected by misogynist corrupt NYPD is how I see it -- he has posted comments he will harass me until I remove the videos protesting him harassing Veteran Vendors.   Did Rawson cause a dying Korean War Veteran Eric Youngquist even more humiliation and suffering -- Eric died poverty in hospice of cancer!

Corrupt Detectives Andy Dwyer and Vergona are also facebook friends with Schatz's partner NYPD Detective Tommy Moran. I thought Moran was a nice guy but he is like them an evil dirty cop part of the misogynist blue wall and party to the coercion like how many FB friends of Vergona from the 01?

How many were on the call a cop program First Precinct and beyond protected and dirty cops what did they get - a power trip or or party invites or what? Ask Det Tom Moran about the emails after I left him a voice mail about PO Schatz. I was gay bashed and told I am a bad artist. Who did they discuss me with?  

I still don't know the names of everyone involved in the violence and lies Dr Andrew Fagelman but I now believe Dr Fagelman broke laws conspiring with dirty cops to  threaten me and I allege Joe Tacopina guilty also aggravated harassment, conspiring to make me drops charges, cunt calling hate crime threat corrupt NYPD Detectives acted on turning the tables on me BUT THEY ALL BROKE THE LAW...