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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

NYPD Internal Affairs NYPD IG, CCPC and CCRB NYPD Crimes

My review of CCRB (civilian  complaint review board) The police cannot police the police internal fares cannot police internal affairs and CCRB is a joke maybe we should to spend every agency and have an open public permanent commission and to police corruption that is televised posted on  World Wide Web. CCPC nyc gov  Commission  to combat police corruption it's a completely fake Nyc gov the organization.  Is it strictly volunteer or did you actually get paid and get parking Placher it's in retirement plans because it's completely fake all they do is forward to corrupt agency called Internal affairs.

 I suggest going through the motions so that we can prove in the big picture that CCRB failed us and was complicit and simply pass the corruption back or did nothing at all.

 The NYPD Inspector general and CCRB  don't follow up once they send the cases they could care less and they could've save lives in my Pinyan if they actually called in this dirty corrupt cops.  Turn broken windows back on the NYPD.   Read Eric Garner's handwritten lawsuit from 8 years ago  if someone in NYC gov and just ignore everything and actually  did their job or acted on human decency instead of acting like Nazi Germany pretending minute know what's going on maybe Eric would be alive today

Toothless tiger corrupt at least one NYPD on their board all but said he was Protecting dirty cops to me when I showed him NYPD Eugene Schatz's facebook page profile of a glove shaped in finger as in F U.  Schatz was verbally violent rude threatening used his car as a weapon well On behalf of the Mercer hotel and at the time manager Michael Rawson Who wanted the cops to ignore the fact that the Mercer hotel uses the loading in unloading zone is private parking with valet service and Michael Rawson  would come out with a measuring and harass the severely handicapped Korean War Vet are in who is dying of prostate cancer and get the NYPD To ignore all the parking violations and ticket an elderly man dying of cancer. CCRB  protected Schatz's  Facebook friends a group of corrupt detectives that broke laws down the street I was savagely assaulted at the doctors I was told by  detective Vergona, Schatz's FB friend Vergona didn't care if I had 2 black eyes it goes on from there it gets worse but CCRB he could've called him in and interrogated him under oath instead as I alerted CCRB be in public testimony Internal Affairs  fix it and let him retire I just got a notice of another victim and I I have not had a chance yet to figure out how to find out if this notice is in fact true but if it is CCRB Internal Affairs and NYPD IG, DOI CCPC and nyc gov liable  that over and over they were alerted and they did nothing and and CCRB case I repeatedly go back year after year - online or in person and ask CCRB to take my case back and do something

My review NYPD  inspector general :

Mr Eure gets props for getting on the phone with me I believe twice  but he and his chief investigator at the time Tom Mahoney I let protected very serious crimes and wanted them contacting the AG instead they took my two cases and forwarded them to Internal Affairs.  When I alerted them that Internal Affairs to their respond to their case numbers I asked would they directly contact Internal Affairs.

Yesterday I spoke to Investigator Watson in my opinion  I really think she's equally awful she said to me case closed.

 I contacted the NYPD Inspector general yesterday because were allegations involving one of my cases involving NYPD and she was not interested she could care less.

 I would like their salaries and their histories her resume is listed on their website so we could see how much this pathetic useless organization is costing taxpayers I'd like to know every park in luxury of these bureaucratic paper pushers earn.

I hope one day we can do a class action lawsuit  against New York City government and every agency that failed us.

 Doesn't see something say something apply to the NYPD Inspector general and their investigators rather than passing the corruption back to internal affairs  to die?

suzannahtroy (@suzannahtroy)
NYPD nycgov Commission to combat police corruption click PDF on website information isn't there fake org $ rip-off see something do nothing pic.twitter.com/zXbS7Aiz4O

Every New York City government agency website should list the employees the resumes and how much they're earning because I'd like to know how much these fake organizations are costing the city plus the perks of their parking Placher it's pensions you name it it's a rip off and see something say something doesn't apply to any of these organizations civilian complaint review board, commission to combat police corruption, Internal Affairs is the only one that doesn't  yes the corruption book or the agencies that are supposed to police the pleaser say something do something go to the attorney general do US attorney someone do something see something say something and said pass it to Internal Affairs let's nypd crimes abuse of power  I live in constitutional rights lying in police reports threatening victims  violation of CPR die nyc gov Agencies send everything to 
IA to die. 

I just called the commission took him back police corruption and they agree see something say something doesn't apply. 

Woman who answered  phone compared the commission to combat police corruption to McDonald's so I asked if McDonald Susa crime in the parking lot does McDonald's have an obligation to report the crime and could you go to the Attorney general with our cases since there's so much police corruption can you do something other than pass it to Internal Affairs to die?

 I really want to know how much the commission to combat police corruption cost the city tax payers. 

suzannahtroy (@suzannahtroy)
@BilldeBlasio Bill de Blasio nyc gov motto See Something do nothing. suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/07/nyc-go… Bill makes exceptions for his friends

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Zachary Carter  corporate counsel actually lies for corrupt dirty cops in my case and how many others way too many 

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